Looking at the title, you would think that "Gone Baby Gone" is just a simple movie of a high-profile case of a kid gone missing.
I thought so too, but it turned out to be a merry-go-round.

The film did start out that way, then as the story develops, it might make you think twice about the people that you seek help from...

The kidnappers turned out to be the detectives attached to the case.
Although they did it with good intentions, but it's still a felony.

Towards the end, Casey Affleck's character faced a dilemma:
Should the kid stay with her drug-addict mother or stay with one of the kidnapper who can go to school and live a normal, happy life?

What really happened in the end? Watch the movie to find out☆

Considering this is Ben Affleck's directorial debut, it's not that bad.

I saw the novel at the bookstore earlier... am tempted to buy a copy.
But when I think of the mountains of unfinished books at home... (=_ = )




想知道结局如何? 看看这部电影吧☆

这是 Ben Affleck首次当导演,还算不错.

刚才在书局看到了原著小说... 心痒痒想买下来.
但一想到家里未看完的书堆积如山... (=_ = )



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