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I have been playing around with the SLEEK Original Palette and this is what I could come up with, and am wearing it out later this evening.

I used the darkest lilac(3rd shade) from the REVLON Illuminace as a base, followed by the Blue(1st row; 3rd shade) on inner half of my lids with Purple(1st frow; 5th shade occupied the other half. I made use of the Gold from L'OREAL HiP Duo in Flamboyant to blend any harsh edges. For the outer corner, I use the Dark Navy Blue(1st row; 4th shade) which is black-blue with bluish shimmers. I find this really chalky and had to be careful when building up the pigment. In the end I decided not to go for that intensive finish and blend it out for that soft smoky effect. Yeah, the Navy Blue look yucky in the photos. (lol) I use my fingers to apply on the eyeshadows, but blend with a brush.

Black(1st row; last shade) is highly-pigmented; I used it to line my upper eye but it kept "slipping" down to my inner waterline. I finished the look with LANCOME Le Stylo on my waterline; stopped halfway, and ELIZABETH ARDEN Ceramide Lash Extending Treatment Mascara.

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I have a thing for corals. Pretty to look at, and goes well with my skin tone. Such warm shades complement my nonchalant exterior, you know, to balance my aura or something. Go figure.

Someone recommend me a good angle to photograph close-ups. Seriously, this finished look is entirely different from the reflection in the mirror. Plus, it is time-consuming to take one photo after another -thank god we are in the digital world- and my arms ache from holding the camera for too long.

I did a wash of SHISEIDO Luminizing Satin  Eye Color in PK 319 which is of a light shimmery peach color over lids and bring up to the crease. This is to bring out the pinky-peach shade from CLARINS Neo Pastels Palette. Then I use the brown on the outer-corner and crease, and bring it down to my lower lash line. Finishing the look with CLARINS Wonder Volume Mascara and LANCOME eyeliner.

My SLEEK purchases came in today! The Pixel Pink blush was included for better presentation (lol)

I got sick during Chinese New Year and decided to browse through eBay. BAD IDEA! I had originally intended to purchase the Rose Gold blush but a rush of adrenalin kicked in and my brain was convinced to get more stuff so as to get a better shipping deal.

Here's the funny story: I meant to get the Original and Sunset palettes, but discovered my mistake a week later that I'd ordered the Storm palette instead of the latter. What a dork!

I had gone ahead with a full-on Coral FOTD using Rose Gold blush and CLARINS Rouge Hydra Nude in Nude Coral, but the rain ruined everything! To top it off, the drilling ruckus generated from the upgrading project taken place right above my apartment nearly drove me to Hades. I shall attempt this look another time, preferably on a good Sunny day.

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KATE Cosmetics Brown Collection Eye Shadow and Brow (BR-3)
There are a total of 4 different selections for the Brown Collection duo pack. Each palette includes 3 eyeshadows and a 2-tone brow shades. I seldom purchase Japanese eye products because the pigments are often of a powdery texture with a pearlized finish. But I do like the shimmery, and natural finish.

This particular product I got has complimentary accent shades - silver gray for highlight, medium charcoal to line your lashes, and a beautiful peach. Peach is ultra sheer, I couldn't get the color to show up in the photos below even with multiple build-ups. I don't recommend using a white base because the point is to get a NATURAL look. Instead opt for those with sheer creme shadows.

This is undoubtedly an ideal palette if you are still looking for a suitable look for the upcoming Valentine's Day. It gives you a natural finish, and the shimmers are adequate to bring light to your eyes.

I have no idea why my brows look dual-tone in the photo, probably due to the gloomy weather earlier. But it looked really natural in the mirror though. Hmm, it gives me an excuse to get some tinted brow mascaras *Grin* The lighter shade can be used to contour the area nearest to your nose bridge for definition. 

I am loving these REVLON creme shadows. They work really well as a base and doesn't crease on me, which explains why my TOO-FACED Shadow Insurance is sulking somewhere. This FASIO mascara is one of my go-to; it doesn't flake and is extremely water-resistant. I got this in Brown, that will compliment such soft, natural looks. LANCOME Le Stylo Eyeliner is one of my recent purchase; it comes with a sponge-tip applicator to smudge out the eyeliner. The product itself lives up to the "Waterproof" claim - doesn't budge at all, especially on the waterline.

Speaking of Lancome, the Pure Focus Oil-Control Mattifying Toner is no longer available at local counters. T-T

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I never have much luck with the natural sunlight. Just when I thought this morning's weather is well-lit enough to warrant an EOTD, dark clouds start to form when I'm halfway through, BLEH! Hence these are pre-shots taken yesterday when I had time to play around with my stash, which explains the lack of blending and pigment intensity. The point of these pre-shots are to determine which color combos I could go for, instead of the usual browns and corals. There are days when I want to experiment too, ya know ´◡`

Anyway my agenda was to pair up the complimentary Turquoise/Teal and Purple but the latter appeared a lot harsher in the resolution above.

I first used the (1)Blue from REVLON Illuminance Creme Shadow in Moonlit Jewels as base, followed by (2)Aquadisiac from L'OREAL Open Eyes Chrome Intensity quad over the base and the White Highlighter(not shown) on the brow bone. One of my favourite color combos from L'OREAL HiP makeup range, I applied (3)Purple on the outer crease and (4)Gold on the inner corners with Flamboyant shadow duo.

Today I wore baby pink from the 78 palette in place of gold to soften the look for daytime. HaHa, I seem to favor spring colors! ´◡`

While typing this entry, I realized with the above image, it resembles the sun setting on the horizon doesn't it? It is the first scenario that pops into my head. I will definitely return to do a proper EOTD with this look, this time with the 88 palette as the soft textures are easier to blend.

Many years ago there was a Cinnamon House(of sorts) near my now-defunct workplace. I used to head down every few days to get a pack of freshly-made cinnamon rolls. They come in trios and I am salivating while recalling the delicious cinnamon smell that lingered through the busy passage way where the shop used to be located.

Last week I met up with Sesame and we settled at Starbucks for a quick bite and catch up on the latest gossip. We mutually decided on Cinnamon Rolls as I grunted about the rudeness of the cashier. To our disappointment, the dough was awfully dry with a forgettable cinnamon taste.

My tastebuds was still craving for more of the spicy condiment, thus I made my virgin purchase of McDonald's Cinnamon Melts. It consisted of warm donut breads topped with cinnamon sugar glaze and creamy cheese icing. YUMMY! Even Milo shared my acquired taste!

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This was an impromptu decision, hence the sloppy silver eyeliner application. I've been so busy with a certain production surrounding the 2010 Singapore Formula 1, which begins its 3-day event later today. Blimey, it's Friday already but I keep thinking today is Wednesday night! This slump is really hitting that mountain soon!

You would think that being so heavily involved will get me all-access passes to every events, but I get none. Nada! I want to attend Mariah Carey's concert despite investing so much of my time on her segment yet I have been chewed and thrown out. Whatever. It is a dog eat dog world, afterall. If possible, Milo will be ready to defend me anytime. /delusional.

Photo-whoring is a pain for me, and doing it at night just makes everything worst. Multiple shots got the job done in an hour. Pffffft! I should train Milo to hold the camera for me, YAY or NAY?

The weather has been so unpredictable lately, so I reckon a simple neutral look will do the trick since I have to be outdoors for hours at a time in the last couple of days. Not to mention the sweating under heavy lightning equals high risk of creasing. Today's post is sharing my thoughts on the products I've been using.

HiP Color Chrome Eyeliner in Silver Lightning
This is from the highly-raved HiP cosmetics range from L'OREAL Paris. This eyeliner really glides on the skin smoothly but once the formula sets in, it can be a excruicating task to remove. Just invest in a good makeup remover, in my case, I love Neutrogena!

Majolica Majorca Perfect Automatic Liner in BK920
Everytime I twist this click-pen applicator, it gets me in a knot. It can be tricky to obtain the right amount you need, and when I twist 3-5 times gently, a blob of eyeliner is visible on the brush and I had to swatch it on the back of my hand. Following which I will line my eyes as usual and then dab on my hand for more pigment.

BK920 is more of a pewter shade with subtle pearlescent-esque sheen. I like that it comes in a form of a pen for steady control and eye lining is easy with its synthetic bristles. It doesn't smudge and budges without much effort when used with a good remover.

Majolica Majorca Lash Beautifying Mascara Frame Plus
An extremely black mascara that comes with a 2-sided comb - one that lengthens the lashes and and the other to create long separated lashes. It does a decent job of extending my lashes just a bit, but I see clumps with multiple coats, due to the dry formula. The resistence is good enough to not make me a panda when I got caught under the rain. See how sparse my lashes look, even with 2 coatings.

Guerlain Ombre Eclat in L'Instant Fume
I got this mono eyeshadow more than a year ago, but only begin to appreciate it recently. The beautiful taupe leans more on the grey side but the color payoff isn't commendable. Although the eyeshadow is dry but the smoothness of the formula doesn't cake on my lids when I try to build up the color.

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From L’Oreal’s website:
Discover the secret for bold, metallic color with a luminous finish. The rich, super-blendable color glides on evenly for hours of captivating, crease-resistant wear.

The Hip Intensity Pigment makeup range consists of eyeshadows, eyeliners, mascara and glosses. Singaporean beauty junkies, STAY ALERT! This popular offer of intense color options at an affordable price tag will be launched ivery soon, but at the moment there's no mention on what will be available yet.

Among the 5 different HiP Bright, Crystal, Metallic, Concentrated and Matte eyeshadow duos, let me introduce you to MAGNETIC from the Metallic range:

L'Oréal HiP Metallic Shadow Duo - Magnetic
When I swatched the colors, the intensity appeared strong on my fingertips. Swiping the icy blue shade was a breeze but the darker one proved a challenge. Much of the pigments were wasted, as most remained on my fingers. The navy blue has a more drier formula and I had problem getting it to showed up without using a base.

Using NYX Jumbo Pencil in Milk as base, the icy blue showed up really vibrant compared to the one on the left, which looked like a dull grey. I was amazed when I saw the huge color difference - the darker shade looked murky-black without base, but once layered with the creamy Milk, the color looked exactly what you see in the pan. Navy, smoky blue with subtle sheen.

I managed to get good lighting this afternoon, but as I was only out for a short errand aka satisfy food craving, I didn't bother to use a primer. I used a kohl pencil as base but the formula was too dry to get the intensity out of the navy blue. There was no creasing under the hot weather, and the eye makeup looked the same three hours prior. I'll probably do another EOTD, this time using Milk as base.
No thanks to a particular range of skincare products which caused quite a severe irritation, I'm so glad my skin has finally calmed down after giving me grief in the last month. HALLELUJAH!

Another reason to be happy, Milo will turn ONE in less than an hour. No one should call him baby anymore! I've got nothing planned for him, except to give him more attention than usual. Expect to see more scratches on my poor pins, I tell you! >.<

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Whenever I walked into a store, beauty masks are the first thing that pops into my mind. They provide instant hydration, and can boost your skin right before an important date or occasion. I depend on them to look radiant at functions, although I'm embarrassed to say that I've slackened over the months... But, it's not too late to be rigid in my beauty regimen (^-^)v

Oxygen is the foundation of beauty; and Taiwan-based 美人语 Beauty Talk starts with Oxygen. Adopting the 3 major elements (Sunlight, Air, Water) that preserve life, oxygen is essential for skin cells to carry out healing process, metabolism, detoxification, growth and to promote circulatory period, resulting in a brighter, elastic and youthful complexion.

Idebenone Q10 Mask
The Idebonone Q10 Facial Mask contains concentrated Antioxidants, such as Idebonone and Coenzyme Q10, for optimizing the absorption of the essences, postpone the aging effect, smoothen fine lines, and activating skin cells. This formula works against aging skin as it whitens and cares for your face from the inside. Restores Firm, Elastic, and Young Skin.

Collagen Facial Mask
The Collagen Facial Mask contains a rich selection of Collagen, High Concentrations of Hyaluromic Acid, Gingko, and Aloe Essence, to immediately hydrate dry, and darker skin with Anti-Aging effect. It whitens, softens, yields elasticity, enhances sheen and exudes more firmness to your face. Have a young, hydrated skin!

SkinLite is a Korean brand that offers very decent facial treatment masks. What keeps me coming back for more - they never fail to leave my face soft and supple.

The Brightening Essence Mask is a constant purchase. It contains natural moisturizing ingredients such as Licorice Root and Portulaca extract, Vitamin B and Phyto Collagen. Whereas the Seaweed Essence Mask contains Vitamin E & Collagen that increases skin elasticity & brightens up the skin. Also, the ingredient Dipotassium Glycyrrhizate prevents skin trouble and keeps your skin healthy.

Stage Cosmentics @ Ion Singapore is having a moving-out sale. After some misses, I finally headed down over the weekend. Unfortunately, the teal eyeliner was sold-out, and I ended up with just a Pewter Performance eyeliner... (TДT)

I used a kohl black eyeliner as a base, and appled Nature Republic's Prism Star e/s in Metalic Blue over over my lids. It has a deep greyish undertone instead of the stated blue, though. Then I blend the color over the crease to create a subtle smokey effect, followed by white highlighter over the brow bone with Shiseido's White Beam highlighter and also on my undereye area. To bring in more light to my eyes, I applied NP's Prism Star e/s in Pastel Pink. Lastly, I used Pewter Performance on my lower lashes.

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Despite using a better camera, it still failed to capture the results I desired. The look was much more smokey as I grinned at myself in the mirror. Alas! I have nobody to seduce, nor do I want to attract the wrong 'crowd.'

I was really bored on Christmas night and as I was about to turn in after the clock struck twelve on Boxing Day, the music score played on my music player, which is from Fright Night's seduction scene.

Eureka! I had the sudden urge to do a sultry look, to seduce a hottie like Chris Sarandon. ┐(´ー`)┌

What I use:
Laneige Snow Crystal Dual Base SPF22 PA+
-used brightener balm onto upper & lower eyes for maximized glow
SilkyGirl Funky Eyelights Pencil in Pure Purple (base & water line)
 Coastal Scents 88 Shimmer Palette
-dark purple over base, blend upward & harsh edge
-nice shade of brown over crease to create a more intensive look
-white/champagne over brown color & highlight brow bone
-glittery white to highlight inner corners

Pair up the look either with a nude/peach lipgloss or red matte lipstick.

Honestly, I'm pretty anal about wearing makeup to bed though it may seem cool just like in the movies. But of course when PASSION takes over, well, remember to remove your makeup after that, and before going to bed (lol)

Alternatively, you can wear this look for a dinner event, clubbing or to an upcoming New Year party.

I've received many emails, asking for updates on Milo.
He seems to get more sensible as he gets older, hence all the more harder to 'trick' him back into his crate. At times it can take me up to 30mins to lock him up.

It really hurts me to hear him whine but he needs to be punished when he does something wrong. And I don't like to raise my voice either, but discipline is necessary... (/。\)

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1) I apologized if you got spooked by my giant eye (lol)
2) This was done in haste so I didn't apply concealor beforehand, but thank God for the eye mask I'd done last night☆
3) Thanks to my Mom's cellphone camera, I was able to capture this look way clearer than mine!

This was the reason why I got fed up yesterday. But my friends seem to think otherwise, saying my angst didn't quite show on my face.

The look was inspired by YSL 2009 Fall Collection but I slightly modified the colors with the options made available to me. So instead of using green which may seem appropriate for Christmas, I opted for colors that can be used for any occasions.

- draw black eyeliner(1) on lash line and smudge on the lids
- do a wash all over the lids and eyeliner with a silver color(2)
- apply black eyeshadow or a shimmery pigment(3) on the lids, avoiding the crease area. Since the NYX Black Pearl is highly pigmented, I opted to use it as a eyeliner instead
- for that extra kick, apply white shimmers(4) on your brow bone and at the inner corners. This gives your eyes the POP effect.

I didn't apply NXY White Pearl on my crease & brow bone, thus not reflected in the picture. No mascara too.

Note: Try to cut down the amount of shimmers if you're going to take loads of photos, because the glitters will reflect light and you'll probably show up with white flash instead of your pretty face.

Hope this tutorial helps in your upcoming Christmas/New Year parties

Oh, Santa please give me a camera for Christmas! I really have been a good girl this year~. (*^ー^*)

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I bought this Mio Piccolo flower palette couple of years ago. The shop where I bought it from has since been closed. SaSa used to carry these range of makeup but now they no longer have it. I tried to search online but couldn't find anything on this Japanese brand. (´ω`)

All the colors are usable though I don't use it often, for fear I'll use it up quickly. The brown colors are used frequently for a less intense smokey Day look.

- Use the light shade(1) to highlight your brow bone & inner corners 
- Then apply a medium color(2) over 2/3 of your eyelids
- Lastly, shade on a metallic blue(3) on the outer corners/crease and bring the color down to lash line
- I used brown(4) to line my eyes as black might be too harsh for this Day look

Note: The metallic blue looked purplish on the finished product TwT

Here's a sneak peek of the Giveaway, which I will be announcing a Giveaway tomorrow!
Okay, it's pretty obvious if you read my blog regularly but sorry, no prizes for correct answers (lol)

不过,猜对也没奖品咯 (笑)

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