Spent 3 days watching the 30 episodes of TVB's "E.U."
This is Part 3 of the series following "The Academy" & "On The First Beat."

Unfortunately, Michael Tao who appeared in Part 2 didn't return...( ゚ ヘ ゚ )
Michael Miu who died in the first drama returned as a different character. This time as a villain.

But it was Michael Tse who stole the limelight in the new series.
It had finished airing last week in Hong Kong, but he's already generating buzz for his performance.
His character is so popular that a movie's currently in the works.
The story will be based on the life of Laughing(the character's nickname), set to release this August~ o(^o^)o

Production on the 4th series "The Academy IV: Investigation Files" has been announced!!

And now here comes the weekly review of Supernatural.
The brothers are shocked to discover a series of comic books titled "Supernatural" that accurately detail their lives as demon hunters.
Chuck the writer explains he has visions of the brothers and convert into comic books.

Castiel reveals Chuck is a prophet of the Lord, and that one day these Supernatural books will be called the Winchester Gospel, a sort of new New Testament.
Chuck has some terrifying nightmares about what's to come for the brothers.
Before he could warn them, Zachariah is there to stop him, because there’s nothing he can do about it. So all he has to do is write, and whatever terrible things he saw will happen.

So they had the car accident at the end of season 1, Sam died at the end of season 2, and Dean went to Hell at the end of season 3. I’m guessing season 4's ending won’t exactly be a happy one.


不过这次陶大宇没有参与演出...( ゚ ヘ ゚ )

故事会以Laughing为主,8月就会上档哟!! o(^o^)o

第4系列《學警4: 學警偵緝檔案》也即将开拍,请拭目以待!!

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