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Chinese New Year is around the corner, and most of us will be house-visiting one after another. The Singapore weather may be unpredictable recently with the surge in pouring rain, but when Brother Sun decides to come out of hiding, I need a good blotting device to avoid looking *shiny* Here are a couple of selected products to consider over your last minute shopping.

STARBUCKS Serviettes
I always make a point to take a few whenever I pop over to the nearest outlet. These brown recycled napkins managed to absorb the excess sebum and mattifies my face efficiently. Though the texture is slightly coarser than the average tissue, it doesn't roughen your skin one bit. That being said, please do not rush over and lug home an entire bundle of serviettes, and do not quote my blog should you get caught (lol)

Blotting Papers
There are various brands of blot papers in the market. I strongly advise you to refrain getting those scented and powdered ones, for they might cause a break especially if you have acne-prone or sensitive skin.

MAC Blot Powder
This is the best blot device out of the bunch - one application could prevent shine for as long as 3-4 hours, depending on the climate. I have already mentioned it in a prior post, thus a long-winded introduction may be excused.

Now we have come to the highlight - it may not be up to par with MAC's, but this product is worth a mention. My mother almost went batshit crazy when I picked this up few weeks ago. "Ah Girl, this is something your Grandma would use, why did you get it?!" So I replied saying that this was once seen on her own dressing table eons ago, Grandma (lol)

Sam Fong Hoi Tong Powder
Indeed, this product had been used by the Chinese for many decades, commonly employed on the face prior to shape one's eyebrows to prevent any unnecessary cuts. In olden days, street beauticians spread a decent amount of the powder on their customers' face before proceeding to thread off excess facial hair, and helps to smooth the complexion.

What has been often neglected is its oil-control properties. Just like MAC's blot powder, it can also be used to control sebum and set your makeup. Although it looks chalky(Note: not Geisha white) when swatched, the texture is finer than the former and glides on the skin really well. My face start to shine around 2 hours later, but you might want to consider this as a cheaper alternative. It cost around $2-3, depending on place of purchase. It comes in white and pink, though I have yet to try the latter. 

This can also be used as a mask - dip a slab into water and slather on the water. I have no idea of its whitening properties either. But I gotta caution you to check the label on the back of the compact case. Purchase the ones that are manufactured in Hong Kong, according to my friend, the formula is smoother. There are a number of counterfeits sold online, so be careful!

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It wasn't that long ago when I had popped my MAC cherries - having purchased the highly-raved FIX+ Spray (which I have been using really often but wouldn't finish!) and the sun-kissed Mineralize Blush Duo in Sun & Moon. I am embarrassed to say that this product has been severely neglected... I promise to make a point and use it more often. _| ̄|○

I don't like to keep up with the latest trends, for fear that the lemming beast might create havoc. The MAC collections did not appeal much to me anyway, and I hope it will stay that way (lol) 

These days I totally skipped using liquid foundations and opt for concealer set with loose powder. While I'm on the search for new translucent powders to play with, I headed to the nearest MAC counter to get some basic necessities - stuff to try out and find out for myself why they have garnered so much affections by many ladies.

By the way, the BA matched me to NC30. This doesn't sit well with me though, because I'm pretty fair. But maybe it's due to my current "detoxing" routine that may have caused my skin to turn slightly sallow, since I've opt to skip using any whitening products. Could this be the case?

MAC Mineralize Skinfinish Natural - Medium
Offers low coverage but I don't mind since the concealer does most of the flaw-camouflaging for me, the product is mainly used to set the concealer. The tightly pressed powder has a micro-fine texture that forms an invisible veil, and it feels incredibly smooth and creates this soft-focus matte finish.

As for usage, sometimes I like to use a sponge so as to create an airbrushed effect, and will not ruin my concealer. On other days, I simply use a powder brush to pat on the product gently. One layer is sufficient.

The MSF ain't cheap at S$46. While doing about a research before making an investment, I have read horror stories about how fragile the product is. Even dipping could cause the dome to "collapse." YIKES! On the day of purchase, the shopping bag slipped from my hands and dropped to the cold ground with a LOUD THUD. I swear an aneurysm will happen there and then, but fortunately no damage was done. σ(^。^;

To avoid an actual brain emergency from happening, I always dip my brush lightly to pick up the product. And when it comes to oil-control, you might want to invest in a blot powder or paper especially if you are "blessed" with oily skin...

MAC Blot Powder/Pressed - Medium

This blotting powder is a GodSend! I no longer need to worry about the shine on my face ever so often. Normally a blotting device had to be whipped out after a 5 min walking distance from my home to the subway, but now, POOF! My makeup stays matte, thanks to Mica and Silica present in the powder that helps to curb excess sebum.

The translucent powder does not add any color, and the fine texture will not cake your makeup with multiple touch ups. This is a keeper, for sure.

MAC Powder Blush - Dirty Plum
This was purchased on a whim, to this day I still have no idea what had possessed me to get this. The color looked intimidating from the pan and is definitely out of my comfort zone, so what gives? (ーДー;)ヾ

Steer clear if you are in a rush for time, since this product has to be applied on with a light hand. You do not want to look like a baboon's behind, no? The blended grape-y shade still sticks out like a sore thumb, thus I layered it with a light diffusion of pink blush or a highlighter.

MAC Lipglass - Gold Dust
Another impulsive purchase - this has got to be the stickiest gloss I have ever used. You don't want to wear it on windy days! When your hair gets on your glossy lips, it will create sticky streaks all over the face. Annoying, I tell you, when it became quite a task to pry my locks while sashaying down the streets of Orchard Road!

I fell in love with the coppery warm color with subtle golden shimmer. The scent resembles Winnie the Pooh's honey but utterly tasteless on thy lips. Note to self: do not get anymore MAC lip gloss!

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CLARINS White Plus HP Sea Lily Enriched range is effective in counteracting hyperpigmentation, reduce inflammation of skin cells and delivers micro-circulation to boost complexion radiance and restore youthfulness with very powerful brightening effectiveness. Using Sea Lily Extract as the  active ingredient, is has the capacity to block the melanin tunnel, therefore the skin is better protected against any threatening development of dark pigmentation.

White Plus HP Sea Lily Enriched
Intensive Whitening Smoothing Serum
This whitening product minimizes dark spots while refining the skin texture, thanks to the presence of oat sugars, and also prevents any reappearance of dark pigmentation. This serum also firms facial features, smoothes away fine lines, and restores the skin's transparent rosy glow.

White Plus HP Sea Lily Enriched
Whitening Moisture Day Emulsion SPF20

This milky solution has a fine, melting texture that instantly brightens, moisturizes and protects the skin against UV rays with SPF20 PA++. This smooth Day Lotion also preps the skin to enhance and prolong makeup all day.

I have been using mostly the White Glove Extreme whitening skin care range by ELIZABETH ARDEN last year, and still have quite a few unopened products begging to be used in my stash. Hence I don't have a major problem with uneven pigmentation problems and can't give you an unbiased account when it comes to the brightening effect in reviewing these Clarins products.

However, I can vouch that they do maintain the skin's illuminancity. Having switched to another skin care routine for another round of product reviewing, my skin tone has gotten sallow in time.
During the period of test-driving the WhitePlus products which I had been using rigorously, I had undergone 2 separate skin analysis within a 2-month span. In spite of a visible breakout -bad reaction from another product I was testing at the time-, the epidermal layer of my skin was evidently hydrated, with a drastic improvement shown in the 2nd analysis.

Interestingly, the scan had also shown that I don't have much of a melanin problem. According to Dr Lionel de Benetti, head of Clarins research and development, each stubborn spot is created differently, thus we need an effective product that is able to lighten all spots, in all the the different melanin processes.

Forget about whitening facial masks that boost instantaneous but temporal results. The bleaching agent that gives you that shortcut brightening effect not only flakes, they do little to nourish your skin. Instead, invest in a skin care range that not only improves your skin condition on the outside, but most importantly encourages the elimination of dead cells within the deeper layers as well.

The serum and moisturizer do not flake on me, and absorbs well into my skin. The only downside is that my face starts to shine fairly quickly around the 2-hour mark, even on days when I chose to work from home. Thus, I have tried to pair up the products with other brands, in a bid to test out different combinations in terms of shine control but other moisturizers don't seem to play nice with the smoothing serum and causing a flaking situation.

Some of my friends felt the scent of be a tad too overwhelming, but I personally enjoyed the fragrance although it didn't linger on for too long. For those who share the same sentiments as my friends, you'll be glad to know that the 3 new additions to the WhitePlus family leave a really mild trail compared to their older siblings:

White Plus HP Gentle Renewing Brightening Peel (S$65)
White Plus HP Gentle Brightening Exfoliator (S$60)
White Plus HP Whitening Repairing Night Cream (SS110)

I will introduce and review these products in a future entry. In the meantime, head down to your nearest Clarins counter and check these new products!

There is a current promotion to purchase the WhitePlus set consisting of the serum and day moisturizer at S$220. For extra savings, head down to the Perfumes and Cosmetics shop located at T2, Changi Airport which is going for S$198(or is it $168; I can't remember though. I was lemming for the Lancome Genifique set which retails at S$198, that explains why I have these digits carved in my head)

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I know my entries have gotten sparse, with 7 meager entries on the 22nd day of the new year. My apologies, for I have been awfully busy with my projects, and a constant victim to various distractions. That is one flaw which is uber difficult to correct especially when one comes in a form of a furry 4-legged hyper freak that bugs me every now and then with his stinky blanket, or when he wants to play ball.

Those big, round eyes are weapons designated to melt one's heart; they definitely can give Puss in Boots a run for his money. He comes only to me - I am the one who throws him treats and wipes his ass after he poops. Sometimes I wish he's a furby so that I can put him on a shelf and leave it there to collect dust (lol)

From now on, my weekend entries will be delegated to miscellaneous stuff, such as hilarious Milo episodes and other lifestyle-related topics such as the movies I've seen, books that have landed on my lap etc. This will motivate me to read more although as of now, I am on self-imposed book ban. That is another long-winded entry for another weekend~. ┐(´ー`)┌

To start things off, I have been spending a great deal of money for the past two weeks. More than a grand, to be specific. I have always pride myself on curbing the haul monster within me, but with Milo getting sick recently have rendered me restless. Hopefully this will be a passing phase, otherwise I would have to sell off the ASSBUTT (lol)

My Samsung MP3 player has been a faithful companion for the last 3 years. I figured an upgrade is in place because the sound system isn't that superb which in turn, compromises the quality of the music. Imagine going to a rock concert, say Journey, only to be disappointed by the mono speakers. Thus I went into research mode for a week and cover all bases from Sony, Creative, Apple etc. I was hesitant to get another iPod because the battery life SUCKS!

I had a Nano once and after 6 months of usage, a fully battery could last me 2 hours at most before it died out. Even getting an external battery isn't of much help. So last week when my Aussie friend came to visit, he whipped out his iPhone and I was mesmerized by his photo album. You read that right, I was looking for a music player but got sidetracked by photographs instead. I have no idea what came over me but after sending him off to the airport, I headed straight to the APPLE store at Wheelock Place and KACHING!

I'm not a gamer per se, but some of these apps have been keeping me occupied to the point that reading has taken a back seat! (つд⊂) My latest obsession is stock racing, such as the 1990 Tom Cruise vehicle, Days of Thunder (1990). There's an official app(not the one above) but notably absent is that adrenalin-pumping score by famed Hans Zimmer... Nonetheless it has held my attention for the whole afternoon. I probably shouldn't play it outdoors though, it might just ruin my goody-goody image (lol)

My Aussie friend had asked why don't I purchase the iPhone. Well, I'm still a Nokia gal through and through. Typing via touchscreen is too time-consuming and the screen sensitivity is freaking annoying!

I'll have some reviews coming up, plus hauls featuring products from BOOTS and MAC Cosmetics. OH, I have gotten down to purchase an actual camera. Not a camera within a phone, nor a polaroid. It is a digital camera, so expect photos with better resolution, and more EOTDs & FOTDs. I have one lusty EOTD coming up, so stay tuned☆

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Hihi! Last night following a brief fling with Mr Migraine, Mrs Fever decides to play house thus I will try to keep this entry brief.

It's been a while since I've brought up about the books I've purchased or been reading. To be honest, I haven't been doing much of it this past year, mainly because the titles I chose to buy were so hard to get into. In terms of story flow, when the author fails to actively engage you, well, that pretty much sums up 2010. A special shout out to Kitty from Australia, who had expressed interest in my reading. I hereby dedicate this post to you, mate!

The other day saw me clawing through my stash for a particular title when I stumbled across a Haruki Murakami novel. A forgotten gem only to be dug up few years later; it was still in mint condition thus no harm done. I have now learn to never buy things in bulk, especially books, for distraction is a flaw that I'm struggling to correct but to no avail. Before I could go into depth as to how the relationships between the lead male character and the circumstances of his life -past and present- that drove him along to the inevitable outcomes, my package from Amazon arrived...

"Life changes fast.
  Life changes in the instant.
  You sit down to dinner and life as you know it ends.

The Year Of Magical Thinking
is an account of American author, Joan Didion's attempt to cope with the unexpected death of her husband of almost forty years. At the same time, their daughter was in a medically-induced coma. Standing at a little over 200 pages, she reveals how her inner turmoil of grieving and fending off uncontrollable vortices of emotional pain led her to a state of 'magical thinking.'

This is, by far, one of the most engaging book I have read, even though I haven't gone too far into the author's 'magical journey.' Every detail of every situation was intricately described; the first chapter had already got me bawling. Get your copy via Amazon because it's neither available at Kinokuniya nor Borders. F!@#$%

I have 3 more titles to pick up before self-imposing a book ban. Is it so difficult to wish for more than 24 hours in a day?

Here's Milo signing off on my behalf. "Woof Woof!"

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Milo seemed a lot better the next day. We spent Sunday morning at the field and he was enjoying himself like any happy pooch! But after a hot shower, things started to spiral: he felt lethargic and couldn't get to sleep. He followed me everywhere around the house and kept at a close distance to keep the mistress within his sight. It says a lot when your pet literally glued to you when he is at his most vulnerable and not to the other family members.

That evening we decided to bring him to the vet. Blame the brother who sleeps till mid afternoon and kept putting it off until the situation doesn't look pretty. Predictably no vets were available around the neighborhood. Fortunately, Milo appeared to be his usual self the next morning, hyper and being all cheerful. To think half the family took urgent leave for this ASSBUTT (lol)

An abstract image of precious chewing on a milk stick. The ASSBUTT is a clean freak, by the way. He claws my door -by way of knocking- and expects me to wipe his butt after pooping. By midday, Milo had farted in my room TWICE!

This furry minor ordeal had put me and Mum freaking out, and I broke down twice! This unstable climate needs to pass, otherwise more of us are going to be sick. In the meantime, please stay warm everybody!

Yesterday I was at SPH Media Center for a photo shoot - the same location where the advertorial for ELIZABETH ARDEN took place last April. Same dressing room but with different personnel for another magazine. Special thanks to the lovely Rachel who contacted me last week, 3 contrasting looks were demonstrated for a beauty feature: one sporting the purple trends from the upcoming Color Design 5-pan palette eyeshadows by LANCOME. The 2nd look shows how to achieve a natural glam look with minimal effort yet to maximum effect. Lastly, my makeup cuts right down to the minimal - barely there face with bold lips!

I have been test-driving this intensive serum and it has been causing me grief for a while. As a result red bumps flare up around my cheeks! Kudos to Tin, the makeup artist of the day who managed to conceal those buggers using products from MAKEUP FOREVER. I had on neutral brown colors on my eyes; deep red lips courtesy of AVERINE with a glossy 3D finish by BOURJOIS.

I was extremely conscious about my smile the whole time, because the colors kept staining my teeth. My hunger pangs, the cold climate and piercing air-conditioning got me shivering throughout the entire afternoon. Adding everything up, these outtakes probably look better than the actual studio shots, me thinks.

I was donned in an elegant garb by LAUREN JASMIN, paired by a sweet-looking hairstyle. After my makeover was done, I literally felt like a Korean!

Pssst! Busy Mummy Rachel, it was fun chatting with you while we tried to pass off the waiting time.

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Something I thought was hilarious happened yesterday morning. Milo, as always, started gnawing on his milk bone right outside my room where I can see him. It is his way to keep his distance from eating without any paranoia thoughts of anybody snatching his food away, and also to keep me within his sight.

In true Milo fashion, he likes to chew with his mouth open wide like some caveman; no gentleman nor lady would ever be caught dead with such etiquette at the dinner table. Moments later I sensed something amiss when he continued the same action with nothing in his mouth. So upon some inspection, the whole chunk stuck to the side of his gums. It was funny to see him displaying that helpless look instead of that mischievous demeanor that disrupts my work ever so often. When I checked back couple of hours later, the milky gum had clearly dissolved and my mind was put at ease.
Milo appeared lethargic when I got home last night. It was way past his regular 10pm sleeping time and his tail was still wagging and shaking his bon-bon as he greet me at the door. I was informed by Mum that his feces had been watery that evening and his body temperature was slightly warmer. I checked his gums again but nothing was stuck but Milo continued to show discomfort in that same area. We suspect his gums might be sore from this morning's episode.

Dear God, I am willing to change my good luck for the year in return for my furry friend's good health. I beg of you!! _| ̄|○

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Facial masks come in handy just before an important occasion should you seek an instant boost. That being said, there are those that specifically brightens up your complexion albeit a temporal effect. This is the factor that keeps me from not purchasing because most of the ones I've tried tends to flake whenever I applied on moisturizer afterwards to lock in the essence from the product.

Hence I made sure to be mentally prepared the night I tried on KRACIE Deep Whitening mask sent to me for consideration. Fortunately the serum did not cause me any grief and I was able to do about my routine facial massage.

HADABISEI Deep Moisture Mask WE (Deep Whitening)
This Kracie product from Japan contains the Vitamin C derivative that suppress melanin production and prevents unwelcoming pigmentation and freckles to occur. The aid of Lemon Extract helps to soften the protective layer of your skin so as to allow the beneficial ingredients to penetrate efficiently.

The facial sheet fits my around facial contours nicely and doesn't slip during the 15-20mins treatment process. The cloth soaked up most of the essence thus there aren't much left in the pack - I love to use the excess around my neck and decollete region, and my long pins. With that being said, there are no signs of essence dripping on my clothes either.

Unfortunately, the whitening effect was mediocre but it differs with different skin tones. I failed to notice any brightening difference. However, I found the serum to be immensely moisturizing upon massaging into my skin. There was no flaking, and left my skin supple and dewy. It also allowed foundation to glide on smoothly.

There is a wide variety of the Hadabisei Moisture Mask series available now at all Watsons stores islandwide.

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I never have much luck with the natural sunlight. Just when I thought this morning's weather is well-lit enough to warrant an EOTD, dark clouds start to form when I'm halfway through, BLEH! Hence these are pre-shots taken yesterday when I had time to play around with my stash, which explains the lack of blending and pigment intensity. The point of these pre-shots are to determine which color combos I could go for, instead of the usual browns and corals. There are days when I want to experiment too, ya know ´◡`

Anyway my agenda was to pair up the complimentary Turquoise/Teal and Purple but the latter appeared a lot harsher in the resolution above.

I first used the (1)Blue from REVLON Illuminance Creme Shadow in Moonlit Jewels as base, followed by (2)Aquadisiac from L'OREAL Open Eyes Chrome Intensity quad over the base and the White Highlighter(not shown) on the brow bone. One of my favourite color combos from L'OREAL HiP makeup range, I applied (3)Purple on the outer crease and (4)Gold on the inner corners with Flamboyant shadow duo.

Today I wore baby pink from the 78 palette in place of gold to soften the look for daytime. HaHa, I seem to favor spring colors! ´◡`

While typing this entry, I realized with the above image, it resembles the sun setting on the horizon doesn't it? It is the first scenario that pops into my head. I will definitely return to do a proper EOTD with this look, this time with the 88 palette as the soft textures are easier to blend.

Many years ago there was a Cinnamon House(of sorts) near my now-defunct workplace. I used to head down every few days to get a pack of freshly-made cinnamon rolls. They come in trios and I am salivating while recalling the delicious cinnamon smell that lingered through the busy passage way where the shop used to be located.

Last week I met up with Sesame and we settled at Starbucks for a quick bite and catch up on the latest gossip. We mutually decided on Cinnamon Rolls as I grunted about the rudeness of the cashier. To our disappointment, the dough was awfully dry with a forgettable cinnamon taste.

My tastebuds was still craving for more of the spicy condiment, thus I made my virgin purchase of McDonald's Cinnamon Melts. It consisted of warm donut breads topped with cinnamon sugar glaze and creamy cheese icing. YUMMY! Even Milo shared my acquired taste!

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Special thanks to Wenqing for the recommendation, I was invited down to Essensuals Bugis last month for a hair session. The salon is conveniently located at Bugis Village, directly above Burger King(enter from the staircase on the right). Although under the mother company TONI & GUY, Essensuals Bugis offers good hairdressing services but at extremely affordable prices.

The interior is fairly spacious with large windows that let the daylight in, making the room bright. I have no idea why one would assume that I need a dye job but nonetheless, I enjoyed a short chat with a consultant and picked up this useful information: If you are looking to cover your roots, use a dark shade of brown instead of jet black. The latter will only make your hair look like a wig.

Things were set in motion after I decided on a nice shade of dark hazel brown. Most of my time was spent drafting because I was left alone with occasional color checks. If you have company, a recreation area has been set aside to tide over the waiting time - comfy couches, magazines, and video games for impatient kids.

When it comes to shampooing off the dye, boy was I in for a treat. The assistant seemed to be inexperienced as there was a lot of tugging involved which led me to wonder how much hair did he/she pulled out. The water splashing was slightly intolerable, including "visiting ripples" from the neighbor. I was convinced that my makeup would be washed by the time it was done! The scalp and neck massage was totally uncomfortable; a lot of cringing involved and my neck was held up for a good 5 minutes as like a baby being held up to show to his proud new parents. Fortunately, the assistant had the decent sense to ask if I was okay with the water temperature, and inform me of the 5 minutes interval while the treatment sets in.

Click on the image above for a larger resolution and check out the ongoing lucky draw and promotions!

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SLEEK Makeup Blush in Pixel Pink
I'm sure many you have come across the SLEEK palettes while doing your rounds of blog-stalking. Fortunately the curb monster in me is having an infinite hibernation thus no major expenditure.... so far. Anyway, I stumbled on a mini blog sale and decided to purchase this since it was listed as brand new.

I did not expect the product to be so tiny, however it definitely carry more weight than the SHISEIDO single eyeshadow. The sleek(pun intended) matte packaging comes with a mirror and 8 whole grams that totally worth every single penny!

A matte bubblegum pink that adds a doll-like look to your cheekbones, Pixel Pink is sweet and feminine. The blush is incredibly rich in color, needing only a little swipe each time you apply it on - apply light for a sweet flush or use a heavier hand for really defined cheeks.

ELIZABETH ARDEN Pure Finish Mineral Cheekcolor in Rosy Glow
I am also interested in SLEEK's Rose Gold but the practical me found an alternative in my stash. Featured in my 2010 Best, Rosy Glow is a light rose shade with subtle gold undertones whereas swatches of Rose Gold that I've seen leans more on the warm peachy side with golden shimmers. By no means are the colors identical but I shall settle with EA's until my resistance caves in (lol)

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