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There are differing opinions in regards to pairing makeup with your outfits. Some find it "safe" to pair up, say a pink top with an eyeshadow of the same color, while others call it tacky. To avoid looking like Kueh Lapis, I opt to coordinate with the warm or cool color tones: Brown or yellow cardigan goes with gold or bronze eyeshadow; blue dress to match with pink lips etc. I adhere to this system when I'm rushing for time or simply not in the mood to play around with loud colors.

Suffice to say, I tend to accord my blush and lipstick with shades within the same tonal family. To avoid looking like a walking fashion catastrophe, give your cheeks a nice sheer of blush, whilst keeping a stronger lip color.

SHISEIDO Luminizing Satin Blush in RS 302

CLARINS Rouge Prodige in 107 Tea Rose

Having had to make a trip down to the hospital over the weekend, I had on a white sundress with florals designs like the ones seen on mahjong tiles. To avoid looking too cheery, I opted to forgo eyeshadow and emphasize on my cheeks and lips.

I'd wanted to give my cheeks a rosy glow, a trait visibly absent on most patients in the hospital. A healthy color that will not dampen my grandmother's spirits. It was intentional to use both products in TeaRose and results were more than satisfactory; 2 nurses tending to my relative inquired about the color and brand. 

In my opinion as long as the results doesn't overkill, it does not matter if you decide to play matchy matchy. Afterall it's up to one's creativity and confidence to pull off even the tackiest look.

Milo says hi, by the way. Here I have my wand and discerning if he is an Animagus. Sadly, he's just an ASSBUTT through and through. The other day he caused me to take a tumble and I landed on my front, resulting in a hefty bruise on my knee.

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CLARINS Instant Light Brush-On Perfector (S$45)
The formulation contains the Light Optimizing+ Complex -a new innovation from Clarins Laboratories- that is great for highlighting purposes. Apply on light-catching areas such as the forehead, brow bone, cheekbones, cupid's bow, chin area and on your nose bridge. The light-reflecting pigments act as an optical distraction that blurs out any appearance of wrinkles and fine lines.

The Instant Light Brush-On Perfector also contains oat sugars which are natural skin-firming agents that gently smooth your facial features. Further enhancing the product is a high performance hyaluronic acid that forms a protective film to seal in moisture within the skin.

A "radiance pen" that banishes dark circles and perk up tired eyes by bringing light and radiance to the skin. The texture is very creamy and blends easily although I strongly recommend applying eye cream first. Trust me, this will help to prevent subsequent products from creeping into the crevices on your undereye area.

The formula comes in a pen, and to push up the product, you just twist it until the highlighter oozes onto a brush. I find it hard to control the dispensability which piles more-than-needed product on the tip of the brush, thus increasing the inflexibility to use apply it directly on areas that needed to be brightened. On top of that, the brush doesn't allow easy blending and I prefer to use a foundation brush. Using my finger is out of the question and the heat generated tends to dry up the formula and causes the product to cake. The product is not to be mistaken for a concealer - the sheer coverage falls short on concealing scars nor existing acne. Some concealers tend to turn ashy due to oxidation resulting in a fatigue look, thus this luminizing pen comes in handy to give my eyes that instant boost of radiance. E.L.F. Studio Under Eye Concealer & Highlighter makes a budget-friendly alternative.

If your dark circles are severe, use a corrector and/or concealer beforehand. These past few months I have been rigid in massaging my face; not only does this routine improves my overall complexion, my eye bags have significantly reduced and shadowy areas under my eyes are gradually diminishing.
That being said, the Perfector isn't just another highlighter, like the raving Yves Saint Laurent Touche Eclat, it can also be used as a corrector depending on your skin tone. While I use 00 Light Beige primarily to illuminate areas that catches light, 01 Pink Beige works surprisingly well in neutralizing redness especially the area round my nose and other blemishes. Since my eye areas aren't as problematic as before, I use 02 Medium Beige to conceal any obvious signs of fatigue.

The Instant Light Brush-On Perfector retails at S$45 each and can be conveniently purchased at all Clarins counters. There are 4 shades available, but I believe it differs in different regions.

Using solely the Perfector in 02 Medium Beige which suits my skin tone the most, notice the brightening effect albeit the grey cast peeking through.

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Attention BB Cream-lovers, for I come bearing exciting news! SKIN79 is proud to announce new additions to the family - 2 BB Creams from the popular Diamond Collection in Travel Sizes!!

If you are a frequent traveler or visit beauty salons on a regular basis, it can be a hassle lugging bulky cosmetics. In light of these concerns, the Korean elite brand of BB Creams decides to answer our prayers: The Diamond Petite Princesses come in 15ml handbag-friendly sizes -a smaller version of their original 40g size- that is convenient to carry around.

SKIN79 Diamond Absolute Total BB Cream

SKIN79 Diamond The Prestige BB Cream
Both BB Creams share similar functions and ingredients that the Diamond Collect range has to offer with 10 skincare benefits: improves wrinkles, protect from UV damage, nourishes and hydrates the skin, contains whitening and sebum-control properties and builds resilience.

Each Petite Princess retails at S$23.90 and will be available exclusively at Watsons from January 2011. For those anxious to get pampered in time for the festive season, head down to the SNEAK PREVIEW SALE @ Tampines Mall Atrium from 29th Nov - 5th Dec 2010 to get your hands on these princesses. Enjoy savings up to 20% so mark your calendars~.

While at the Tampines Atrium, you can also get a first-hand look of the Paul Frank Lip Smacker balms and glosses that will also be launched in January 2011. For those who are unable to make it down next week, the Paul Frank Smacker giftsets are currently available at selected Watsons stores.

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SKIN79 Perfect Cover BB Concealer
Boosting of a hot-pink packaging that makes every girl swoon, SKIN79's glamourous Diamond Collection contains superior ingredients such as Diamond Power and Jewel Complex Powder of ruby, amethyst, coral and tourmalin and pearl to create a flawless finish.

Leading the pack with their best-selling BB Creams, the Korean brand now introduces its BB Concealer made with micro-soft powder particles. The product comes in a sturdy metal case with dual shades in the palette.

The Light Beige is meant to be applied on the under-eye area; the coverage manages to brighten up my eyes but turns ashy soon afterwards. Even with its emollient texture, it still seeps into the crevices that made my fine lines all the more obvious. The coverage fall short with the darker shade aptly named Natural Beige. It comes in handy to even out my skin tone but doesn't do a good job on veiling my flaws.

In the midst of reviewing, I had to go the extra mile of using another concealer to cover up exisiting scars and zits before blending with the darker color to even out the pigmentation. Overall, the lack of color choice is critical - both Light and Natural Beige proved to be a tad too light and does not blend well with some of my other foundations.

This product will work well for those with minimal skin discoloration.

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This tube has been bruised and battered due to frequent usage. I apologized for the unsightly capture but I'm quickly 'hitting pan' so a review is timely to share why this product has been part of my recent(miserable) lifestyle. This was purchased couple of months ago.

HADA LABO Tamagohada AHA/BHA Exfoliating Face Wash
This gentle cleanser contains a combination of AHA(Alpha Hydroxy Acid) and BHA(Salicylic Acid) - AHA acts as an exfoliant with minute molecules to penetrate into the dermis layer. That being said, it works by dissolving dead skin cells, sloughs off dull and rough skin on the skin and increase cell turnover all at the same time.

Another exfoliant present in the product is BHA better known as Salicylic Acid, is commonly used for treating acne. It also has a salubrious effect on pigment disturbances and sun-damaged skin.

So what exactly is the difference between both exfoliants?
According to Paula Begoun, AHA is ideal for sun-damaged and dry skin whereas BHA should be opted for those with acne-prone oily skin, and can easily penetrate through the oil-clogging pores therefore makes a good treatment for acne-causing blackheads and white bumps.
The exfoliating range from Hada Labo contains another Foamy Wash which I have not tried yet, nonetheless a small dollop of product produces a decent foam with this Face Wash. Free of fragrances, alcohol and mineral oil, also absent is any form of scrubbing beads. Despite that, my skin feels squeaky clean and smooth like a shelled egg(↑).

When your skin isn't in its best condition, it gradually gets dull. Given my recent bad breakout, this cleanser comes in handy to exfoliate my skin without aggravating existing red bumps and I do see minimal clarity after each wash. Because both AHA and BHA can increase the sun sensitivity of the skin, hence I always make sure to compensate by using sunscreen with UVA and UVB protections.

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I suffer from insomnia in times of stress, depression and my biggest nightmare - writer's block. My form of relaxation is a good book and enjoyable music, but when I've ran out of resorts, I turn to aromatherapy. While I had previously gushed over the Satsuma scent, Lavender is another one of my favourite.

Good Night's Sleep Restoring Cream

Aptly named, this luxurious night cream from Elizabeth Arden contains the aromatic lavender to enhance relaxation and calmness. Most of us tend to have mood swings from the irritability derived from not catching enough shut-eye, hence this light, flowery scent is ideal to help unwind your mind and body.

Another prominent ingredient is Honeysuckle with its antibiotic properties. Often used for medical purposes, this herbal inclusion helps to treat skin irritation such as rashes and outbreaks. Other components in the concoction include Shea Butter, Evening Primrose Oil and Panax Ginseng Root Extract.

The product comes in the form of a jar, so I used a spatula for hygiene's sake. Although I don't see fine lines and wrinkles diminished according to the product's description, but the pleasure of waking up to my skin feeling like a baby's bottom puts me on cloud nine every morning! The cream is incredibly rich, so a pea-sized amount is sufficient per application. Extra effort to massage in the formula is strongly advisable - not only does this facial exercise promotes blood circulation, it enables the beneficial ingredients to absorb into the skin properly. Fortunately, I did not experience any breakouts pertaining to the lavender embodiment. My skin feels significantly softer, firmer and more resilient with each usage. There are no signs of any softening in my fine lines and wrinkles, according to the product description.

Many important body functions occur when we are sleeping such as tissue regeneration, regulations of insulin and blood sugar etc.  By contrast, chronic sleep deprivation accelerates tissue degeneration and aging of the brain. So if you are an insomniac or crave for something aromatic to be integrated into your skincare regime, this product is worth a try. To a certain extent, it does help me slip into dream mode faster and minimizes my nightly battle of tossing and turning.

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BODY WELLNESS has been one of the leading spas since 1997. With its own in-house research and development team, this local establishment offers to consumers the most unique and innovative treaments that incorporates the latest technology and spa techniques.

I was recently invited down to enjoy a complimentary session at Winsland House. Upon consultation, the Ginger Renewal Massage was rendered too "mature" for me, thus a Ginseng Thermal Treatment was recommended instead.

Such therapeutic massages help to provide relief for chronic health issues such as headaches, back aches and menstruation discomfort. Due to the nature of my work, I am constantly by the computer which explains why my BFFs stress-pimples would visit me every so often.

After voicing my concerns and filling in a consulation form to state down any existing medical conditions, I was given a warm Ginger tea to calm down my nerves in the morning, followed by a tour of the Winsland House establishment. With the capacity of 30 rooms to cater the busy schedules of today's modern women, there leaves little worry about not being able to secure an appointment.

Each private spa room are named after a favourite place visited by the owner; most are European cities whereas the massage techniques employed by the masseuses lean more to the Oriental side of Balinese and Javanese. An occupied room is indicated by an aromatic bag hanging on the door knob.

Upon entering the room, there is a single trolley that carries disinfectant, box of gloves and bottle pump. The Ginseng Thermal Treatment involves using a Ginseng cream imported from Korea, manufactured exclusively for Body Wellness. The product acts as a relaxant that soothes the skin but I felt it was too rich for my skin as the greasy feeling stuck with me throughout the day. One can be subjective when it comes to fragrances; whilst the Ginseng smell wasn't too empowering to begin with but it lingers on like an aura, even Milo refuses to greet me at the door.

Therapeutic massages provide relief for chronic health issues such as headaches, back aches, menstruation discomfort etc. The massage therapist was communicative and had a great touch applying adequate pressure at approriate areas. My nature of work requires me to sit by the computer, hence my shoulders are relatively stiff. The therapist really worked through my kinks, making my experience pleasurable.

A heat mat was then placed over my body to allow the Ginseng cream to be absorbed into my skin and keeps me warm at the same time. No thanks to Milo who has finally learnt to knock the door and had been disruptive the entire night, which explained my fatigueness that morning. I was about to doze off but was thwarted by the loud laughter from the staff along the corridor. Overall, my visit had been pleasant, and I did notice a slight glow on my face after the session. Afterall, this theraputic massage is meant to stimulate and improve the lymphatic system that removes toxins from the body.

If you would like to enjoy the very same Ginseng Thermal Treatment, Body Wellness would like to extend an exclusive promotion for my readers:

A session of Ginseng Thermal Treatment (60 mins) @ $28* only

Terms and Conditions:
• Valid for first-time female Singaporean customers aged 21 years and above
By appointment only - simply quote: Blog AtelierGal
• NRIC must be presented upon redemption.

Stamford Court, 61 Stamford Road #01-08/09 Singapore 178892
   Tel: 6337 9294
Winsland House 1, 3 Killiney Road #01-02 Singapore 239519
   Tel: 6737 1577
Heritage Court, 60/64 Peck Seah Street Singapore 079323
   Tel: 6323 1511

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Bourjois So Laque! Ultra Shine
Beige Glamour is a vintage pink shade which spells DEMURE, by my standards. One coat is sufficient to produce a pale rose color whilst it takes two applications to appear opaque.
The So Laque formula is chip-resistant with decent durability. The applicator is kinda stiff that can be hard to maneuver but it works well for me; the brush is just the right size for my fingers. Despite its thickness, the lacquer dries up quickly with a nice shine finish. I recommend using a top coat to maintain the Ultra Shine factor as it doesn't last for very long. One thing that irks me is streakiness with subsequent applications.

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This Christmas, Bonnie Bell Lip Smacker has teamed up with Paul Frank to offer consumers a line of lip balm and glosses, featuring the famous cartoonist's mascot, Julius the monkey and other beloved characters like Worry Bear & Clancy.

Retailing at a mere S$21.90, juice up your lips with this colorful collection of moisturizing products, all bundled in a cherry Julius clutch. Alternatively, you can keep it together with a fun Julius tin filled with 3 smooth and deliciouslip balms at just S$14.90.

Perfect for the festive season, these limited edition Paul Frank Smacker giftsets will be available from 18th November to 29th December 2010, exclusively at selected Watsons stores.

My personal favorite is "Clancy's Cotton Candy" which gives the illusion of coating candy floss whilst the formula isn't sticky and doesn't melt like the conventional sugary treat does.

Coconut Cream balm

Clancy's Cotton Candy balm

Julius' Strawberry Banana gloss

Worry Bear's Honey Sweet gloss

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KATE Cosmetics Lasting Color Eyes - BR-1
It is apparent that the eyeshadow colors that I wear correlates with my mood - in times of stress or just plain restless, experimenting with colors are out of the question. So, neutrals are my safest bet and they match with any occasion too.

This brown shade stick has red undertones, and has a slim hand that makes it easy for steady control. The creamy texture is comparable with NXY Jumbo Pencils; it glides on effortless without a need to tug the lids.

What I really like about this particular shade is that it is perfect for makeup novices or for those on the go. The color can be used on its own(provided you use a primer to prevent creasing), and the nimble formula is blendable and buildable.

1 - A swipe to demonstrate how pigmented the crayon is
2 - Emollient texture makes it easy to blend to create a simple smokey effect
3 - Swatch of Guerlain's L'Instant Fume using the shade stick as base

I had previously purchased BK-1 from the same range - black with subtle shimmer to it. These work efficiently as a base, compared to many kohl pencils in the market, which has a generally drier formula.

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The Fall 2010 Rouge Prodige Collection comprises of 29 new shades. Referred to a "high performance formula," it is designed to be long-wearing, but moisturizing and comfortable to wear.

CLARINS uses a new patented-polymer, High Fidelity Pearl for intense color with ensured durability. In addition, the shades are whipped up wtih ceramides and waxes for comfort and prevents dehydration.

Each lipstick comes in a luxurious gold, mirror-like packaging with beveled edges. The slanted tube is embossed with the brand's logo, and the lid stamped with a stylized Clarins leaf, eliegantly marked with its inital "C."

When applied, the formula falls between sheer and medium coverage; creamy gloss with a satin finish. It's not drying on the lips, but doesn't give much hydration either. It glides on smoothly but proves to be a challenge on chapped lips, thus I strongly advise to exfoliate and apply lip balm prior - the product accentuates and seeps into the lines of my lips.

For those concerned with color migration, the pigment-rich lipstick promises a true hold color which lasts up to 4 hours. I often find it a hassle to touch-up when I'm outdoors, prerferring to apply once and forget about it. So this product is good news to thy lips! On the downside, it leaves a gentle stain that takes a mild effort to remove, so put on a thin layer of clear gloss before application.

The Rouge Prodige True-Hold Colour & Shine lipsticks are now available at all Clarins counters, retailing for S$35 each.

I have been alternating these shades ever so often that sometimes I wish for more than a pair of smackers (lol)

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A respected professional in the field of Aesthetic Medicine and appointed trainer for Botox and Fillers, Dr David Loh is also a well-known philosophist who believes that patients should “look better, not different,” he succeeds in supporting this motto with non-invasive treatments.

I was recently invited to the Media Launch of Dr. Loh's exclusive new skincare range, M-Lab by Dr David Loh. Held at Washi Private Dining Room located in the posh Mezzanine of the Grand Hyatt, it was attended by a handful members of the press, Pearlin who kindly invited me to the event, and a blogger(that's me in the photo above).

In contrast to the cozy, intimate session with Dr Woffles Wu, the afternoon with Dr Loh was straightforward with a brief introduction to M-Lab, followed by lunch.
M-Lab by Dr David Loh is a joint effort between Dr Loh and M-Lab. M-Lab is a label by Mesoestetic, a Spanish cosmeceutical company dedicated to carrying out clinical studies to provide safe and effective alternatives to plastic surgery.

With a promise to reinvent the idea of anti-aging skincare, Dr Loh has created the first plant-stem-cell based skincare product for use under the tropical weather like Singapore. Seeking to halt the effects of time and reverse the signs of aging, the active ingredient is the extracts of stem cells derived from the rare Swiss apple tree Uttwiler Spatlauber. These extracts protects the skin's own stem cells and boosts the productions of fibroblast cells, and stimulates them to regenerate more youth-enhancing skin cells.

Stem Cell Cream (S$180)
A richly moisturizing cream designed to be used all over the face and neck. The active ingredients boosts production of collagen and elastin - strengthens the connective tissue and improves the quality and texture of the skin.

Stem Cell Nanofiller (S$180)
A home use filler treatment for fine lips, it is also perfect for plumping and contouring lips. This product not only relies on the remarkable plant stem cell extracts as an active ingredient, but also contains Hyaluronic Acid that enhances the skin's water retention capabilites.

Stem Cell Intensive Serum (S$220)
Ultra-concentrated with a 10% stem cell extract, it acts as a powerful shock treatment to stop the skin's degradation process. Armoured with powerful antioxidants Vitamin A and E, it is a night repair that reactivates cell protection and renewal processes in the dermis and epidermis.

This night treatment has a runny texture and a light whiff of green apples; it is designated for use once a week.

The products are exclusively available at David Loh Surgery
Main Clinic: 501 Orchard Road, #05-16 Wheelock Place, Singapore 238880
Branch: 541 Orchard Road, #11-01 Liat Towers. Singapore 238881

Tel: 65 6733 5300
Email: info@davidloh.sg

Thank You for reading, and I shall end this entry with an alluring shot of Creme Brulee. Thank You Dr Loh for the wonderful lunch☆

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My friend was on an Asian Tour recently - he called me during one of his stopovers to ask if I needed anything since there was an attractive sale going on at some of the high-end department stores in Hong Kong. I was hoping to get either the Prevage Night Cream or the Serum(tried a sample and loved it!) but unfortunately both were sold out. There were only limited quantities of the Day Moisturizer left, so I gave him the green light. The local retail price is S$239 but after discount and currency conversion, I forked out around S$150. Excellent bargain, no?

PREVAGE Day Ultra Protection Anti-aging Moisturizer
This daytime product contains the revolutionary Idebenone, which is a clinically proven antioxidant. With the the highest protective capability of all the other antioxidants in the market,  this key ingredient addresses the effects of oxidation on the skin, which is a primary cause of visible signs of aging. PREVAGE Day also contains Thiotaine, another antioxidant that complements Idebenone in protecting the skin from free radical damage caused by environmental assaults.

Currently on my second bottle, the first was gifted from ELIZABETH ARDEN Singapore, easily used up within 3-4 months. To be honest, I tend to slack in my skincare regime especially when I'm stressed, depressed or fatigued. On nights when I use a sleeping mask, there is no need to wash my face because my skin is still soft and supple in the morning. If the weather turns unbearably hot, I will slap on sunscreen. Note: This does not happen often and only on some days when I do not need to leave the house. Please don't call me a lazy bum (lol)

Despite all that and overlooking frequent hormonal breakouts, multiple analysis still show my skin is in tip-top condition. I'm still surprised every time the consultant shows me the result. It goes to show that even though you might not see evidential changes on the surface, but results are apparent over the long term in the dermal layer. Suffice to say, it is essential to find products suitable for your skin type and meet any necessary skincare concern such as whitening, anti-aging etc.

The potent Idebenone is a fine orange powder, which explains the unique color in the products from this anti-aging range. Fortunately the cream does not add any coloration on the skin however without a proper massage, residue can be seen on the tissue after blotting.

PREVAGE Day has a heavier consistency compared with other daytime moisturizers that I own, and has a broad spectrum of SPF 30 protection. In my initial usages I had difficulty getting the product to sink into my skin, and ended up looking like a grease ball. Take heed if you fall under the combination/oily skin type category - the texture isn't greasy to begin with, but it needs a lot of work to be absorbed. Especially living under Singapore's humid climate, you really need to get in there and massage, Massage, MASSAGE!

Out of many I have tried, the SHISEIDO Facial Massage works best because not only does this method promotes blood circulation, it also allows the skin to better drink in the beneficial ingredients. Given the nature of this massage, just dab a little on the T-Zone and emphasize on your cheeks. Previously, I had to blot almost immediately to remove any excess prior to trying this massage method. Ever since I implemented this facial workout into my routine, blotting comes into action around the two-hour mark.

Although PREVAGE Day is marketed as an anti-aging product, it must not be mistaken as a filler. There is no hocus pocus to make fine lines and wrinkles disappear but I do notice my laugh lines visibly reduced albeit rather slowly. Pixel by pixel. My skin is firmer, more supple and better hydrated; my skin tone is more even now, especially along my jaw line. This is the only product that has managed to even out my skin tone thoroughly. Whitening products only give a temporal brightening effect so I rather invest in something that gives me results in the long run.

Finding The Perfect Pair
I alternate a few moisturizers to accommodate the tropical weather, just like serums catering to different skin concerns. For the sake of reviewing, I had to stick with PREVAGE and along the process, I'd experienced some grief while doing a trial and test run with different serums. The following are just observations based on 2 recent serums that I am currently using:

CLARINS White Plus Intensive Whitening Smoothing Serum
I really love the scent of the Sea Lily extract. Refreshing and Feminine. This plant extract acts like a lock to control melanin production. I have been using it for almost a month together with the Day Moisturizer; the whitening properties aren't visible but clearly shows its effectiveness through a skin analysis.

This serum works well with the Day Emulsion; it penetrates into my skin quickly without leaving any residue. However when paired up with PREVAGE Day, the incompatibility starts to show as the moisturizer flakes while performing the SHISEIDO Facial Massage. Any theories?

SHISEIDO Bio-Performance Super Corrective Serum
Another product that addresses the signs of aging. Beside the perfect pairing of their lush packaging, their formulations go well together that my initial concerns were shot down almost immediately. After experiencing flaking issues with the White Plus Serum, I had expected the same reactions but to my surprise, there was no shedding at all.

This Corrective Serum has a wax-like gel texture that mattifies the skin upon application, allowing the rich consistency of PREVAGE Day to be spread more uniformly. It curb the richness of PREVAGE Day really well, and drastically limits the number of times to blot my face.

It's quite a lengthy read, isn't it? I hope you had fun and thanks for reading!!

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L'Oreal Blush Délicieux  - 19 Apricot Rose
This was a limited edition shade that was released around 7-8 years ago. I'd first saw it on the cheeks of a cover model - an Asian with crystal-clear skin and the blush gave her an overall radiant glow. It had taken me a while to locate the product since it was only available in selected locations, and I must say - persistence does pay off.

Apriot Rose is a delicate shade of peach with gold undertone; sheer with buildable intensity. The texture is smooth and blends in well with my skin tone. However the staying power doesn't come up to par, and given my combination skin type, I had to re-touch every 4-5 hours.

I often have difficulties opening up the product which explains why I dropped it one morning when pressed for time. It slipped from my fingers and the cake shattered to pieces! As fragile like the shell of an egg, compared with the embedded mirror which is still intact.

Sadly I have not come across any similar blushes that bears any resemblance as this one all these years. There are quite a number of similar ones but when swatched, they look absolutely different and none comes as close as Apricot Rose.

The Face Shop Black Label Blusher - 01 Romantic Pink
Another one of my early purchase, this was gotten when the Korean brand had ventured into the local market. Back then I was still a noob at makeup and bought this at random.

A matte medium pink that goes on a little subdued than what the pan illustrates. It gives my dull-on-those-few-days skin some color without looking like a baboon's behind. The product doesn't fade too much, given with the constant oil excretion and is enough to last me for a good 5 hours.

This range has since been repackaged, though I'm not sure if the same color is still available. I am close to hitting pan, but probably will not re-purchase this shade again. I NEED MORE PEACHY AND CORAL COLORS, PLEASE!!

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At the age of 1 year and 2 months, Milo has grown more sturdy and taken on a more prominent role as the security personnel in this household. He barks whenever someone crosses that invisible perimeter of our front door. Speaking of which, I want to slap the people living next door. Especially the 2 daughters who taunt Milo every time. Bunch of crude bullies teasing a dog behind a protective barrier. Even Severus Snape will sneer at these cowards!

I'm going on record to say - I do not have a butt fetish, aside from the pooch's. His behind has gotten meatier that sometimes I picture myself as the coyote with a napkin wrapped around my neck and drools over him with imaginery utensils.
This is what greets me when I start my computer and mobile. Taken over the weekend while he's snoozing away, this particular angle depicts how succulent his butt has gotten. *Slurps*

His tail resembles a lever that fits perfectly into my palm.

One simplest joy in life is to see Milo wags his tail. He wags at the mention of key words - mum-mum(food), biscuit, gai-gai(outing), ball, blanket. I love him shaking his bon bon enthusiastically when he greets me in the morning, and as I enter the front door from an outing.

The Ricky Martin of Jack Russells.

"Zac Efron is my Doppelganger." Yay or Nay?

Milo is getting sleepy... Until next time☆

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