I am addicted to Caffeine. _| ̄|○
3 days ago, I decided to stop my intake of coffee.
As a result, I felt tired all day and even had to take naps! (= _=;)

This morning, I had a cup of nice, warm coffee.
It's already noon and I'm still perky without a sigh of lethargy☆

I'm still reading my novel at a slow, steady pace
I should tell you that it's a modern re-telling of the Dracula story.
But did you know that Bram Stoker's Dracula is largely based on Vlad III the Impaler?

His preferred method of torture & execution was impalement. (゚ロ゚)
Death by impalement was slow and painful and can go on for hours or days!

You should also know that the Dracula story is purely fictional; Vlad Ţepeş was never a vampire.

我对咖啡喝上瘾了. _| ̄|○
结果弄到我整天喊累,还想睡午觉! (=_=;)


你知不知道Bram Stoker的 Dracula 根据Vlad III the Impaler 这个人物呢?


你也应该知道,Dracula的故事是虚造的,Vlad Ţepeş并不是个吸血僵尸.

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