I did promised to show you a picture of my wrist, here it is~
Being a girl, having small/thin wrists means demure (lol)
What am I saying? I AM DEMURE!! σ(^。^;

Anyway, I was too lazy to a measuring tape so I used a ruler instead.
My wrist measured 4.5cm.
What about yours? Measure yours and let me know☆

I love my small wrists but there are downsides too...
I have just started doing yoga but I can never do most of the stances.
Like, focusing and putting all my weight on one wrist & leg while balancing my other limbs.
I can feel my veins and arteries are about to crack! w(゚o゚)w
How am I gonna continue doing yoga?! o(´□`o)

我曾说过要给你们看我的手腕, 等等等等~
身为一个女孩子,有小小的手腕是淑女的象征 (笑)
我再说什么啊? 我根本就是个淑女呀!! σ(^。^;


我感觉得到我手里的颈动脉快裂啦!  w(゚o゚)w
我要怎么样做瑜珈啊?! o(´□`o)

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