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I'd attended the Eye On Youth workshop over the weekend, organized by LA MER. First of all, I wanna thank Tina Kaur for securing a seat for me, upon reading my unpleasant experience at one of their counters. Actually I had booked seats for a later time slot but heard nothing back, so was kinda surprised to receive a message from her who offered me the 10am spot. There weren't any photographs taken during the 2-hour session, so I went the extra mile by taking mental notes on special techniques on how to care for our eyes - the windows to our soul.

We began with the obligatory presentation on how to care for our eyes, and medical condition that may be caused by hereditary and other external factors such as long-term exposure to sunlight, pollution etc. Training manager Cecilia took over and related the famous story on how founder Max Huber created the famed Miracle Broth and the process in which he incorporated Sonochemistry -the effects of sound on a cellular level that utilized light and sound waves- and the engineering with transformative effects of magnetized gemstones.

First up is the cleansing ritual - opt for the Cleansing Fluid if you wear makeup daily for it removes impurities effectively, especially waterproof mascara. We were then given Cleansing Lotion and Refining Facial, which is a luxurious treat indeed. The latter works as an exfoliator that instantly soothes and boosts skin's brightness and radiance, and can be used as a mask at the same time. The next step is softening with the use of the Tonic that revitalizes and enlivens skin.

The highlight of the workshop - we weren't just introduced to the brand's eye products but also their special techniques on how to utilize the powerful ingredients within. Most of us have puffy eyes in the morning that could be due to our unhealthy diet such as excess intake of water, sodium, caffine etc.

The Eye Balm Intense helps to diminish the appearance of lines and wrinkles as it visibly lifts and firms the areas around the eyes. Employing their unique Acupressure Eye Massage , the product will be effectively absorbed and soothes puffiness for a smoother, vibrant and rejuvenated appearance. In simple terms, this action that can combined with your desired eye product will de-clog your undereyes, specifically the areas that causes dark circles to form and help to lift and firm where the skin has sunken.

Following which is an intensive eye treatment using Creme de La Mer. The Miracle Broth contains a seasborne elixir known for its healing energies. Instead of using warmth from your fingers to activate the ingredients, we were instructed to slather a generous amount around our eyes for a good 10 minutes. We ended the Eye ritual using the Eye Concentrate, a vanity table staple for many women across the world. Making use of the silver applicator ensures the product to penetrate into our delicate eye areas and reduces dark circles and fine lines for a brighter, radiant and more supple results.

That's not all, after pampering the eyes, we tried the Infusion consisting of 3 formulas that target different concerns. The Radiant Infusion delivers clarity; Hydrating Infusion plumps the skin and restore moisture, and Blanc de la Mer Infusion for hyper-pigmentation problems. I chose the Radiant Infusion which can be used before serum and before/after your moisturizer. I felt the consistency to be slightly drying after experiencing some flakiness, thus I would prefer to apply a hydrating base prior.

Did you know that Botox is now banned in Hollywood? Although the procedure greatly reduces wrinkles, crow feet and laugh lines, but it freezes the muscles  which prevents actors from making appropriate facial expressions. In comes the Regenerating Serum that lifts and firms the complexion and helps to regenerates tissues under scars. I lilke that my laugh lines are tightened afterwards.

We ended the entire skincare ritual with moisturizer with 4 selections to choose from - Creme de la Mer, Gel de la Mer, Moisture Lotion and the Oil-Absorbing Lotion. I chose the gel verson of the creme and patted onto my skin. This is a good alternative if you think the Creme might be too rich a formula for you. It is afterall, suitable for mature skin.

The Radiant Concealer contains precious marine and plant extracts with a gemstone technology that optically erases imperfections and treats all at the same time. I like the coverage, and the texture turns from cream to powder upon application.

I also managed to try the Translucent Powder; the lightweight texture might just be a great companion to CLARINS Extra-Firming Foundation which I have been trying out in the last 2 weeks. Not a fan of the Powder Brush though, it kept shedding and felt rough to the touch.

I shall end this post with a teaser, and let you figure out which LA MER product I purchased, in addition to the door gift.

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All the tossing and turning last night made me almost gag when I looked in the mirror this morning. I was pretty excited to wear my brand new lipstick, and was worried that matching it with my cardigan of the same color would overkill the overall appearance. Anyway, it turned out fine. I mean, if you don't get weird stares then I must be looking okay, right? Although I daren't walked into Sephora on my way home (lol)

Today I paired Illamasqua blush in Lover with Rose Gold from SLEEK(Swatches). Lo and behold, these two cannot get well together - once I had my Lover all settled nicely on my cheeks, Rose Gold got jealous and tried to "overpower" it. Thus I had to use a white highlighter(WT905) from SHISEIDO to play peacemaker.

Silky Sensual Radiant Lipstick

You see, I have been lemming for Rose Paris(#27) for months, and couldn't make up my mind since the counters are only available at DFS Scotts and Transit area at the Airport.

Rose Paris is described as a pinky coral shade though when I first wore it, it looked fuchsia! Thankfully I had an authentic fuchsia color to prove me otherwise. As mentioned, it is a twin shade as my cardigan - it can look pink one way, or coral from another angle. It is a vibrant color, which I have never tried to wear it, especially in the morning. I am in an experimental phase at the moment, if you must know.

Anyway, I got this at DFS Scotts for S$49. GOD, I MUST BE CRAZY! It wasn't really a spur of the moment thing, since I had decided to purchase it after a nice Japanese lunch with a friend. The price didn't stand out like a crucial red emergency sign at that time, thus I paid for it and walked out with a luxurious lipstick in hand, and the "Hallelujah" jingle booming within me (lol)

Here's some random shots of Milo taken just yesterday. Yes, he is getting meaty which means we are feeding him well (lol) Have a wonderful weekend!

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I received an email from Gracie asking what blush and lipstick I'd worn in yesterday's post. For the lips, I had on the CLARINS Rouge Hydra Nude in Nude Coral. This has been my go-to in the last 2 weeks. The texture is really creamy that compensates my dry lips, and the build-able Coral shade can be worn with virtually any look. 

What I wore on my cheeks last night - the layering of Apricot Sorbet and Rose Gold. Lovely combination, huh?

MAKE UP STORE Blush in Apricot Sorbet
I had gotten this last month but put it off until I recover from a bad breakout. My complexion has clear up but there are still existing blemishes if you look closely...

Smooth with a good payoff, but the powder settles on the skin quickly which makes blending a bit difficult. Apricot Sorbet looked immensely intimidating from the pan and swatched to a stark orange. Thus I opted to use a fan brush to intensify the color with a light hand.

SLEEK Blush in Rose Gold
I have tried wearing this on its own, but somehow my cheeks felt kinda empty. Sure the peachy-pink with heavy gold undertones blush looks gorgeous but I just don't feel complete. Like wearing a "tinted highlighter." So I reckon its function as a layering tool would serve its purpose better. I'm weird like that.

I met up with the lovely Iris last night. She had offered to pick this gem up for me while in London the previous week. My first foray into Illamasqua, and hopefully my only purchase for now. I have gotten 6 blushes this year, and it's only February!

ILLAMASQUA Powder Blusher in Lover
The texture is similar with the blush from MAKE UP STORE but more refined and blending is a breeze. I likened this to a tamer version of Apricot Sorbet since the color looks uber friendly and less intense from the pan. Both blushes are matte, and neither chalky nor powdery.

Here is a layering with Rose Gold; a combination I preferred if a choice have to be made between this and with Apricot Sorbet. Now that I think about it, most of my newly-acquired blushes lean more on the peachy-apricot family shades, pure coincidental of course. I am a sucker for these colors, as opposed to pinks and plums. I shall do a comparison when my other purchase arrive in my hands. If you must know, I finally got me some NARS!!!

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I have been playing around with the SLEEK Original Palette and this is what I could come up with, and am wearing it out later this evening.

I used the darkest lilac(3rd shade) from the REVLON Illuminace as a base, followed by the Blue(1st row; 3rd shade) on inner half of my lids with Purple(1st frow; 5th shade occupied the other half. I made use of the Gold from L'OREAL HiP Duo in Flamboyant to blend any harsh edges. For the outer corner, I use the Dark Navy Blue(1st row; 4th shade) which is black-blue with bluish shimmers. I find this really chalky and had to be careful when building up the pigment. In the end I decided not to go for that intensive finish and blend it out for that soft smoky effect. Yeah, the Navy Blue look yucky in the photos. (lol) I use my fingers to apply on the eyeshadows, but blend with a brush.

Black(1st row; last shade) is highly-pigmented; I used it to line my upper eye but it kept "slipping" down to my inner waterline. I finished the look with LANCOME Le Stylo on my waterline; stopped halfway, and ELIZABETH ARDEN Ceramide Lash Extending Treatment Mascara.

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Last December, a friend made a trip to the United States and offered to help me purchase whatever stuff I may need. We met up last month and I have been using some of the products ever since.

Coincidentally, most are BOOTS products and falls under the corrective category. Purely unintentional; I have read up nothing but raves over their skincare products have couldn't remember which they were when I'd forward my shopping list. Therefore, whatever I ordered were based on reviews from the customers' reviews on TARGET's website.

BOOTS No.7 Purifying Sauna Mask
A thermal deep-cleansing product that contains pumice particles to exfoliate impurities. Ideal for those with blemish-prone skin, it heats on contact with water to open pores and polish away dirt, and reconditions the skin with the inclusion of RoseHip Oil.

BOOTS No.7 Total Renewal Micro-dermabrasion Exfoliator
The micro-crystals help to refine the skin and sweeps away dead skin for incredible radiance and allows cell renewal. This is to be used twice a week and follow up with an SPF moisturizer. Claims the appearance of fine lines will be reduced and evens out skin tone in 4 treatments, but I have yet to see visible results.

BOOTS No.7 Intensive Line Filler
Contains hyaluronic acid spheres that absorb water in the upper layers of the skin and inflate to many times their original size, appearing to wrinkles up and away from within. A quick-fix with light-diffusing particles to blur away fine lines and wrinkles. I love the velvety soft texture and absorbs into my lines properly, but I have yet to see any results.

BOOTS Botanics Eye and Lip Correction Serum
The intensive formula is designed to reduce wrinkles around the eyes and lips in 4 weeks. Active Plant Extract including Horsechestnut that protects and Japanese Pagoda to strengthen the skin. I have started using this only recently - loves the refreshing, firming feeling that is absent in the No.7 Liner Filler.

ROC Retinnol Correxion Deep Wrinkle Night Cream
I'd first used a sample 2 years ago and like how the product sinks into my skin without leaving any oily residue. Unfortunately the price is ridiculously marked up, retailing for S$80 at local stores while it's available in America at a mere US$20! I have not seen this at Guardians nor Watsons anymore. Instead of using it as a moisturizer, I prefer to apply the product by concentrating on areas such as lines underneath my eyes, nasal folds and forehead.

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There is this misconception that toners are meant to remove any residue where your cleansers fail. If this sounds familiar, fret not for it's not too late to utilise your products properly. I, too, fell victim when I started taking care of my skin.

Also known as lotions and softeners, there is a wide variety available in the market, with properties that target your various concerns - whitening, hydrating, anti-aging etc. While some prefer to skip this step and dive straight into serums and moisturizers, the Japanese women firmly believe that toners are essential to their daily regimen. They function by softening the skin to allow forthcoming products to be absorbed more efficiently.

During my recent visit to the SK-ll Boutique Spa, I had raise concerns over clusters of bumps on my chin, thinking they were congested and in need of professional help for deep extraction. Through a skin analysis, they turned out to be "ancient" whiteheads that have hardened overtime due to lack of immediate treatment.

I was advised to use more softeners during this toning step and exert more of the product and pressure on the area of concern. Not only does this stimulate and rejuvenate your skin, the whiteheads will soften in time and you'll be able to treat them accordingly. Although pouring the Facial Treatment Essence on a cotton pad is extravagant, I do that sometimes and concentrate on my chin to aid recovery.

It's been 2 weeks since my facial - most of the whiteheads are too stubborn to budge, but there are a few that have emerged and taken care of. YAY!

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(Click for larger resolution)

Skin79 is looking for 2 new faces to front their new Whitening range of skincare products.

Like Taiwanese Jolin Tsai, 2 new beauty ambassadors will grace their merchandising displays, ad campaigns all across Singapore. That's not all, they will receive a 16GB APPLE iPad with personalisation.

To enter the contest, you must:
1. Your skintone must be fair.
3. Submit your photo, age and contact to skin79@starasia.com.sg
4. Selected candidates will be profiled on Skin79 Fanpage from 28th Feb onwards

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on unproductive days when I can't concoct anything with my brain juice, or when someone gets on my nerves? There is no sandbag available nor do I like to break stuff. Although I did consider plucking fur off Milo one by one because he's been an ASS lately!
I used to head down to the nearest arcade after school and head to this machine; a temporary refuge that takes my mind off exam blues whilst focusing on whacking those buggers. Every head that pops up shows a smug face mocking at me, reminding me the people who had made fun and teased me throughout my childhood. But I'll say this, like I've said to a friend recently - For every scar accumulated in a battle makes you a stronger, better person.

Getting back on topic, DoogiPang is a simple but effective game to compel stress and evil/dirty thoughts. Basically a no-brainer; gain points by hitting every possum that pops up EXCEPT the white, virginal one.

Though not as effective holding a mallet physcially and hit things with all your might, this portable game is a nice alternative to squish any unhealthy aura. It is free and compatible with iPhone, iTouch and iPad.

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I have mentioned on several occasions about a bad breakout after the use of a particular product, which I shall touch on soon! The healing process has been awfully slow and I decided to do some damage control by seeking professional help. When it comes to facials, I'm apprehensive to have strangers touching me unless I have absolute trust in them. Dismissing my very first taken place many years ago which left me scars and invisible heart dents that took very long to heal, so far the ones I have visited have been assuring.

Last week I made a trip down to the SK-II BOUTIQUE SPA for some damage control. This establishment is a unique collaboration with Senze Salus, a leading luxury spa specialist, using prestigious skin care products from the Japanese brand. Currently there are 3 outlets - Scotts Road, Triple One Somerset and the one I visited was located at Raffles City Shopping Center.

As I wasn't on official blogging business(lol), pictures were taken at my own discretion. I managed to snap a quick shot of the lovely waiting area, decked out in pastel white that calms down my nerves. After filling out a profile card with details of my regular skin care regimen,

I had my heart set on the Purifying Facial that focuses on deep cleansing, exfoliation and extraction. Alas! My congested concerns were deemed unfounded with an anlysis revealing that my skin was in great condition - firm and boosting with active collagen *boink boink* No problem with blackheads either. My skin was slightly dehydrated with uneven pigmentation. The bumps on my skin are merely "hardened, old" whiteheads that can be aided with softeners and exfoliation. Other than that, I have "great skin" as quoted by the beauty therapist. o(^o^)o

She recommended me the Intense Radiance Facial which employs the use of machinery and products from their Cellumination range that will result in a vibrant and luminous complexion.

The Senzational Bed is boasted as the most luxurious bed imaginable. Boy, were they right! The bed is truly a promise of comfort and indulgence with a duvet to boot that keeps me warm during the 80mins of serenity. My body didn't come off stiff, nor did my neck ache: I couldn't catch a nap either since I was chatting with the therapist throughout the duration.

After cleansing, she used a shaver-like apparatus to remove dead skin cells on one side of my face. I saw the obvious difference as the "after-shaved" side is smoother, brighter and my pores were even less visible. After which, a humidifier was positioned to open up my pores and softens the skin for the extraction process.

She was really concerned but after some assurance of my high threshold for pain, she proceeded to poke and squeeze and promises that they won't leave any marks. This may seem like an ordeal for many women, but this process was over and done in about 10mins. This crucial procedure is best to be placed in someone you can trust.

Relaxtion took command towards the end of the session: she used some sort of paper -describing it as transparent edible wrappers in those White Rabbit candies - coupled with the Cellumination essence, and utilizes an ultrasound gadget to melt the "paper" and massaged the products into the skin. Luxurious facial and eye masks were placed to calm down the redness caused from the extraction process.

I came out of the room looking radiant. While I was satisfied with the entire facial experience, everything seemed different afterwards. Being led to another waiting area whereby the therapist attempted to push facial packages but I was adamant about not wanting to deal with any, since I seek professional opinions only when I'm at my most desperate.

After making payments, I was given samples of the Facial Clear Solution, and recommended me the Skin Refining Treatment. Apparently the boutique had run out of samples and suggested that I obtain some from the counter located downstairs. When I eventually made it down, the BA said that their samples had not been replenished for more than 3 months. Wasteful trip, no?

Although there were no pushing of products, I had the feeling of being snubbed after insisting on not purchasing any packages nor products. She walked away and never came back like she said she would. I was left alone to touch up my face. Just as I was ready to leave when another staff came and asked if she could direct me to their vanity area.  Why can't I be referred there after completing my session? I had my doubts while being led to the waiting area because it was so exposed and had invited stares while applying concealer and the like.

I tend to stress a lot on Customer Service because I used to be on the front line. Treat others the way you want to be treated is a mantra I stand by constantly. Even when your customer leaves empty-handed, he/she should be treated without any prejudice.

This Pitera Essence Set(worth $S146) was purchased earlier that week at a promotional rate of S$99. It includes:
- Facial Treatment Essence 75ml
- Facial Treatment Mask 1 Pc
- Facial Treatment Clear Lotion 40ml
- Cotton 30 pc

As you can see, no cotton pad was included. The SA made no mention of it either. Has SK-ll ran out of cotton pads, or what? I am the sort of person who looks past minor stuff like this, but don't like to be misinformed of any sort. How hard is it to tell a customer that they are unable to fulfill the contents depicted in the promotion? Or even better, why not substitute with another item?

Facial Treatment Essence

Facial Treatment Clear Lotion
Equivalent to a softener; it contains AHA that effectively removes dirt and dead skin cells to allow skin nourishment. I use this on makeup days and love how it leaves my skin squeaky clean.

Facial Treatment Mask
An intensive moisture-boosting mask enriched with Pitera that leaves the skin soft and crystal clear. It is like the FTE minus the cloth. I have yet to use it though. No idea when, but that day will eventually come(lol)

Facial Clear Solution

A water-based emulsion containing Pitera and a rare marine Vitamin complex that regulates sebum production at its source, deep within the pores. I use this mainly on my T-Zone area.

Lastly, my SK-ll Crystal Club lifetime membership. It is not a card; merely a sticker pasted over a glossy surface that has my membership number, name written with ink and expiry date. Come on, SK-ll, you can afford better quality than this!

This can be used to accumulate points upon purchasing any products, facials and packages. The downside is that points are earned upon purchase ONLY in Singapore, Malaysia and Bangkok. Furthermore, rewards can only be deemed within your home base.

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I have a thing for corals. Pretty to look at, and goes well with my skin tone. Such warm shades complement my nonchalant exterior, you know, to balance my aura or something. Go figure.

Someone recommend me a good angle to photograph close-ups. Seriously, this finished look is entirely different from the reflection in the mirror. Plus, it is time-consuming to take one photo after another -thank god we are in the digital world- and my arms ache from holding the camera for too long.

I did a wash of SHISEIDO Luminizing Satin  Eye Color in PK 319 which is of a light shimmery peach color over lids and bring up to the crease. This is to bring out the pinky-peach shade from CLARINS Neo Pastels Palette. Then I use the brown on the outer-corner and crease, and bring it down to my lower lash line. Finishing the look with CLARINS Wonder Volume Mascara and LANCOME eyeliner.

My SLEEK purchases came in today! The Pixel Pink blush was included for better presentation (lol)

I got sick during Chinese New Year and decided to browse through eBay. BAD IDEA! I had originally intended to purchase the Rose Gold blush but a rush of adrenalin kicked in and my brain was convinced to get more stuff so as to get a better shipping deal.

Here's the funny story: I meant to get the Original and Sunset palettes, but discovered my mistake a week later that I'd ordered the Storm palette instead of the latter. What a dork!

I had gone ahead with a full-on Coral FOTD using Rose Gold blush and CLARINS Rouge Hydra Nude in Nude Coral, but the rain ruined everything! To top it off, the drilling ruckus generated from the upgrading project taken place right above my apartment nearly drove me to Hades. I shall attempt this look another time, preferably on a good Sunny day.

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Someone once told me that before I could love anyone else, I had to love myself. A human concept that I constantly struggle to grasp.

The turmoils I've been through in the last decade have rendered me this sense of self-worthless. Betrayal took command; continuity of my feelings being taken for granted; being walked over like a freaking doormat. If that was a precursor to Purgatory, I'm glad to be let out of the pit. Finally.

This year began with discovering myself, knowing and falling in love with the inner me. It sounds daunting and perhaps a little weird, but it's ultimately liberating. I am becoming more and more solid of a person I have always wanted to be. Building up this unflappable facade hasn't been easy, thus people may not always see the person inside me because of this nonchalant exterior.

Being stingy to myself isn't healthy either. Ever since declaring a Love Me revolution, the haul beast has been on a celebratory roll. I guess my expenditure in the last 6 months is enough to expel whatever injustice and woes accumulated all these time.

Tomorrow is Valentine's day; a day that merely serves as a reminder of the freedom and independence I have as a self-sufficient woman. I will be spending this day as a woman who is learning to love herself before prowling for a significant other; only then will I truly and wholeheartedly be able to love another.

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Helllloooooo Saturday!

Today is the 10th day of the Lunar New Year, and I'm probably one of the few who have lost weight during this festive period. 2 locations and 4 hours later, I'm officially done with Chinese New Year only to be feel lethargic upon getting home. To make matters worst, I took a tumble during my first house-visit which resulted in a slightly sprained ankle and a scraped elbow. It looked to be the first of many debts I have to pay in return for Milo's good health.

The next day, the ASSBUTT peed on 2 No-Dog Zone areas in the house, and bit me after being spanked and proceeded to ignore me for the next 6 hours or so. I know being a "parent" is all about sucking it up because this is how children would behave when they are being punished, but it felt like my heart was being stabbed when he refused to come near me! (TωT)

He has been throwing petty tantrums lately too, sometimes I feel like shaving him bald like a neighbor did to their Shih-Tzu recently. No idea what mischief it had committed but I found the poor pooch sulking at the door on the way home the other night.

Milo likes to play Tug O War, and brings his smelly blankie for teething battle whenever he finds us seated on the sofa.  So I decided to dump it behind the table to buy some time - he will be busy figuring out how to get it beneath the gaps. Initially there were grunting and moaning when the lazy bum didn't want to put in effort to retrieve his "BFF" but eventually got the hang of it by climbing beneath the stool. I meant to protect his modesty but a friend wants to see his behind in "full glory," AHAHAHA!

By the way, I bought this Table Top set from Picket & Rail some years back. The salesman wanted to charge me $80 for transport and that smug look of his annoyed me that I decided to lug it home ALL BY MYSELF. He was down talking me the whole time and I wanted to prove him otherwise. I dragged and shoved the darn thing in the middle of Orchard Road, with the slightest memory how I managed to drag it to the other side of the street to catch a bus. Why hadn't I thought of flagging a cab then? That thing weighed 6 Milos! Looking back, I never regret my decision albeit an irrational one.
I finally managed to get a hold of these bottles of soap bubbles yesterday; been wanting to get them ever since we got the pooch but couldn't find them anywhere! His chasing skills are mediocre; our Milo likes to wait till these air buggers land before licking them, the solution doesn't have a strong smell thus it should be fine to be "taken in small quantities" (lol)

It was raining earlier and Mr Growler had a really good nap. Surprise his BFF is nowhere to be found.

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I was eager to head out yesterday, thus pardon the rushed eye application. My neighborhood has been marked for upgrading - 2 additional lifts will be installed for each apartment block that will stop at each level(It just encourages Singaporeans to be lazier!). This week sees my block being re-painted on the interior and exterior. Which means there will be strangers everywhere around Milo's "territory" and I had to get out of the house briefly for some peace and quiet to get some my writing work done.

I first applied the 3rd creme eyeshadow from REVLON Lilac Splash as a base to allow the lilac shade from CLARINS Neo Pastels Palette to show up better. Followed by the darker violet hue on the outer corner(shoulda blend properly into the crease). I proceeded to brighten the inner corners with the sheer pink shade and finished the look using the light beige on the center of my lids.

Okay, this sounds late but I finally purchased the MAYBELLINE Gel-Liner in Purple that very morning just for this look. I wanted a soft approach, thus forgoing the black eyeliner in the palette.

I then wrapped up with Clarins Wonder Volume Mascara - I'd apply 1 coat to show the lengthening effect. Aren't you amazed? I added 2 more coatings afterwards.

Here comes the very product that captured my heart in a heartbeat is CLARINS Blush Produge Illuminating Cheek Color in Soft Peach. This coming from someone who don't believe in love at first sight. Look at that warm flush, the shimmers are quite subtle because I focused more on the matte block. ♥♥♥

Here I'm wearing CLARINS Joli Rouge Brillant Perfect Shine Sheer Lipstick in Cherry. As you can see, one coat gives a nice rosy sheen, and is immensely moisturizing. This may sound weird but where did my blemishes go? Aren't they supposed to be extremely obvious with a better camera?

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This Spring, CLARINS brings a natural, timeless elegance with refined hues, exceptional materials and precious tones inspired by the art of watercolorists. The NEO Pastels Makeup Collection is all about pastels and neutral shades; perfect for women who want to adopt that soft and feminine look. In common with other brands in the market, Clarins are using violet hues to create gentle smokes with a splash of color and lips are kept in natural hues.

NEO Pastels Eye Color & Liner Palette (S$72)
a watercolor palette, it contains 6 eyeshadows in subtle, delicate tones in 3 monochrome harmonies: browns, pinks and violets. Included is a double-end application - a foam end for eyeshadow and a brush end to apply the eyeliner.

Previously I'd received emails from readers complaining about messy fallouts from Barocco Eye Color Trio, part of the French brand's 2010 Christmas Collection. I, too, had my concerns with the pigments after seeing promos of the collection last month but they appeared to be unfounded after seeing the product in the flesh.

The finely-milled textures have good color payoff and won't appear chalky with gradual build-up. I tend to use only a handful of colors from most palettes, but the shades here are extremely wearable and suitable for most skin tones.

Blush Produge Illuminating Cheek Color (S$52)
New additions to Clarins' permanent makeup collection, these blushes are made of silky, lightweight powders with a combination of mineral and plant extracts(bamboo powder and tomato extract). Available in 6 color harmonies in complementary shades - the main color is matte to sculpt the face while the smaller blocks offer just enough shimmer to make your complexion glow.
01 Lovely Rose
02 Soft Peach
03 Miami Pink
04 Sunset Coral
05 Rosewood
06 Spiced Mocha

When it comes to blushes, I tend to favor coral-peachy colors. Don't ask me why but I just prefer them to the usual pinks. You can imagine how excited I was to receive it in Soft Peach. The PR team at Clarins Singapore are such good mind-readers! Having worn it out today, the blush gave a nice warm flush to my cheeks and required minimal effort to get the color to show. GORGEOUS!

Wonder Volume Mascara
This product is not part of the lineup, and has been available in the market for a while. I had one in 02 Wonder Brown but lost it when I was in Taipei last year. Nonetheless, 01 Wonder Black is a surprise find within the press kit. While I find the volumizing aspect decent but better than many other mascaras in the market, this is a savior for those with short lashes. Thanks to my mother for my long lashes, they were visibly lengthened upon application. On the downside, the layering was disappointing; the product appeared clumpy 3 coatings later.

Instant Smooth Line Correcting Concentrate (S$45)
A concentrated serum that aims to diminish any appearance of fine lines, wrinkles and enlarged pores instantly. Similar to the Instant Smooth Perfecting Touch that comes in a jar, this product is packaged in the form of a click pen with a soft, flexible nib. It dispenses a texture enriched with Dermaxyl, a line-repairing peptide.

I'd forgotten to apply the primer prior foundation thus won't be commenting its effectiveness at this point. The texture is slightly waxy, similar to L'Oreal Smoothing Primer, but slightly drier. Not recommended to apply over makeup.

Rouge Hydra Nude Smoothing Cream Lipstick SPF6 (S$35)
More hydrating than the Rouge Prodige range and won't stain the lips, the Rouge Hydra Nude formula literally transforms into a cream on contact with lips. It also offers a high concentration of skin care benefits that moisturizes, repairs and protects all at the same time.

(From left; 03 Nude Beige, 02 Nude Coral)
I find them to be well-pigmented and fairly long-lasting. They smell amazing, glide on with ease and leave a beautiful sheen on the lips. Even better, they protect your smackers with SPF6! Limited edition and available in 4 shades:
01 Nude Rose
02 Nude Coral
03 Nude Beige
04 Nude Caramel

Joli Rouge Brillant Perfect Shine Sheer Lipstick (S$33)
The Spring Collection sees 3 new shades to the Joli Rouge Brillant range. Despite the Sheer description, the color payoff is surprising good! I had a sneak peek of 13 Cherry at a recent photo shoot(hint: magazine will be out later this month!) and was palpitating upon finding the same shade in the kit.

The combination of "Maxi-Lip" and "Shine Activator" pigments give the colors a multi-faceted effect. Think of a glossy finish and has a fruity taste too! The staying power is fantastic as well. The packaging is the heaviest out of my lip stashes, but only contains 3.5g which is a bummer because I can see me wearing this very often.

(From left; Guava Pearl, Cherry)
When I'd swatched the Joli Rouge at the photo shoot, it brought ELIZABETH ARDEN Color Intrigue Effects in Guava Pearl to mind immediately. This is a limited edition color from last Summer's Collection; I wear this pretty often for its moisturizing properties. Upon comparison, it has a pinkish sheen whereas Cherry gives a more rosy finish, similar to the Tea Rose shade).

The Neo Pastels Spring Makeup Collection will be available at local Clarins counters from 14th February, 2011.

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TONY MOLY Shiny Foot Peeling Liquid
On the morning on the first day of Chinese New Year, I decided to pamper my feet before doing the inaugural rounds of dreadful house-visiting. There's virtually no instructions in English but the illustrations on the back are enough to demonstrate how the product should be used.

The product comes with 2 sachets of liquid and a pair of over-sized foot masks. Place yourself at a comfortable position as you will be bound for a good 30 minutes, and best to keep pets at bay. You don't want them to snif at the strong alcohol smell. Rinse off after your DIY spa experience.

I did not observe any immediate difference afterwards, though there was a lot of flaking on my toes and soles. This signals the shedding of dead skin cells to reveal soft and smooth feet. The one thing that irks me is that the dryness during this time period; my feet looked terrible despite applying more amount of moisturizer than usual.

7 days later, peeling has stopped but the area around my ankles are still dry. There was nothing of that brightening effect either. I rather invest in a good foot scrub to exfoliate my walkers.

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KATE Cosmetics Brown Collection Eye Shadow and Brow (BR-3)
There are a total of 4 different selections for the Brown Collection duo pack. Each palette includes 3 eyeshadows and a 2-tone brow shades. I seldom purchase Japanese eye products because the pigments are often of a powdery texture with a pearlized finish. But I do like the shimmery, and natural finish.

This particular product I got has complimentary accent shades - silver gray for highlight, medium charcoal to line your lashes, and a beautiful peach. Peach is ultra sheer, I couldn't get the color to show up in the photos below even with multiple build-ups. I don't recommend using a white base because the point is to get a NATURAL look. Instead opt for those with sheer creme shadows.

This is undoubtedly an ideal palette if you are still looking for a suitable look for the upcoming Valentine's Day. It gives you a natural finish, and the shimmers are adequate to bring light to your eyes.

I have no idea why my brows look dual-tone in the photo, probably due to the gloomy weather earlier. But it looked really natural in the mirror though. Hmm, it gives me an excuse to get some tinted brow mascaras *Grin* The lighter shade can be used to contour the area nearest to your nose bridge for definition. 

I am loving these REVLON creme shadows. They work really well as a base and doesn't crease on me, which explains why my TOO-FACED Shadow Insurance is sulking somewhere. This FASIO mascara is one of my go-to; it doesn't flake and is extremely water-resistant. I got this in Brown, that will compliment such soft, natural looks. LANCOME Le Stylo Eyeliner is one of my recent purchase; it comes with a sponge-tip applicator to smudge out the eyeliner. The product itself lives up to the "Waterproof" claim - doesn't budge at all, especially on the waterline.

Speaking of Lancome, the Pure Focus Oil-Control Mattifying Toner is no longer available at local counters. T-T

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Much thanks to an adverse reaction from a product I have been testing, my skin condition have turned for the worst in the last 2 months! (|||」`□´)」 This is one of the downside of being a beauty blogger, whatever products that I review here have been tried and tested. I have red bumps on my face to prove thus no hanky panky is involved, that I can assure you.

Despite banishing that particular product, which I will do a write-up soon, my skin showed zero sign of improvement. I decided to do a detox and cut down the number of products I used on a daily basis to a minimum.

Correct and Repair
Having read nothing but rave reviews about LA ROCHE-POSAY, I reckon this is the best time to try some of their products. The dermatological skincare range aims to correct, repair and improve one's skin condition, be it acne, eczema, etc problems that most of us struggle on a day-to-day basis.

When our skin is going through the recovery process, it is more sensitive to external aggressions such as the weather and could cause itchiness and the like. This is where Cicaplast comes in to form a protective barrier to accelerate cellular renewal. This can be used not only on post cosmetic peels(flaking, chapped skin) but also on the lips. The waxy texture resembles the Smashbox primer, but the oil-control properties ain't to my satisfaction.

LA ROCHE-POSAY EFFACLAR A.I. Targeted Breakout Corrector

AVENE SOS Imperfections Spot Treatment
Constantly on a search for effective acne treatments, I have yet to see positive results with these two products. Due to the inclusion of the micro-exfoliating LHA, the dried-up LRP tends to flake at contact, AVENE comes in handy for multiple applications.

LA ROCHE-POSAY EFFACLAR DUO Corrective and Unclogging Anti-Imperfection Care
Cicaplast tends to flake even when I apply the Corrector over it, thus leaving me miserable for a while. This product -which aids the unclogging of sebum-blocked pores- is of a creamy texture and a savior to my problem. This product works especially well with Cicaplast; the latter's waxy texture leans more on the dry side, and doesn't flake when I applied it over.

So far the recovery process has been moving like a Tortoise; slow but steady. We all know what happened to the Rabbit at the end of the race, so I shall be patient.

Dr. Ci:Labo Aqua Collagen Gel
As we get older, skin elasticity will start to break down and collagen is needed make up for any loss. This product penetrates into my skin with ease and leaves no sticky residue. I tend to use this sparingly during this crucial period thus I can't comment on any plumping effect.
To get to the core of congested pores, one must get rid of the accumulating dead skin on top. This is where exfoliators come in to scrub away the impurities and allow treatment products to do their job. When we are dealing with problematic skin, it is essential to use products that won't add unnecessary provocation.

CURE Natural Aqua Gel
CLARINS Gentle Refiner
The Gentle Refiner does a great job at retaining moisture, leaving my skin feeling baby smooth. The creamy consistency contains soothing mimosa extract known to revive the skin for a brighter, even complexion. The gentle dual-microbeads will not aggravate the red bumps nor do I feel any discomfort. You know how sometimes the area around your red bumps dry up and flake? Instead of using fingers to pry, CURE Aqua Gel gently removes the dead skin efficiently. This bottle has been with me for more than 2 years, high time for a review, eh?

Moisture Replenishing
Hadalabo Goku Jyun Hyaluronic Lotion Light
CLARINS White Plus Hp Gentle Renewing Brightening Peel
After all that deep cleansing which could result loss of moisture, we need lotions/toners to replenish moisture and softens the skin to help facilitate the treatment products to do their work. With its cheesy "One drop locks up the ocean" tagline, the HADA LABO lotion is immensely moisturizing and the non-comedogenic ingredients help tame problematic skin. As my skin starts to look sallow during this detoxing period, I need a whitening product to help brighten up my skin tone but does not burden my irritated condition. The brightening peel eliminates dead skin and adds a luminous glow. Although it says in its description to be used twice a week, I have since graduated to use every 2-3 days. No adverse reaction so far.

I hope to see visible results soon, especially when I am about to pick up a set of products tomorrow, one of which is a pre-loved item. I'd placed a reservation before Chinese New Year, thankfully the BA called few hours ago that she has tuck away one of that highly sought after gift set for me. Although this current promotion isn't as attractive as last year's Christmas Coffrets, I'm still grinning from ear to ear because this same item almost landed in my shopping cart today! 

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1996 saw the establishment of LEMONGRASS HOUSE in Thailand by Bobby & Palita Duchowny. Yes, they are related to that X-Files actor *inserts infamous alien jingle*

Committed to develop specialized farm fresh products with a firm belief in using natural ingredients and essential oils, Lemongrass House has become one of the leading spa suppliers in Thailand. Many of their aromatherapy/spa treatments and products are distributed in 28 countries and can be found in major hotel spas in Thailand and around the world.

Besides producing award-winning hand-blended formulas which lies in the quality and concentration of essential oils and unique aromatic effects, all their products are free from sulphates, parabens, artificial fragrances and chemicals.

The founders are are also dedicated to an eco-friendly approach; all ingredients used are fresh and derived from safe, renewable resources and have not been tested on animals. Even their packaging are made from recycled or recyclable materials. Every 5 empty bottles entitles you to $4 off your next purchase.

The Hydrating Mosquito Repellent is one of their best-selling products, and the very one that spanned 14 outlets almost single-handledly. The Duchowny couple had set up a stall in Thailand's Chatuchak Marke; the product caught the eye of a foreign customer that prompted him to purchase several bottles after finding it not only effective in keeping away blood-sucking leeches, but also hydrates the skin.

An array of products ranging from shampoo, shower gels, pillow sprays, body lotions, bath salts etc. I personally love the Aromatic Room Spray in Vanilla Absolute. The calming scent lingers in the air for close to an hour, but got me craving for ice cream in the middle of the night (lol)

Bottles of essential oil greeted me as I ventured into their newly-opened outlet at Raffles City Shopping Centre. Besides the usual Lavender, Tea Tree Oil and other scents you may find elsewhere, Lemongrass House have various quirky ones such as Morning Sickness, and the aptly-named Joy that was included in my goodie bag. But the one scent that clutched my senses is another aptly named Happiness.

You may also find products that caters to children such as shampoo, shower gel, body lotions and even sunscreen! Suitable for all skin types and pampering the delicate skin of your little ones.

What really caught my attention as I look around the store is their small(but soon to grow) pets section. The products are highly sought after, especially the Paw Balm which was out of stock at that time. Milo have a strong odor that keeps coming back even after a fresh shower and the Spa Dog Spritzer comes in handy with its unique blend of Lemongrass and Thai Bergamot essential oils. I had meant to purchase it on the spot but Sarah, the marketing manager, stopped me and insisted on putting in together with my goodie bag. Thanks alot, babe!

For those who wish to purchase the Paw Balm, and I strongly recommend you to get one for your furry BFFs, kindly put down your name in the reservation book. This useful item is meant soothe and protect doggie paws after each stroll.

The staff are also knowledgeable, answering my every inquiry with utmost patience. There are currently 4 outlets in Singapore, with the latest at Raffles City S.C., #03-07A (Tel: 6336 7109) which opened last December.

Other branches:
- Liang Court, #B1-26 (Tel: 6100 0807)
- 313 Somerset, #B2-14 (Tel: 6100 0806)
- Parco P3-20, Millenia Walk (Tel: 6100 0309)

In conjuction with the upcoming Chinese New Year, there is 15% off festive scents, namely Royal Lotus and Mandarin. Although the promotion ends tomorrow(2nd Feb), do head down to the nearest outlet and check out assorted fragances. They make excellent gifts too!
My goodie bag consisted of:
- Lemongrass & Green Tea Moisturising Jojoba Bead Body Scrub
- Large bar of Vanilla soap
- Vanilla Absolute Shower Gel
- Vanilla Absolute Aromatic Room Spray
- "Joy" essential oil
- Lavender Hydrating Body Cream with pure lavender essential oil

The look I'd sported on that day. Yes it was the usual neutral browns but I had taken a small step out of my comfort zone and went all smokey. I would have gone even further with a black eyeshadow but didn't want to go overboard, considering the aromatherapeutic occasion. What correlation is there anyway? (lol)

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