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I was in town earlier and saw 2 huge Half-Blood Prince billboards!!
But the area was too crowded for me to take snap-shots of them...

Less than a month till it finally screens in the cinemas worldwide!
Are you ready?! L(‘▽‘)/

I finally finished reading The Dark Sacrament.
Earlier today I'd spent almost 30mins at a bookstore but didn't see any books that interest me.

Hmm... this must be a sign.
I'm gonna re-read my copy of Half-Blood Prince, though I'm tempted to read from the first book♥♥♥

Finally settled on Revlon's New Complexion Loose Powder.

Recently I've been wanting to buy a particular brand, but realized that it's just not worth it.
All along I've been using Revlon's liquid foundation, why didn't I stop to try their loose powder earlier?
So I tested it few days ago, and bought it today with discount!

Oh, I just purchased a 78-Color Eyeshadow & Blush palette yesterday!
And I finally found that ideal nail polish color I've been searching for.
Can't wait to show them off☆

刚才在市区看到2个《Half-Blood Prince》很大的看板呢! 哇呀呀!!

距离在戏院上档不到一个月咯,大家准备好了吗?! L(‘▽‘)/

我终于把《The Dark Sacrament》给看完了.

嗯嗯... 这一定是天意吧.
我现在就从看《Half-Blood Prince》小说,而且也想从第一本看齐k♥♥♥

哈哈! 不过前几天试了一下,真的很不过呢!

还有! 我找寻万苦的理想指甲油的颜色,买到了!!

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A friend sent this for me 2 years ago.
The random scribblings by Ron Weasley are so funny. (*^ー^*)
To be honest, I've never given these 2 books a through read.

I was lying in bed yesterday and stared at my bookshelf.
The 2-book box set caught my eye and I took it out to read.

When I saw the description of the Doxy, I was shocked.
They were first mentioned in Order of the Phoenix.

I pictured it as a round-looking black germ with razor-sharp teeth like those creatures from the movie Critters. (^ω^)V

哈利伯特》里的角色 'Ron Weasley' 的涂鸦震得很搞笑 (*^ー^*)


当我看到 ‘Doxy ’ 解述时,我吓倒了.

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Before Sirius Black's first appearance  in "Prisoner of Azkaban", there was Severus Snape.

When I first saw him in "Sorcerer's Stone" (movie), I was impressed with Alan Rickman's portrayal.
He is the most complex character whose true intentions are not revealed until the "Deathly Hallows."

For years, especially after reading "Half-Blood Prince," I have always stand by my belief that Snape was always loyal to Albus Dumbledore.

Always, and I'm right☆

In the final installment, Voldemort murders Snape in an attempt to gain control over Dumbledore's wand.. o(´□`o)

Due to his guilt and love for Lily, Dumbledore convinced Snape to protect Harry out of his love for Lily, and even though he hated Harry for what bits of James he saw in the child, Snape stayed true to his promise.

Remember the emphasis that Harry has his mother's green eyes? Snape's the key to this question.
In his last moments, he whispers to Harry: "Look... at... me." He died looking into Harry's eyes, thinking of Lily Potter.

At the end of the series, Harry named his second son, Albus Severus Potter "for two headmasters of Hogwarts. One of them was a Slytherin and he was probably the bravest man [Harry] ever knew."

His undying love for Lily Potter... 。・゚(´□`)゚・。
I will probably cry even worse compared to Sirius's death in "Order of the Phoenix"

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Mr Postman arrived with my copy of "Deathly Hallows" at exactly 10am!! \(^∇^)/

My copy comes with a limited edition book collector's box. o(^-^)o

I'm gonna go into Harry Potter reading mode now☆

Have a good weekend, everyone!!

It's raining now, a perfect cool weather to read. σ(^。^;

邮差叔叔刚刚在10点正把我的书送到我家门口!! \(^∇^)/

而且,还有很典雅的盒子呢~ o(^-^)o



真是个看书的好天气哟! σ(^。^;

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I was at a bookstore today and guess what I saw?!
The shipment for the Deathly Hallows have finally reached our shores!
I can't wait till Mr Postman come knocking my door this coming Saturday~!! q(^-^q)

Last night, I dreamed of Lord Voldemort Σ(゚□゚)!!
I was kinda afraid of him that I didn't dare risk offending the Dark Lord.
The weird thing was, not only were we on good terms, we even went to the movies together! (x_x;)  What am I? A Death Eater? (TωT)

好期待看到邮差叔叔在本周六把书本送到我家哇呀呀~!! q(^-^q)

昨晚,我梦见了书中的大反派 - Lord Voldemort Σ(゚□゚)!!
奇怪的是 --- 我们不但没打起架来,我们竟还一起去看电影! (x_x;)
我可不是站在他那一边的呀!!! (TωT)

Yesterday, I watched Batman Begins for the first time.
Surprisingly, I totally enjoyed it, especially the scenes Gary Oldman appeared in (  ^ω^)

When the movie was first released, I didn't wanna watch it even though Gary was in it.
I was never a fan of superheroes-based movies. (Yes, I watched all 3 Spiderman movies☆)
I never really like Batman anyway since I don't like that tacky costume. (^¬^)

But I was still in full Harry Potter-mode, so I watch the movie anyway.
Different from other Batman movies, Batman Begins was more of an exploration of the origins of Batman.

Since the main focus was on how Bruce Wayne became Batman, naturally there's not much scenes of Gary Oldman. But, his appearances were much frequent compared to his portrayal of Sirius Black. (T.T)

The music composed by Hans Zimmer, James Newton Howard really took my breath away. ъ( ゚ー^)

I can't wait to watch the sequel The Dark Knight

昨天看了《 Batman Begins
我还蛮中意看的呢~ 好神奇哦!!
嗯... 我是因为Gary Oldman有份演出才看的啦...(  ^ω^)

我对这种漫画式的英雄电影没什么兴趣 (嘻嘻,我确实有看那3部蜘蛛侠的电影☆)
我就是不喜欢蝙蝠侠,而且我对他的戏服无动于衷. (^¬^)

不过,我还在《哈利波特》的喜悦中,所以不管三七二十一 -- 看就看咯!
跟上几部蝙蝠侠的电影不同的是,《Batman Begins》探讨的是蝙蝠侠的起源.

不过跟他在《哈利波特》电影来比较,他在《Batman Begins》出现次数比较多呢~ (T.T)

另外,有知名的音乐家Hans ZimmerJames Newton Howard来做配乐
原声带真的超级棒哟!! ъ( ゚ー^)

好期待想看2008年续集《The Dark Knight》☆

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I’ve pre-ordered my copy of “Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows!!”
I opt for the Children’s Edition and comes with a specially designed limited edition collector’s box! Isn’t that cool?
The Cover Art for the Adult editions are either too serious or dull, don’t you think?

Release Dates:
Order of The Phoenix(5th Movie) - 12th July 2007 (Singapore)
Deathly Hallows(Book 7) - 21st July 2007

So, very exciting~!! ↖(^▽^)↗
Few days ago, someone hacked into Bloomsbury Publishing to obtain a copy of the highly anticipated finale.
I accidentally clicked on the link which someone showed me!! (-⊆-;)
The hacker’s claims of what happens in the end have not been verified, so I’ll choose not to believe.

Later that evening, I was reading the local Chinese newspaper and they reported about the hack.
It’s okay if they revealed the ending in their content. We can choose not to read it. But they put it in the headlines “XXX & XXX died in DH finale!!


A particular HK paper also revealed the so-called ending but not in their headlines.They actually printed the spoilers in reverse so that fans like us won’t be able to know what happens before the book release.
The chief editor is so smart~~ (^з^)-☆


Order of The Phoenix(第5部电影) - 12th July 2007 (新加坡)
Deathly Hallows(第7本书) - 21st July 2007

真的,非常期待哟~!! ↖(^▽^)↗





主编真的很聪明哦,他真的是把读者的处境放在心上的好人啊~!! (^з^)-☆

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