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It's only September, and another great entertainer has left us...

I woke up this morning with the headlines "Patrick Swayze R.I.P."
Seriously, I really need to change my homepage! As much as I love CNN, it really depresses me ALOT! (つд⊂)

When I was younger, Mum used to play "The Little Mermaid" to keep me entertained while she goes to cook in the kitchen. Many a time, I would change it to "Clash of the Titans" or "Ghost."

That movie never fails to make me cry, yet it remains a staple in my life.
I listen to the love theme couple times a day (no kidding!), yet I never get sick of it! In fact, I just found out that it's the Number 1 song on my playlist♥

Mum loves Sam Wheat too. I've informed her about the news but haven't hear back from her. She will certainly be devastated over his death...

We'll probably spend the weekend watching his movies, including "Dirty Dancing" & "Point Break."


今早一起身就看到"Patrick Swayze逝世了"的头条新闻. 我看...是时候更换主页了啦! 我虽然喜欢CNN,不过每次看到类似的报道真的令人很悲哀呢! (つд⊂)

记得小的时候,妈妈因为要煮饭所以会播放《The Little Mermaid》给我看,好让我有事请做. 不过有时我会常常把带子换成《Clash of the Titans》或者《Ghost》.

每次看这部电影都会哭,但仍然看不腻. 每天都会听该主题歌很多次(是真的哦!),可是我也听不腻啊! 我刚刚才发现这首是我听最多次的歌曲呢♥

妈妈也很喜欢Sam Wheat too. 我已经把消息告诉她,不过没回应.想必听了死讯后也会很难过...

这个周末我们应该会看他的作品,包括《Dirty Dancing》和《Point Break》.

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Today's 1st of April - April Fool's Day.
6 years ago, Leslie Cheung played an unfunny joke on all of us. (=д=)

Let us not mention the past
Life has weathered through much of the wind and rain
Though the memories could not be erased
Love and hatred remain in the heart
Let us really put behind the past
Let it be a better tomorrow
Please do not continue to ask after me persistently...

今天是4月1日 - 愚人节
在6年前的这一天,张国荣跟大家开了一个不好笑的玩笑. (=д=)


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  • Mar 31 Tue 2009 16:15
  • R.I.P.

14 years ago, on this day, a brutal murder took place.
At the age of 23, Selena was gunned down by her fanclub President.

I've been a fan of hers for 11 years.
Fortunately I've been able to attain some of her CDs, though I don't speak Spanish.

Bidi Bidi Bom Bom, Si Una Vez, Dreaming of You etc are often on my playlist.

Movie based on the singer starring Jennifer Lopez.
The other DVD is her last concert recorded a month before her untimely death. (ノ_・、)


当了她的歌迷,已经有11年了. 时间好快哦~.

《Bidi Bidi Bom Bom》,《Si Una Vez》,《Dreaming of You》等等都是我常听的歌曲哟.

一部根据她生前的故事电影,由Jennifer Lopez来饰演的Selena.
另一DVD是在她逝世前一个月录制的演唱会,也是她的最后一场. (ノ_・、)

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Turned on my TV & tuned to the News like I always do every morning.
I started to get busy with the latest gossip entertainment news when I heard it on the news...

"Michael Crichton is dead"

Huh?! w(゚o゚)w

Did I hear it wrongly? I just got up and my brain might still be fuzzy.

I googled his name, and news of his passing were everywhere! (つд⊂)

So, Goodbye Mr Dinosaur Man~. (← That's what I always call him, in short)

Michael Crichton
(1942 – 2008)

There's gonna be a giant teddy bear on Supernatural!
Can't wait for tomorrow!! o(^-^)o


"Michael Crichton死了"

什么?! w(゚o゚)w

我没听错吧? 可能我刚起身,头脑还没清新.

我就在网上搜查... 他逝世的新闻已经在各新闻台报道了! (つд⊂)

再见了,恐龙先生~. (← 我每次这样地叫他)

Michael Crichton
(1942 – 2008)

好期待明天哦!! o(^-^)o

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I grew up listening to the likes of Bee Gees, ABBA, Journey etc
But it seems like my love for music begins with this☆

In 1990, Mum bought this Chinese compilation in cassette-tape format.
Due to frequent playing, it got damaged couple of weeks later (lol)
The next day, Mum bought another copy, also in cassette-tape format.
That very evening, Dad came home from work the CD version in his hands!

Yes, this CD has been with me through ups & downs for 18 years. (^-^)v

It introduced me to my Prince Charming, Andy Lau.
"If You Were My Legend," my first Andy song is still on my everyday playlist.

Hey! I've been listening to this song for 18 years! (´0`)~♪

And then there is Hong Kong's rock band Beyond.
That one song in the compilation hardly made an impact in my little heart, then (lol)

3 years later, lead vocalist Wong Ka Kui passed away.

The band was in Japan to promote their CD when tragedy struck.
They were filming a game show and he fell off the slippery platform.
Ka Kui's head landed on the ground first and fell into coma immediately.

6 days later, he was pronounced dead. (´・ω・`)

He wrote most of the band's greatest hits.
Most notably my faves - "光輝歲月" & "海闊天空()"

To me, Wong Ka Kui is like the Asian version of Bono.
His songs often address humanity & social issues.

15 years have come and go~.

"Why this topic?" you may ask.

Well, the band is coming for their final concert.
The last Beyond concert before they disband.

I took out my Beyond greatest hits CD and began playing.
The riff of "海闊天空" gave me goosebumps.

If you have read my blog regularly, I'm a fan of Journey's guitarist Neal Schon.
I love the sound of electric guitars☆

The piano & electric guitar playing of the riff captivates me.
I've been listening just that song in the last 2 days.

Awesome~!! (´ロ`)

Freakin' awesome!! (´ロ`)

我是听Bee GeesABBAJourney的歌曲长大的.

因为我常常听,所以不到几个星期就坏了 (笑)

是的,这张CD已经陪伴着我18年咯!  (^-^)v


嘿嘿! 我不知不觉已停了18年哟! (´0`)~♪

坦白说,在合集里那一首歌对我当时的小小心灵没有什么影响啦 (笑)


他的头部着地重伤昏迷,6天后宣布死亡. (´・ω・`)

他写了很多很棒的歌曲,当中我最喜欢也有我的最爱 - 《光輝歲月》 & 《海闊天空()》



"为什么突然聊起这个啊?" 各位应该很好奇吧.



若你有长期阅读我的部落各的话,你应该知道我是Journey的吉他手Neal Schon的歌迷.


厉害~!! (´ロ`)

太厉害了!! (´ロ`)

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Remember the television series Ally McBeal?
The imaginary dancing baby, and Richard Fish's weird fetish with women with neck wattles (lol)

Robert Downey Jr. & Jon Bon Jovi's additions to the show were brilliant!
We all know Jon Bon Jovi heads my fave band, Bon Jovi.
But Robert Downey Jr. also have a charismatic voice.

Everytime I listen to this track, I always picture myself walking on the streets during Christmas.
Despite the title and the lyrics, it gives me a lonely feel...(・ω・)

还记得美国电视剧《Ally McBeal》吗?
那个女主角幻想会跳舞的baby, 还有Richard Fish喜欢女人的怪癖(笑)

Robert Downey Jr.Jon Bon Jovi 的加入把剧情把故事弄得更火热!
我们都知道Jon Bon Jovi是Bon Jovi 的成员之一, 也是我喜欢的团队.
不过Robert Downey Jr. 也有一把很迷人的嗓音哦~


I love his 2004 debut album, "The Futurist."  
He co-wrote many of the songs, and even played the piano~

Iron-Man, anyone?

我超爱他2004年首张专辑 "The Futurist.


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This morning I was greeted with shocking news.
Patrick Swayze
has been diagnosed with pancreatic cancer! o(´□`o)

Ghost is my favourite 'crying' movie.
I've watched it several times but never be able to get sick of this classic.

Seriously, it's only March and bad news kept coming.
My own situation is also spiraling down... (つд⊂)

Remember the damn cockroach who was in my room a few days ago?
Yesterday morning, I saw it on the top of my bookshelf, crawling in circles.
Seemed to me that it's trying to find a way to get to the ground.
I was so scared that I stood rooted to the ground 10 feet away.

Finally plucked enough courage and dask to the storeroom for the broom.
But the damn pest disappeared when I came back seconds later! ( ゚д゚)

I'll be keeping the broom in my room until I'm sure that it's gone.
Now I can't even watch TV with the lights off... (/。\)

一早上网就看到一则坏消息: Patrick Swayze 证实患了胰臟癌!! o(´□`o)


而我自己的情况也越来越糟...  (つд⊂)


数秒钟回来,它不见了!!  ( ゚д゚)

天啊,我现在都不敢关灯看电视... (/。\)

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If you wanna take pictures of yourself & others in compromising positions,
be mentally-prepared that they will be exposed one way or another.

What's the point of taking such pictures in the first place?
Keep a memory of what? Your sexual conquests?

I guess I won't be able to understand their mentality.

Well, photoshopping is another story... (´ω`)

I don't pity the parties involved.
Especially him!




嗯... 至于移花接木就另当别论... (´ω`)


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I'm up at 6am and logged onto a entertainment website as I always do.

Then I saw the headlines:

Heath Ledger Dead

I blinked my eyes several times, thinking that my still-in-sleep-mode brain is playing tricks on me.

The headlines still read "Heath Ledger Dead." ( ̄д ̄;)

Apparently, he died of an overdose just over 3 hours ago! ヾ(´д`)/

Damn! I was so looking forward to his role as The Joker in The Dark Knight, in theatres July 2008.

Another great actor gone... R.I.P. 。・゚(´□`)゚・。



Heath Ledger 死了


头条读着"Heath Ledger死了"还在. ( ̄д ̄;)

而且他是在3个多钟头前逝世的! ヾ(´д`)/

哎呀呀! 我还蛮期待看8月上当的 《The Dark Knight》,他饰演的是 The Joker.

又一位好演员离我们而去... R.I.P. 。・゚(´□`)゚・。

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.::Reference 参考::.

That's my favorite vampire guy who plays a cop in "Child's Play."
Brings back memories whenever I watch this movie☆

I have been watching re-runs of "Chicago Hope" in the afternoons...
( ゚д゚)‥‥ Chris Sarandon happened to appear in the last 2 episodes!!

Woo~hoo!! ┐(´3`)┌

Doesn't he look so dreamily handsome~ (●´∀`)v

All these years I didn't harbour a crush on him for nothing! (lol)

这是在《Child's Play》里扮演警察,也是我很欣赏的僵尸演员.

下午的时候我有在追看《Chicago Hope》的重播...
( ゚д゚)‥‥ Chris Sarandon 竟然出现在最后两集里!!

Woo~hoo!! ┐(´3`)┌

他是不是超梦幻、超帅~ (●´∀`)v

这么多年我可没白白迷恋着他! (笑)

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