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I was in attendance as a VIP guest at the Singapore International Jewellery Show 2010(SIJS) yesterday, thanks to the lovely Sharon for the invite. The galore of jewllery exhibitions from all around the world was held at the newly-opened Marina Bay Sands, which also houses our first Casino. Only local residents are required to pay a $100 levy before entering the "gambling den" which is valid for 24 hours, FYI.

A 15-min fashion show featuring new collections from Lee Hwa Jewellery was showcased, but I wasn't quick enough to get clear photos (lol). After that we headed to a tea party and ended up with only a cup of hot beverage. The organizers had food catering to 60 people and even though the arena wasn't fully packed, the food was snapped up swiftly. Sharon and I went to queue up for bird's nest sponsored by Brands, and it so happened that we got the last 2 bottles for the day! My phone, for some unknown reason did not save the precious shot. BAH!

VIP guests were gifted with a pendant(worth $128) and a $100 voucher each. There is an informative booklet that educates on what how diamonds are selected and cut to become a Destinée - a Lee Hwa Jewellery signature.

SIJS will be held till August 1st, which is tomorrow. So head on down with your significant other, if you want a DIAMOND~.
A Skin79 event was held later that evening at The Icing Room, held @ 313 Somerset. I will be reviewing the Oriental BB cream & eye cream very soon, so stay tuned. This Korean brand prided themselves as the Queen of BB Creams, and leads the pack with their best-selling BB creams (acronym of Beblesh Balm, which was formerly used as a skin protection cream after skincare cosmetic surgeries.)

Yesterday evening, bloggers were introduced to another of their popular ranges - The Diamond Collection I & II. If you desire for a little diamond shine in your complexion, this is the one for you!

The Diamond Collections all contain Diamond Powder and Jewel Complex Powder of ruby, amethyst, coral and tourmalin and pearl, combined with skincare properties to create flawless complexion. You might ask, why split into 2 separate collections? Well, the 2nd collection contains an upgraded formula with Flora Bouquet Complex & Blooming Jewel Complex that makes the skin shimmer and shine like jewellery.

Functions of the key ingredients:
Diamond Powder: Radiance and Shimmer
Amethyst: Keeps skin clean & healthy with astringent & soothing agent.
Pearl: Hydrates & revitalizes dull complexion
Tourmaline: Keeps skin healthy & resilient by promoting blood circulation in skin.
Coral: Keeps skin sleek & moisturized by maintaining the hydrophilic-lipophilic balance.
Ruby: Improves skin softness & elasticity
Co-enzyme Q10: Boost skin repair & regeneration, protects from external aggressions
Adenosine & Arbutin: Visible skin whitening effect & wrinkle improvement, brighten the skin & enhance skin elasticity.

The Prestige Beblesh Balm
Triple functions: Whitening, Wrinkle Improvement, SPF25 PA++. Excellent nourishment with the premium skincare effects of diamond, jewels and peptide MX complexes which keeps skin looking smooth and bright.

Perfect Cover BB Concealer
This dual colour BB concealer with light powder particles with superior adherence properties not only naturally covers skin imperfections but also provides natural coverage to dark under-eye areas.

This concealer is a powder-to-cream formula and blending is a breeze. It managed to cover the oxidised foundation swatched earlier at another store.

Star Glow Ball Powder
The shimmer of the 5-colored refined and luxurious ball powder adheres lightly to the face to present a lively and bright skin tone while adding an alluring dimensionality.

It reminds one of Guerlain's Meteorites, right? I meant to get this 2 weeks ago, but there was only 3 BALLS in the tester! Darn itchy fingers (lol)

Crystal Pearl BB Cream
This pearl BB cream gives radiance and gloss to the skin, while adding a three-dimensional effect in accordance with light angles. The built in dual type pearl highlight adds radiance and facial contour.

All-Day Sun Powder SPF30 PA++
The fine powder adheres lightly to the skin to keep the skin feeling soft all day, while providing the easy and convenient blocking of both UV A and B rays. Unlike sunscreens, this can be reapplied frequently, leaving a soft and light feeling.

Porous Powder: Excellent sebum control

UV Perfect BB Pact
Transparent and luxurious look, this sunscreen pact contains mistletoe extracts that help maintain soft, fresh, shine-free complexion.

For complete UV protection, touch up frequently instead of one time application. This pact is slim and easy to carry around wherever you go.

Before the session ended, we each decorate a cupcake and mine was named "Flowers on the Rock."

SKIN79 has just been awarded the Best Newcomer (BB Cream) award at the Watson's Annual MOST WANTED Health, Wellness and Beauty Award 2010. To celebrate, check out the SKIN79 counters at all Watsons from now till 25th August!

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Summer is coming to an end but there are no four seasons in Singapore, hence we go through Summer all year round with occasional rain. Ive been sporting the same look lately, due to my recent obsession with red lips. Many of my friends have been asking the products I've been using and here are my current favorite products.

Elizabeth Arden Sunlit Bronze Beauty Kit
The eyeshadows in this sleek palette lean more to the neutral side. The pigments are sheer but buildable. Depending on how you use them

MAC Mineralize Blush Duo - Sun & Moon
My first MAC cosmetic, and I have been using it with every chance I get! Shucks, I hope I don't finish it up so soon, since these beauties are limited edition and I'm not forking hundred over dollars for a product that's ridiculously marked up! Some girls even bought multiple items just to make quick bucks from those who weren't able to get them in stores. I can't tolerate such shameful behavior! o(>_<)o
Many find Sun & Moon too shimmery but it depends on how you balanced the two colors. I prefer to swatch the peachy brown and pinkish gold separately on the back of my hand, then use a brush to swirl colors together before applying on my face.

L'OREAL Color Riche Made for Me Lipstick in Burning Rose
I'm currently obsessed with red lips lately. Thinking that I will never ever walk out of the house with red lips, I stupidly gave one of a raspberry shade away few months ago. By the time I had decided to get Elizabeth Arden's Red Door Red, it's already SOLD-OUT!! I'm looking for chili red  and this is the closest one I have in my collection. The rest I have are of darker, deep currant colors, far from the sultry lips I was looking for. (つд⊂) Fortunately, my friends said I pulled off red lips well, PHEW! Hopefully I don't look whorish (lol)

L'Absolu Crème De Brillance in Rose Mythique

The Lancôme team called this lipgloss + balm - it really moisturizes your lips and isn't sticky like Juicy Tubes and your regular glosses. It is extremely pigmented and can be used without wearing any lipstick. Rose Mythique is cherry red with tinges of golden shimmer. I use this on top of Burning Rose sometimes to give my lips more dimension. Heh, 3D is gaining popularity these days, so might as well join in. But I don't support 3D movies, they are too gimmicky and ruins the pleasure of movie-viewing. (Note: I did not wear this as depicted in the photo above)

Bourjois Healthy Mix Correcting Concealer
I own many concealers but I keep coming back to this one - it has the desired consistency to use on my undereye area and the creamy texture has a good coverage! Plus, it has a fruity smell! Previously I have been using ZA's concealer but the formula is too dry and accentuate the 'forming' wrinkles under my eyes. But it has a really good coverage, better than Bourjois. The reason why I didn't include it in the photo is because it has formed legs! I swear my cosmetics love taking strolls and it must have walked all the way back to Japan by now! (TωT)

Elizabeth Arden Pure Finish Mineral Powder Foundation
This is the must-have mineral foundation if you want that subtle glow. Whenever I meet up with my friends, they would ask me why I'm glowing (lol) If you must know, I normally use this with just a simple concealer underneath. No piling on loose powder as this foundation does double duty. It doesn't cake, nor do I need to touch up every often.

I hope you have enjoyed my long-winded commentary. Feel free to share your must-haves, and thank you for reading☆

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Please note: I have already reviewed the Maybelline AngelFit PoreZeroBase primer; this is merely a comparison with SANA Natural Resource Treatment Base.

SANA Natural Resource Treatment Base UV SPF 18 PA++
As mentioned previously, SANA's range of Natural Resource products are formulated for sensitive skin. Even so, they are suitable for all skin types.

Killing two birds with one stone, this base primes your makeup and treats discoloration problems using the gentle treatment effect.

The gentle treatment effects refers to the Rose Water present in this makeup base. Often used in aromatherapy, Rose Water is used to treat acne and skin irritation. The rose water is distilled and extracted from flowers which are reputed to have the sweetest aromal.

While Maybelline's primer has a runny texture and can be easily blended, Natural Resource's product is more of a drier formula, and proved to be a challenge trying to get it absorbed into my skin. It leaves a sticky residue both on my face and fingers, and takes quite a while for the feeling to go away. This is not an ideal situation to pile on more products - foundation, concealer etc.

The former has an iridescent, creamy light pink color and is relatively fragrance-less, NR's base is of a candy pink, similar with its packaging and has a mild rose scent. Angelfit provides decent oil control and gives my skin a dewy finish, NR on the other hand is less than ideal unfortunately. The sticky situation has already proven a handful, doesn't blend in properly and doesn't do a good job either with its oil control. Barely an hour and I've already started blotting my T-zone. BOO!

As if on a winning streak, Angelfit trumps NR with SPF 25 over the latter's SPF18.

Rating: 2/5

My friend commented that Milo has a protruding 'target board' nose which probably explains why he's NOSY ALL THE TIME. Let me know what you think (lol)

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Along with some bloggers, I had attended a discussion group at The Coffee Connoisseur last week. This time it was neither skincare nor makeup products.

I ordered a Blue Mountain coffee, for I have always wanted to try this. Boy, was I DISAPPOINTED! No offense to those who love this, it smelled good but tasted like carbon dioxide emitted from a car's exhaust pipe :X

No amount of sugar nor milk could help sweeten the situation, but I did enjoy the hazelnut cookies. It even had raisins in it~.

Anyway, the objective of the meeting was regarding the BAWANG products, proudly endorsed by Jackie Chan. If you have no idea who he is, go bang yourself against the walk. Just joking, but seriously, how could you not know who he is?! Not to mention, the heavy advertising of Jackie brushing his hair on television everyday.

All products are formulated and manufactured by BAWANG International Scientific Research Centre, China's foremost centre for Trichology research. In a nutshell, the ingredients are derived from traditional Chinese herbal formula ginseng, ling zhi etc thus it will have some rich herbal scent instead of fragrances/parfums. They are suitable for all hair types, all age groups, including young women with colored/permed/rebonded hair.

If you have been reading the papers, a particular HK tabloid magazine -renowed for fabricating shameless stories in a bid to sell their publication- started a rumour that BAWANG products contain cancerious ingredients. The malicious defaming article caused an uproar in Hong Kong, but the case has since been put at rest after the haircare company submitted their products for testing and HAVE PROVEN OTHERWISE.

BAWANG International has always strictly followed the State’s laws & regulations in their product development, production process and sales efforts. With regards to this incident, there is no doubt that BAWANG shampoo has passed SFDA’s inspection with flying colors as it is certified to contain a 1,4-Dioxane level far lower than the lowest safety requirement of any health organization in the world, including EU and the United States FDA. As such, the reports have stated BAWANG shampoos to be safe for consumer use as it poses no threat whatsoever to consumer health.

Most importantly, take note and beware of imitation products, for they may do MORE HARM to your body. Always look out for official seals, such as the one above, that have been approved by the authorities.

Now let's get down to the reviews. I was told that these shampoos are suitable for daily use and will not dry out your hair.

Tea-seed Itch Relief Shampoo
Contains a special blend of precious herbal formula extracts such as Tea-seed, Ginger & Chamomile. It helps to maintain hair's healthy oil balance, relieves itchy or flaking scalp, and retains moisture while keeping it glossy & dandruff-free.

Anti-Dandruff Shampoo
Enriched with various Chinese herbal extracts including Chinese Honey Locust, Aloe, Honeysuckle and Mint, this product cleans & protects the hair, to help reduce extra sebum & prevent dandruff, effectively relieving itch.

Anti-Hair Fall Shampoo + Conditioner
Its unique TCH formula enriched with various Chinese herbal extracts including Chinese Arborvitae Leaf, Ginseng & Ginger, this product mildly soothes the scalp and solidifies hair root to reduce hair breakage.

Overall Review
I first tried the Tea-seed itch relieve shampoo, and it totally dried out my hair. Initally my thoughts were that my hair was just getting used to the herbal formula but I experienced the same thing with the anti-dandruff shampoo. So I didn't have much faith when the time came to try out the anti-hair fall shampoo. Suffice to say, it wasn't as drying as the first 2 products, but I wasn't seeing the "light" either. But then... I started to see it, when I used the conditioner. My hair felt silky the moment I washed it off! =D

The conditioner contains Chinese Arborvitae leaf, Ginseng & Ginger. It strengthens the hair follicle and solidifies hair root. Though it didn't manage to tackle the frizzles in my hair, but it tames down the dryness, especially the dry ends of my hair. I will definitely purchase this conditioner when my supply runs out.   

The herbal smell of the products wasn't overwhelming as I had thought out to be, and that is the general conception which many of my friends agree. 

If you are keen to try out their products, Fr3b is giving away 2 packs of sample kits to each reader. Limited to Singaporeans only, sorry!

Royal Wind
BAWANG has signed on a new spokesperson none other than the reclusive Faye Wong! Do know that both Jackie & Faye don't endorse products easily.

The new range of products will cater for those concerned with Frizzy & Dry Hair, Itchy & Dandruff Prone Scalp, Oily Hair and also for those who wish to Strengthen & Thicken their manes. They will be available officially from August, but now can be found at selected stores.

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FINALLY! KATE Cosmetics have finally made their way to our sunny island. This authentic Japanese brand was started in 1997, which follows the concept of not following conventional trends but has its own set of ever-evoloving urban collection closely attuned to fashion.

Lasting Color Eyes in BK1 (shimmery black)
These are eyeshadows in a stick aka eye crayons, ok I made up the name but you get the general idea. The pigments are moderate with adequate shimmers. I'm guessing that the forumla can dry up overtime, as I couldn't get the gold shade to swatch properly while at the store.

The formula is smooth but needs some 'persuasion' to draw on your lids, compared to kohl pencils. Kohl pencils are generally dry and I don't like to pull nor drag my eyelids when using them to intensify smokey makeup. But the Kate crayons do not 'spread' easily, especially on oily lids. I normally dust on loose powder to absorb excess oil, so try it .

Gel Eyeshadow in GD-1 (soft, shimmery gold)
I got intrigued by these gel eyeshadows when I discovered them 2 years ago, and was excited when I heard they will be brought in. They were released as part of their 2008 Holiday collection, if you must know.

The shadows are of a typical soft mousse texture, very much like boink-boink jelly pudding (lol) It's housed in a frosted, squarish jar, very nice packaging I must say!

(Top - the "pudding;" Bottom - enhanced gold eyeshadow with "pudding" as base) The formula dries up and sets in quickly, but doesn't budge nor creases. I love the iridescent, subtle shimmer and metallic finish and use it as a base to enhance colors for more depth. It is blendable, and doesn't leave glitters all over your face.

This product reminds me of Lancôme Ombre Magnétique which is a gel-like shimmery shadow and will be in stores this August.

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In the beauty blogging world, everyone cheer for each other for popping their "cherry." By that, I mean making your first purchase of a product or from a brand. Please no sick minds here, I intend to keep my blog 'friendly.' σ(^。^;

Dear fellow beauty junkies, I have officially got my 'cherry' popped! My 'MAC' cherry. You may recall that I'd gotten MAC Fix+ Spray not too long ago(which I will review very soon), but that's can't be counted at least to me. This seems more suitably categorized as a skincare item, agree?

As we all know, M∙A∙C Cosmetics is more renowed for its makeup and sets every makeup loving heart all aflutter. I don't really follow their collections, and have seen some products that I really like, but are no longer available. Bummer.

Sidetracking here - I'm sure most of you are aware of the new collection by MAC and also the controversy it is causing. The company teamed up with a designer duo known as Rodarte, will release a new makeup line inspired by female factory workers in the deadly border town of Juarez, Mexico.

Juarez is a killing field for young women, the site of nearly 400 unsolved murders and many more abductions. Hundreds of women have been slain since the early 1990s, many of them also sexually assaulted, mutilated and tortured. Hundreds more have disappeared. To make matters worse, the authorities exhibit indfference despite the horrific nature of these violent crimes. In face, there are strong evidence that some officials may be involved as well. In a nutshell, all these corruption have permitted criminals to continue committing these horrendous acts, knowing there will be no consequences. In a nutshell, Juarez is a freaking WARZONE for women.

Femicide is not to be taken lightly. Femicide is the mass murder of women simply because they are women. Even though both companies have issued their apologies, but what good can you do by donating a mere US$100, 000 to "help those in need in Juarez?" Think about the profits and earnings they stand to earn, what can a mere amount do to help these unfortunate women? (I feel guilty for lemming over eyecandies while these poor souls are getting slained! (つд⊂) )

Seriously, where is your HEART+SOUL, MAC?

Please take a moment and sign this PETITION, which will "encourage" MAC & Rodarte to make better contributions to the Juarez situation. Thank You.
After reading about femicide and nothing's been done to salvage the situation,
this sounds so off & hypocritical... (´・ω・`)
I am no longer a MAC virgin!! Long story short, I saw a friend selling this baby and after some googling at the swatches and more "should I buy or not" hesitation, I decided to get my cherry "popped" and put the lemming beast to hibernation. Hallelujah!!

Mineralize Blush Duo - Sun & Moon

Isn't this GORGEOUS?!?! I got intimated when I read the many "this thing is TOO ORANGE-Y for my skin" comments. The Revlon bronzer I had gotten some weeks ago gave me this healthy glow and fortunately, did not make me look like "tanning gone wrong" siao za bor!(crazy woman, in dialect)

I was attracted by the peachy copper brown color with pink & gold shimmer.

It looks dark in the pan and is very pigmented, but the formula allows you to apply it to be extremely sheer or build it in layers. Despite the shimmer factor, it looks very natural on my skin.

See that sun-kissed glow? I have been wearing it 2 days in a roll and my other blushes are starting to whine (lol)

To avoid look like a baboon's backside, I swatched the colors separately on the back of my hand, swirl my brush over the pigments and then apply on my cheeks.

You can be sure that I'll be wearing this often♥

In case you did not see me at the Physiogel convention on Tuesday, this is Yours Truly~. I have been going gaga over red lippies lately, and the ones that I owned are DARK RED! Currant, Rasin - all dark shades of red. What I had on that night was Burning Rose by L'oreal and Lancome's Rose Mythique.

Have a wonderful weekend, everybody. Milo is doing well, and you can tell from the photo that this ASSBUTT loves to pose for the camera. He makes a better camwhore than I do!

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I was in attendance at another bloggers event, held at the Grand Park Hotel on Tuesday. Comic-Con is currently ongoing in the US(Bruce Campbell will be there!!), and here we have a mini beauty bloggers convention. Sort-of.

We had our moisture level taken, and mine was 4 points above the standard 70. I was surprised to find many bloggers were between the 20-40 range. Evidently, sleeping with the fan has its perks. Many thought I was cuckoo for sleeping without the AC under the Singapore weather. Who's laughing now?

My moisture level indicated how well hydrated my skin is, but if you fall below the standard range, don't fret. Here comes Physiogel to the rescue!

Repair, Rehydrate, Revitalised.
Clinically proven to restore moisture and repairs the skin's natural protective barrier, Physiogel is ideal for those suffering from dry, sensitive and damaged skin. Their unique formula contains no colourants, perfume and preservatives to enhance its hypoallergenic effect.

Physiogel prides itself with the innovative Derma Membrane Structure (DMS) technology that contains ceramides and other physiological lipids that mimic the lipids found within your skin. What DMS mainly does is repair dehydrated skin naturally, reliving itch and dryness. It already rehydrates the skin, locking in moisture for up to 3 days. This technology also revitalises the skin and keeps it healthy.

Ceramides are often found in high-end products (e.g. Elizabeth Arden Ceramide Plump Perfect skincare range) but now they can be readily available in Physiogel products at a more reasonable price. Head on down to the nearest pharmacy, Watsons or Guardians to check out the different range of skincare, bodycare & haircare products. 

Besides the usual talk, there was an interactive FAQ session but I wouldn't count on it as fair game (lol) Each blogger also had their pictures taken like a "star." I seriously need to find a good angle for my face, it looks like a fishball. SO ROUND!!! T-T

Yes, I even brought home a bottle of mineral(?) water, but hey, the main idea is to hydrate yourself so don't laugh!

So far I've tried the Cream and Lotion which held up pretty well. Non-greasy and they sink into your skin so quickly! The best thing is I won't have to blot excess oil on my face during the daytime. It's too quick to judge though, since Singapore has been raining cats and dogs recently.

Originally I had a line-up of post entries for this week but I have been out of the house almost everyday. Have you seen INCEPTION yet? It's REALLY GOOD, though not the best I'd expected from Christopher Nolan, but it is the best film, so far that I have seen this year.

Stay tuned for a GIVEAWAY and a "POPPING" entry coming soon☆

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Last weekend, I was invited to a bloggers' session kindly sponsored by SANA, which ended up to be a 4-hour chatty afternoon. Most of the conversation had nothing to do with skincare nor the products we were to be introduced that day (lol)

SANA has a range of skincare products formulated for those plagued by sensitive skin. As pilling on numerous products will only worsen your skin condition, it is best to keep your skincare regime SIMPLE. UV care also plays a pivotal role in your rountine, so never neglect your sunscreen products.

SANA's Natural Resource products contains geranium, lavender, rosewood, bergamote and grapefruit. The Japanese believes that aromatherapy relaxes your skin with such natural ingredients and helps to calm your mind, something that ladies living in the cities urgently require.

Note: These products are suitable for all skin types.

Foamed Wash(Bubble)
I am a fan of foamy cleanser, but how many of you really get in there and create a whipped cream consistency? It proves to be the most effective way of cleansing, which explains why Japanese women have the best skin. Foam cleansers have been a staple in Japanese culture, in the form of a bar soap. These ladies really have the patience to use a sponge and rub into the soap to create foams.

There is another type of cleanser - Washing Foam - that has a deeper concentration in purifying acne-proned & sensitive skin. This proves to be fun as you can create whipped-cream foam mentioned above, provided that you have loads of extra time (lol)

Cleansing Oil
This mild remover strips off makeup while retaining skin's natural oils. This feels a lot lighter than the Shiseido Deep Cleansing Oil which I've been using for years.

Skin Lotion, Essence Lotion, Milk Lotion
To the Japanese, toners are known as softeners/skin lotions. Their purpose is to replenish lost moisture from cleansing, and the aromatherapy effect helps to comfort the skin. One great tip to make the most out the product in the Nihon way - multiply your age by 3(or 4, I don't remember), then pat your face gently.

I was informed that the essence lotion is not required for daily usage, however it is recommended on days when your skin feels exceptionally dehydrated.

The third step after cleansing is moisturizing. The milky solution is lightweight in texture and doesn't leave a sticky feel afterwards.

Cream, Moist Skin Care Powder
So after going about your daily regime, the next step is to lock up all ingredients that your skin has been absorbing. These 2 products are recommended for nighttime use, as your skin goes through renewal and repair while you sleep. The cream has a thicky consistency as it acts as a layer to prevent moisture loss when we are in snoozing mode.

I have been using ZA's vitamin powder for 2 years and the Moist Skin Care Powder does the same trick in absorbing excess sebum and keeps your skin matte, sealing in everything you have applied earlier. Sounds familiar, huh? This can be a good alternative for loose powder.

Powder Foundation, Protective Powder, Spots Cover
The powder foundation comes in 4 shades(mine's in 02) and it's formulated for those with normal to oily skin types. Comes with SPF26PA++ and has a light feeling with fine-texture finish.

The compact powder & concealer are tailored for acne skin types that covers any imperfections for a luminous, beautiful skin.

Loose powder, Liquid Foundation, Treatment Base
The loose powder has a translucent, fine texture and comes with SPF19 PA++.

SANA's treatment foundation has a superior moisturizing and covering qualities, and comes in 4 shades (mine's 02) with SPF22 PA+++

For those concerned with uneven pigmentation, Natural Resource has a treatment base that covers discolorations and provides UV protection with SPF18 PA++

The above 3 products contain Rose Water that are distilled and extracted from flowers reputed to have the sweetest aroma.

I will review each product in detail, so stay tuned. Thanks for reading!

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After headlining Lancôme's Fall 2009 "Declaring Indigo" campaign, Daria Werbowy returns to front the "French Coquettes" collection with another spokesmodel Elettra Wiedemann. While "Declaring Indigo" was inspired by the French Revolution, Make-up Artistic Director Aaron de Mey chose the period of 1970-1920, a later time in French history.

Both models portray different personas; Daria represents a "light and delicate style," while Elettra is a slightly darker character.

I have mentioned prior that Aaron de Mey is my favorite makeup artist, apart from the late Kevyn Aucoin. "French Coquettes" marks his 4th color collection that captures the spirit of the modern woman at the start of the 20th century with signature hallmarks of French glamour.

La Rose Déco
La Rose Déco is an all-over powder that gives a subtle shine; a new mix between shaded tones of rose wood and a touch of pink glow.

Sensational Effects Eye Shadow Quad - French Touch

Ombre Magnétique - Black Macadam, Uban Silver & Cherry Cherie
Inspired by minerals and their infinite nuances of iridescent light, this product is the new generation of ultra sparkling eye shadows. It opens a new horizon of light-catching colors and twinkling effects. The innovative texture is extremely long-wearing due to the type of polymers used. It is also easy to apply and doesn’t crease. The amount of mother-of-pearl makes the colors more intense than ever.

L'Absolu Rouge - Rose Divine, Parisian Attraction & Cherry Kiki
Absolutely Voluptuous Lips. Pamper your lips with this creamy and luscious formula. Lancôme brings Pro-Xylane™ SPF 12 Sunscreen; its complete and powerful replenishing molecule, to a lip color for visibly fuller and smoother lips.

Le Vernis Trio - Kissed By Paris
Lancôme’s most technically-advanced nail polish. Your fingertips and toes will love the boost of color and lasting shine that stays put for up to seven days. Its cutting edge, soft-sculpt brush embraces the shape of each nail for perfectly even coverage in one coat with no clumps.

Aaron De Mey has developed three new miniature Le Vernis shades that will keep nails flexible, shiny and more resistant to shock and abrasion. Chip-free for days!

The collection is currently available on lancome-usa.com, with the exception for the Ombre Magnétique, which is scheduled to launch in August☆

Has any product caught your eye yet? I'm pretty intrigued with the sparkling mineral eyeshadow. According to de Mey, he recommends blending Ombre Magnétique in Black Macadam on the outer "v" of the eyes, while concentrating the Urban Silver shade on the inner corner. Blend the two hues into one another with your finger or a shadow brush for a smokey effect.

Hopefully the glitter doesn't land all over the face like what the disastrous Urban Decay eyeshadows did to me! Utter chaos I tell you (lol)

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Some of you might have recalled that I had attended a Hada Labo focus group back in March. And someone feedback to me a while ago that they had learned of the brand's impending launch through my blog. I thank you for reading, and do continue to email me if you have any queries. =)

This afternoon, I attended yet another session which focused on the same product - Hyaluronic Lotion. The two-and-a-half-hour discussion, which took place this time at the White Dog Cafe, was consisted with the same questions asked earlier this year: What is your beauty regime? What do you think of the tag line for the product advertisment? ("One drop locks up an ocean" - 4 months ago I'd thought the line was cheesy and I still stand by that lol)

One significant difference was, now that the range of products have been launched, what do we think of the marketing campaign? Is the advertising eye-catching?

At the end of the session, each participant was given a box consisting of 4 hydrating masks. While I may have changed my view of the Lotion which I will re-visit my review in a later post, my opinion towards this mask remains the same - sticky and unabsorbable for my combination skin. To be fair, I will do a 2nd review~.

We were also given a sample size of Sun Play Powdery White Sunscreen. The one depicted in the photo above is the full-retailed size; the one that was given to me today, I have passed it on to a new friend to try it out☆

I really love the milky, whitish solution, as it not only protects you from harmful UV rays, the sunscreen lotion also makes me ~fairer~

Thank you for reading, and hope everyone will have a nice weekend. I have good things to announce next week, so be sure to bookmark my blog and come back soon! (^-^)v

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I was talking to a friend of mine from the US and she was astounded to learn that the brand isn't available in Singapore anymore.

CoverGirl Instant Cheekbones Contouring Blush - Refined Rose

This little palette has been sitting on Mom's dresser for YEARS! I have no idea how many, but it has been there for as long as I remember. Most probably close to 15 years?! (」゚ロ゚)」 Kindly let me know if you have any leads, yah?

You gotta admit, the colors still look lovely after all these years, though I would never, ever let it touch my face. Hence, no camwhore moments (lol)

The pigments are swatched once and the payoff is incredible. They impart a gentle glow on my cheeks arm and shows up without being too obvious. I particularly love the one on the far right, it looks like soft velvet!! The middle one is the epitome of a healthy glow, whereas the first one on the left is too dark for my skintone.

I headed over to CoverGirl's website and found that this blush is still available! Although the packaging looks similar, with a good change of palette, the colors look a whole lot lighter. Or maybe Mum's blushes are far too ancient and have oxidised, hence they look darker??

Somehow I need to place a disclaimer that my dear mother no longer uses this product, nor do I know why is she still keeping it. Maybe of a sentimental value, or a gift from some guy who is certainly not my dad? (>'.'<)

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Pure Finish Mineral Powder Foundation SPF 20 PA++
The Elizabeth Arden mineral foundation comes in a compact with a mirror, powder puff and built-in grinder. The foundation itself is a pressed powder. With each use, you just simply turn the grinder to release the amount needed. No waste, no mess.
I like that the compact is sturdy and handy, which makes it very convenient to bring it everywhere with you without spilling the content all over the place. However, the lid doesn't fasten at all, and keeps popping up after I tried to close it in place. Bummer!

02 is the second lightest shade and is a nice match for my fairly light skin tone.

The powder is finely-milled, with a silky smooth and lightweight texture. It feels moisturizing and comfortable on the skin. The foundation also has a blendable and buildable formula that gives a sheer to medium coverage, hence it does not cover my imperfections completely. In my understanding, mineral foundations are better known for providing a natural-looking with a light finish
Here, I am wearing only concealer(with eye makeup, sans bronzer) and the mineral foundation actually gives a soft focus that makes me looking glowy! That picture was not touched up in any way, OK! As the powder settles in my skin, there is this matte luminosity without any use of a highlighter whatsoever. On top of that, it doesn't settle into fine/laugh lines!

The oil control is generally fine though it requires a few touch-ups during the day in this humid climate, for my combination skin type. Another thing to note is that when more layers are applied, you won't get that cakey, powdery look.

Face Powder Brush with Folding Mini Face Brush
The brushes come in a set and are sold separately from the mineral foundation. I have to emphasized that because of the many emails received asking about it lol)

The bristles are made from synthetic hair, and are meant to provide even coverage with its slanted angle design that follows the contours of our face. 
The mini face brush unfolds to perfectly fit into the mineral compact, for on-the-go touch ups.

At first I find it a chore to hold the OMG-SO-BIG handle of the brush, but upon mulitiple usage, I was able to get a firm grip over it. These brushes are amazing and doesn't shed a single strand of hair at all! The bristles are so soft and dense enough to pick up just the right amount for each application.
 How I wish my own hair is as silky, minus the thickness (lol)

One more camwhore picture for your viewing(don't puke) pleasure☆

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From July 9th to July 15th, head down to Takashimaya Beauty Bar where Elizabeth Arden takes the spotlight. In celebration of the brand's 100th Anniversary, you can look forward to special promotions and exciting deals.

Earlier this afternoon, I headed down to capture the GLORY (lol)

The Red Door~~~ (I realized that I did not take a picture with it >.< )

Head over here for more details about the promo packs & prices~.

This is such a great deal - PREVAGE day moisturizer + Serum

I was surprised to see the 5th Avenue Gold on display, as the release date is supposed to be in August. If my memory serves me well, each gold bar is yours at $130 each!

Also if you have not joined their Facebook page yet, head on down now! New fans who sign up on the spot stand a chance to win lucky prizes all week long!

Terms and Conditions
These 100th Anniversary limited edition sets are exclusively for sale at Takashimaya from 9-15 July 2010.
Purchase must be made in a single receipt, accumulated receipts are not accepted.
Receipt must be presented at point of redemption by 15 July 2010.
Gifts are available while stocks last. Promotion is not valid in conjunction with other promotions, offers or discounts. Gifts are not exchangeable for cash or credit towards products. Elizabeth Arden reserves the right to change terms of promotions without prior notice.

While at the counter, I happened to spot this fillial grandson who purchased tons of products for his grandmother. Such a sweet guy is hard to find these days...

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As you can see from the wrinkly tube, I have been using the Vitacreme B12 VERY VERY OFTEN (lol) I had gotten this back in February and given my review in April.

I tend to alternate my nighttime routine with the Swiss product with the Elizabeth Arden Good Night's Sleep Restoring Cream and White Glove Extreme Capsules.

As the lotion is pretty lightweight and doesn't feel greasy, I have started using it as a makeup base too! What I discovered is that it acts excellently as a "filler" on my oh-my-god-they-are-starting-to-form laugh lines and wrinkles around my left eye. What you get is a smooth canvass and the oil control is pretty commendable too!

The product absorbs into your skin almost immediately and you won't even need to blob excess even when used during the day. Judging from what I have left, it can last me for another a month and a half. A small amount goes a long way.

For those who are interested, head over here to place your order~.

How fast time flies, it has been over a month since I've announced the GIVEAWAY. For those who still have not submitted your entry, you have until this coming Sunday to do so!

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First you need instant noodles, cheese slices(duh!) and eggs(optional).

Cook your instant noodles and/eggs, make sure the soup is boiling hot.

Put the cheese in and cover the noodles! The edges of the cheese will melt into the soup. This is super fun to watch!

And then, your noodles will be covered in cheesy goodness!! It’s FREAKING AWESOME!! Some parts of the cheese will melt into a powdery form and it tastes great with the soup. The noodles become very smooth and notice that the cheese helps sweeten the noodles.

Monday night I attended a screening of PREDATORS (read my review) and invited a friend along. But before that we stopped for dinner at PizzaHut and ordered a Couple's Meal.

We both agreed on the Hawaiian, and the crust was so thin that the bottom part so hard it can break our teeth! T-T

The chocolate cake was too dry, and I'm drooling over that brownie from Fika~.

I have been looking for a light bronzer for a natural sun-kissed look, and upon recommendation, I got this:

Revlon ColorStay™ Mineral Blush & ColorStay™ Mineral Bronzer
Contains skin loving minerals that are good for your skin and ColorStay™ longwear technology that lasts for up to 16 hours. This innovative mineral baked powder technology applies easily and blends seamlessly for natural looking, sheer, soft radiant color that won’t streak or fade all day.Formula is non-irritating and fragrance free. Available in 3 Blush and 2 Bronzer shades.

I got it mine in Deep Bronze; when swatched it appears to be a glowy medium bronze with tinges of orange and peach. It looks sheer, and the color above was swatched around 3 times to get the bronzer to show up.

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The Aqua Enhancer contains high concentrations of Aqua Synergy to supercharge all skincare ingredients into deeper layers of the skin. In other words, it is meant to be used as the last step of your skincare routine, to lock all the goodies from the products you have used, thus they are effectively and maximally absorbed.

So I had a funny idea last night, why not try "enhancing" my favourite product, and ensure that I get the most out of it? Smart or not? σ(^。^;

I used the Nature Republic ampoule, followed by the Skin Brightening Capsules as my nighttime treatment. I know I'm in good hands with the Enhancer infusing all the powerful ingredients into my skin☆

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Thursday I attended yet another event, this time a preview held at Shiseido HQ, before the official launch of AQUALABEL later this month. I apologized for the lack of pictures from that nightbecause my old phone failed to capture anything with a clearresolution, as the lighting was really dim in the presentation room.Notice that I said the word "old." Yep, I've got a new baby, with a camera that is 3x better so expect clearer photos from now on☆

Partcipants were given this slip of paper to determine our skin concerns.

AQUALABEL is a skincare range first launched in Japan in 2006. Specially developed for those who believe that "The Lack of Moisture is the Root of All Skin Evils", this masstige brand is developed by Shiseido Whitening Pioneer with over 100 years of experience and first in the market to formulate Hyaluronic Acid.

Similar to the higher-end Shiseido White Lucent, this whitening range contains M-tranexamic Acid, a powerful ingredient that targets the root of pigmentation problems by inhibiting melanin production.

A moisturising range that is suitable for mature skin, that features key ingredients Collagen Glycerin and Apricot Extract that quench dehydrated skin lacking in elasticity.

An Anti-Acne whitening series that prevents inflammation and development of acne. Effective in minimising melanin accumulation, thus preventing acne and lightening acne scars.

AQUALABEL's series of products are specially formulated with 2 exclusive ingredients - Aqua Synergy & Moist Aqua Keeping Basethat promise to maximise skin benefits and increase skin'sefficacy.With their special "Super-charging Skincare System" (SSS) -this is an exclusive AQUALABEL technology that SINKS X SATURATES XSEALS to infuse skin with an abundance of moisture.

The highlight is the unique inclusion of Aqua Synergy, an exclusive ingredient that blends easily with water and oil to supercharge other effective ingredients into deper layers of skin.

An important thing to note: some of the products are labeled S/R.
S stands for supple, which caters to users with normal to oily/combination skin
R stands for rich, which is suitable for users with normal to dry/dehydrated skin

AQUALABEL White Up Lotion (S/R)
- Preps skin for better absorption of skincare products
- Brightens skin by removing dead skin cells and excess melanin

AQUALABEL White Up Emulsion (S/R)
- Replenishes skin with sufficent amounts of moisture and keeps it locked in
- Super lightweight texture with non-sticky feel

- A powerful "infusion" skincare step that ensures all ingredients from previous skincare products are effectively and maximally absorbed
- Supercharges essential ingredients into deep layers of your skin with high concentrations of Aqua Synergy
- A unique concept to be used as the last step of any skincare routine

AQUALABEL Reset White Mask
- Intensive whitening care mask that brightens skin from within
- Replenishes skin with sufficient amounts of moisture and locks it in
- S-Shaped cuts in mask has lifting effect to skin skin firm

AQUALABEL Perfect Protect Milk UV, SPF50PA+++
- Powerfully blocks harmful UV rays
- Sweat and oil resistant
- No special cleanser required to remove product

During the event, we removed all our makeup in a bid to try the products firsthand. While trying on the AQUALABEL Moist Charge Mask, I took care not to ruin my eye makeup (lol) 

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I have been busy this week, heading out for lunch meetings and attending events. This doesn't sound unfamiliar to all ladies, but when you are in the 'real world,' chances of passing by cosmetics shops are inevitable.

I stopped by Nature Republic (twice!!) and finally got some of their skincare products! Lately, I've been buying makeup, but rest assured, I didn't forget skincare as my main priority. As a result, the SA gave me samples from their new White Therapy skincare range, and premium cleanser oil☆

Nail Polish - Top Coast & Color Deco Nail GR605(a dark jaded color)

PineTree Urban Detox Essence
A shortcoming I noticed on majority of NP products is the lack of English explanation & labels. According to the SA, this detoxifying essence contains natural sea pine extracts, that clarifies your skin. The pinetree extracts, resembles that tea tree smell, is a lightweight serum that sinks into my skin very quickly without leaving any greasy feel. The scent doesn't linger either.

Ringer By Lab Hydro Ampoule
I LOVE THIS STUFF♥♥♥ Ampoules are a form of intensive serum that repairs your skin faster than your other ordinary treatment essence.

This highly-concentrated serum is made with "SOS Linger" prescription(which I have no idea what it is, and Google couldn't provide any useful links) and Blue Lagoon water. This product is formulated for troubled skin to sooth and restore skin with ingredients such as Kawai botanical extracts.

You might wonder what's good about the water from Blue Lagoon, right? Don't worry, it doesn't involve getting stranded on an island with some blonde (lol) It is a large expanse of naturally heated water, which is a mixture of various minerals including silica & sulfur, along with the natural green blue algae. Around this water body there are numerous pots of silica mud, which are a blessing for a healthy skin & treatment of several skin disorders, including eczema & psoriasis.

I got home really late after attending an event. Having applied this intensive serum, I woke up this morning with my blemishes "calm, cool and collected." The redness has evidently subsided and skin feeling supple. Oh, this was the bottle on the shelf when I got it yesterday. Do check first before heading down to the store~.

Eau de Shine soft glossy lipstick OR206 Volume Orange
Although I don't believe in love at first sight when it comes to relationships, but I really felt that way with this lipstick. It's a different feeling, something very alluring about this color that kept calling for me to pick it up (lol) The shade is of a slightly shimmer peach and I can't stop staring at it when I applied it on my lips moments after I made my payment.

However, if you have dry, chappy lips, take caution as this accentuates lines very well, similar with Revlon's Colorburst lippy.

The reading drought has been dragging on far too long and now it's time I make a stand. If you think that you've been overcompensating with your relationships with not just your significant other, but also your friends and family, then check out "Why Men Love Bitches" by Sherry Argov.

Thanks to my mother whom have shared many great movies with me while growing up, this 1973 classic has been one of my go-to whenever I need to relieve stress. I know what you're thinking, why add more to your stress with his scary-as-hell movie (lol)

I was ecstatic when I chanced upon the novel some 15 years. I have lost count the number of times I've read through this book, which evidently shows through the yellowed-pages. One thing about reading novels is that they provide more insights of the characters and the content of the story, as compared to the film version with is time constraints.

Many times I have gone to the website of this bookstore I frequent and they kept saying there's a copy in the physical store. Many times I went in and came out disappointed. Yesterday I tried my luck yet again and even went to the information machine and printed a map which said "The book you're looking for is not available." Truth be told, I was ready to walk out but my sixth sense held me back. Many times I've browsed though the Fiction A-Z section, and I've looked under "B" & "P" but no sign of the book. But yesterday, I was allured to the Horror section and within seconds... "THERE IT IS!!!" V(^o^)V

The giveaway will end on 11th July, 2010. So join before it's too late!

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