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I have been busy this week, heading out for lunch meetings and attending events. This doesn't sound unfamiliar to all ladies, but when you are in the 'real world,' chances of passing by cosmetics shops are inevitable.

I stopped by Nature Republic (twice!!) and finally got some of their skincare products! Lately, I've been buying makeup, but rest assured, I didn't forget skincare as my main priority. As a result, the SA gave me samples from their new White Therapy skincare range, and premium cleanser oil☆

Nail Polish - Top Coast & Color Deco Nail GR605(a dark jaded color)

PineTree Urban Detox Essence
A shortcoming I noticed on majority of NP products is the lack of English explanation & labels. According to the SA, this detoxifying essence contains natural sea pine extracts, that clarifies your skin. The pinetree extracts, resembles that tea tree smell, is a lightweight serum that sinks into my skin very quickly without leaving any greasy feel. The scent doesn't linger either.

Ringer By Lab Hydro Ampoule
I LOVE THIS STUFF♥♥♥ Ampoules are a form of intensive serum that repairs your skin faster than your other ordinary treatment essence.

This highly-concentrated serum is made with "SOS Linger" prescription(which I have no idea what it is, and Google couldn't provide any useful links) and Blue Lagoon water. This product is formulated for troubled skin to sooth and restore skin with ingredients such as Kawai botanical extracts.

You might wonder what's good about the water from Blue Lagoon, right? Don't worry, it doesn't involve getting stranded on an island with some blonde (lol) It is a large expanse of naturally heated water, which is a mixture of various minerals including silica & sulfur, along with the natural green blue algae. Around this water body there are numerous pots of silica mud, which are a blessing for a healthy skin & treatment of several skin disorders, including eczema & psoriasis.

I got home really late after attending an event. Having applied this intensive serum, I woke up this morning with my blemishes "calm, cool and collected." The redness has evidently subsided and skin feeling supple. Oh, this was the bottle on the shelf when I got it yesterday. Do check first before heading down to the store~.

Eau de Shine soft glossy lipstick OR206 Volume Orange
Although I don't believe in love at first sight when it comes to relationships, but I really felt that way with this lipstick. It's a different feeling, something very alluring about this color that kept calling for me to pick it up (lol) The shade is of a slightly shimmer peach and I can't stop staring at it when I applied it on my lips moments after I made my payment.

However, if you have dry, chappy lips, take caution as this accentuates lines very well, similar with Revlon's Colorburst lippy.

The reading drought has been dragging on far too long and now it's time I make a stand. If you think that you've been overcompensating with your relationships with not just your significant other, but also your friends and family, then check out "Why Men Love Bitches" by Sherry Argov.

Thanks to my mother whom have shared many great movies with me while growing up, this 1973 classic has been one of my go-to whenever I need to relieve stress. I know what you're thinking, why add more to your stress with his scary-as-hell movie (lol)

I was ecstatic when I chanced upon the novel some 15 years. I have lost count the number of times I've read through this book, which evidently shows through the yellowed-pages. One thing about reading novels is that they provide more insights of the characters and the content of the story, as compared to the film version with is time constraints.

Many times I have gone to the website of this bookstore I frequent and they kept saying there's a copy in the physical store. Many times I went in and came out disappointed. Yesterday I tried my luck yet again and even went to the information machine and printed a map which said "The book you're looking for is not available." Truth be told, I was ready to walk out but my sixth sense held me back. Many times I've browsed though the Fiction A-Z section, and I've looked under "B" & "P" but no sign of the book. But yesterday, I was allured to the Horror section and within seconds... "THERE IT IS!!!" V(^o^)V

The giveaway will end on 11th July, 2010. So join before it's too late!

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Along with some selected bloggers, I attended a private tea party, organized by Elizabeth Arden Singapore. I shall elaborate on that in a later post, and also look out for another exciting giveaway which will be announced next month~. (^-^)v

I headed off to enjoy what's left of a beautiful Saturday with Sharon, a fellow blogger whom I had met at the event. Hey gal, it was fun yesterday although we didn't get the chance to have ice cream. (つд⊂)

We first headed to the Elizabeth Arden counter where I got myself a sampe of the Prevage Face Serum, which is the re-formulated version of the Anti-Aging Treatment.

I've long heard of Kiehl's Rare Earth Deep Pore Cleansing Masque, and read of many rave reviews which prompted me to pick up a sample. Has anyone tried the Acne Blemish Control Daily Skin-Clearing Treatment?

This was what I've been sporting on my nails these past week. These 2 colors compliment each other so well, don't you think?

By now, my recent obsession with TEAL seems apparent as I pick up 2 different products sporting the same color! It was completely a coincidence, I swear (lol)

I fell in love at first sight with the almost metallic shimmer Ocean Breeze. Plus, it was the last bottle left on the shelf. This is my 2nd enamel purchase from Revlon, which was Tropical Temptation. The Scents of Summer range is marketed to be smelled when dry. PLEASE DO NOT sniff in the bottle, as polish fumes are TOXIC!

The scent reminded me of the Oceanus perfume from The Body Shop

I finally caved in and got the L'OREAL Open Eyes Chrome Intensity palette in Aquadisiac. The teal shade is absolutely to-die-for, and I especially love the indigo color, which reminded me of Lancome's Declaring Indigo collection~. Would it be too much to match my new eyeshadow colors with my nail polish? σ(^。^;

Not forgetting Milo, I got him a giant "Hotdog Bun."

Ongoing Giveaway & Promotion:

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Due to meet a friend for dinner, I left home hours earlier in a bid to run some errands. After getting things done, I dropped by Etude House's new outlet. Just like its Korean counterparts, Missha & TheFaceShop, the brand has been sprouting new stores here, there, everywhere! The Koreans know when to "strike while the kettle is hot." Ehh.

I'm hoping Nature Republic doesn't follow suit, speaking of which, I'm keen to try their skincare products. Any suggestions?

Anyway, I walked into the store, knowing what I want to get. But after some coaxing from the SA, I picked up an extra item in order to gain a lifetime membership. But after making my payment, she went to serve another customer. I waited by the counter and even prompted her & her superior but no one bothered to serve me. You can be sure that I will never purchase anything from there again!

Originally I had intended to get the Magic Enzyme Pack Peeling, but with its milky consistency as shown by the shitty SA, it takes patience to exfoliate. Whereas the Magic Bubble Peeling comes in a form of a creamy mousse that takes little effort to exfoliate dead skin. Unbiasedly, I like it.

Other purchases: Dual Fibre Cheek Brush & Oblique Shading Brush

Free gifts:
Over-the-top pink angelic pen. Humph, angelic my foot!
O2 White Toner/Lotion samples
Mineral BB Cream sample

I also picked up a superduber kawaii Japanese memopad & a scheduler☆

On a side note. I will no longer be doing swaps. Okay, that's up to individual assessments. The ones I have done thus far have been kind of a mess. I sent specially-picked skincare & makeup products and these people just -mysteriously- disappeared! I'm not running a charity drive here, people! F!@#$%^&*

I'll be attending the Elizabeth Arden's 100 Anniversary tea party this afternoon. There is a preview of the brand's upcoming products, so more on that later!

Have a nice weekend, everyone!


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I went GaGa-oohlala♪ at the new 4-storey Forever21 outlet, but only had time to visit the first 2 floors. Aah~ couldn't find the top I'd set my eyes on so settled on this black floral tunic in the end. No Small size available, got Medium instead... Got 3 pairs of ear studs for the price of 1 and a piece of chunky necklace too. That's enough clothes and accessories for now.

REGRET I suddenly realized that there's no occasion to doll myself up. What was I thinking? Why do I have to shop for new clothes for?! (´ω`)

: I re-purchased ZA Concealer Perfection, one of the best I've ever used to conceal my dark circles. Also, their new range of eyeshadow paIettes caught my eye. The Dramatic Eye Color series come in 5 shades of 4 gradations each. I've got mine in Blue. Earlier I'd bought a single eyeshadow color -which I forgot to include in the picture- that's almost the same shade of the darkest shade from the ZA palette. It ia a glitterish dark blue color and I promise to do a swatch soon☆

SPLURGE: I finally received my Cartier LOVE Charity Bracelet in red! Moment of truth - I've always been proud of my slim wrists but yesterday, after trying to adjust the bracelet for hours, I really want to bang my head against the wall. Literally. (/。\)

Lastly, I finally own my first Stila product - Illuminating Tinted Moisturizer!! YAY!! Often I would mix my liquid foundation and Red Earth's Secret Potion to create my own tinted moisturizer but I just want to try this out after hearing so many raves.

Gosh, I have burnt a huge hole in my pocket in one day! (つд⊂)

(Another picture taken on Monday)

哇呀呀! 今天花很多钱呀~ 我可怜的口袋破了个大洞啦!!

后悔 我突然醒悟 - 根本没有场合能让我大盘自己,我到底在想什么啊? 我干嘛去买新衣呀?! (´ω`)

大手笔今天终于收到订购的红色Cartier LOVE 慈善手链! 一直以来我都以我瘦得手腕为傲,但昨天花了几个小时弄到好想撞墙啦! (/。\)

最后,我终于买到了我第一个Stila 产品哦!!

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A simple pink look, using pale pink as base and shimmery peach for the lids. I'm gonna go romantic pink for this Friday's party~♪

I went to my fave stylist for a haircut this afternoon. Wanting to save a few dollars on travel, I chose to walk the short distance. My hair... went flat because I insisted on walking despite the rain. (ノ_・、)

I'm gonna try Missha's Super Aqua Oxygen Mask tonight!
Etude House's 02 whitening mask was a disappointment.

And the star of the day *drum roll* - Neon Pink nail polish!
This is the latest color and said to be trendy this season.
Can't wait to try it out~~ (^-^)v

I've finished Half-Blood Prince, will start on Deathly Hallows
Lost count how many times I've read it...


而我美美的头发...因为下雨而坚持走路的我...扁掉了啦! (ノ_・、)

今晚我要试试MisshaSuper Aqua Oxygen Mask!
Etude House的02 whitening mask,令我很失望呢~

主角来咯 - 银光粉红色的指甲油!!!
好迫不及待要试~~ (^-^)v

已经把《Half-Blood Prince》看完咯,待会儿就读《Deathly Hallows

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