Don't you just love this movie? (●´∀`)v
I bought the book & DVD some years ago.
The story only occupied one-third in the the book, unlike other movies tie-in. ( ;´・_・`)ぅ・・

Sean Penn produced a heart-wrenching performance!
How can you not be touched when his character started to show remorse over his past actions? (´;ω;)

Today - no, it's already 'yesterday' - I cleaned my room! σ(^。^;
While tackling dirt & dust, I listened to the audiobook of "Harry Potter & the Half-Blood Prince."
Phew~!! I'm so tired! o(_ _ )o

The filming for the 6th movie is already underway...
On-Set pictures are starting to pop up at fan sites.
The scene of Dumbledore & Harry persuading Horace Slughorn to return to teach at Hogwarts was filmed a few days ago.

We will have to wait an entire year to the movie release... o(´□`o)

这部电影太好看了! (●´∀`)v
但是,电影的情节只占了小说的的三分之一呢~  ( ;´・_・`)ぅ・・

Sean Penn的演技真得太棒了!
当他所饰演的角色开始后悔以前犯过的过错时,你怎能不感动呢? (´;ω;)

今天 - 不, 已经是'昨天' - 我打扫了自己的房间哦! σ(^。^;
我一边消灭灰尘、污垢,一边听着《Harry Potter & the Half-Blood Prince》的有声书.
呼~!!!! 弄得我好累呀! o(_ _ )o

不过我们还得等上一整年才能看到这部电影... o(´□`o)
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