Everyone has problems with their pores - they are either clogged or visible without the need for a magnifier. Such "handicaps" are unacceptable for us by beauty standards, and will worsen if not treated properly.

There are numerous possiblites when it comes to explaining problems concerning pores. The trouble may be caused by hormonal breakouts, inflammation or unfortunately, hereditary. If your skin is like mine that produces excess oil, lo and behold - Acne is unavoidable.

There is an abundance of products in the market that promises to "work magic" for your pores, few have failed to capture my attention. The only one that I keep going back to is Neutrogena Pore Refining Peel.

This product is hard to find locally, and the store that I had purchased previously at, no longer carries it. Not to mention the major drugstores. My friends in the US said that the Pore Refining range has been discontinued, such as the toner(which I happen to adore, by the way!) and moisturizer. Boo hoo!

As you can see, all there is left is 1 more usage before the jar goes into the bin. Without coming off as too harsh, the micro beads managed to scrub off the impurities trapped beneath the deeper dermis. My skin feels especially cleaner and smoother after each usage. So, what should I do after hitting pan?

What alternative would you recommend that cleanse the pores effectively?

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