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This is how Milo whines when he wants to be let out of his cage.
He did not bark, since he's always sleepy at this time of the day.

By the way, I had a really good, uninterrupted sleep last night.
Also, someone appeared in my dream~ *grins*

I actually did a mini Ayumi Hamasaki-inspired makeup tutorial last night before heading out.
The pictures were sent to my laptop before deleting them from my mobile.
Now I can't find them... *sob*

So I saw the much-hyped "Paranormal Activity."
It bored the hell outta me! ( ̄‥ ̄)

First of all, films taken by hand-held cameras are annoying to watch.
Second,who would film themselves sleeping, that is before they sensed anythingamiss.
And they don't seem convincing as a couple.

There is NOTHING SCARY about this movie.
Instead, the title should be renamed Paranoia Activity.


昨晚我睡得非常好耶~ 没被吵醒真好!
而且,某某人出现在梦中哦~ 哇哈哈!!

我明明已经输入电脑了,现在却找不到... *哭泣*

还有,我终于看了《Paranormal Activity》.
看过的人都没吓坏了,但我觉得...超闷的呀!  ( ̄‥ ̄)

第二,谁会那么无聊,自拍自己睡觉 - 我指的是他们还为觉得有什么不妥之前.

这部电影一点都不吓人. 片名应该换成《Paranoia Activity》.

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This is one of my fave childhood movies - Clash of the Titans.
Couple of years ago I learned that a remake is in the works.
Filming will finally begin later this month~!! o(^o^)o

I've never like remakes so hopefully it won't disappoint.

I'm very curious which actor would portray Calibos. Σ(゚ー^*)
Even though it's a remake, a new character has been added to the story.
Ralph Fiennes will star as Hades, ruler of the underworld.
Liam Neeson will play Zeus, first portrayed by the late Laurence Olivier.

Mum used to play this movie to keep me occupied while she cooked in the kitchen.
She will be excited to hear this news☆

My fave mythological creature is Medusa~.

Clash of the Titans》是我童年时很喜欢的一部电影.
没想到,这个月底就会开拍囖~!! o(^o^)o


很好奇谁会饰演Calibos这个角色呢! Σ(゚ー^*)
Ralph Fiennes将会诠释Hades,就是阎罗王啦
而Liam Neeson会演绎由Laurence Olivier在1981年原著里的Zeus.



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Been battling an unbearable migraine since yesterday.
Make it stop!! (つд⊂)

I'm watching the 81st Academy Awards right now...
Heath Ledger won the Oscar for his portrayal as The Joker!!
Tears started streaming down my face before Kevin Kline introduced him.

I'm gonna go lie down and rest now~.

快爆了啦!! (つд⊂)

Heath Ledger 因饰演The Joker而得了最佳男配角哟!!


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If you have a weak heart, do not watch "Passion of the Christ."

Lasting more than 2 hours, the film began with the High Priest's accusation of Jesus being a liar.
Fearing a rebellion, Pontius Pilate was pressured to make a decision on Jesus' fate.

The movie got more gorier from then on, and it was really painful to watch.

The chastising scene was especially humiliating and cruel.
Roman soldiers involved, took great pleasure in flogging the poor guy.

The gloating look on their faces was extremely obnoxious! o(>_<)o

I was thinking how these people were doing in Hell.
The sins that they have committed to, just these tortures alone to Jesus or to just any ordinary man.

Instead of hating them, Jesus was praying to God for their forgiveness.

Jesus once said to the High Priest that he could destroy his temple and rebuild it in 3 days.
No one believed him, and called him an impostor.
At the end of the film, the temple was destroyed. KARMA~.

Gary Oldman got married on New Year's Eve!! o(^o^)o + (つд⊂)

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Just found this climax dance scene I was talking about yesterday.
Doesn't it remind you of the broadway musical Cats?
This looks like the sweaty, erotic version (lol)
(Cue to the lady going "Amen")

This scene features the song that made me go get the soundtrack☆

Dancing so close to the fire♪

Ahh! I love the movie version of the song (゚ロ゚)!!
Doesn't it sound so hyped up than the one I posted yesterday?

这个比较像汗流浃背、色情版本 (笑)


Dancing so close to the fire♪

哇呀呀! 我太喜欢电影版的歌曲呢 (゚ロ゚)!!

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I first saw this movie 10 years ago on HBO one morning.
2 songs caught my attention and I told myself to get the soundtrack.


You must be thinking: What a cheesy movie (lol)
Aren't your limbs itching to move along to the music?
Serious, I love this sequel more than Saturday Night Fever! (・∀・)

Honestly, I didn't pay much attention to the storyline.
The dancing was the reason why I watch the movie~

你一定在想: 这部电影好俗气哦 (笑)
听到音乐的时候,你的手脚会不会摇摆啊~ 嘻嘻...
说真的,跟《Saturday Night Fever》相比,我比较喜欢这个续集呢! (・∀・)


Co-written & directed by Sylvester Stallone, do check it out when you can☆

Sylvester Stallone指导、编写的电影,大家一定要找机会看咯☆

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Despite the appeal of the lead actor and the skeptical horror element, was Mirrors worth the watch? Having seen the trailer, I concluded that it's a predictable B-grade flick starring the delicious Kiefer Sutherland.

The plot was just what I'd had imagined:
- Man gets a job
- Strange things start to happen
- No one believes him because he was on medication
- Murder of a family member linked to his new job
- Investigation on the premise's history
- Final confrontation
- The End

The horrifying & best part of the movie was Kiefer's sister's death scene.
Her reflection grips her jaw and begins to slowly tear it off, killing her.
I doubt any human is capable of doing that to oneself, but hey, this is a movie. (lol)

This movie has a minor theme of demonic possession, which I like~.
But I find that the horror element is way too overused.

Overall, it's an okay movie.

尽管有男主角Kiefer Sutherland助阵及恐怖为题材, 我一直在问自己: 《Mirrors》值不值得一看呢? 看了预告片后,我仍然心有余悸...

- 男主角找到工作
- 古怪、灵异事情开始发生
- 被人相信他,因为他有服用药物
- 因为他目前的工作的缘故,令到亲人被谋杀
- 开始调查工作地方的历史
- 正面交锋
- 结局

一个人应该无法这样自杀的啦,不过这只不过是部电影罢了 (笑)



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Ben Kingsley's acting is remarkable in the film as he convincingly plays a former high ranking Iranian Colonel dealing with a much lower style of living in the U.S.

Jennifer Connelly is able to evoke the audience's sympathy despite her character being remarkably dumb and inept.

The movie is compelling at first with an interesting and unique plot but the nightmarish ending made it difficult for me to find real enjoyment in the film.

And the real estate legal situations as well as the Colonel & his wife's sudden decision to take in and help the "angel bird" did not seem realistic.

I suppose there is a message to be learned from the movie in regards to what is really important in life but the main impression I took away from the film was the very tragic and rather graphic ending.

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After nearly a year of anticipation, director Chris Nolan didn't disappoint me.
In fact, it's way better than the first film! ъ( ゚ー^)

Having seen the 6 minute prologue many times, it doesn't beat seeing the film in its entirety. The action doesn't seem to stop; it just gets better and better.

The Joker's 2nd entrance began with a "Heehee...HoHo...Haha..." which I want as my ringtone! Don't miss his 'attempt' at making the pencil disappear.

Heath Ledger's Joker is completely different from Jack Nicholson's portrayal in the 1989 Batman. He is a sociopathic, mass-murdering, clown with zero empathy who doesn't care about the money. He only want to see the world burn. Heath's natural performance made me feel that I was watching a real-life crime being caught on tape.

When Heath died in January, there were news of a scene where the Joker appeared in a body bag. Many petitioned for it to be removed, claiming it to be disturbing. They failed~. Heehee...HoHo...Haha... I gotta agree, it was abit scary when you know that the actor is already dead. Furthermore, The scene where he shot himself in Monster's Ball was even more disturbing!! w(゚o゚)w

By the way, the Joker waddles like a duck in the nurse's uniform as he walks out of the hospital. The explosion scene was hilarious☆

I have always been skeptic of superheroes who just relies on gadgets. One example is James Bond whom I'll never like. But Chris Nolan's Batman - I particularly like the one used in Hong Kong where he stood on a tall building and hooked one end onto a flying jet. I'd had never been more impressed, and the 'delivery' part was funny.

Gary Oldman's Jim Gordon had 20 times more screen time compared to Batman Begins. Unfortunately, he didn't get to drive the Batmobile this time, hence no funny expressions. And there's no promo pictures of him at all! The picture above was taken last September on the set.

I almost jumped out of my seat when he was shot by the blink-and-you-will-miss makeup-less Joker, and sent me cursing the damned clown in my head. If there's a 3rd movie with no Gary, Christian Bale alone won't be able to lure me back (lol)

But I knew he can't be dead. In previous Batman movies, Gordon had been commissioner of Gotham City. Plus, some scenes I had seen in the trailers hadn't shown up yet which brings us to the new scene I'd shown you here. In the midst of an exciting car chase which had sent a large lorry turning 180 degrees, the Batpod emerged victoriously from the damaged Batmobile. I was double-impressed.

Just before the Joker could kill Batman, Gordon showed up to save the day night. He had faked his own death in a bid to save his family from the crazy clown, but earned a slap from his sobbing wife. (´o`)

Aaron Eckhart's Harvey Dent aka Two-Face made Tommy Lee Jones' performance in the 1995 Batman Forever looked like a disfigured clown. The burned look reminded me of the Terminator minus the silver metal (lol)

The ending was somewhat ironic; the wrong villain dies. If there's a 3rd movie, who would be the baddie on Batman's ass? Could he topped Heath's performance as the Joker? What would happen to the clown? Will he return? Maybe, but it certainly won't be Heath Ledger. (ノ_・、)

It's just too bad Mum didn't see it, maybe if I chould persuade her to...
I'm itching to watch it again! ゚+。:.゚ヽ(*´∀`)ノ゚.:。+゚

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Found time to watch Viggo Mortensen's "Eastern Promises."
Mafia - you would think of the Corleone family from the "Godfather" series.

This movie is about the Russian mafia, which is far more gruesome.
A smug-looking kid took a break from an ongoing protest to pee on a gravestone.
His throat was then slit by 2 professional killers.

That was karma ъ( ゚ー^)

Speaking of Russians...
Congratulations to Marat Safin on making to the semifinals of Wimbledon 2008!

昨天看了Viggo Mortensen 所主演的《Eastern Promises
黑手党 - 一定会联想到《Godfather》系列中的Corleone家族吧.


报应啊 ъ( ゚ー^)

恭喜Marat Safin 顺利经打进Wimbledon 2008年的半决赛咯!

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I have often gushed about Chris Sarandon in my blog.

Taken from my all-time fave movie "Fright Night,"
see him in action in this Disco Seduction Scene. (゚ω、゚) *drools*

Now you know why I still go ga-ga over him after all these years~. (o^_^o)

我经常在部落各里跟大家分享 Chris Sarandon 的魅力. 呵呵...

这是在我最喜欢的电影 Fright Night 中的“迪斯科之诱惑”的精彩片段.  (゚ω、゚) *口水滴滴*

现在你们知道为什么多年来我还是会喜欢他吧~. (o^_^o)

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Saw this movie 2 days ago and made me cry buckets! 。・゚(´□`)゚・。

The highlight of the movie was when 'August Rush' took the stage to conduct the orchestra.

A splendid, inspirational tearjerker.

The soundtrack is wonderful too.
Who would have thought Jonathan Rhys Meyers can sing so well?
His brief rendition of "Moondance" was absolutely charming☆
He also sang on 2 other great tracks "Break" & "Something Inside."

Can't seem to login to hotmail.
It's frustrating!! \(≧ω≦)/

2天前看了这部电影,害得我哭得稀里哗啦的! 。・゚(´□`)゚・。

最精彩的部分就是 'August Rush' 到台上指挥乐团的那一刻.


谁会料到Jonathan Rhys Meyers 的歌声那么好听呢?
他哼唱的"Moondance" 真的很迷人☆
他也唱了2首歌"Break" 和 "Something Inside."

烦死人了!! \(≧ω≦)/

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One thing that I really hate & scared at the same thing, is BETRAYAL.
You trust someone wholehearted and what did they do?
They stabbed you right in the back! (T^T)

That's what happened in the movie "Awake."
Despite his mother's insistence, Clay chose to be operated on by his surgeon friend.
He encounters anesthetic awareness and he, or should I say, his brain was wide awake throughout the entire surgery. Imagine being able to feel yourself cut open by a blunt scalpel and have your upper torso sawn apart.

He could still hear the surgeons talking and this is where the protagonist found out what he got himself into. Except the anesthesiologist, the personnels involved in the surgery are in cahoots for his money! The friend that you trust to see the insides of your body, the true colors of your new wife...

I have never gone through any kinda of surgery, never been married.
But I have been backstabbed, betrayed, being treated like a doormat.
Only thing I can say is: It doesn't pay to be nice!

Ever since I first saw Hayden Christensen as Anakin Skywalker,
I thought he resembled Chris Sarandon alot in his younger days☆

This year's Oscars is so boring...
I like Jon Stewart but he's not really that funny.
I want Billy Crystal back~!! TwT

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Looking at the title, you would think that "Gone Baby Gone" is just a simple movie of a high-profile case of a kid gone missing.
I thought so too, but it turned out to be a merry-go-round.

The film did start out that way, then as the story develops, it might make you think twice about the people that you seek help from...

The kidnappers turned out to be the detectives attached to the case.
Although they did it with good intentions, but it's still a felony.

Towards the end, Casey Affleck's character faced a dilemma:
Should the kid stay with her drug-addict mother or stay with one of the kidnapper who can go to school and live a normal, happy life?

What really happened in the end? Watch the movie to find out☆

Considering this is Ben Affleck's directorial debut, it's not that bad.

I saw the novel at the bookstore earlier... am tempted to buy a copy.
But when I think of the mountains of unfinished books at home... (=_ = )




想知道结局如何? 看看这部电影吧☆

这是 Ben Affleck首次当导演,还算不错.

刚才在书局看到了原著小说... 心痒痒想买下来.
但一想到家里未看完的书堆积如山... (=_ = )

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This Korean movie is about Hwang Jin-i, the legendary Kisaeng from the 16th Century.
A Kisaeng is similar to the Japanese Geisha.
She's known for her exceptional beauty and intellect.
But it's her personal life that have captivated & inspired movies, novels & operas.
She also had an extraordinary ability of composing great poetry which are still being used in Korean textbooks.

The film focused on her romance with her childhood lover.
He was once her temporary pimp before becoming a full-fledged Robin Hood.
The 2hr++ movie ended with her scattering ashes of her beloved lover in the mountains.

That's it?! !!!!(゜Д゜)!!!!
Did she made it home? How did she die?

There's also a drama series based on her life and love stories.
You bet I am gonna watch it! (*^ー^*)

There's limited resources on the Internet about her which left me pretty much clueless when I watched the movie. But it just increased my curiosity. σ(^。^;



最后怎么样了呢? 她有没有回到家乡呢?

对了! 也有部诉说黄真伊传奇一生的韩剧.
我一定得看呀! (*^ー^*)

不过同时也增加了我对她的兴趣、好奇心. σ(^。^;

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I first watched this movie when I was about 5 years old.
Lou Diamond Phillips was so cute then. (o^.^o)

The movie is based on the short life of Ritchie Valens.
He was 17 when he died in a plane crash, together with Buddy Holly in 1959.
Few days ago, I read the autopsy report. Very specific.
It's like I'm right at the 1959 crash scene. (_πдπ)

About 10 years ago, I managed to get this soundtrack during a sale!
I only listen to 2 tracks off the CD - La Bamba & Donna.
Ritchie Valens wrote the song Donna for his girlfriend.
How romantic~ (´ω`)

Don't you just love the title track, La Bamba?
I only like this version by Los Lobos☆

Para bailar la bamba
Ay arriba y arriba
Por ti sere, por ti sere, por ti sere
Bamba, bamba (´0`)~

Lou Diamond Phillips当时很可爱哟. (o^.^o)

这部电影记载着Ritchie Valens 的短暂生命.
1959年 - 他,连同另一个年轻的红星,Buddy Holly所乘坐的小型飞机遇到撞毁,当场丧命.
非常详细,感觉好像我在案发现场. (_πдπ)

我只听2首歌 - La Bamba & Donna.
"Donna" 这首歌是Ritchie为女友写的一首歌.
好浪漫哦~ (´ω`)

我最喜欢这首"La Bamba"了哟☆

Para bailar la bamba
Ay arriba y arriba
Por ti sere, por ti sere, por ti sere
Bamba, bamba (´0`)~

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I spent the whole of yesterday watching "The Bourne Identity" & "The Bourne Supremacy". (^v^;)

It really kept me at the edge of my seat the entire time!
That scene where Jason Bourne realized that he's good at combat fighting was awesome!! His moves were swift & fast like Keanu Reeves in "The Matrix".

The car-chasing scenes were the main highlights of the films.
The sequences were 10 times better than The Italian Job.
I can't wait to get my ass in the cinema seat and watch The Bourne Ultimatum! (o*。_。)o

Also, Matt Damon is such a hottie!! (o^.^o)

It's been raining for the past few days.
Last night I begun to feel really cold and developed a fever. (T.T)

昨天,我花了一整天看了第1、2集.  (^v^;)

Jason Bourne的身手很棒哦!!
Keanu Reeves在《The Matrix》里的身手一样 - 很快.

比《The Italian Job》还更精彩.
好想看第3集《The Bourne Ultimatum》! (o*。_。)o

还有, Matt Damon很帅呀!! (o^.^o)

昨晚,我开始觉得全身发冷,发高烧了啦. (T.T)

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December 1997 - I was blown away when I saw the trailer on TV.
At that time, it hadn't blown into a phenomenon yet.

I watched it alone on the Saturday of its release.
I remembered that there were few occupied seats in the cinema.

I didn't read the movie review before going to watch the movie.
So imagine me looking at my watch when the 2-hour mark had passed.
When Jack died, my tears were rolling down my cheeks. (ノ_・、)

When I finally got home, Mum kept asking where I went.
She couldn't believe that the movie is 3 hours long!!
But I skipped the "I watched it alone" part☆

I wasn't surprised when the film, the soundtrack and the love theme "My Heart Will Go On" became world-wide hits. I wasn't surprised by the successful receivable because the movie & music were beautifully & artistically done.

Titanic opens with a black & white scene of passengers boarding the ship along the haunting tune of "Never An Absolution." Not to forget Sissel's beautiful vocals.

I went to the music store to get the soundtrack.
I was told that it was sold-out and the next shipment will only arrive the week after.
I remembered I only managed to get it 2 weeks later.

I have a small but precious collection of orchestral soundtracks.
I will show them to you at a later time☆

1997年12月 - 在电视上看到预告片时, 我就深深地被吸引住了.
当时还没爆发 "鐵達尼" 热潮


当Jack死的时候,我就不停地流泪.  (ノ_・、)

她无法相信这部电影竟然有3个钟头那么长!! (笑)
嗯... 我没告诉她我是一个人看哦☆

不久后,全世界掀起了 “鐵達尼” 热潮.
不论是电影,原声带或是主题曲 "My Heart Will Go On" -- 统统都备受欢迎.


I went to Borders to get "James Cameron's Titanic."
I had to place an order for it because it's not in their stock list.
3 weeks later, I made a trip down to collect it after school.

It's a huge, heavy book containing incredible amounts of full-colored photos & captures from the movie. The details paid in the making of the film in words & behind-the-scenes photographs were nicely executed. ъ( ゚ー^)

我还到了书局购买了 "James Cameron's Titanic."

这本书又大又重 - 附有许多电影里的彩色照片、镜头.
真的很棒呀!! ъ( ゚ー^)

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This is my all-time favorite horror movie☆

I had a big crush on Chris Sarandon while growing up... all because of this movie!
Isn't he sexy? ┐(´3`)┌

Years later with Internet in the house, I ran a few checks on him.
He was 40 when he shot that movie in 1985?! w(゚o゚)w

I still find him sexy~ the sexiest vampire actor in Hollywood!!
(Sorry Gary Oldman, those ♥-shaped buns don't do you justice)

Don't cha wish your boyfriend is hot like him?

The music in the movie is so awesome.
Especially "Come To Me" by Brad Fiedel.
I have 4 versions of the song itself! ♪♪♪

I got so excited when I finally found that song featured in the disco scene 2 years ago. Woohoo!! o(^-^)o


因为这部电影就对Chris Sarandon情有独钟.
他就是我小时候的暗恋对象哦~ ┐(´3`)┌

原来他在1985拍这部电影时已经40岁啦! w(゚o゚)w


尤其是Brad Fiedel 的《Come To Me》,我就有4个版本呀! ♪♪♪

Woohoo!! o(^-^)o

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I've finally finished the TV series, Fallen, which is based on Thomas E. Sniegoski's novels. ^-^b

One of the fallen angels Azazel is portrayed by a charming Turkish actor Hal Ozsan. After the falling, he was captured and locked up by The Powers for 5,000 years.

What's Latin for the Light Bringer? Lucifer also known as Satan.
Bear in mind, he's the Father of Lies.

Lucifer sets Azazel free on the condition that he bring the Redeemer to him.
It's revealed that Aaron is the offspring of Lucifer who tries to convince him to redeem him so that he can return to Heaven and Rule.

In the end, Lucifer's evil intentions were exposed.
After a fierce fight, he was defeated by his Nephilim son and banished to Hell.
As for Azazel, he's captured once again... waiting for Judgement Day.

It's really worth a watch☆

PS It felt weird to see Malcolm's Dad acting so serious. (〇´‐`〇)

终于把《Fallen》给看完咯! ^-^b

其中一个坠落天使 --- Azazel
他天生油嘴滑舌,是由位土耳其演员Hal Ozsan 所饰演.
当时连同撒旦率领一大班天使与创始者(The Creator)挑战.

条件是: 把救世主引来见他.


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