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Upon Shiseido Singapore's invitation, I headed down to Raffles City, Garden Court for a special introduction of their newly launched product - Bio-Performance Super Corrective Serum. There will be a lineup of beauty activities and demonstrations treats from NOW till 3rd Nov at the same venue.

1) Beauty Dialogue  • 29th Oct, 2010; 6:30PM
Have your anti-aging concerns answered; learn makeup techniques to create a youthful look.

2) Youthful Skin Workshop  • 30th Oct, 11AM and 3PM   • 1st-3rd Nov, 6.30PM
Learn beauty secrets from Shiseido Beauty Experts and receive a trial-size Perfect Pair and a softener. *Purchase a $20 fully redeemable Shiseido voucher.

3) Pampering Massage and Makeover
Enjoy a complimentary luxurious face massage or makeover with minimum Shiseido purchase of $50 nett. Indulge and go for both with an $80 nett purchase.

Call Susan at 6732 3793 or email shiseido@shiseido.com.sg to reserve your slot NOW! Limited capacity per session.

5 Minutes to Anti-Aging, with your Pefect Pair

I sat down(literally) with a BA to find out the condition of my skin. She was taken by surprise when the analysis revealed that my skin is in tip-top form given the prominency of that 2 annoying zits on each of my cheek. The scanner also showed certain parts of my skin were starting to show signs of dehydration. Interestingly, I don't have melanin problem at the present time. Looks like gratitudes are in order to my serums; you might not see results on the surface but these products do show results in the dermis☆ Patience is the key word here.

After a brief consultation, I was given a softener and night moisturizer from the Hydrating range to pair up with the Bio-Performance Serum. I'd previously used the softener couple of years ago and am glad to come a full circle back to this product.

Shiseido Bio-Performance Super Corrective Serum
This time-defying serum continues a breakthrough ingredient Bio-Corrective Complex that boosts the productions of fibroblast cells by 27% - fibroblasts are essential and necessary to produce the 3 elements, collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid to keep the skin resilient. This concentrated formula reactivates and regenerate aging cells to prompt the skin to produce more youth-enhancing collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid. 

Despite being a potent magnet for fingerprints, the luxurious capsule is opaque to prevent the formula to lose its efficacy with UV light resulting from sun exposure. Also, the pump design reduces any contamination risk and dispenses just the right amount for each usage.

Upon first impression, the gel-based texture is thick but with proper massage, it absorbs quickly and feels velvety on my skin. This facial massage technique, which promotes better blood circulation, sparks some similarity to Clarins Auto-Lifting Method.

Shiseido The Skincare
As I'd mentioned, the Hydro-Nourishing Softener used to be a staple in my skincare routine, but being a beauty blogger requires a consensual obligation to try out different products from various brand for reviews. This hydrating range is ideal if you prefer a hassle-free basic regime. 

The Night Moisture Recharge has a thicky consistency compared to its lighter counterpart, thus it is fundamental to use the softener as a prep step to hydrate the skin and better absorption of the product.

Shiseido Future Solution Eye and Lip Regenerating Cream
A powerful restoring treatment that protects the skin's resilence that effectively corrects and helps prevent the apearance of lines and sagging around the delicate eye and lip areas.

The texture reminded me of Pond's Cold Cream albeit lot less greasy and easier to spread. There are mixed reviews pertaining t this product; only time will tell if it works on my undereye areas and laugh lines.

Thank You for reading. I will post up a review in a couple of weeks.

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I'd gotten this sleek Lancôme Sublime Seduction Makeup Palette a while back. I believe this was part of a Holiday collection only available in selected vicinities. It comes with 2 layers - open up with 5 eye colors and 2 lipsticks; and the bottom reveals 2 blushes and a mini mascara.

This nifty collection looks soooo precious, it leaves me often reluctant to use on several occasions - for good reasons. The Color Focus eyeshadows have been discontinued and I can already foresee using up the colors in the nickel-sized pans in no time.

The iridescent shades consisted mostly of pastel colors which look lovely in the pan but with unfavourable payoffs. I have to swipe several times for the pink, green and blue to show up, and they looked fainting even with a white base. Even when used on my lids, they look no different from the white pearl shimmer. The powder pigments don't fall out and create a mess, and the finely-milled textures doesn't cake with multiple layers.

I have been going through a neutral phrase for a very long time now, so the taupe color fits me to a T.  The white pearl shimmer is often used on the brow bone and inner corners of my eyes. The result is a subtle day-look and they don't crease.

The blushes are the undisputed gems of this palette. Peach Fever Shimmer is a warm apricot color. The warm tone of the gold shimmer look absolutely stunning at night, thanks to the pearly particles. I wonder if the blush is still available.

Peche Intense is best used with a light hand. The matte pink is so pigmented, you might accidentally look like a baboon's backside.

The Le Rouge Absolu lipsticks are shaped like swords, and the shades are exactly the ones I would go for. Not only do they glide on smoothly, the formula calms down chapped lips effectively.  I particularly love Rose Cashmere which is a pretty shade of pink with tinges of orange. The shade is unlisted the last time I check at the website... T-T

The packaging is too bulky to bring out for touch-ups, so I'll probably depot the blushes to a smaller compact. Unfortunately, the eyeshadows and lipsticks will have to stay put as removing can be tricky.

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SKIN79 Oriental Lifting Eye Controller (S$26.90)

The product contains Caviar which feeds the skin with proteins and vitamins, prompting dormant skin cells to regenerate that aids in reversing the skin aging process. The inclusion of Jojoba Oil helps to reduce epidermal moisture loss that keeps the skin supple, useful in preventing or treating any existing wrinkles. Another essential ingredient is Adenosine with its beneficial in cellular stimulation - it boosts the skin's natural production of collagen, heals and reduces the damage of wrinkling, dryness, sallowness and pigmentation.

Additionally, the blend of White Tea, Green Tea and Black Tea keeps the skin around the eye area bright and glossy.

The handy packaging comes with an applicator top that dispenses the product conveniently and can be applied on the delicate eye area hygienically.

I have been using the eye cream consistently since receiving the product last June, but it failed to "work miracles" albeit equipped with rich, beneficial ingredients.

The texture is a tad sticky; whilst smell can be subjective, the prominent scent of the tea ingredients is pleasant and lingers on even after the product is absorbed into the skin.

The eye cream sinks into the skin quickly, leaving no time to massage in the product properly. With that being said, it leaves the skin around the eye area firm but at the same time, the dryness bothers me and massaging is a problem. Despite with a gentle approach, it still requires me to tug at my skin to properly circulate my undereyes. Overtime, more wrinkles will form. For a product that's formulated to improve the skin elasticity, I'm disappointed. To add to my woes, the dry formula flakes when I apply on another eye product to compensate for the dehydration.

I also use it on my nasolabial folds, but also with no significant difference nor improvement. Despite the disappointment, it hydrates my lips surprisingly well. Especially on days when the weather is stuffy and dry, leaving my lips chappy and cracked. However, given that the bitter taste of the eye cream and a tendency to lick my lips, I highly recommend applying lip balm over it.

Also, it seems to promote blood circulation - I experience slight tingling with my first use and notice a healthy color on my pouts after application similar to applying blush. It sounds weird but you have to try it to get what I mean. My other eye products do not produce the same result. If you must know, the tingling sensation is absent with subsequent usage.

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My skin is constantly in danger from the environmental damages, no thanks to the unpredictable weather and the terrible air quality due to the haze and ongoing construction works around my place(north, south, east and west!!)

While a rigid regime accompanied with the right skincare products are key components for healthy skin, enter SERUMS, ESSENCE and AMPOULES. Concentrated treatments designed to restore, nourish and strengthen with specific needs. These products provide a potent dose of beneficial nutrients deep in the dermal layer and empower the skin to correct targeted skin issues.

Given that the skin renews and repairs itself while we snooze at night, it is an ideal time to slather on products dedicated to repair the skin from dusk till dawn. Lately besides trying different products for the sake of reviewing, I have also tried to switch around my beauty regime to find out what works best. So in that particular experimental week where I decided to leave my serums for night time and simply use a regular(and trusted) moisturizer during the day, I'd attended a blogger session and a skin analysis revealed that my hydration level had taken a nosedive. There were a couple of dry spots pointed out by the machine, including one on my eyebrow (lol)

Back in July my moisture level was at a healthy 74 over the standard 70, so imagined my shock with the sudden overturn. After a quick chat regarding my current regime, it occurred to me that amidst of brightening my skin tone and correcting any problems, my serums actually hydrates the skin! And given its ability to penetrate in the deeper layers of my skin, I'd totally forgotten they moisturizes more efficiently while my lotions function as a lock to seal in the beneficial ingredients.

We gain new knowledge every day, but re-learning and gaining another perspective is like biting an apple to keep the doctor away. Cheers to supple skin!

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This is a follow-up on the Tony Moly products purchased a month ago. It is advisable to use the facial masks on a regular basis to see results, and I am only providing my 10cents upon usage of each product, with the exception of the TomaTox Mask.
I had my heart set on the TomaTox Brightening Mask after a mini demonstration at the recent Media Preview. The creamy texture does not dry entirely, and sticks onto the skin so it takes a decent effort to wash off the filmsy feeling.

As much as I had fun dissolving the red granules into my skin, they are not scrubbing mechanisms and do not slough off dead skin. I prefer to use this before makeup application as a glow booster albeit a temporary one and thus, I see no need to pile on foundation/concealer to even out my skintone. Leaving the mask on for an extended duration is superfluous because not only will you miss the initial brightening effect, the product might dry out the skin.

This will not be on my re-purchase list; if you desire a products that gives a lasting effect, invest in a whitening/brightening with a more concentrated formula.

These Tony Moly masks are saturated in essence and remained so after the 15-20min mark on my face. My skin felt revitalized, comfortable and firm after removing the mask. The essence is light but not sticky; and absorbs into my skin after massaging the residue in.

While the Vitamin and Tea Tree masks have fainting scents of Citrus and Tea Tree respectively, the strawberry pack smells heavily like the fruit itself. I kept resisting the impulse to lick my face during the whole duration. The juicy fragrance lingers only until I pat in the essence. The material of the cloths are of decent quality and doesn't tear easily; they contour my face properly and doesn't slip. 

As mentioned, I've only used these facial masks only once to give my initial thoughts. The Vitamin mask contains Dipotassium Glycyrrhizate, which is actually Licorice Root Extract in simple terms. This ingredient is often used to treat hyperpigmentation, and is a natural compound that acts as a brightener. There wasn't any difference in my skin tone, and given that the Licrorice Extract has anti-inflammatory properties, it did nothing to reduce the redness nor swelling of existing blemishes.

I will re-purchase these masks again, and try out the other ones from the Korean brand. Apart from the claimed beneficial effects that I have yet to experience from the said products, I love the hydrating factor and the non-sticky consistancy.

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Few weeks back I was invited to the New Face Finals, Singapore's top modelling contest now in its 18th year. The event was presented by Subaru Motorimage and co-sponsored by Levi's, Clinelle and InnerShine Berry Essence.

Grunge took the main stage as hot guys pranced onstage, sweating all over the place. I was seated right in the front row(bad idea!) and had difficulty placing eye contact anywhere else, even though none were my type.

Nostalgia filled the air for the second half as another group of boys appeared in candy clothes and carrying pastel balloons. The event could be mistaken for a fashion show. The judging was unlike those of beauty pageants on television, where the contestants have to go through different segments. The panel of judges were seated at the end of the catwalk-esque stage where the ladies strut their stuff on the runway.

18-year-old polytechnic student Vivien Ong(far right) was crowned the ultimate winner of The New Paper New Face 2010. The communications student won the judges over with her impressive catwalk and charisma. Her spunky personality stood out the most among the many other cutesy contestants.

The event barely lasted 2 hours, and unless you are there to support any of your favorite New Face contestants, the show wasn't exciting at all. Tons of catwalk, a beatbox segment which had me yawning throughout, and the hosts failed to grab my attention. Their mini Q&A with the judges was heavily scripted and none of the jokes made were even funny.

Thank You Clinelle Singapore for the invitation.

*Partial photography credits to Haley.

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I have been unhappy lately, which has affected my ability to write. It is only right to re-access the situation when the thorns have been identified, to prevent "further damage." At the same time I would like to thank my dear *coughlikestakuyakimuracough* friend for her impartial opinions on the main issue that's been pecking at me in the last few months.

Another diasterous problem is my skin. I have always been rigid in my beauty regime, but unforeseen stress can create havoc on your face. Bottling up your feelings is another fatal factor, but the main culprit lies in the products that my poor skin have been protesting against.

Retracing back to a review I had done on the range of SANA Natural Resource skincare products last month, the unbalanced fragrance concoction in the essence lotion had caused me major grief for two whole months. Since then I have subsequently avoided using that particularly product but it seems that even the cleanser and toner disagree with my opinions and decided to retaliate.

Thinking that my skin has a problem only with the essence, I'd proceeded to continue using the cleanser and toner in a bid to finish using up the products. Alas! I woke up to a major flare up last week and they are not ordinary whiteheads, but red, inflammed bumps that hurt even wen washing my face! That explains why reviews concerning makeup have to be postponed. 。・゚(´□`)゚・。
Anyway, I decided to take a leaf from other bloggers and come up with a Operation Smile post to cheer myself up. To kick things off is this delectable smiley stickers! Claiming to glow in the dark, they only produce a disappointing glow that even fire flies will snicker. Nevertheless, seeing these funny faces makes me smile.

Donald Duck is my ultimate favourite cartoon character. His grumpy demeanor is alluring, just like that particular dwarf whom I also happen to like! This was a birthday gift from a friend couple of years ago and funny enough, I'd received another DD giant mug that same year. It's still unused though, and sometimes I get antsy pantsy to break the green one to start using the new one.
Hands up if you are a coffee person! I blame my mother for her daily brew of fresh fresh caffeine to fuel up my morning. For those concerned, my immunity system has lost its mechanism and thus, I can still plonk in my bed the same time every night. Carbonated drinks, on the other hand, causes me insomnia (lol)

I had fallen in love with these marshmallows since my school days; my track record is finishing 2 packets within an hour! I can honestly attest that these chocolate munchies are more addictive than coffee. In fact, I had gobbled up 10 whities even before typing this entry. Mathematically, that's 2 marshmallows per second.  Chocolates keep me happy, 'nuff said!

Music gives me the inspiration and motivation to think and write. From movie scores to the likes of Journey, Jeff Buckley and Sting etc, they just keep the momentum going. One time I swear I could climb the Empire State Building while listening to the booms of the synthesisers. Like King Kong! o(^o^)o

I have always been the bookworm of the family. Even during my school days, my nose is often poked in a book that sometimes my teacher had to do something to catch my attention. Okay, that's not true but you get the idea.

Lastly, I can't possibly end my Happy List without my dear Milo. The emperor of the family is so picky over his food, it drives me and my mother crazy! This freaking pampered ASSBUTT gets the most loving out of everybody~. Just today, I had a fun tackling session and was left licking my wounds. There he was, settling somewhere comfortable chewing on a cheese stick! _| ̄|○

See, being happy cleanses my palate. It feels good to have impurities pumped out from my system and able to write again. Thanks for reading and enjoy your weekend. And with that, I have finished my packet of marshmallows (lol)

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Everyone has problems with their pores - they are either clogged or visible without the need for a magnifier. Such "handicaps" are unacceptable for us by beauty standards, and will worsen if not treated properly.

There are numerous possiblites when it comes to explaining problems concerning pores. The trouble may be caused by hormonal breakouts, inflammation or unfortunately, hereditary. If your skin is like mine that produces excess oil, lo and behold - Acne is unavoidable.

There is an abundance of products in the market that promises to "work magic" for your pores, few have failed to capture my attention. The only one that I keep going back to is Neutrogena Pore Refining Peel.

This product is hard to find locally, and the store that I had purchased previously at, no longer carries it. Not to mention the major drugstores. My friends in the US said that the Pore Refining range has been discontinued, such as the toner(which I happen to adore, by the way!) and moisturizer. Boo hoo!

As you can see, all there is left is 1 more usage before the jar goes into the bin. Without coming off as too harsh, the micro beads managed to scrub off the impurities trapped beneath the deeper dermis. My skin feels especially cleaner and smoother after each usage. So, what should I do after hitting pan?

What alternative would you recommend that cleanse the pores effectively?

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Words have failed me on how gorgeous Daria Webowy is, who has fronted yet another Lancôme campaign. I am in awe at the ability to spell her last name correctly without having to google, like finally! Haha~.

This holiday collection is designed by L 'Wren Scott, in collaboration with Lancôme artistic director, Aaron De Mey. Other than the late Kevyn Aucoin, I don't pay much attention to makeup artists, but Aaron caught my attention with his daring campaigns with the French brand in 2009. Having tried the "Declaring Indigo" look he had done on the lovely Daria and also the classy French Coquettes look on separate occasions, I must say he has inspired me to be more daring in tackling different eyeshadow combinations.

Aaron needs to come out with a book already! Biography, Bobbi Brown-esque Makeup Manual. Anything! Preferably with a poster, please☆

I spotted this awesome nail color, Le Gris L’Wren some weeks ago and since then, I have been on a rampage looking for such slate gray dupes while waiting for it to be available. The search crushed me - pastel colors are so popular among the women here, they can be found EVERYWHERE. While ruby shades like Le Rouge L’Wren are aplenty, I really hope such monochromatic colors will be readily available. My gosh, even OPI don't carry such pigments. Imagine the disappointment on my face everytime I walk out of Sephora, ALT etc.

Drawing inspiration from the French women from the '20s and '30s, the 2010 Holiday Collection was first sported on the models at the L'Wren Scott Spring 2011 show and is now available via Lancôme USA. I was about to make my purchase only to realise the need for an American address. My Vpost account has been inactive for ages, and the Customer Service has been driving me crazy the entire morning! 9 hours on and I still can't get any sensible idiot to solve my problem! *pulls hair*

Clarins Barocco Christmas Make-up Collection
This chic ensemble inspired by the baroque style, sets apart from the brand's previous collections. Although Christina Aguilera's upcoming carabat-esque acting debut "Burlesque" comes easily to mind, these festive selections lean more to the elegant side with the familiar luxe gilt casing and laden with intricate black scrolls.

The Barocco Face Palette resembles the Palette Prodige with its peachy pink and beige hues; the Barocco Rouge Prodige lipstick is luxuriously packaged in a gold vial, while the shade fits perfectly well with the color of red wine especially during the festive season. I am particularly intrigued by the trio of baked eyeshadows - gold, marbleized bronze and black.

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Shiseido Sheer Matifying Compact
HilariousFunny story behind this foundation - When first received from a workshop earlier this year, Natural Fair Ivory was matched with my skin tone. I thought it looked orange, so I went to the counter and bought a shade lighter(in Natural Light Ivory). One fine day I was in a hurry to head out and used the 'orange' one by mistake. My friend commented my skin looked absurdly natural, in a good way. Thus, I decided to give away the purchased one and kept the original one (lol)

I rarely use powder foundations because they often turn out cakey and causes my laugh lines to be even more visible *cringes* And because I like the feather-like texture of this product, I've tried many ways to 'make it work.' Wet sponges give me a headache and attracts more bacteria during application so after some trials and errors, this is the best method that works for me.

Instead of dampening the entire sponge, I like to spritz on some Thermal water with each application. Start out from the T-Zone and work your way out, moistening your tool as you go along. I don't know how many does this or maybe I am just plain cuckoo, this method gives me control of how much foundation I used. The result is a more even and natural skin tone; while the coverage is "light as a feather," like a light veil over the skin. It covers up redness decently, but you need a good concealer to conceal inflamed/blackened scars.

This method has also been tested on ZA Cosmetics 2-Way Foundation but having used the Shiseido compact, I won't be returning to the once beloved product which everyone I know here seemed to have owned at some point. Myself had hit pan with 2 when I'd first dabbling with makeup. The main reason is that ZA's has a drier formula and tends to leave stains on my tops whereas Shiseido's is softer and easier to blend, and the oil-control is superb for my easily oiled-up skin type. A matte-finish face never goes out of style, my friends. 

I am about to try this technique with Clarins Hydra-Luminous Flawless Powder Foundation, so stay tuned for my report.

PS You don't really need Thermal Water; any ordinary tap water will do *wink*

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Neutrogrena Fine Fairness Deep Whitening Mask
I love such facial masks as they provide intensive nourishment conveniently - I usually use one every 2-3 days and then continue with my writing until the designated 15-20mins are up. They also act as instant perks-me-up, I like to slap it on prior makeup when my skin craves for that much needed hyrdation and glow before going out for important dates and events.

The upgraded HealthyWhite Complex helps to brighten up skin tone; the whitening essence lightens the melanin beneath the skin layersto give lasting translucent.

This whitening mask has a new forumla that features a new 3D Push-Infabric that fits (nearly)perfectly against my facial contours. Thecloth is slightly thicker compared with the others I have tried, andthe stretchable design means that more essence can be pushed deeplybeneath the skin layers.
I am also a fan of the brand's Deep Hydrating Mask, but prefers this one more because of the said fabric material. Additionally, the hydrating factor is top-notch: the essence is absorbed quickly and mattifies my skin. Cool, huh? It softens my skin which allows the nutrients from my night cream for better absorption.

With gradual use, I do notice my skin tone is slightly even, and there is a nice healthy -but not to be mistaken oil-shine- glow. As for the whitening part, you might want to use it for a prolong duration to achieve that desired effect.

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Etude House Magic Bubble Peeling
I got this back in June and only started using it on-and-off two months ago. You see, when I buy stuff they tend to be in a bag and tucked away somewhere in a corner, just waiting to be noticed and re-discovered... eventually (lol)

The packaging is of an aerosol can that dispenses the product in an airy mousse form. A decent pressure on the nozzle will produce an amount enough for the whole face but I prefer to exfoliate section by section.

When I demonstrated the exfoliation on the back of my hand, there wasn't much tugging involved, but that's not the case when used on the face. It actually requires more aggressive action for the enzymes to dissolve the layer of dead skin cells, which will lead to premature wrinkles.

Each usage reveals an amazing amount of dirt and dead skin. Once washed off, my skin is soft and briefly brightened, thanks to the soy milk and cellulose powder among its ingredients.

Because of the tugging involved, I use this once every two weeks for intensive exfoliation. But it is a handy tool to remove stubborn areas around my ankles which tend to be dry and where it accumulates the most amount of dirt, especially after walking Milo at the field near my place.

The peeling substance has a fainting chemical smell which doesn't bother me. I wouldn't recommend this for those with sensitive skin or if you are going through a breakout as the excessive tugging might worsen the situation.

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Clinelle Singapore extended a private invitation to me few weeks ago, to attend their first bloggers' session. Held yesterday evening at Heart Bistro, Palais Renaissance, it was an intimate evening with only a handful of selected bloggers. It was nice to see familiar faces, such as Chantana, Iris and June. (I will be updating links when they post up their own recollections of the event).

The event was held in conjunction with the launch of their 2 new products as introduced by the lovely He Lin, and also to celebrate their re-packaging which sports a more lively and modern design. With a new 'Happy Skin Happy Face' mantra, Clinelle embraces the belief that properly nourished and protected skin reveals a happy, healthier outlook on our face.

The brand firmly believes the importance of skin health must be planted for confidence and natural radiance to come from within. Hence, their positioning of Professional Skinalist differentiates themselves as skin specialists dedicated to deliver effective and quality products through constant innovation and research.

With the best combination of science and nature, the new Clinelle products are formulated with the dermatologist-tested Envinix system with RX2 Action. In order to Repair, Refine and Reshield the skin, they take advantage of the power of botanical extracts, vitamins and natural essential oils.

With this Envinix system, all Clinelle products do not contain artificial fragrance, coloring nor comedogenic ingredients. They are also free of alcohol, lanolin and mineral oil, all the primary causes of clogged pores and skin irritations which causes breakouts, skin sensitization and excess stripping of moisture.

Makeup Trainer, Jasmine took the time to introduce the entire range of Clinelle products and demonstrated the correct way of cleansing, toning and moisturizing.

Attendees were treated to a sumptuous dinner and this lethal combination shot of Citrus and Grapefruit (according to my taste buds) serves as an appetizer to stimulate the appetite. I can't help but drool over the Roasted Black Cod with Baby Spinach and Edamame in Ginger Broth(S$28) while typing up this entry. Laded with Omega 3 Fats, the broth itself was a killer that makes you want to drink the soup down to the last bit. Our meals were completed with a healthy sweet-sour serving of fruits and sorbet. HEART BISTRO (Tel: 67372148) is located at 390 Orchard Road, Palais Renaissance #B1-08/09/10C.

A Caricaturist was engaged to draw cartoonish portraits! I had a nice 5min conversation with the humorous artist while I sat for him to do his art and even teased him not to include my zits. Sadly the finished work doesn't look like moi!

Established as a trusted brand since 2005, Clinelle's professionally formulated products and targeted treatment are affordable and suitable for daily use. I have been using their Moisture Glow for almost a year now; my GO-TO, which is suitable for my combination skin. It doesn't requires me to blot my face for hours under the sun, but the downside is that it does not contain SPF. Other products I've had previously purchased and used up were the Deep Cleansing Gel, Purifying Toner, Soothing Toner(mist form) and the Skin Smoothing Scrub.

I've often voiced concerns with re-formulated products because they can either be a hit or miss. I fully understand the pain of finding something that works for my skin, and then to find the new formulation inferior.

Having used both 'generations' of Clinelle products, the difference in their formula hasn't been too significant. But I observed that the Purifying Toner is slightly stickier than its 'ancestor,' and my skin starts to shine within 2 hours with the new Moisture Glow. I will be doing an in-depth comparison and review in the next coming months. Currently I only have the Moisturizer, Scrub and Soothing Toner on hand from the original line-up which has since been phased out.

Clinelle Blackhead Control Gel (S$25.90)
Launching this month, the anti-irritant and anti-bacterial properties of Alpha Bisbolol target persistent blackheads, controling sebum production and reduces pore size. This ingredient is extracted from the Chamomile plant that repairs and speeds up the skin's healthing process. Jasmine mentioned that results can be seen after 6 days of usage.

Clinelle Blemish Clear Mask (S$39.90)
This product has been selling like hotcakes since its re-introduction into the market. Other than containing the aforementioned Alpha Bisabolol, it incorporates green llite and white Kaolin clay to refine the skin and effectively draws out toxins, impurities and oil. The main active ingredient, Nab Rhodiola Extract is an effective antioxidant with advanced medicinal properties that reshield blemish inflamed skin and at the same time, preventing further acne attacks.

It can also be used for on-the-spot treatment, applying the product on existing acne to reduce inflammation.

Clinelle Brightening Serum (S$35.90)
This Clinelle star product harbors a Daily Flower Extract known as Belides that is highly efficient in evening out skin tone and replenishes moisture to the skin with the inclusion of Cristalhyal - a high performance derivative of Hyaluronic Acid with high water retention properties. It also contains Melaslow Complex that dramatically brightens the skin tone and reduce irritation for a natural, healthy-looking skin. Experience a visible brighter complexion in just eight weeks.

The New Paper New Face Grand Finals will be held tomorrow. Courtesy of Clinelle Singapore, I will be covering the event, so stay tuned for my report.

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A concealer is a must-have, but finding that perfect one is a never ending mission. I have tried many throughout the years but it cracks my brain when I try to recall the first concealer I've ever purchased. Regardless, the following are the ones I use frequently; each performing its own little magic due to their different formulations and coverage. Remember: just because a product doesn't work according to its description doesn't mean it is useless.

ZA Cosmetics Concealer Perfection
I have been using this for the longest time! Its creamy texture is super concentrated and efficient in covering imperfections such as dark circles, acne scars and existing zits. Unfortunately, the major flaw is that the formula is too dry and accentuates the fine lines under my eyes. It can get cakey when applied with a heavy hand or with multiple layers. Even using a hydrating eye cream doesn't help. I used to own Shade 1 which is still MIA (assuming it's mocking at me in the Land of the Rising Sun) and it appeared ashy overtime. Shade 2 is more of a peachy shade that fits me to a T. Even my friend commented that I "looked awake" when we hung out yesterday. It may come in a small tube (and affordable price tag!) but a little goes a long way.

BOURJOIS Paris Healthy Mix Correcting Concealer
Another one of my go-to with almost the same attributes as ZA's - creamier consistency and hydrates eye area with a fruity smell to boot. It contains Apricot Extract for radiance and Raspberry which acts as a micro-circulation activator. I think there's only 2 shades available at local counters, 51 and 52. The latter is of medium radiance but it's still too light, and leaves an ashy-white cast that made my eyes look puffy. It doesn't settle into fine lines and does an adequate job in concealing blemishes and redness. It is about the same price range and quantity as ZA's, a good alternative if either one isn't available in your area.

Rimmel London Hide The Blemish Concealer
This product doesn't cover blemishes, not one bit! But what keeps me coming back is its ability to even out my skin tone. Stick foundations and concealers are generally on the drier side, but this one glides on the skin smoothly and blendable. Always blend with a foundation brush and heat from your fingers might cake up the formula. I tend to use this when my skin is in excellent condition with minimal need for concealing and set with mineral foundation for a natural finish. It also works well on my dark circles but do use a hydrating eye cream in advance.

Elizabeth Arden Ceramide Skin Smoothing Concealer
I generally love the Ceramide Plump Perfect skincare range, specifically the Exfoliator and daytime Moisturizer. In terms of makeup, the Lash Extending Treatment Mascara and Lipstick (Perfect Currant) impressed me in their own respective domains. The mascara doesn't clumps with multiple coatings and is va-va volumizing. Although the lipstick doesn't gives me that Angelina Jolie pout, it wins in terms of conditioning and "tames" dry skin flakes.

The concealer comes with a sponge-tip applicator that minimizes wastage unlike the ones that come in tubes. It contains advanced Ceramide anti-aging benefits but fails to deliver the desired coverage for my dark circles. It could be due to the light shade which I got in Fair (2) which makes it impossible to blend in with my skin tone. The formulation is slightly drier than ZA's; fine lines are easily seen with 2 or more layers. Although I'm not impressed with the coverage, it is my go-to for touch-ups especially living under the humid weather when your makeup tends to smudge or sweat off. Creamy concealers take a longer time to blend and combine that with powder, you get an an uneven, cakey mess with the generated heat from your fingers. The EA concealer has the right consistency that literally melts into existing powder and blends without leaving any obvious signs of a touch-up.

E.L.F. Studio Under Eye Concealer & Highlighter
Another one in cream form; this product is more hydrating than the ZA & BOURJOIS concealers combined. Easy to blend but takes a while for the formulation to set. It comes with sponge applicators and I only use this to brighten up my eye area; mixing in the pigments before application and blends well over powder. I don't notice any lifting effect and the brightening doesn't last. Sometimes I find it borthersome to bring out so many products with me, so I use white eyeliner as an alternative to make my eyes look more awake. In this case, get a creamy eye pencil (I use Sephora Kohl Expert). If I need to be outdoors for more than 5 hours, I use another method which will be elaborated in a future post.

Revlon ColorStay Makeup with SoftFlex Foundation
Yes, this is a foundation but you can't deny the excellent coverage. I skip concealer altogther since this product can do double-duty. But on days when I need to be outdoors for many hours and yet prefer to wear minimal makeup, I would reach for this long-lasting product to cover any flaws without any worries of smudging and smearing. Needless to say, you need a good makeup remover and patience for this stubborn stay-on.

Just like eyeshadows, don't be afraid to play around with your concealers and foundations etc. Mix and match to find that perfect combination. At the end of the day, you want a flawless complexion.

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We all face dilemma when it comes to choose the suitable hair products: do I have normal hair or damaged hair? Is my scalp oily or sensitive? Do I want volume or better management for my hair? So many products promise one thing or another but very few provide that very thing they promise. Essentials Damage Care is one of the products that live up to its claims.

The Essential Damage Care is available in two different variants - NUANCE AIRY and RICH PREMIER. Both ranges contain natural ingredients with great capability to deeply repair and strength hair damaged by coloring, perming, rebonding, styling and excessive blow-drying. With the aid of High Purity Honey and Milk Protein, Essential restores lusture and radiance to your hair, making it more versatile and easy styling that nails the 'sassy kawaii' look.

What's special about Essential Damage Care is that it provides deep nourishment to the last 15cm of hair which is more prone to dryness, frizziness, tangles and split ends. The hair ends are the 'oldest' part of your hair that have gone through double the duration of chemical process, twice as more than the hair on your crown. As a result, they are the most difficult to manage.

Essential Damage Care
This highly moisturizing range contains Sunflower Essential Oil which provides a protective layer to keep hair soft and puffy in shape. Apart from the aforementioned High Purity Honey and Milk Protein that deeply repair and strengthen damaged hair, Rich Premier also contains Ultra Shine Essence to give hair a healthy shine.

Essential Damage Care NUANCY AIRY
Catering for those with flat and limp hair, the Nuancy Airy range provides a light and bouncy feel with a three-dimensional finish. Wild Rose Essence creates a protective layer to prolong the softness of the hair from further styling and blow-drying.

Rich Premier and Nuancy Airy hair care range each contain a set of shampoo, condition, hair treatment and intensive repairing hair mask. A new addition - the intensive leave-on treatment was introduced in June 2010.

RICH PREMIER Nourishing Care Lotion
NUANCE AIRY Anti-Frizz Serum

These leave-on treatment products contain the same essential moisturizing elements like its respective family but further protect the hair from other external aggression such as harmful UV rays. Easily absorbed with non-greasy feel, they also repair from root to tips, especially the vital last 15cm of the hair.

Since my last rebonding session done 3 years ago, the damaged done to my tresses has been significant. Not one to actually splurge on myself,I'm always on the continuous search for suitable products in a bid to achieve that sleek, vava-voom hair like Angelina Jolie.

BEFORE: Tresses as frustrated as I am, they turned into untamable straws
I've been using the shampoo on-and-off when KAO Singapore launched the Japanese brand in 2009. The inconsistent results weren't able to convince me for a re-purchase. Eventually when I changed my mind, I decided to switch up the products to get the best results. The combination of RP shampoo and treatment, and NA conditioner works well for me after some trials and errors.

NA Anti-frizz serum managed to tame my locks effectively and lasted up to 3 days without washing my hair. On the other hand, RP Nourishing Care Lotion provided the necessary hydration to the hair tips but I felt it worked like any other products. One plus point for these products: they absorbed into hair ends swiftly without leaving any greasy residue nor smell on my pillow.

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哇~ 一早起身就看到凌晨时分写的文章...既然是本日的热门呢! ^o^
看了真有点傻眼啦! 哈哈!
  其实我很少顾虑有没有人真正在看我说的东西. 所以看到也十分意外!

我是有点惭愧,好久没以中文跟Pixnet的朋友问候了... 不好意思咯~~
只不过要以英文来做翻译,有少许的难度.... 嗯嗯... 好吧,就说我懒啦! T-T

大了一岁,思想也渐渐成熟... 也得多加一根白发...悲剧呀!!!


祝大家有个愉快的周末! 拜拜~~

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I’ve always looked forward to my birthday. 29th September has always been a magical day. The date filled with my favorite number - 9. Double 9 spells double happiness, and I felt like the luckiest girl in the whole world.

To give and will receive is what I was taught by my parents. Treat someone with love and respect and they will reciprocate. Alas! That was not the case, at least for me. You see, for the last 10 years, I have been thrown deeper into the Bog of Eternal Stench by each person I’ve met. Each expecting to be on the receiving end, but never to give in return.

Without going into specifics, it took me a good two years to forsake the negativities and fair-weathered friends. Never mind that my phone book blinked that big fat ZERO in my face. Unloading those excess baggage was the best decision I have made in my life.

So I’ve turned a year older that day before… and yesterday. Funny how my Western and Chinese birthdays would fall side by side. Only my mother would remember my Lunar Birthday. Bless her. Mothers are often neglected on birthdays as we spend the day making merry with friends and loved ones. But think back that eventful day. Hours spent in the delivery room screaming in pain as their uterus contract …. !@#$%^&* ….. Explicit details aside, mothers should be the one being celebrated instead, don’t you think so?

Reading back my tweets, I was astonished by how how I’ve matured mentally.. 29th September is no more than just a date. Mundane as it seemed, but receiving warm thoughts and well wishes continuously throughout perked up my day! Those few seconds that people took to think of me is more than I could ever asked for, and I had fun thinking up of quirky replies too. What a great way to start a new chapter of my life.

So this is me, adding a strain of <insert dreaded color> hair, I am a year older.

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