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Whenever I have noodles at the coffee shops, seeing those fishballs remind me of my round face. Whenever I was younger, my relatives love to pinch my cheeks. Even the then-bestie commented that she "loves your fat cheeks." I know many will disagree but I really do have a round face! o(>_<)o

When Clarins (sg.clarins.com) asked if I was interested to try out their new serum that slims, lift and will better define my facial contours, I took up the challenge in a bid to expel those excess fluids that's been plaguing me for ages.

Clarins Shaping Facial Lift Lipo-Drain Serum
I love the distinctive floral smell from many Clarins products (except the White Plus range which smells heavily of Sea Lily) but during my visit to Institut Clarins, they declined to reveal that secret ingredient. Boo! Sad to say, the scent doesn't linger long enough as it seems to sink into my skin as quickly as the serum.

Although I have mentioned that any serums can be used while performing the Auto-Lifting Method but the effectiveness is better enhanced when accompanied with the Shaping Facial Lift serum. For pronounced firming, I stored the serum in the refrigerator as instructed to achieve that stabilizing effect.

Don't expect extreme results because only invasive cosmetic procedures such as Orthognathic surgery could achieve that desired facial shape. The combination of the Shaping Facial Lift serum + Auto-Lifting Method work more like an Instant Face Lift. The massaging techniques which involves the pressing of 6 key points on the face, increases the serum's lymphatic circulation benefits by 20%.

Although my features aren't as "V" as what I would have liked after 1 month of consistent usage, the fat pockets by the jaw line are obviously firmer and tighter, with a sharper chin. The contours of my face havegone from an "O" to a more defined "U." We shall just blame it on genetics.

The Shaping Facial Lift is meant to be used after toning and before any other serums. Serving to slim and sculpt facial contours, it also toxifies the skin to help absorb nutrients from any serums that come after and moisturizers better.

While I have experienced flaking issues with many serums - some that can't be totally absorbed into the skin or are just downright dry - the Shaping Facial Lift has a more moisturizing formula, given its lightweight texture that melts into the skin like ice cream. Note that I used the Auto-Lifting Method with the 'problematic' serums, and it's got nothing to do with the massage technique.

The hassle-free pump doesn't give me much of a problem, and is firm enough that allows me to have complete control to dispense the amount of product desired.

The Shaping Facial Lift is available at all Clarins counters and retails at S$98. Check out this upcoming promotion available only at Takashimaya.

Going off-topic:
Picture a Victoria Beckham-esque chipmunk. Can she rock a bob cut?

I NEED OPINIONS!!! It's my birthday tomorrow and a change is in order. My tresses are seriously starting to wear me down and so is my life. Thanks in advance!

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Aspirin is made out of salicylic acid, also known as Beta Hydroxy Acid (BHA) which acts as an exfoliate with anti-inflammatory properties. BHAs are efficient in improvement of wrinkles, existing blemishes and helps them to heal faster.

Dissolve 2 uncoated tablets and spread it on your face. Leave it on for 15-20 minutes, then exfoliate as you wash it off.

It dries up existing eruptions and reduces redness efficiently. Some claimed that this method shrinks their pores but I didn't notice any difference. After sloughing off dead skin cells, my complexion is visibly brighter. While some may say it helps to lighten scars, I don't see it does the same to mine.

Things can get a tad messy so I like to add in some honey because
1. The crushed aspirin tends to drip all over your clothes so honey acts as an adhesive to hold the solution better on the face.
2. Honey has soothing properties that adds an addition perk to calm the redness.

It is advisable to do a patch test, especially for those with sensitive skin. I recommend to use this treatment twice a week and always follow up with a hydrating moisturizer.

This is one the most inexpensive yet effective acne-fighting treatment available. I have been using this skincare treatment for a few years but only stopped recently because... I have ran out of stock. A box of 16 tablets can get me a MacDonald's meal whereas in some countries, they sell bottles of 30 aspirins that can settle my breakfast and lunch!

Special thanks to Hazel and Kimbo who gave me some, just in time for my birthday. I am grateful for the random stuff she included in the care package. Even Milo rubbed off some of her kindness with yummy treats! He favors those "Salmon Sashimi" cubes the most.

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Lancôme 100% Natural Origin Juicy Tubes
Since its launch in 2000, ladies from all around the world have been scooping up these iconic luscious glosses, which have since garnered several beauty awards for their irresistible shine and tasty flavors. To celebrate its tenth anniversary, Lancôme launched a limited edition version last April.

The formula, flavors and pigments are 100% natural and preservation free. Using Hungarian honey as the main ingredient, naturally-derived hydrators like royal jelly extract, beeswax and shea butter were also used. Sweet concoction of vanilla, apricot and raspberry flavored the glosses while annatto
and carmine pigments add coloring.

Rose Pretty is a sheer reddish pink and smells like watermelon when I first got it. The other day I thought it had a whiff of berries. The packaging allows for simple application with its whistle tip and you don't even need a mirror until you are not familiar with the shape of your lips.

The gloss isn't exactly pigmented; it is super opaque for the most part, but gives the lips a very subtle kiss of red when layered. Beware that this is an extremely sticky product, and may I kindly suggest, do not wear it before kissing your beau unless you want to UHU-ed him to thy lips!

It makes a good conditioning agent for chapped lips but I just can't get over the stickiness with only a thin layer on. The thought of making multiple re-applications and to discover a fly stuck to your lips when looking in the mirror shudders me sometimes!

The fruity-esque scent is mild and stays on for as long as two hours. Occasionally I use this as a balm and if you own lipsticks that have a dry formula which accentuates chapped lips, use Juicy Tubes glosses as a base and to smooth out dry lines.

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Whenever I am seated, Milo likes to drag his blankie, places it on my lap and expects PLAY TIME. The ASSBUTT seems to think that our seated butt is his signal for him to have fun. Sometimes he would bite a rubber ball and bring it to my lap, which still sounds fine at this point. But wait till he salivates all over that round, red thing and dribbles it on your legs. GROSS!

So this week he has an oversized towel, a comfy bedding for him. What is it about dogs who likes to bring treats and chew on them while nesting? It's so unhygenic! Whenever he gets into that "It's ME time" mode, I notice he likes to play hide-and-seek by placing treats on his blankie and cover it up with other half of the cloth. The interesting part is when he digs his nose in and tries to act smart by 'sniffing out the goodies.'

As mentioned, he has a large blankie and keeps pestering me to play. I have been busy this past week and all I need is some peace and quiet when settling in the living room by the TV. The frustrated me decides to bind him with the pink towel and let him try to get out of it.

Watching him proved to be even more entertaining than the television program!

This afternoon I decided to do the "binding spell" on him again and check out Petrified Milo! He seems to be immoblised while looking like that Kachang Puteh Men we used to see at the cinema! And he walks funny too (lol)

I particularly adore this shot of him looking miserable. He has given up getting the cloth off him and sat by the door, waiting for me to bring him out for a walk.

Have a nice weekend, everybody!

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This was an impromptu decision, hence the sloppy silver eyeliner application. I've been so busy with a certain production surrounding the 2010 Singapore Formula 1, which begins its 3-day event later today. Blimey, it's Friday already but I keep thinking today is Wednesday night! This slump is really hitting that mountain soon!

You would think that being so heavily involved will get me all-access passes to every events, but I get none. Nada! I want to attend Mariah Carey's concert despite investing so much of my time on her segment yet I have been chewed and thrown out. Whatever. It is a dog eat dog world, afterall. If possible, Milo will be ready to defend me anytime. /delusional.

Photo-whoring is a pain for me, and doing it at night just makes everything worst. Multiple shots got the job done in an hour. Pffffft! I should train Milo to hold the camera for me, YAY or NAY?

The weather has been so unpredictable lately, so I reckon a simple neutral look will do the trick since I have to be outdoors for hours at a time in the last couple of days. Not to mention the sweating under heavy lightning equals high risk of creasing. Today's post is sharing my thoughts on the products I've been using.

HiP Color Chrome Eyeliner in Silver Lightning
This is from the highly-raved HiP cosmetics range from L'OREAL Paris. This eyeliner really glides on the skin smoothly but once the formula sets in, it can be a excruicating task to remove. Just invest in a good makeup remover, in my case, I love Neutrogena!

Majolica Majorca Perfect Automatic Liner in BK920
Everytime I twist this click-pen applicator, it gets me in a knot. It can be tricky to obtain the right amount you need, and when I twist 3-5 times gently, a blob of eyeliner is visible on the brush and I had to swatch it on the back of my hand. Following which I will line my eyes as usual and then dab on my hand for more pigment.

BK920 is more of a pewter shade with subtle pearlescent-esque sheen. I like that it comes in a form of a pen for steady control and eye lining is easy with its synthetic bristles. It doesn't smudge and budges without much effort when used with a good remover.

Majolica Majorca Lash Beautifying Mascara Frame Plus
An extremely black mascara that comes with a 2-sided comb - one that lengthens the lashes and and the other to create long separated lashes. It does a decent job of extending my lashes just a bit, but I see clumps with multiple coats, due to the dry formula. The resistence is good enough to not make me a panda when I got caught under the rain. See how sparse my lashes look, even with 2 coatings.

Guerlain Ombre Eclat in L'Instant Fume
I got this mono eyeshadow more than a year ago, but only begin to appreciate it recently. The beautiful taupe leans more on the grey side but the color payoff isn't commendable. Although the eyeshadow is dry but the smoothness of the formula doesn't cake on my lids when I try to build up the color.

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Nature Republic Pinetree Urban Detox Essence
All products from this Korean brand contain a unique blend of purified water collected from renowed sources around the world. It includes various medicinal plants extracts, and natural prescriptions from ancient times. 

Evidently I don't speak nor read Korean, thus I can't explain the benefits and state the ingredients due to the lack of English explanations on the packaging. This is a major shortcoming on most of the products I came across at the store.

I ventured into the store sometime around 11am back in July, and was the only customer at that time. The sales assistant was busy on the phone while I browsed around for something to buy. This essence caught my attention and I had to alert the SA to understand the product better. She seemed a tad confused and gave me an explanation with her eyes on the standee nearby with its description. Bleh!

The lotion contains natural sea pine extracts which is a powerful antioxidant and is effective in decreasing inflammation and eliminating free radicals better than Vitamin C and Vitamin E. The lightweight texture absorbs quickly and can be used alone or with a moisturizer if your skin is more on the dry side. I find it very suitable for my combination skin, leaving my skin decently hydrated, without leaving any greasy residue on my hands and face. 

In fact it keeps shine at bay and I noticed lesser breakouts, sans the hormonal ones. It also has a pleasant mild teatree-like scent. I will re-purchase this again since it works well for me.

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I made a trip down to Tony Moly @ Marina Square to get some Ginseng Facial Masks, but have no idea why it wasn't included in my stash when I got home. Surprisingly, the store was not crowded, despite its Grand Opening just a couple of days ago. Check out the ongoing promotions which runs till 30th September.

TomaTox Brightening Mask - S$26.90
This has been selling like hot cakes since Opening Day, and 3 were left on the shelf at the point of my purchase. Make a call to the store (Tel: 63369186) beforehand to ensure that the product is instock.

This creamy oxygen mask contains fresh tomato and vegetable extracts that is enriched with vitamins and minerals such as Vitamin A and potent antioxidant Lycopene. Tomatoes are effective in getting rid of the toxins in your skin, control puffiness and relieve chafing. Suitable for those with sensitive skin.

The bright red granules of oxygen bubble are not harsh on the skin, and dissolves after gradual massaging. I was amazed at the instant brightening results on the back of my hand after doing a little demo at the recent Media Preview.

I noticed a subtle glow in my complexion, albeit a temporal effect. For best results, use this mask twice a week, leaving it on the skin for 2-3 minutes at a time.

Intensive Firming Care Lip Smile Patch - S$4.90
This treatment contains nourishing vegetable extracts such as collagen and pomegranate extracts that keep the flaccid C-Zone refreshed and light. Yes, this product targets the nasalabial folds but the essence can be used to treat fine lines around the eye area too!

The patch comes in a hydrogel-type patch that ensure effective delivery of the core nutrients into the deepest part of the skin, providing resilience and vitality. Say bye-bye to laugh lines as you experience the suppleness and firming effect.

Essential Mask Sheet (Strawberry) - S$2.50
Strawberries are rich in salicylic acid that are best used on acne-prone skin. An ideal pack that promises excellent penetrative effect, it helps to control oil, moisturize and revitalize the skin.

100% Natural Pulp Fabric Sheet Mask (Tea Tree) - S$2.50
Tea tree is known for its antimicrobial activity and healing properties such as skin irritations, burns and cuts, and helps to sooth blemished skin.

Vitamin Essence Mask
If you desire something that helps with scars lightning, the dipotassium glycyrrhizate ingredient will give your skin an overall radiance. Also with the presence of Vitamin C, Vitamin E and Collagen, it reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

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I was in attendance at the HIP Bloggers' Party organized by L'OREAL Paris yesterday. The event was held at Hairloom & Caramel(#01-52),tucked at a corner of Shaw Towers. The concept of a shop-within-a-shop isn't uncommon, but combining a hair salon and cafe together sounds interesting. Surprisingly, the typical smell of hair products and chemicals was not present across the cafe.

I apologize for the lack of photos from the event, following my continuous bout of mental and physical exhaustion. To make matters worst, I had only 3 hours of sleep the night before and ended up looking solemn. 

A makeup demonstration by makeup artist, Julyen, took up most of the time. He presented numerous tips that proved to be extremely useful such as the "Wash and Pack" eye techniques, using products from the HiP makeup range. Applying an eyeshadow wash is the simplest technique especially for those new to makeup application, use either your brush or clean finger and apply a color all over your lids.

When it comes to building intensity, you want to pack on the pigment instead as it stays on your lids better without leaving unnecessary patches. This technique is especially useful if the eyeshadow is of a loose or powdery texture. If you desire more color intensity, use the wet method by wetting your brush either with MAC FIX+ Spray or water.

For those concerned with creasing, Julian suggested to refrain from applying liquid/powder foundation on your lids. When you sweat, it will cause your makeup to run, and that increases the possibility of your eye makeup to crease.

I was slightly disappointed the loose powder wasn't brought in, seeing that they are a close dupe to Guerlain Terracotta Kohl. Thus, I am unable to make a comparison.

The makeup pouch definitely looks friendlier on the eyes compared to the one received at the previous L'OREAL event.

L'OREAL Paris Base Magique
This transforming smoothing primer is equivalent to the smoothing resurfacing primer from Studio Secrets in the U.S.

The primer comes in a thick paste, with its consistency slightly similar to SmashBox primer which I seemed to favor over Maybelline's these days. The blend of silicon oils and soft light powders helps to smooth out wrinkles and fine lines, and can be used to fill up pores like a poly-filler. Julian even used this as a eye primer during the makeup demonstration.

High Intensity Pigments (HiP) Shadow Duos
Only 8 shades will be brought into the local market; 7 from the Bright Duo range (Adventurous, Bustling, Flamboyant, Flare, Flashy, Riotous Showy), and 1 Metallic Duo (Platinum).

As I'd previously introduced the HiP range, these highly intense colors are of a micro-pulverized formula with great vibrancy that calls for multiples experimentations. Note how bright the colors pictured above even without using a base.

The accompanying colors in "Adventurous" are aligned with my current neutral phase and the gold and plum shades in "Flamboyant" are my frequent go-to colors.

Upon first impression, Platinum and Magnetic look fairly similar when not compared side-by-side. But as mentioned prior, Magnetic is deceiving - the colors looks different when swatched and as seen in the pan. On the other hand, the silver and shimmery black in Platinum are pretty much straightforward.

HiP Color Chrome Eyeliners
These metallic eyeliners are available in 4 shades: Black Shock, Silver Lightning, Gold Charge and Violet Volt. They glide on skin surface like any liquid liner would perform that gives a chrome finish. The silver can be used to highlight the inner corners of your eyes, and the smooth texture can be blended easily and used as a base for a smoky look.

Singapore is the only Asian country to have the HiP cosmetics range available in the Asia-Pacific region. They will go on sale exclusively at selected Watsons outlets from October 2010, and the products will be limited so do stock up!

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Clarins Palette Prodige Face & Blush Powder (S$65)
Housed with 4 universal shades that can complement any skin tone, this elegant gold compact comes with a red velvety pouch to protect it from getting scratched. Unfortunately the sleek surface is a magnet for fingerprints.

A multi-functional product that comes with a matte Natural Beige translucent powder, Sun-Kissed Beige bronzer, Sparking Coral blush and a Pale Pink highlighter. The blush has a higher color payoff out of the 4.

The transparent pigments are of high quality with feather-light textures made for easy blending. There are no chunks of glitter and looks great everywhere - down the bridge of the nose, cheeks and brow bones. One swirl of the palette imparts a candlelight glow on my face, and a second layer on my cheeks for more intensity.

Even with a light hand, my camera still managed to capture the glow on my cheeks and the overall radiance!

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Oils are effective in dissolving materials that have a similar chemical structure, thus cleansing oil is effective in dissolving liquid foundations.One good example is Revlon ColorStay liquid foundation. The coverage is commendable, and can double up as a concealer! The name says it all - Color-Stay. Which irks me is the difficulty in dissolving the makeup with soap and water. That's where cleansing oil comes in to break down the foundation.

As effective as can be, cleansing oil does clog your pores if not removed properly. Due to a recent breakout, I made the switch to milk cleansers. Most would think the mild solvent won't be able to remove makeup thoroughly but I beg to differ. It is gentle on irritated skin and although it takes up more time, effort and cotton pads, the routine allows me to pay more attention that ensures my face and neck are properly cleansed.

It has been 2 months and I've noticed that I don't develop as much whiteheads as before. So what is your preferred choice of makeup remover?

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I was invited to Tony Moly Media Preview yesterday, held at the Coffee Club @ Marina Square. It was a very casual affair with plenty of goodies to play with.

TomaTox Brightening Mask - S$26.90
This oxygen bubble mask is one of their best-selling products that produce instant whitening results. Containing fresh tomato extracts and herbal ingredients such as sunflower seed extracts and machihyun extracts, it brightens the skin while removing bodily waste from the skin. Can you notice the significant difference on the back of my hand?

Here's a shot of Store Manager, Ryan with his very own Tomato TomaTox~. Say hi should you stop by the shop, and feel free to ask for any product assistance.

Peach Anti-Aging Hand Cream - S$13.90
I'd received this as a gift sometime ago but misplaced it during Spring Cleaning. The quirky peach shaped container comes with a luxurious peach fragrance that leaves a long lasting light yet refreshing smell. The anti-oxidants and moisturizing properties leaves skin all silky and smooth.

Shimmer Lover Cube
Tony Moly's version of the famous Bobbi Brown Shimmer Bricks.

ICE-QUEEN Multi Play Cream SPF30 PA++
This ain't ice cream! It's a makeup base that protects cuts off harmful effects of air pollution and prevents skin irritation, blackheads and acne. It contains the best proportion of amino acids that enhances skin's elasticity.

Backstage Duo Lip & Cheek
Travel-friendly Lip and Cheek tint.

ICE-QUEEN Snow-White Sleeping Cream
The sleeping masks that I own are in gel-form. Tony Moly's version is more of a mousse that spreads easily on the skin.

Fresh Aqua Tear Drop Cream - S$42.90
Shaped like a delicate tear drop, this rich cream stimulates the skin for a firmer and more lifted, this double-duty cream refines the skin, preventing formation of lines and wrinkles and has whitening properties.

Whipping BB Cream

Crystal Tear Glitter Eyeliner
One innovative aspect about Tony Moly is that they aligned accessories with its products in the most interesting way. The handle has a dual function as a brush which makes it fuss-free to bring out for touch-ups.

Tony Moly celebrates its arrival at Marina Square(next to TAG Heuer), today 15th September at 11AM. Be mesmerized by the wide product range and unique packaging, all at an affordable price. Look forward to a thematic series ranging from Valentine's Day to Christmas and Easter.
Do check out the various range of sheet masks that are extremely affordable, particularly the Azone Lip Smile Patch that targets laughing lines. I'm still on the look out for that perfect red lipsticks, and I am still looking! (lol) Besides the bubble mask that comes in a shape of a tomato, look out for the green apples that effectively dead skin cells.

Check out the promotional details on how to get the exclusive Tony Moly bag!

Citrus Juicy Body Wash/Body Mist/ Body Lotion
They resembles my favourite Satsuma body care line from The Face Shop, but lack that strong citrus smell that I like. I am not sure what oranges were used, but they don't smell like the ones I buy from the market.

Dual Effect Sleeping Pack Intense Repair
Another sleeping mask that is more concentrated with whitening and anti-wrinkle functional formulation.

Shiny Foot Peeling Liquid
A special foot mask with skin smoothing and moisturizing properties that comes with 2 socks and 2 packets of liquid. How to use it? Pour the liquid and insert one foot into a sock and leave on for 20 minutes.

So, which product intrigues you?

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SANA Natural Resource Essence Lotion
One perk of being a beauty blogger is that I get to try out different products, but the downside is the risk of experiencing breakouts for the sake of writing a review. It took about 2 weeks of trial and error to catch the culprit that has been giving me major grief in the last 2 months.

The skin layer around the nose and cheeks tend to be thinner, thus it can get dry easily due to over exfoliation. I was advised that this essence is recommended to be used on days when the skin feels exceptionally dehydrated. Guess what? I developed serious red bumps overnight, and in the long run my cheeks have become even more drier. My pores have gotten bigger and visible!

I noticed that each product within the skincare range has a significant different scent. The essence has a sharp and exceptionally strong tinge of rosewood and geranium, which leads me to believe that the different levels of fragrance materials used are the cause of my breakout! This is a total nightmare - my skin flared up with red bumps without any forewarning of any white heads.

SANA Natural Resource Milk Lotion
This lightweight moisturizer has a runny texture that sinks well into my skin within seconds. Fortunately, the mild scent of geranium within the product didn't cause any breakouts. It kept my combination skin fairly moist but accentuates the pores and dryness around my cheek area.It failed to keep my face matte, my T-Zone area starts to shine within an hour which is a letdown.

SANA Natural Resource Cream
The cream has a slightly heavier consistency that provides decent hydration but fails to penetrate into my skin totally. The aromatic lavender scent makes a return but fails to calm my mind as I had to constantly blot with tissue paper to get rid of the excess cream, and yet leaves that sticky residue. This is an okay night cream, but it shudders me that the excess moisturizer transfers to my pillow which is a potential hazard for breakouts.

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I'm not one to be crazy over shopping but lately things have come to a serious slump. The other day I was at a website, hoping to buy some skincare and beauty products as a birthday gift for myself but hours later, the cart was still empty! I'm a practical person, although my impulsive weakness do overwhelm me sometimes. There are things that are nice to look at, but would I use them on a regular basis? I tend to overanalyze sometimes. Nonetheless I do get necessities like that 6 packs of facial cotton pads recently. I had intended on getting just 1 but there was a promotion, I lugged home 6 jumbo packets! Thank the heavens the quality is good and can last me for at least 2-3 months.

Anyway I have been looking for that perfect peachy blush but months later, I still have no luck! Over the long weekend I had been deliberating about getting this particular blush, but eventually got another shade after much consideration (lol)

Palgantong Kamayaki Cheek - Cappucino Brown
The one I'd intended to get was Passion Orange but changed my mind at the last minute after swatching this lovely pan. The highlighter has a good color payoff and is a potential disco hazard. The blush on the other hand, is of a peachy pigment with subtle sheen. Sheer but buildable.

It took at least 3 swipes for the color to show up but one swipe produces this peachy nude that adds a bit of color without adding pinkness. I personally think it looks great for my skintone, but would prefer a matte blush.

Bourjois Kohl & Contour Mineral - Noir granit
I ventured to the Lancome counter to get that Kohl Pencil in Black Coffee but it was out of stock!! So I ended picking this up, but not before getting frustrated at the counter. After testing this out, I got so fed up that all 3 different kinds of kohl pencils were jumbled up in its section, and took me a while to find the desired one. Also the cap wasn't transparent and the stupid price tags and store sensors had to block out the shade tag!

The texture is smooth and glide on my eyes without any tugging nor pulling, unlike E.L.F. Brightening Eyeliner which is super dry and color-stingy (I had difficulty getting it to show up on any surface!)

I've unconsciously accumulate 4 of these notebooks. Aren't they beautiful? I use them for work, and each color represents separate projects. One aspect that keeps me coming back for more is the ziplock at the bag that might come in useful someday.

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The highly popular Korean beauty and skincare brand Tony Moly will be launched officially in Singapore on 15th September, 2010! Be the first to witness the birth of more than 700 top quality yet affordable products presented in ever innovative stylish ways. The only product that I have tried is their hand cream which comes in a Peach, and it smells heavenly!

Tony Moly will open its first retail outlet at Marina Square, with another flagship store in Bugis Junction before the end of the year.

You are cordially invited to attending the opening of the Marina Square outlet (#02-151; next to Central Atrium) on 15th Sept, at 10am.

From 15th to 30th Septmber, receive a FREE Tony Moly Facial Sheet Mask with any purchase!

Additional Promotions:
- Spend $20 and receive an exclusive Tony Moly Poster.
- Spend $60 and receive a limited edition shopping bag and poster.
- Spend $100 in a single receipt and receive a limited edition goodie bag and Tony Moly hairband, a poster and pouch filled with skincare samples with a $10 voucher rebate for your next purchase

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Back in July, I was given a range of products from SANA Natural Resource to review. 2 months later, my irritated skin and I are ready to voice my opinions.

The Japanese have a firm belief that with a relaxed mindset, in this case, aromatherapy, it helps to calm your mind with these products that contains natural ingredients such as geranium, lavender, rosewood, bergamote etc.

SANA Natural Resource Cleansing Oil
To be honest, besides the inclusion of the aforementioned natural ingredients, I find nothing special about this product, except that the strong aromatic lavender scent sets me at ease. It works like the other cleansing oils that I own - removes all traces of makeup, excluding mascara, effectively while moisturizing my skin at the same time. It does clean my face well, leaving it feeling fresh minus that tightening feel without any sticky residue.

SANA Natural Resource Foamed Wash
I don't wear makeup everyday, hence there is no need to use concentrated cleansers to wash my face all the time. What's good about foamed wash is that you save time without building up a lather, and it penetrates easily to remove dirt and excess sebum trapped within the pores. This product comes in a liquid form until you pump it out of the bottle as a light, airy foamy solution. The lavender scent is much milder, compared with the cleansing oil. It cleanses nicely and doesn't dry out my skin. This isn't recommended if you are going to depend on it to remove makeup, as this doesn't deep-cleanse enough to remove any oil residue should you use an oil cleanser beforehand.
SANA Natural Resource Skin Lotion
This is a toner or skin softener that replenish lost moisture from excessful cleansing. Japanese women invest a lot of their time in their beauty regime, and applying softeners is a routine that requires strict discipline. Pour the lotion on a cotton pad, and depending on your age(multiply your age by 3) and pat it on your face gently. For those who tend to slack, pat your face until you feel a slight cooling sensation and that is fair enough. Geranium dominates the smell, instead of the lavender this time round. It has a sharp, heavenly scent but doesn't overwhelm the overall product.

I like that this toner makes my skin feeling hydrated and supple, not taunt and dry. It absorbs into my skin really well without leaving a sticky feel. Many feels that toners aren't necessary but they preps the skin for other products such as your serum and moisturizer.

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My very own McDreamy, minus that perfectly coiffed hair. 

He part-times as PUSS IN BOOTS, who constantly interrupts me with that innocent, wide-eyed expression. Most of the time, he either wants a food treat, or somebody to play ball-fetch with.

(I got this bracelet when I was in Taiwan couple of months ago. My only purchase. These angels never fails to put a smile on my face.)

However, I haven't been doing well emotionally. I'm just so tired nowadays; I'm even tired of getting angry. It just doesn't do it for my anymore realizing that shit happens and it's always going to come your way and sometimes it really is your fault is going to be something I still will never get used to. 

I'd write about what happened recently, but some things are better left unsaid. I'm sure one of these days all of this is going to come out in some form of writing but right now, as it always has been, silence is beautiful.

I just hope this month will pass by me as soon as possible; my own birthday makes me moody year after year. One thing that's different is that I have a furby to keep me company this year.

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Ceramide Plump Perfect Gentle Line Smoothing Exfoliator
Enriched with CPT technology, vitamins and botanicals, this product claimed to provide a gentle deep cleansing and to leave the skin smoother and revitalized. It is the blend of Snap-8(a new peptide) and a collagen-supporting naturally-derived that creates a double dimension plumping effect on skin's appearance. 

This weekly treatment uses polyethylene as its main exfoliating agent. Often found in facial and body scrubs, some might find the finely-ground granules to be harsh and tears up the skin. What I often do, especially when skin is irritated, is to blend in cleansing milk to make it less gritty and doesn't overly-exfoliate your face.

I love the smell of the rich and creamy consistency and distributes on the face very smoothly, thanks to the coconut oil and shea butter listed as the top ingredients. Fortunately, both occlusive emollients worked well for my oily skin, without any breakouts and I don't have difficulty rinsing nor have that dreaded, filmsy feel on my face.
The exfoliator comes in a tube that allows for steady control, dispensing as much or as little product as I want. The creamy texture compliments the scrub beads without overwhelming the latter. Without stripping off the natural moisture, this scrub does leave my skin polished and conditioned, but I don't feel that plumping effect nor do I see the surface lines reduced. Adding to the cons list, my blackheads were left untouched.

Overall, this weekly deep-cleansing treatment reads scrumptious and gentle, and promises a soft, smooth and radiant glow. However, don't expect Botox-resembling results. For best results, follow up with the CPP Ultra Lift And Firm Moisture Lotion SPF 30, one of my favorite moisturizers that works really well for my skin.

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Milo just turned 1 yesterday, and I was about to hit the sack until this sickening act involving innocent puppies caught my attention! 

This deranged woman, clearly with no proper upbringing, has sparked outrage after footage of her throwing live puppies into a river was released. DISGUSTING and INHUMANE on so many levels! Even Milo, who was sleeping by my side, woke up upon hearing the pleas of his "friends" and acted all anxious, trying to see what's going on.

Anyone who preys on venerability is a coward. This woman is clearly doing it in the name of FUN. I believe in Retribution, and Karma will bite you right back in the ASS!
Someone requested to see a picture of Milo's fleshy drumstick ASSBUTT, so here you go in its full glory. Thank You for showing him so much saliva love.  Milo gives thanks and has gone back to dreamland.

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It was October 1st, 2009 when he came into my life. His real name is Holicks but many friends have difficulty pronouncing it, hence he's known as Milo online. He was a month old when he arrived at the house, all whiny for attention in the first few nights. So much moaning and we didn't get much sleep, I had to dogsit by the crate and make sure he's snoozed off before tiptoeing back to my room.

It didn't take him too long to be familiarized with other members of the family. His eyes would be set on the gourmet and walked around the table with his hind legs. Just look the heartbreaker's hungry, drooling eyes

Did he just walk out of a cartoon or what? Kawaii neh~~

A year later my friend has gone from a furby to a masculine, overprotective guard. He barks at every foreign sound, and at anyone who walks past our front door. I got him a cupcake but it was gone before I could take any pictures! After which he slept by my side throughout the morning and afternoon while I work. So much for wanting to celebrate his 1ST BIRTHDAY with a bang. 

Potential neck scarf for Christmas??

This morning Mum commented that his ass looked MEATY. Frankly I have been salivating over his fleshy hind legs for quite some time now... *GRINS*

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, my dear friend. The one and only who won't turn his back on me and will unconditionally love me back no matter what☆

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