One thing that I really hate & scared at the same thing, is BETRAYAL.
You trust someone wholehearted and what did they do?
They stabbed you right in the back! (T^T)

That's what happened in the movie "Awake."
Despite his mother's insistence, Clay chose to be operated on by his surgeon friend.
He encounters anesthetic awareness and he, or should I say, his brain was wide awake throughout the entire surgery. Imagine being able to feel yourself cut open by a blunt scalpel and have your upper torso sawn apart.

He could still hear the surgeons talking and this is where the protagonist found out what he got himself into. Except the anesthesiologist, the personnels involved in the surgery are in cahoots for his money! The friend that you trust to see the insides of your body, the true colors of your new wife...

I have never gone through any kinda of surgery, never been married.
But I have been backstabbed, betrayed, being treated like a doormat.
Only thing I can say is: It doesn't pay to be nice!

Ever since I first saw Hayden Christensen as Anakin Skywalker,
I thought he resembled Chris Sarandon alot in his younger days☆

This year's Oscars is so boring...
I like Jon Stewart but he's not really that funny.
I want Billy Crystal back~!! TwT

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