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That's my favorite vampire guy who plays a cop in "Child's Play."
Brings back memories whenever I watch this movie☆

I have been watching re-runs of "Chicago Hope" in the afternoons...
( ゚д゚)‥‥ Chris Sarandon happened to appear in the last 2 episodes!!

Woo~hoo!! ┐(´3`)┌

Doesn't he look so dreamily handsome~ (●´∀`)v

All these years I didn't harbour a crush on him for nothing! (lol)

这是在《Child's Play》里扮演警察,也是我很欣赏的僵尸演员.

下午的时候我有在追看《Chicago Hope》的重播...
( ゚д゚)‥‥ Chris Sarandon 竟然出现在最后两集里!!

Woo~hoo!! ┐(´3`)┌

他是不是超梦幻、超帅~ (●´∀`)v

这么多年我可没白白迷恋着他! (笑)

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