A true account of Prison Break took place few days ago.
Posters of Mas Selamat bin Kastari were seen everywhere.

Ch** S**n Ju**, Shut The Fuck Up!!
There's an urgent situation onhand that must be resolved ASAP.
Quit trying to attract attention and sowing discord.

It's a pity you aren't part of WBC.
I'm sure they will welcome you with open arms☆

Another form of terriosts commonly known to women are cockroaches!
After brushing my teeth, I saw one 'strolling' in my room an hour ago!
I quickly took the broom and started smacking.
It ran straight into my bookshelf! Noooooo! Σ(゚□゚)!!

It was raining the whole of yesterday.
... must have flew in through the window last night. (TДT)
Knowing that there's a pest in my room makes me feel uneasy.

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