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All the tossing and turning last night made me almost gag when I looked in the mirror this morning. I was pretty excited to wear my brand new lipstick, and was worried that matching it with my cardigan of the same color would overkill the overall appearance. Anyway, it turned out fine. I mean, if you don't get weird stares then I must be looking okay, right? Although I daren't walked into Sephora on my way home (lol)

Today I paired Illamasqua blush in Lover with Rose Gold from SLEEK(Swatches). Lo and behold, these two cannot get well together - once I had my Lover all settled nicely on my cheeks, Rose Gold got jealous and tried to "overpower" it. Thus I had to use a white highlighter(WT905) from SHISEIDO to play peacemaker.

Silky Sensual Radiant Lipstick

You see, I have been lemming for Rose Paris(#27) for months, and couldn't make up my mind since the counters are only available at DFS Scotts and Transit area at the Airport.

Rose Paris is described as a pinky coral shade though when I first wore it, it looked fuchsia! Thankfully I had an authentic fuchsia color to prove me otherwise. As mentioned, it is a twin shade as my cardigan - it can look pink one way, or coral from another angle. It is a vibrant color, which I have never tried to wear it, especially in the morning. I am in an experimental phase at the moment, if you must know.

Anyway, I got this at DFS Scotts for S$49. GOD, I MUST BE CRAZY! It wasn't really a spur of the moment thing, since I had decided to purchase it after a nice Japanese lunch with a friend. The price didn't stand out like a crucial red emergency sign at that time, thus I paid for it and walked out with a luxurious lipstick in hand, and the "Hallelujah" jingle booming within me (lol)

Here's some random shots of Milo taken just yesterday. Yes, he is getting meaty which means we are feeding him well (lol) Have a wonderful weekend!

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I received an email from Gracie asking what blush and lipstick I'd worn in yesterday's post. For the lips, I had on the CLARINS Rouge Hydra Nude in Nude Coral. This has been my go-to in the last 2 weeks. The texture is really creamy that compensates my dry lips, and the build-able Coral shade can be worn with virtually any look. 

What I wore on my cheeks last night - the layering of Apricot Sorbet and Rose Gold. Lovely combination, huh?

MAKE UP STORE Blush in Apricot Sorbet
I had gotten this last month but put it off until I recover from a bad breakout. My complexion has clear up but there are still existing blemishes if you look closely...

Smooth with a good payoff, but the powder settles on the skin quickly which makes blending a bit difficult. Apricot Sorbet looked immensely intimidating from the pan and swatched to a stark orange. Thus I opted to use a fan brush to intensify the color with a light hand.

SLEEK Blush in Rose Gold
I have tried wearing this on its own, but somehow my cheeks felt kinda empty. Sure the peachy-pink with heavy gold undertones blush looks gorgeous but I just don't feel complete. Like wearing a "tinted highlighter." So I reckon its function as a layering tool would serve its purpose better. I'm weird like that.

I met up with the lovely Iris last night. She had offered to pick this gem up for me while in London the previous week. My first foray into Illamasqua, and hopefully my only purchase for now. I have gotten 6 blushes this year, and it's only February!

ILLAMASQUA Powder Blusher in Lover
The texture is similar with the blush from MAKE UP STORE but more refined and blending is a breeze. I likened this to a tamer version of Apricot Sorbet since the color looks uber friendly and less intense from the pan. Both blushes are matte, and neither chalky nor powdery.

Here is a layering with Rose Gold; a combination I preferred if a choice have to be made between this and with Apricot Sorbet. Now that I think about it, most of my newly-acquired blushes lean more on the peachy-apricot family shades, pure coincidental of course. I am a sucker for these colors, as opposed to pinks and plums. I shall do a comparison when my other purchase arrive in my hands. If you must know, I finally got me some NARS!!!

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It wasn't that long ago when I had popped my MAC cherries - having purchased the highly-raved FIX+ Spray (which I have been using really often but wouldn't finish!) and the sun-kissed Mineralize Blush Duo in Sun & Moon. I am embarrassed to say that this product has been severely neglected... I promise to make a point and use it more often. _| ̄|○

I don't like to keep up with the latest trends, for fear that the lemming beast might create havoc. The MAC collections did not appeal much to me anyway, and I hope it will stay that way (lol) 

These days I totally skipped using liquid foundations and opt for concealer set with loose powder. While I'm on the search for new translucent powders to play with, I headed to the nearest MAC counter to get some basic necessities - stuff to try out and find out for myself why they have garnered so much affections by many ladies.

By the way, the BA matched me to NC30. This doesn't sit well with me though, because I'm pretty fair. But maybe it's due to my current "detoxing" routine that may have caused my skin to turn slightly sallow, since I've opt to skip using any whitening products. Could this be the case?

MAC Mineralize Skinfinish Natural - Medium
Offers low coverage but I don't mind since the concealer does most of the flaw-camouflaging for me, the product is mainly used to set the concealer. The tightly pressed powder has a micro-fine texture that forms an invisible veil, and it feels incredibly smooth and creates this soft-focus matte finish.

As for usage, sometimes I like to use a sponge so as to create an airbrushed effect, and will not ruin my concealer. On other days, I simply use a powder brush to pat on the product gently. One layer is sufficient.

The MSF ain't cheap at S$46. While doing about a research before making an investment, I have read horror stories about how fragile the product is. Even dipping could cause the dome to "collapse." YIKES! On the day of purchase, the shopping bag slipped from my hands and dropped to the cold ground with a LOUD THUD. I swear an aneurysm will happen there and then, but fortunately no damage was done. σ(^。^;

To avoid an actual brain emergency from happening, I always dip my brush lightly to pick up the product. And when it comes to oil-control, you might want to invest in a blot powder or paper especially if you are "blessed" with oily skin...

MAC Blot Powder/Pressed - Medium

This blotting powder is a GodSend! I no longer need to worry about the shine on my face ever so often. Normally a blotting device had to be whipped out after a 5 min walking distance from my home to the subway, but now, POOF! My makeup stays matte, thanks to Mica and Silica present in the powder that helps to curb excess sebum.

The translucent powder does not add any color, and the fine texture will not cake your makeup with multiple touch ups. This is a keeper, for sure.

MAC Powder Blush - Dirty Plum
This was purchased on a whim, to this day I still have no idea what had possessed me to get this. The color looked intimidating from the pan and is definitely out of my comfort zone, so what gives? (ーДー;)ヾ

Steer clear if you are in a rush for time, since this product has to be applied on with a light hand. You do not want to look like a baboon's behind, no? The blended grape-y shade still sticks out like a sore thumb, thus I layered it with a light diffusion of pink blush or a highlighter.

MAC Lipglass - Gold Dust
Another impulsive purchase - this has got to be the stickiest gloss I have ever used. You don't want to wear it on windy days! When your hair gets on your glossy lips, it will create sticky streaks all over the face. Annoying, I tell you, when it became quite a task to pry my locks while sashaying down the streets of Orchard Road!

I fell in love with the coppery warm color with subtle golden shimmer. The scent resembles Winnie the Pooh's honey but utterly tasteless on thy lips. Note to self: do not get anymore MAC lip gloss!

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SLEEK Makeup Blush in Pixel Pink
I'm sure many you have come across the SLEEK palettes while doing your rounds of blog-stalking. Fortunately the curb monster in me is having an infinite hibernation thus no major expenditure.... so far. Anyway, I stumbled on a mini blog sale and decided to purchase this since it was listed as brand new.

I did not expect the product to be so tiny, however it definitely carry more weight than the SHISEIDO single eyeshadow. The sleek(pun intended) matte packaging comes with a mirror and 8 whole grams that totally worth every single penny!

A matte bubblegum pink that adds a doll-like look to your cheekbones, Pixel Pink is sweet and feminine. The blush is incredibly rich in color, needing only a little swipe each time you apply it on - apply light for a sweet flush or use a heavier hand for really defined cheeks.

ELIZABETH ARDEN Pure Finish Mineral Cheekcolor in Rosy Glow
I am also interested in SLEEK's Rose Gold but the practical me found an alternative in my stash. Featured in my 2010 Best, Rosy Glow is a light rose shade with subtle gold undertones whereas swatches of Rose Gold that I've seen leans more on the warm peachy side with golden shimmers. By no means are the colors identical but I shall settle with EA's until my resistance caves in (lol)

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Having introduced CLARINS festive collection for the Face and Decollete, let's move on to the windows to our soul. My favourite out of the 4 limited products - the colors are extremely flexible to make an easy transition from Day to Night.

Barocco Eye Color Trio (S$64)
As you can create different looks for both day and night, a large mirror is embedded for convenience, along with a double-tipped foam applicator for impeccable eye makeup.

Comprising of matte black, captivating bronze and radiant pearly gold, the texture of this sumptuous trio is finely milled, not chalky and easy to blend, giving uniformed results even with multiple layers. The actual product does not create much of a fall out mess, despite the illustrations above.

If you are the sort that finds colors bothersome to mix and match on a daily basis, or you just want a hassle-free everyday neutral look, I highly recommend this palette. Using merely a wash of the bronze, the warmth of the earth-tone color creates a depth around the eyes while the subtle gold manages to capture light that accentuates your contours. Add a touch of pearlized gold to the inner corners for an instant perk-me-up.

For a smoulder effect, use the matte black to accentuate your contours by lining the bases of your lashes, and blend out to the sides with upward strokes. To create a glamorous look, apply the same pigment to deepen the crease and outer V. Lastly, apply the precious gold on the brow bone to enhance your overall makeup.

Rouge Prodige in No. 130 Barocco (S$35)
Having established the pros and cons of the Rouge Prodige formula, another shade has been created specially for this 2010 winter collection. Barocco is a vibrant, intense black tulip color. Fuschia doesn't go well for my skin tone, thus I make use of the cherry-red pigment of L'Absolu Crème De Brillance in Rose Mythique from Lancôme to counteract the problem. The tinges of gold shimmer from the gloss compliments the overall rich gold theme of the Baroque spirit.

When you head out to your nearest Clarins outlet to get your hands on the Barocco collection, check out the various Christmas Coffret Sets that have been customized for yourself and other loved ones.

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This festive season, CLARINS draws inspiration from the Baroque style, and brings a collection of sensual, mysterious makeup that celebrates every woman and her uniqueness. Originating from Italy, Baroque is a form of art distinguished by dramatic -rich and deep- colors, and strong contracts of light and dark shadows.

The rich golds, exuberant forms, striking musical harmonies and black scrolls on the gold background attributes festivity to the Barocco Makeup Collection; emblems that transcends classic design and perfect beauty. With their subtle gold and intense black, this approach has led to the creation of four limited editions that fully embodies the baroque charactistics - dramatic, daring and sensual.

Barocco Face Palette (S$64)
My heart literally skipped during the unboxing process - the substantial weight can knock out Milo if he tries to pounce on me again when I'm irritated. Okay I was joking but in all seriousness, the weight of this compact is tantamount to a quarter of the pooch's mass. Portability is a huge problem here.

Presented with a gold-plated lid and decorative scrolls, this exquisite stunner encased a basic translucent powder with a combination of sandy-beige and the same scroll motif in shimmery pink-peach color. The golden warmth of the beige adds a subtle sheen and mattifies my complexion, whereas the peachy shade gives a soft illuminating effect.

In comparison with Palette Prodige, the Barocco palette's black casing doubles in height and so is the capacity, which spells longer usage even when the festivities have come and gone. The former multi-functions as a bronzer and blush, and adds precise, illuminous touches to my complexion. Barocco solely works as a light pressed compact and gives a slight rosy glow with credits to the peachy shade.

Barocco Shimmering Gold Powder for Face and Decollete (S$70)
This black and gold powder box houses tiny golden nuggets dusted with golden pearl. Take extra caution when handling it because upon removing the lid and taking out the powder puff, be ready to embrace pixel dust all over your clothes, and on the floor! It's just like being placed under a magical spell, which explains Milo's constant loitering whenever I take the box out. Fortunately the shimmers won't stain your skin and clothes or else Mum will be throwing major fits!

The golden nuggets are soft to the touch and almost creamy; I even nicked one that broke into even more 'dust powder', just to see how delicate they are. It would be a good idea to include a sieve because the puff gathers a ton of shimmery flakes and creates a mess. Nevertheless, the puff spreads an even layer of the fine, light texture that resembles sparkling reflections. 

To avoid looking like a disco ball, and opting to use highlighters instead, I will save this gold powder for my neck, chest and arms. This product is better reserved for parties and events held in the evening, so as to avoid looking over-the-top during the day. The shimmers aren't noticeable in flash photography, and I find it better to mix the powder in with my body lotion before heading out, because it doesn't adhere on the skin for a long time.

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L'Oreal Blush Délicieux  - 19 Apricot Rose
This was a limited edition shade that was released around 7-8 years ago. I'd first saw it on the cheeks of a cover model - an Asian with crystal-clear skin and the blush gave her an overall radiant glow. It had taken me a while to locate the product since it was only available in selected locations, and I must say - persistence does pay off.

Apriot Rose is a delicate shade of peach with gold undertone; sheer with buildable intensity. The texture is smooth and blends in well with my skin tone. However the staying power doesn't come up to par, and given my combination skin type, I had to re-touch every 4-5 hours.

I often have difficulties opening up the product which explains why I dropped it one morning when pressed for time. It slipped from my fingers and the cake shattered to pieces! As fragile like the shell of an egg, compared with the embedded mirror which is still intact.

Sadly I have not come across any similar blushes that bears any resemblance as this one all these years. There are quite a number of similar ones but when swatched, they look absolutely different and none comes as close as Apricot Rose.

The Face Shop Black Label Blusher - 01 Romantic Pink
Another one of my early purchase, this was gotten when the Korean brand had ventured into the local market. Back then I was still a noob at makeup and bought this at random.

A matte medium pink that goes on a little subdued than what the pan illustrates. It gives my dull-on-those-few-days skin some color without looking like a baboon's behind. The product doesn't fade too much, given with the constant oil excretion and is enough to last me for a good 5 hours.

This range has since been repackaged, though I'm not sure if the same color is still available. I am close to hitting pan, but probably will not re-purchase this shade again. I NEED MORE PEACHY AND CORAL COLORS, PLEASE!!

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I'd gotten this sleek Lancôme Sublime Seduction Makeup Palette a while back. I believe this was part of a Holiday collection only available in selected vicinities. It comes with 2 layers - open up with 5 eye colors and 2 lipsticks; and the bottom reveals 2 blushes and a mini mascara.

This nifty collection looks soooo precious, it leaves me often reluctant to use on several occasions - for good reasons. The Color Focus eyeshadows have been discontinued and I can already foresee using up the colors in the nickel-sized pans in no time.

The iridescent shades consisted mostly of pastel colors which look lovely in the pan but with unfavourable payoffs. I have to swipe several times for the pink, green and blue to show up, and they looked fainting even with a white base. Even when used on my lids, they look no different from the white pearl shimmer. The powder pigments don't fall out and create a mess, and the finely-milled textures doesn't cake with multiple layers.

I have been going through a neutral phrase for a very long time now, so the taupe color fits me to a T.  The white pearl shimmer is often used on the brow bone and inner corners of my eyes. The result is a subtle day-look and they don't crease.

The blushes are the undisputed gems of this palette. Peach Fever Shimmer is a warm apricot color. The warm tone of the gold shimmer look absolutely stunning at night, thanks to the pearly particles. I wonder if the blush is still available.

Peche Intense is best used with a light hand. The matte pink is so pigmented, you might accidentally look like a baboon's backside.

The Le Rouge Absolu lipsticks are shaped like swords, and the shades are exactly the ones I would go for. Not only do they glide on smoothly, the formula calms down chapped lips effectively.  I particularly love Rose Cashmere which is a pretty shade of pink with tinges of orange. The shade is unlisted the last time I check at the website... T-T

The packaging is too bulky to bring out for touch-ups, so I'll probably depot the blushes to a smaller compact. Unfortunately, the eyeshadows and lipsticks will have to stay put as removing can be tricky.

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You might recall my displeasure with the malfunction of the widely-raved Urban Decay Primer Potion. This morning I was replying an email and the subject of eye primers was brought up. Ever since I had depotted the UDPP, it kinda dried up and there's difficulty 'heating' the formula with my fingers before applying on my lids. Worst, it had a part in the constant creasing nor do I see a vibrant turnout. BOO!
She suggested Etude House Proof 10 Eye Primer which I had intended to try out but often crossed my mind. So earlier today I deliberately took a different path and walked straight into the store, and stopped right where the primer is placed. To my disappointment, the freaking thing was all dried up! I scooped up whatever is available but it's still dry like my sense of humor. In the end I just walked out without doing that "eye straying" thing that we girls tend to do (lol)

I headed over to Sephora to check out the "Tricks of the Trade" collection for the third time in two weeks. There weren't much favourable reviews for the Anti-Shine primer, and most were speaking about the product's disagreement with oily skin. I don't like its runny texture either, so I'll give it a miss. And then I spotted the Eye Primer which looked like a worthy candidate until...

No doubt that the product is cream and the eye color showed up really vibrant but the brown cast left by the primer puts me off. I don't think it will look noticable for those with medium or darker skin tones, but I won't want to use this should I choose to go "princessy" with pastel colors.

One BA came over and handed me samples of the Smoothing Primer. According to her, this primer is often sold-out, hence I have no chance to get a feel of the texture. I mentioned of the resemblance with Smashbox Photo Finish primer, one I had fallen in love at first sight some months ago. I love the velvety feel of it and is able to keep my makeup oil-free and fresh for many hours.

Fortunately, her friendliness compensated her inability to answer about the texture. Sigh, I'll give it a test-drive soon so stay tuned~.

Too Faced Shadow Insurance
Ever since UDPP failed on me, this has constantly popped to mind but I never really got to give it an actual try until today. According to its description, this is a full-coverage insurance policy against all fading, creasing yada yada eyeshadow accidents. It is a silicone-based  and is about to even out any discoloration on your lids and its ability to smooth lines... really? I have yet to give it a try so can't vouch for any of its promises, but the smoothing lines part sounds intriguing enough.

On my way to lunch with a friend, I spotted an outdoor counter promoting Nina Ricci's Ricci Ricci. Composed of rhubarb, bergamot, moonflower, Indian tuberose, centifolia rose, patchouli and sandalwood, it is packaged for glamorous and urban heroines. It was alluring and the bottle with its ribbon-like cap is gorgeous.

I actually preferred her other fragrance, Nina, and the advertisement reminded me of the late Ruslana Korshunova. Known as the Russian Rapunzel for her long-spinning hair, her promising career came to halt when she took the plunge from her New York Apartment 2 years ago... Anyway, I love the apple-shaped bottle, but don't remember the scent. My nosebrain has a short-term memory, thus I can never differentiate the many fragrances.

I rarely venture to Sephora unless there is a need to get something but most of the time I ended up getting nothing. Anyway, I was at the Takashimya outlet and the male BAs were really friendly. They were trying to promote various fragrances and the three guys on duty today were kinda hot but not my cup of tea. Too boyish~.

On my way out after making my purchase, I stopped briefly to look at the parfums and one cutie immediately stopped whatever he was doing and started to hand me samples of various fragrances. Out of the many, my nose was particularly attracted to Juicy Couture Viva La Juicy.

The fruity scent struck close to home, for it is a reminisce of Morgan Love Love de Toi, gotten some years ago. To think I've totally forgotten about it, Gomenasai!!!

Elizabeth Arden Pretty is my current favourite. It is a departure from my preference for cutie scents for this is more floral with a sharp tinge of citrus which is hard to detect unless you read the content of ingredients which includes italian mandarin and orange blossom. Besides, wearing this boosts your self-confidence -psychologically- by making you feel PRETTY (lol)

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In-house brand Studio Tools has a variety of extremely affordable makeup brushes which are available at all Target stores in the US. My buddy picked up a crease brush and the perfectly-tapered bristles should make for easy blending. Did I mention that it's SOFT with no shedding problem?

Revlon Illuminance™ Crème Shadow - Lilac Splash
This ombre palette is alluring with four soft colors and finishes off with a warmth of gold. They are extremely sheer especially the pearlized pink which proves the hardest to capture. They are weightless and creamy but CREASE EASILY and are better off to be used as an eyeshadow base.

Revlon Illuminance™ Crème Shadow - Moonlit Jewels
These four flattering colors really bring out the brown hue of my eyes. Unlike Lilac Splash, the pigments show up better with a single swipe and blending is a breeze. They serve well as undertones for powder eyeshadows for a more intense effect.

L'Oréal HiP Metallic Shadow Duo - Magnetic
Gotta credit my friend for her keen observations: I was lamenting the unavailability of this range in the local market and sulked as I looked on at the L'Oreal ad in the March issue of Vogue.

Magnetic features two shades of blue that look completely different out of the pan. The ligher shade looks icy blue but is more of a heavy grey tone while the navy blue looked murky-black with light tinges of navy shimmery.

I toyed with the colors and they turned out alluringly smokey, but no hints of blue at all. Despite the deceiving appearance, HiP compensates with the vibrant color payoff. Magnetic can be used as a subtle daytime smoky look and with a heavier hand, you can pile on the navy blue and dark eyeliner for a fun night out♥

The L'OREAL HiP range will be launched in Singapore shortly. Yippee!

Wet n Wild IDOL EYES™ CRÈME SHADOW - Techno & Electro
These creme pencils remind me instantly of NYX Jumbo Eye Pencils. While the latter has an appealing creamy texture, WnW's formula is slightly drier. But when it comes to blending, it gives an illuminance finish, similar to Revlon's creme shadows while NYX tends to cake up my lids before I applied on any eyeshadow. Also, they join the Crease of Shame... you get the jist.
NYC Color Cosmetics Smooth Skin Bronzing Face Powder
A couple of months ago I started to 'desire' that sun-kissed glow but insisted on not getting tanned, so Dee proposed to get me a bronzer. Since it had been a long wait, I got Revlon's mineral bronzer which I love but have been neglecting due to often usage of MAC Sun & Moon and Clarins Face & Blush powder.

It took ALOT of effot to get the color to show up, which is good unless you want that sunburn look (lol) This bronzer is matte and looks really natural, perfect for contouring. It comes with a cheapo sponge and the lack of a hinge makes the compact awfully weak... I fear it might break with the constant open-close.

Kiss Nail Artist Paint & Stencils - Pearl Blue
This kit comes with a blue enamel and 10 cutesy stencils, perfect for those are atrocious in the Art Department...like moi! What's disappointing is the watery lacquer, which makes it hard to control with it dripping all over the place.

Now we have come to my favourite item of the swap. These palettes were released just this year and have been gaining raves among makeup junkies for their EXTREMELY, INTENSIFIED PIGMENTS! (These words have been popping up in this post!)

They come in 3 matte and 3 highly-pigmented shades and a swipe without base, LOOK AT THE COLOR PAYOFF! One thing that I don't like is the powdery feel - loose and dry to the touch.

Another long-winded post, this happens when you are about to turn one year older. Sigh!

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Summer is coming to an end but there are no four seasons in Singapore, hence we go through Summer all year round with occasional rain. Ive been sporting the same look lately, due to my recent obsession with red lips. Many of my friends have been asking the products I've been using and here are my current favorite products.

Elizabeth Arden Sunlit Bronze Beauty Kit
The eyeshadows in this sleek palette lean more to the neutral side. The pigments are sheer but buildable. Depending on how you use them

MAC Mineralize Blush Duo - Sun & Moon
My first MAC cosmetic, and I have been using it with every chance I get! Shucks, I hope I don't finish it up so soon, since these beauties are limited edition and I'm not forking hundred over dollars for a product that's ridiculously marked up! Some girls even bought multiple items just to make quick bucks from those who weren't able to get them in stores. I can't tolerate such shameful behavior! o(>_<)o
Many find Sun & Moon too shimmery but it depends on how you balanced the two colors. I prefer to swatch the peachy brown and pinkish gold separately on the back of my hand, then use a brush to swirl colors together before applying on my face.

L'OREAL Color Riche Made for Me Lipstick in Burning Rose
I'm currently obsessed with red lips lately. Thinking that I will never ever walk out of the house with red lips, I stupidly gave one of a raspberry shade away few months ago. By the time I had decided to get Elizabeth Arden's Red Door Red, it's already SOLD-OUT!! I'm looking for chili red  and this is the closest one I have in my collection. The rest I have are of darker, deep currant colors, far from the sultry lips I was looking for. (つд⊂) Fortunately, my friends said I pulled off red lips well, PHEW! Hopefully I don't look whorish (lol)

L'Absolu Crème De Brillance in Rose Mythique

The Lancôme team called this lipgloss + balm - it really moisturizes your lips and isn't sticky like Juicy Tubes and your regular glosses. It is extremely pigmented and can be used without wearing any lipstick. Rose Mythique is cherry red with tinges of golden shimmer. I use this on top of Burning Rose sometimes to give my lips more dimension. Heh, 3D is gaining popularity these days, so might as well join in. But I don't support 3D movies, they are too gimmicky and ruins the pleasure of movie-viewing. (Note: I did not wear this as depicted in the photo above)

Bourjois Healthy Mix Correcting Concealer
I own many concealers but I keep coming back to this one - it has the desired consistency to use on my undereye area and the creamy texture has a good coverage! Plus, it has a fruity smell! Previously I have been using ZA's concealer but the formula is too dry and accentuate the 'forming' wrinkles under my eyes. But it has a really good coverage, better than Bourjois. The reason why I didn't include it in the photo is because it has formed legs! I swear my cosmetics love taking strolls and it must have walked all the way back to Japan by now! (TωT)

Elizabeth Arden Pure Finish Mineral Powder Foundation
This is the must-have mineral foundation if you want that subtle glow. Whenever I meet up with my friends, they would ask me why I'm glowing (lol) If you must know, I normally use this with just a simple concealer underneath. No piling on loose powder as this foundation does double duty. It doesn't cake, nor do I need to touch up every often.

I hope you have enjoyed my long-winded commentary. Feel free to share your must-haves, and thank you for reading☆

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FINALLY! KATE Cosmetics have finally made their way to our sunny island. This authentic Japanese brand was started in 1997, which follows the concept of not following conventional trends but has its own set of ever-evoloving urban collection closely attuned to fashion.

Lasting Color Eyes in BK1 (shimmery black)
These are eyeshadows in a stick aka eye crayons, ok I made up the name but you get the general idea. The pigments are moderate with adequate shimmers. I'm guessing that the forumla can dry up overtime, as I couldn't get the gold shade to swatch properly while at the store.

The formula is smooth but needs some 'persuasion' to draw on your lids, compared to kohl pencils. Kohl pencils are generally dry and I don't like to pull nor drag my eyelids when using them to intensify smokey makeup. But the Kate crayons do not 'spread' easily, especially on oily lids. I normally dust on loose powder to absorb excess oil, so try it .

Gel Eyeshadow in GD-1 (soft, shimmery gold)
I got intrigued by these gel eyeshadows when I discovered them 2 years ago, and was excited when I heard they will be brought in. They were released as part of their 2008 Holiday collection, if you must know.

The shadows are of a typical soft mousse texture, very much like boink-boink jelly pudding (lol) It's housed in a frosted, squarish jar, very nice packaging I must say!

(Top - the "pudding;" Bottom - enhanced gold eyeshadow with "pudding" as base) The formula dries up and sets in quickly, but doesn't budge nor creases. I love the iridescent, subtle shimmer and metallic finish and use it as a base to enhance colors for more depth. It is blendable, and doesn't leave glitters all over your face.

This product reminds me of Lancôme Ombre Magnétique which is a gel-like shimmery shadow and will be in stores this August.

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In the beauty blogging world, everyone cheer for each other for popping their "cherry." By that, I mean making your first purchase of a product or from a brand. Please no sick minds here, I intend to keep my blog 'friendly.' σ(^。^;

Dear fellow beauty junkies, I have officially got my 'cherry' popped! My 'MAC' cherry. You may recall that I'd gotten MAC Fix+ Spray not too long ago(which I will review very soon), but that's can't be counted at least to me. This seems more suitably categorized as a skincare item, agree?

As we all know, M∙A∙C Cosmetics is more renowed for its makeup and sets every makeup loving heart all aflutter. I don't really follow their collections, and have seen some products that I really like, but are no longer available. Bummer.

Sidetracking here - I'm sure most of you are aware of the new collection by MAC and also the controversy it is causing. The company teamed up with a designer duo known as Rodarte, will release a new makeup line inspired by female factory workers in the deadly border town of Juarez, Mexico.

Juarez is a killing field for young women, the site of nearly 400 unsolved murders and many more abductions. Hundreds of women have been slain since the early 1990s, many of them also sexually assaulted, mutilated and tortured. Hundreds more have disappeared. To make matters worse, the authorities exhibit indfference despite the horrific nature of these violent crimes. In face, there are strong evidence that some officials may be involved as well. In a nutshell, all these corruption have permitted criminals to continue committing these horrendous acts, knowing there will be no consequences. In a nutshell, Juarez is a freaking WARZONE for women.

Femicide is not to be taken lightly. Femicide is the mass murder of women simply because they are women. Even though both companies have issued their apologies, but what good can you do by donating a mere US$100, 000 to "help those in need in Juarez?" Think about the profits and earnings they stand to earn, what can a mere amount do to help these unfortunate women? (I feel guilty for lemming over eyecandies while these poor souls are getting slained! (つд⊂) )

Seriously, where is your HEART+SOUL, MAC?

Please take a moment and sign this PETITION, which will "encourage" MAC & Rodarte to make better contributions to the Juarez situation. Thank You.
After reading about femicide and nothing's been done to salvage the situation,
this sounds so off & hypocritical... (´・ω・`)
I am no longer a MAC virgin!! Long story short, I saw a friend selling this baby and after some googling at the swatches and more "should I buy or not" hesitation, I decided to get my cherry "popped" and put the lemming beast to hibernation. Hallelujah!!

Mineralize Blush Duo - Sun & Moon

Isn't this GORGEOUS?!?! I got intimated when I read the many "this thing is TOO ORANGE-Y for my skin" comments. The Revlon bronzer I had gotten some weeks ago gave me this healthy glow and fortunately, did not make me look like "tanning gone wrong" siao za bor!(crazy woman, in dialect)

I was attracted by the peachy copper brown color with pink & gold shimmer.

It looks dark in the pan and is very pigmented, but the formula allows you to apply it to be extremely sheer or build it in layers. Despite the shimmer factor, it looks very natural on my skin.

See that sun-kissed glow? I have been wearing it 2 days in a roll and my other blushes are starting to whine (lol)

To avoid look like a baboon's backside, I swatched the colors separately on the back of my hand, swirl my brush over the pigments and then apply on my cheeks.

You can be sure that I'll be wearing this often♥

In case you did not see me at the Physiogel convention on Tuesday, this is Yours Truly~. I have been going gaga over red lippies lately, and the ones that I owned are DARK RED! Currant, Rasin - all dark shades of red. What I had on that night was Burning Rose by L'oreal and Lancome's Rose Mythique.

Have a wonderful weekend, everybody. Milo is doing well, and you can tell from the photo that this ASSBUTT loves to pose for the camera. He makes a better camwhore than I do!

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Picked up a bottle of the Advanced Night Repair at the Estée Lauder counter yesterday. Erm... I can't give any comments yet because too caught up with my own beauty regime, I remembered about the honey-colored serum after I'm done for the night (lol)

This comprehensive, high-performance anti-aging serum helps to continously repair the appearance of past damage, prevent future damage and deliver high levels of hydration. Soothes daily irritation and builds a rich anti-oxidant reserve to help replenish skin's natural protectants.Think of it as "insurance" for younger, healthier-looking skin, today and tomorrow.

I have been looking for nude-colored lipsticks for a while now. My purchase of Urban Decay's Midnight Cowboy lipstick only managed to provide a sheer beige color. So I popped by Watson, swatched on my hand, picked up 1 and dived straight to the counter - a Revlon ColorBurst lippy in Soft Nude!

It is a very pale shade, and is lightweight with excellent pigmentation. However it settles into the creases and accentuates chapped lips so make it a point to wear lip balm prior!

Courtesy of Elizabeth Arden Singapore, I was given a truckload of goodies after a photoshoot, and the Sunlit Bronze Beauty Kit is my top favourite♥

The palette comes in 4 limited edition eyeshadow shadows, which provides very sheer but buildable coverage. Let me tell you this, the bronze colors are GORGEOUS!! I did an FOTD yesterday but silly me didn't realize that the camera didn't save the pictures! 。・゚(´□`)゚・。

I had dolled myself up with the Tinted Moisturizer(which gave me this dewy, bronzy finish). Alas, all efforts gone down the drain!

  In contrast with the eyeshadows, the tear rose blush needs to be used with caution, otherwise you'll look like a baboon's backside (lol) Last but not least, I ♥ the highlighter! What an appropriate name~.


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Couple of days ago, I'd asked for input on whether I should get MAC Fix+ Spray. The response weren't satisfactory because I had partially decided on getting it, but I was just trying to get affirmation (lol) But thank you ladies, for your suggestions. I appreciate them very much~.

So... *inserts Transformers EPIC score* I GOT IT!!! My first MAC purchase!!!
I'm no longer a MAC virgin!! HAHAHA! (σ^0^)σ

Previously I was warned by other bloggers that the product is sold-out all the time, hence I was prepared to walk into the store and march straight to the tester. But when I got to the store yesterday, the BA asked what I want and I burted out "I want the Fix+," without blinking my eyes. She dived straight into the drawer and took a box out. and walked straight to the counter.  I wanted to ask questions but she had this annoyed "I'm PMSing" look on her face so I kept mum. I didn't even dare to reach out for the tester, which was just behind me. The 2 other BAs clearly had their menstruation cycle synchronized, why else would they have that same "Ah, just buy and go" look on their faces?

How disappointing! I have should gone to the TANGS outlet, the pregnant BA I'd met was so friendly... maybe because she's not having her period, so she was in a good mood then...

Prior to making my purchase, I had done "extensive" research online before coming to a decision. The conclusion was that FIX+ makes a great moisturizer.

An aqua-spritz of vitamin and minerals, infused with a calm-the-skin blend of Green Tea, Camomile, Cucumber, topped off with the fresh, natural, energising scent of Sugi.

On top of that, it is good for applying before & after makeup application; adds radiance and gives your makeup a dewier finish. Additionally, many ladies are using it as a mixing medium.

Stay tuned for a review☆

Here's an EOTD from yesterday. When I'm not in the mood to venture out to the outside world with loud colors, NEUTRAL RULES!! I know my New Year resolution was to be more daring with colors, but when your mood is in the dumps, best to stick with S-A-F-E.

I'm still trying to fnd nice angles for future EOTDs & FOTDs, so bear with me~.

Even though I stick with neutral colors, I added a tinge of shimmery pinkish-lavender on the inner corners to give it that "POP" effect. I'm sorry that the colors looked washed-out, but it looks really pretty in the mirror =)

My gadgets:

- Mio Piccolo Flower Palette in 03
- Guerlain Le 2 de Guerlain Mascara
- L'OREAL gel-liner
- ZA concealer
- Nature Republic Prism Star Dot Shadow in Pastel Pink

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This is my latest obsession♥ It all started around 2 weeks ago when my friend & I stopped by a Japanese ice cream parlour, Marvelous Cream, and then I got hooked on it ever since. So far, I've already had 7 within 14 days, and I always ordered the same - Mango Snow Tiramisu (o^_^o)

Although I keep saying that I need a SCRAM bracelet or to check myself into rehab, the sweet beast in me CAN'T BE TAMED, y'all! I even converted 3 friends into ice cream monsters! Almost had my 8th yesterday but it was raining heavily so I stayed home instead...

On my way to the workshop on Thursday, I stopped by Nature Republic... again (lol) Unlike my first 2 visits, my 3rd purchase earned me a box of cotton pads. I picked an Apple-scented polish remover, there's a faint smell of the fruit but too overwhelmed by the alcohol.

Color Deco Nail BK002
I often use Pewter colors on my hands, so I was excited when I chanced upon it at the store. It flatters fingers of all skin tones and won't interfere with any jewelry choice, without worrying that my rings will clash with the metallic shade.

I've been wearing this metallic brown for more than a week, and absolutely L-O-V-E it!! It is my favorite out of the 3 I've owned from the Korean brand. The color is soft and subtle, but when you lean in for a closer look, there's the prism of glitter that looks almost like 3D! =)

A huge range of Hadalabo products was recently launched on our sunny island and this caught my attention. I'm starting to adore the Hyaluronic Lotion, opting to tone my face with a cotton pad instead of patting on the product. Also, I have been using it to hydrate my eyes, which made them look less puffy.

You know, everytime I tend to say Hadabola, it's easier on the tongue =P

Hada Labo AHA/BHA Exfoliating Face Wash
This product foams really well and is unscented, it doesn't contain unnecessary additives, colorant, fragrance and mineral oil. But it manages to clean pores thoroughly and polishes the skin from dead skin cells with its AHA & BHA ingredients.

One thing I don't like is the smell, even though it's unscented. You know after eating oily chicken at fastfood restaurants and proceeded to the sink for soap to wash your hands? I never like the afterwash since young, and this cleanser smells exactly like it! =(

I have been contemplating whether to get the MAC Fix+ Spray. After googling around for reviews, 90% of the users were raving over how moisturizing it is, how dewy it gives and sets your makeup etc. 10% of the unhappy population were lamenting how greasy it was, perhaps they sprayed the product too close onto their faces.

All along I've used Evian to set my makeup(if I ever remember to)
Now, I'm still torn over whether to get it or not. $25 is a reasonable price, considering that it takes a long time to finish a bottle. I'd intended to get it yesterday but thanks to the rain, now I get to ask for your opinions. What do you ladies think?

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So I finally managed to head down to one of the Nature Republic branches, eager to ogle at the makeup & skincare products. After all the "oohs" and "aahs," I picked up 2 items and went home a happy gal. And then... 。・゚(´□`)゚・。

Milo decided to give me a shock, ran into me and I dropped my brand-new eyeshadow!!!
This time, I really went "OOH NOOOOOO!!!!" in my room, my Mum almost had a heart attack!

In case you didn't know, ASSBUTT is my new favorite curse word!

Prism Star Dot Shadow 04 Pastel Pink

Pardon the gross swatch! I have no idea why my hand turned out so dark, I'm very fair...
When I swatched it at the store, the color was of an ethereal pinkish-lavender shade that I had to buy on the spot. It's not as shimmery as Shiseido Luminizing Satin Eye Color in Ghost, but lovely all the same.

Notice the colored dots, they provide layers to form a beautiful pink/purplish shade which can also be doubled up as a highlighter.


Color Forest Nail FYL702
Isn't this color GORGEOUS?!?!?! This metallic bronze has prism of glitter, that looks like clustered 3D stars on your nails! There's a Gold shade too, so I might head down to get it some other day.

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Summer is around the corner so as Spring bids adieu, what better way than to play with soft pastel colors? Here, I'm wearing Shiseido Luminizing Satin Eye Color in PK319 Peach.

The color is a pale peachy pink and the texture is smooth, have nice subtle shimmer, good pigmentation and lasting power.

To top off that perfect look for sunny spring days is a touch of teal. I'm absolutely besotted with Elizabeth Arden Color Intrigue Color Intrigue Gel Eyeliner in Ocean Teal. It also includes an eyeliner brush but I couldn't remove the cover, so I shall try it another time.

I usually stick with pencils, but this gel liner glides on super easy and makes for a very vivid color that complements pastel colors nicely. The firm, almost solid gel goes on smoothly and is surprisingly long lasting, which for the most part I didn't need to re-apply.

I love the pale moss green with just one layer of teal, but notice how the color pops out against the peachy pink with additional layers? The result is a light airy look with a mischievous tinge. So gorgeous! Also, this gel-liner can be doubled up as an eyeshadow. I shall try that later~.

What other colors do you think can be matched with this Teal eyeliner?

The gel-liner is from Elizabeth Arden’s sun-kissed Spring/Summer 2009 Color Line which uses minerals to impart the sophisticated color palette. Included in the Sunlit Bronze Collection is a mineral bronzer, mineral cheek color, sunlit beauty kit, lip-gloss shades and lipstick in Guava Pear.

In the coming posts, I will be introducing Sunlit Bronze eyeshadow palette, which I have been using consistently for a month. You can tell I love the neutral colors ALOT! Also swatches from the mineral blush, lip-glosses and lipstick in Guava Pear that I had received after doing the photoshoot which will be featured in June issue of Nu You magazine.

I spent an entire hour, trying to cam-whore in my room. I had to bend my head up, down, left, right ALL OVER THE PLACE just to find the right angle for the pictures to turn out the way I wanted. Heh, sweating in an air-conditioned room, no less. Overall, I think I did alright, yes/no?

Oh, I'm sorry if my eye gives anyone nightmares tonight (lol)

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Elizabeth Arden Pure Finish Mineral Tinted Moisturizer SPF 15

The new Pure Finish Mineral Tinted Moisturizer SPF 15 comes in Fair, Light, Medium and Deep. Infused with microlight minerals, vitamins and antioxidants to brighten and even out the skin tone without the need for heavy make-up.

Microlight Minerals - Naturally derived mineral pigments incorporate Mineral Mica, an optical diffuser, softening the look of fine lines and wrinkles.
Antioxidants and Vitamins A, C and E - Moisturize and provide antioxidant protection.
Dionysis Extract - An extract of the Sea Campion Plant shown to slow the effects of free radicals even more than Vitamin E or Cranberry, providing strong antioxidant protection.
Squalane - Botanically derived from olives, brings back the natural feel of skin's most moisture.
Jojoba Esters - Derived from the desert plant, acts as a barrier for water loss, keeping moisture in the skin.
Sodium Hyaluronate - A powerful moisturizer for the skin.

I almost freaked out yesterday when I swatched the product. So bronzy and I'm using the lightest shade! My skintone is fair and with the product applied on one half of my hand, that area looked like it got obvious action under the sun (lol)

Later I found out it was due to the terrible lighting in my room; it was raining cats and dogs with terrible bolts of lightning earlier.

This is a moisturizer with pigmentation; it doesn't provide any coverage but adds color to your face, giving it a fresh, luminous glow. It provides a hint of sheer with a dewy finish. With SPF 15, you will look radiant and protected.

Along with the Green Tea Lavender fragrance, the Pure Finish Mineral Tinted Moisturizer will be available at Elizabeth Arden Singapore counters from mid-May. Only 3 out of the 4 shades will be available; Fair, Light and Mediim. 50ml retailing at SGD$52

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Taken before I left for the Shiseido Workshop.

Absolutely J'adore Shiseido Luminizing Satin Face Color in Tea Rose. It is a dark reddish shade that has to be used with caution, unless you want to look like a baboon's butt! (lol)

For John Bartlett's collection at the on-going Fashion Week, Shiseido Makeup Director Dick Page's created a masculine look with soft, dewy skin that's flushed from the cold.

To achieve the popular wintery pink flush, mix the tea rose color and white highlighter(also from the Spring 2010 collection) on the cheeks and nose to give a sun-kissed look.

This soft-flushed look is just perfect for Valentine's Day~. (o^_^o)

Here's some outtakes from my makeover:

Disclosure:Theproduct mentioned in this entry was sponsored by Shiseido Singapore.In no way was this review influenced by the company, nor accepting anyform of payment.

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