Yippee!! I got the book!!! b(⌒o⌒)d
There was only 1 copy on the shelf and I snapped it up!
Right now it's sitting right next to me, waiting to be read. (lol)

There's far less pages than "The Historian" yet it cost a whole $10 more!

Over the weekend, I got a new brand of concealer & makeup base.
My skin looked so flawless when I applied it on yesterday!! σ(^。^;

Moments like this highly boost my self-confidence, you know? (´・ω・`)

I am gonna be a good girl and continue reading my current novel.
I'm right at the middle of the story and it's getting exciting!

I promise I will finish the entire book before I go on the next one☆

太好了!! 我买到书咯!!! b(⌒o⌒)d
现在它就在我旁边,等着我. (笑)

跟"The Historian"比起来, 书页太少了还贵了整10块钱!

昨天搽上去的时候,我的皮肤显得很PERFECT!! σ(^。^;

在这种情形下,我的自信心会大增,你能了解吗? (´・ω・`)



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