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I'm currently cramped with loads of writing so here's another moment of glory for Milo to bask in. These photos were taken exactly a week ago and he was in a good mood to pose for the camera that day. Unfortunately I need him today for a close up but the ASSBUTT is sleeping soundly in a fetus position, with his limbs tightly tucked under his chin. Good Life~

Anyway, I was the LA MER counters yesterday(which will be explained in the coming posts) and was speechless when one of the counter staff told me their customers enjoyed reading my blog. Hello Amy and the other ladies stationed at Takashimaya! I felt like some VIP upon identifying myself in the afternoon, everyone seemed excited to see me (lol)

For those who are new to me and my space, this is my furry BFF who is now 1 year and 6 months old! He likes to throw tantrums when I'm too busy to bring him out for walks, and create havoc by marking territories here, there, EVERYWHERE! Fortunately, he hasn't peed in my room so it's still my domain!

Have a wonderful weekend and I'm gonna spend mine concocting with those brain juices, and at the same time munching on those Garett Popcorns! Yesh! I got more yesterday! Nomnomnomnom♪

(My favorite out of the bunch - doesn't he look like a cartoon with those big eyes?)

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Helllloooooo Saturday!

Today is the 10th day of the Lunar New Year, and I'm probably one of the few who have lost weight during this festive period. 2 locations and 4 hours later, I'm officially done with Chinese New Year only to be feel lethargic upon getting home. To make matters worst, I took a tumble during my first house-visit which resulted in a slightly sprained ankle and a scraped elbow. It looked to be the first of many debts I have to pay in return for Milo's good health.

The next day, the ASSBUTT peed on 2 No-Dog Zone areas in the house, and bit me after being spanked and proceeded to ignore me for the next 6 hours or so. I know being a "parent" is all about sucking it up because this is how children would behave when they are being punished, but it felt like my heart was being stabbed when he refused to come near me! (TωT)

He has been throwing petty tantrums lately too, sometimes I feel like shaving him bald like a neighbor did to their Shih-Tzu recently. No idea what mischief it had committed but I found the poor pooch sulking at the door on the way home the other night.

Milo likes to play Tug O War, and brings his smelly blankie for teething battle whenever he finds us seated on the sofa.  So I decided to dump it behind the table to buy some time - he will be busy figuring out how to get it beneath the gaps. Initially there were grunting and moaning when the lazy bum didn't want to put in effort to retrieve his "BFF" but eventually got the hang of it by climbing beneath the stool. I meant to protect his modesty but a friend wants to see his behind in "full glory," AHAHAHA!

By the way, I bought this Table Top set from Picket & Rail some years back. The salesman wanted to charge me $80 for transport and that smug look of his annoyed me that I decided to lug it home ALL BY MYSELF. He was down talking me the whole time and I wanted to prove him otherwise. I dragged and shoved the darn thing in the middle of Orchard Road, with the slightest memory how I managed to drag it to the other side of the street to catch a bus. Why hadn't I thought of flagging a cab then? That thing weighed 6 Milos! Looking back, I never regret my decision albeit an irrational one.
I finally managed to get a hold of these bottles of soap bubbles yesterday; been wanting to get them ever since we got the pooch but couldn't find them anywhere! His chasing skills are mediocre; our Milo likes to wait till these air buggers land before licking them, the solution doesn't have a strong smell thus it should be fine to be "taken in small quantities" (lol)

It was raining earlier and Mr Growler had a really good nap. Surprise his BFF is nowhere to be found.

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Something I thought was hilarious happened yesterday morning. Milo, as always, started gnawing on his milk bone right outside my room where I can see him. It is his way to keep his distance from eating without any paranoia thoughts of anybody snatching his food away, and also to keep me within his sight.

In true Milo fashion, he likes to chew with his mouth open wide like some caveman; no gentleman nor lady would ever be caught dead with such etiquette at the dinner table. Moments later I sensed something amiss when he continued the same action with nothing in his mouth. So upon some inspection, the whole chunk stuck to the side of his gums. It was funny to see him displaying that helpless look instead of that mischievous demeanor that disrupts my work ever so often. When I checked back couple of hours later, the milky gum had clearly dissolved and my mind was put at ease.
Milo appeared lethargic when I got home last night. It was way past his regular 10pm sleeping time and his tail was still wagging and shaking his bon-bon as he greet me at the door. I was informed by Mum that his feces had been watery that evening and his body temperature was slightly warmer. I checked his gums again but nothing was stuck but Milo continued to show discomfort in that same area. We suspect his gums might be sore from this morning's episode.

Dear God, I am willing to change my good luck for the year in return for my furry friend's good health. I beg of you!! _| ̄|○

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At the age of 1 year and 2 months, Milo has grown more sturdy and taken on a more prominent role as the security personnel in this household. He barks whenever someone crosses that invisible perimeter of our front door. Speaking of which, I want to slap the people living next door. Especially the 2 daughters who taunt Milo every time. Bunch of crude bullies teasing a dog behind a protective barrier. Even Severus Snape will sneer at these cowards!

I'm going on record to say - I do not have a butt fetish, aside from the pooch's. His behind has gotten meatier that sometimes I picture myself as the coyote with a napkin wrapped around my neck and drools over him with imaginery utensils.
This is what greets me when I start my computer and mobile. Taken over the weekend while he's snoozing away, this particular angle depicts how succulent his butt has gotten. *Slurps*

His tail resembles a lever that fits perfectly into my palm.

One simplest joy in life is to see Milo wags his tail. He wags at the mention of key words - mum-mum(food), biscuit, gai-gai(outing), ball, blanket. I love him shaking his bon bon enthusiastically when he greets me in the morning, and as I enter the front door from an outing.

The Ricky Martin of Jack Russells.

"Zac Efron is my Doppelganger." Yay or Nay?

Milo is getting sleepy... Until next time☆

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Whenever I am seated, Milo likes to drag his blankie, places it on my lap and expects PLAY TIME. The ASSBUTT seems to think that our seated butt is his signal for him to have fun. Sometimes he would bite a rubber ball and bring it to my lap, which still sounds fine at this point. But wait till he salivates all over that round, red thing and dribbles it on your legs. GROSS!

So this week he has an oversized towel, a comfy bedding for him. What is it about dogs who likes to bring treats and chew on them while nesting? It's so unhygenic! Whenever he gets into that "It's ME time" mode, I notice he likes to play hide-and-seek by placing treats on his blankie and cover it up with other half of the cloth. The interesting part is when he digs his nose in and tries to act smart by 'sniffing out the goodies.'

As mentioned, he has a large blankie and keeps pestering me to play. I have been busy this past week and all I need is some peace and quiet when settling in the living room by the TV. The frustrated me decides to bind him with the pink towel and let him try to get out of it.

Watching him proved to be even more entertaining than the television program!

This afternoon I decided to do the "binding spell" on him again and check out Petrified Milo! He seems to be immoblised while looking like that Kachang Puteh Men we used to see at the cinema! And he walks funny too (lol)

I particularly adore this shot of him looking miserable. He has given up getting the cloth off him and sat by the door, waiting for me to bring him out for a walk.

Have a nice weekend, everybody!

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It was October 1st, 2009 when he came into my life. His real name is Holicks but many friends have difficulty pronouncing it, hence he's known as Milo online. He was a month old when he arrived at the house, all whiny for attention in the first few nights. So much moaning and we didn't get much sleep, I had to dogsit by the crate and make sure he's snoozed off before tiptoeing back to my room.

It didn't take him too long to be familiarized with other members of the family. His eyes would be set on the gourmet and walked around the table with his hind legs. Just look the heartbreaker's hungry, drooling eyes

Did he just walk out of a cartoon or what? Kawaii neh~~

A year later my friend has gone from a furby to a masculine, overprotective guard. He barks at every foreign sound, and at anyone who walks past our front door. I got him a cupcake but it was gone before I could take any pictures! After which he slept by my side throughout the morning and afternoon while I work. So much for wanting to celebrate his 1ST BIRTHDAY with a bang. 

Potential neck scarf for Christmas??

This morning Mum commented that his ass looked MEATY. Frankly I have been salivating over his fleshy hind legs for quite some time now... *GRINS*

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, my dear friend. The one and only who won't turn his back on me and will unconditionally love me back no matter what☆

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Milo will be turning ONE on September 1st, and I still have no idea what treats to get for him!! Thankfully he is illiterate or else he'll be spoilt just by looking at the menu alone (lol)

The prices seem reasonable enough, but I am not getting him a birthday cake. He hasn't been eating much, probably because we call him Garfield all the time, and dogs don't like to be compared with a cat. A fat orange cat too.

Anyway I'm targeting the cookies, those that can be kept for days. The pretzels and honey bears are making me drool already!! There's even doggie Bak Kwa, how cute is that? I'll probably go gaga myself when I make the trip down to the bakery.

It's currently the 7th month of the Lunar Calendar aka Hungry Ghosts Month. Mum insisted Milo to stay home for an entire month so the ASSBUTT has been spending his mornings and afternoons sleeping away... Whenever he decides to rest right outside my room, he signals his presence by "banging" his butt against the door.

Can anyone confirm that dogs go on eating hiatus every once in a while? Milo doesn't seem to eat as often these days, and I even have to sit and feed him by hand. That cannot do and I don't want to make it a habit. Thanks in advance!

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(Click for a larger resolution)

I was looking through Milo's digital album and they brought back wonderful memories from the past year. Still as vivid and distinct as ever.

From the first picture ever taken when he was brought home at 1-month-old, I remembered letting him out of the crate with just the both of us alone in the house. We were strangers then, not knowing what to expect from each other. Will he pounce on me? Does he bite? He WHINES ALOT, that's for sure.

His first exploration of the new residence, him being too timid to enter my room and sat by the door staring at this unkempt woman typing away on some rectangular box. It didn't take him too long to "gather enough courage" and settled by my chair, sleeping most of the morning away.

Like all first-time pet owners, I get a kick watching his every actions. From the way he sits, yawns, sleeps and tilting his head when he doesn't understand a word that I've said. Some told me their dogs snore. Milo doesn't, or not yet anyway (lol)

(Click for a larger resolution)

As Jack Russells get older, the more hyper they are. Bringing him out for his first walk opened my eyes to how 'perverted' Milo can be! He paid more attention to the women walking past us, and growled at the sight of the male species. Whenever we go on our strolls, I feel like he is the one walking me! The first couple of times, I almost became a banshee, screaming at him to slow down!

Milo can be ANNOYING at times! I used to miss the postmen as I could not hear them knocking on my front door from my room. While I'm thankful to him that I no longer miss any packages, but he barks and growls at anyone who walks past our door. ANYONE! He used to bark at the same old lady in the morning, and the poor lady was clearly shivering with shock. (I've not seen her since, hope she's alright) I've always thought he has more bark than bite, but judging from his recent ferocious attitude to a very forgiving courier guy, the darn pooch sure does pose a potential threat. m(_ _)m

We also can’t forget that dogs are NOSY. All dogs, especially puppies, have to check things out. Milo is NO EXCEPTION. He likes to sniff my clothes and place his scent on everything. Like marking his domain. I AM NOT YOUR TERRITORY, BUDDY! You better not pee on me!

Dear all, I am glad to have shared my moments with him, here at my blog ever since he arrived last October. Now my furry friend is about to turn ONE next month. There's still no plans yet, any suggestions?

PS: The last 4 pictures from the first collage were taken this morning~. (・∀・)


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My dear Milo is 9 months old today!!! I love the number 9.
Both of us are September babies~♥♥♥

Precious has grown up to be a poser. The other day we found him standing against a large mirror, staring at himself! 很爱美!!

He's also willing to sit still for us to get as many Picture-Perfect shots as we want (lol)

He likes to channel Puss ALOT - should get him boots to complete the look!

Look at those eyes - makes you wanna swim in them (lol)

I love you, Baby! ┐(´3`)┌


This just happened minutes ago! I spotted a Mama lizard with a baby on her back, on the floor. Next thing I know, Milo chased them and they hid under the couch. After checking them out, Milo bit the mother and all I could do was going "AHHHHAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHH!"

OMG! I have raised a MONSTER!! He attacked the mother, her tail came off and it was still wagging away!!! 5 minutes, she is officially dead and I have no idea where the baby is.  The Mama is covered in Milo's saliva... he almost followed me into my room. People, I'm in peril!!! (つд⊂) 

He was 'nice' enough to 'reunite' the tail with the carcass (lol)
Poor thing died with its tongue stuck out X.X 

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They say, insanity is for the rich. So, I want to be really really rich so I can do really really insane things.

Right now, I'm only half-crazy. Like witnessing Milo doze off, it is one of the few things I got to enjoy, without forking a single cent.

But you see, it's all counter-intuitive. Insane things usually come free. so I reckon, the wealth one needs for insanity is for her loved ones, lest her madness claims herself.

Baby just turned 8 months, and is getting fat...like Garfield!

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Hey everyone!

I'm back from my ultra short vacation, slightly recharged (lol)
For those who wants to know, I was at Club Med Bintan, sloughing away at a secret project that I've been working on for years.

The room was decorated in bright orange, a visual treat nonetheless, and got my creative juices going. Hmm... anyone wants to volunteer to paint my room? (  ^ω^)

I spent the entire afternoon sitting on the fabulous day bed, trying to resist temptation by the beautiful weather outside. While being ushered to my room, I was mesmerized by the clear blue sky~ Ahh! This is paradise☆

Truth be told, I needed to get away from everyone, Milo included. I needed no distraction to concentrate and avoid my train of thoughts to be interrupted. But as much as I enjoyed the solitude, barely 12 hours later I miss Precious already...

  This morning I got home to a lukewarm response from my furry friend. He sat a few feet away from me, with his ass facing me the whole day! I would have called if you were able to talk. I have missed you too! 

Half a day is over and Milo is now back to his antics, following me all over the house. Dogs throw tantrums too _| ̄|○


好久没以中文跟大家打招呼了,真的很不好意思啦! 小女子我,最近的心情可跌到谷底...而且连续几个星都睡不好呢~ 说我我就临时决定出国,到印尼的民丹岛过一天. (  ^ω^)

我所住的房间很漂亮哦,我简直被橘色的墙壁给迷倒了! 而且天气超不错的,蓝蓝的天空,好像到了天堂斯的! 若永远待在那里有多好啊!!


今早回到家,他根本不理睬我,都不看我一眼~ 一整天就坐在一旁,屁股向着我呀!!! 若你能说话的话,我早就拨电给你了! 我也很想你的说~~

半天下来,小瓜已恢复到他原来的个性,我走到哪里他就跟到哪里. 咳~ 原来狗也会发脾气的... _| ̄|○

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Hello everyone!

Wow, it has been early a week since my last entry. Everything seems so bleak these days, I barely have anything to blog about. Also there is nothing I want to get, hence no hauls. (´・ω・`)

I seemed to have hit an awful dry spell this year. First, my brain refuses to read, thus I have not finished my novel. "Writer's Block" is something that I'm afraid of, and it's hitting me real hard.

Anyway, tomorrow I'll be off to Bintan for a short holiday to clear my head and do some serious writing. One day without Milo...
I'm having mixed feelings already! (つд⊂)

Here's Milo getting ready for a walk; he really loves being 'freed' from home (lol)

Precious finally learned the "sit" & "down" command. I always make him do that whenever I give him treats. So whenever I said "Biscuit!" he would wag his tail and get down on all fours!

Okay, I'm off to bed, early ferry ride tomorrow~

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Dubbed "Milo Brown," he likes to drag his beloved blanket along, everywhere he goes.

Milo has pretty much destroyed all his toys. Yes, he has either ripped them apart or bit large holes and were beyond repair.

Yes I've said many times not to buy anymore but... I just can't help it.
Think about it, imagine having nothing to amuse yourself with.

A world without music, movies, books *getting dramatic*
Okay, you get the idea of not having any sort of entertainment fun.

Yesterday I got him a bunch of new toys, this time with better quality☆
So sit back and see him go gaga!

I've been jamming to Lady Gaga's "Telephone"
Can't freakin' stand Beyonce!! (;`Д´)≡⊃)

Since my post about Vitacreme B12 on Monday, I have received many inquiries on where to purchase them.

I'll be getting more for my friends and am currently trying to consolidate orders. So if you are interested, head over to wordpress for more details. International orders are welcomed.

Do help spread the word around~.

被称为 "Milo Brown," 这小瓜去到哪里都喜欢咬着被子走来走去.

买给他的玩具Milo统统都咬坏了! 不是咬了个大洞就是撕到碎烂...

生活在一个没有音乐、电影、小说的世界 *开始紧张起来*


Lady Gaga的《Telephone》超好听的,但受不了Beyonce!! (;`Д´)≡⊃)

自从周一透漏了买Vitacreme B12之后,


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I was about to post up a review today but some ignorant person pissed me off in the morning and I had to scrape everything.

This morning, an Aussie accused me of docking of Milo's tail for vanity. FOR MY VANITY! Apparently I'd trimmed off his tail so that he will look good in my photographs. WHAT THE FUCK IS THIS NONSENSE?!

Obviously, the Jack Russell on the left isn't Milo, I just want to show the length of an undocked tail, and Milo's.

I'm more hurt than angry by her ignorant words! Many dogs are docked at birth, BEFORE any potential parents have any input. Milo's wiggle was docked off before he arrived at my home, around 2months old. So how was I to know what ordeal he went through from birth to the time we met. Seriously, I can't even bear to picture that horrendous scene in my head! (つд⊂)

4th day into the New Year and I've already some wacko barking up my tree. Throw some confetti!! (;`Д´)≡⊃

Anyway, I bought a new chew toy for Baby, one that squeaks which he likes. But he bit into one cotton and headed straight to the stuffings inside within 15 minutes.  (ーДー;)ヾ



I've been included by Dee to do a "Once Upon A Time" tag:

1. Post a picture from your childhood (less than 13 yrs old).
2. Write about the picture.
3. Tag your friends and readers.

  <-- Click for a bigger resolution
Taken at a theme park, here's me at 6 years old sitting in a bridal sedan. Now all I lack is a hunk (lol)

Tagging: Lane, Blaire and anyone who are interested.

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As I was walking around my home trying to get things done, naturally Milo would follow me from room to room. When he finally decided that enough is enough, he simply settled at my doorway. He probably figured it's better to stay there since he'll know when I leave the room.

The first shot reminded me too much of the delicious Suckling Pig dish that you would often find in Chinese restaurants. To be honest, it's been many years since I last ate it... 。・゚(´□`)゚・。 But I'll never forget the crispness, especially the skin! *drools*

Well, guess I'll have to settle for Suckling Milo!! L(‘▽‘)/
RELAX, TAKE IT EASY I ain't gonna pluck his fur and grill him (lol)

在家中从一个房间到另一间做事情,Milo很自然地也会跟进跟出. 跟够了,他就决定躺在我房门中央.

第一张照令人想到 -- 乳猪!!
哇呀呀!我已经有很多年没吃了耶~ 但我无法忘怀那香脆的味道! *流口水*

现在...只好盯住乳狗咯!! L(‘▽‘)/
RELAX, TAKE IT EASY 我不会碰他一根汗毛的啦 (笑)

Snapped this an hour ago - Baby on his back, ready for a tummy rub!

I've ran out of spaces to hide in my home, ever since we started playing Hide N Seek. Gotta love the smile he displays when he managed to 'find' me...(  ^ω^)

一个小时前拍的 - 宝贝躺在背上,要我搓揉他的肚子!

但当他找到我时所漏出的笑容...好可爱哟!! (  ^ω^)

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The postman came by yesterday, and got Milo extremely excited.
You see, all Milo thinks of if FOOD. He eats anything, not because it's tasty but to satisfy his greed...

Oh, did I mention he's getting FAT? Soon he will be looking like Garfield minus the color (lol)

Before you go shaking your head, Milo does his fair share of exercise, with me. I chase him around the house everyday. Yes, it's exhausting but it keeps both of us in shape so I'm not complaining. (^-^)v

Anyway, he fought with me over my Amazon package. He must be thinking "That must be yummy!"

I hate to disappoint him, but it's a not suitable for consumption novel☆

Hooray! I finally owned a Stephen King novel. My first one. I have read his books & seen the movie adaptations, but just never got set to buy any. The other time I had intended to get "Carrie" but got sidetracked by another title, which happens pretty often (lol)

I've read mix reviews about his latest novel "Under The Dome," released last month. The book is so damn thick and heavy, guess bringing to Starbucks is a big no-no... (´・ω・`)


对了,他近来越来越肥呀! 他迟早会像加菲猫,除了颜色外 (笑)
不过小瓜也有做运动啦. 我每天必定在家追着他跑~
这样的运动对我也有益,所以不会抱怨 (^-^)v

他一定是以为里头有吃的东西吧~ 呵呵!
看着他失望的表情...嗯嗯...是小说啦! 当然不能吃咯~

Yay~ 终于拥有Stephen King的小说了.小女子的第一本哦!
之前本来要买《Carrie》的,不过被另外一本书给'引诱.' 哇哈哈!!

《Under The Dome》上个月才刚发行,我在网上看过的评价有好有坏,很难决定买或不该买. 重点是,这本书超重的说,要带出去还真有难度呢~ (´・ω・`)

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We had 3 unexpected guests today, they spooked the hell out of Milo.

While preparing his food in the kitchen, I heard a "Woof" from the living room. Milo looked towards the direction of the main door but I saw nothing out there. Moments later as I fed him, he ran out to the living room and woof again!

This time, I saw 3 kittens -1 brown, 1 grey & 1 black - among my dad's plants, apparently looking for food. Normally my 3 month-old baby would stand by the gate but this time, he merely stood at a distance, refusing to be anywhere near the 'enemies.'

The black one especially, seems to be taunting Milo to come close. He would climb by the gate and stared at us with his unusually yellow eyes. The 3 of them are smaller than Milo in size, but their guts are much bigger & wild! (゚ロ゚)

But being typically Milo, when there's food in sight, my baby could care less about anything other than satisfying his greediness (lol) 

As you can see, I've added a MILO of the Day section. Every day or whenever I'm free, a new picture will be posted featuring His Truly. It's a great way to monitor his cuteness, don't you think? (^ロ^)

3 hours later, the cats are still there.
One of them almost ran in when I opened the door. Phew!



这一次我看到了3只小猫 - 褐色、灰色和黑色的猫.

那3只小猫虽然体型比Milo小很多,但担子险胜许多呢! (゚ロ゚)

一说起我家的宝贝... 真的是无言以对.
食物在眼前,什么事情都不当一回事,一心只想吃吃吃 (笑) 

对了,在部落各加了《MILO of the Day》的部分.
这样观察他每一天可爱的表情点子不错吧? (^ロ^)

3个小时已过,猫还没走耶~ 刚才开门的时候,一只差点跑进来.好险噢!

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Look how bashful Milo is~

He's starting to recognize certain keywords, and the result could keep you awake at night. For instance, when I wave & say "Bye~" - he would whine (lol)

He likes to sit on my lap while chewing on his toys, and even fell asleep without caring about my numb legs...
Nowadays he would lie on his back and have us tickle him too☆

Doesn't he look like Yogi Bear?

PS I need Carmex lip balm!!!


例如: 当我向它挥手说"拜拜"的时候,它竟然会闹别扭耶 (笑)


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Milo wanted to let out of his enclosure at midnight and I refused to budge.
So he had no choice but to go to sleep, but not before he did some play time. (ーДー;)ヾ

He's been very horny lately, and humps on Foxy with every moment he gets!

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Here's one more, featuring Milo. This is my personal fave (lol)
Enjoy your weekend~.

又来一部Milo主演的影片咯~ 我非常喜欢的呢! (笑)

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