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Yesterday I attended another Benefit bloggers' event, held at the Sephora Beauty Bar located at Ion Orchard. Being anal about punctuality, I was the first to turn up (lol) I had the chance to browse through the products, and have set my mind on quite a few. But more on that later.

It was great to see the lovely PR ladies Daphne & Catherine and Amy who did my makeup at the previous event. Not forgetting the "new guy" Jonathan.

As Benefit's Brow Queen Hilary Foote sy, "No matter what's going on, women want to look and feel beautiful." With 30 years of brows-shaping experience, the San Francisco-based company opened its first Brow Bar in 2003. At current count, there's more than 500 bars waxing women worldwide, whether it's a need for a brow arch, tweeze or mini makeover.

2 Brow Experts each wth over 10 years of experience at creating beautiful brow arches, Maki Ho & Wing Wu flew in from Hong Kong to conduct the workshop, and shared with us ways on how to achieve the perfect eyebrow shape and make your brows look groomed and fabulous. Did you know that the thicker your brows are, the chances of marrying a rich husband are higher? Σ(゚ー^*)

Bloggers in attendance were treated to a "Wow Your Brows" session. I was led to their Brow Bar, and each session lasted around 15 minutes. The standard procedure is to sign a Release Form, acknowledged that you're not using any stated eye treatment prior. All customers will be given a slip of pre/post-waxing tips, so do remember to prompt for one should you not receive any.

I am really happy with the shape my brows were given, they are very close to my natural arch. Trust me, the WAXING was painful and will not send you shrieking like that 40 Year Old Virgin... (  ^ω^)

Benefit's Brow Bars are available at Sephora Ion (6509 8254 ext. 111) and TANGS Orchard (6235 5953)

brow arch - $22
brow & lip - $ 31
chin & lip - $25
chin - $17
lip - $16
brow arch "buy 3 get 1 free" package - $65
brow arch "buy 5 get 2 free" package - $110
brow + lip "buy 3 get 1 free" package - $93
brow + lip "buy 5 get 2 free" package - $155

In my BeneGoodie Bag:
- "Brow Bar: Drop in Now..." badge
- Brows A-Go-Go - brow and eye shaping kit
- Lust Duster in jelly roll (icy lilac) - shimmering loose powder for eyes & face

I was complimented on how "clean & neat" my brows were, big props to Mel Phua☆ As mentioned earlier, I reached the venue first and took my time browsing through the Benefit products. She walked over to offer her assistance and I churned out loads of questions with her answering each and every one of them with patience. She also shared some beauty tips, like advising me to try concealing with a brush which I did today. Wow, her method really worked! During the workshop, she came out of nowhere and helped me with my brows and did my waxing too. Very swift work, I must say. She did not make me feel intimidated in any way, unlike many other BAs I've come across. If you ask me, she needs a raise~.

If you're considering to get your brows groomed, head down to TANGS where Mel will be stationed. Remember to mention me, Joyce September, as your referral.

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Over the weekend, I was in attendance at the exclusive Elizabeth Arden 100th Anniversary tea party at a tea cafe. Tea Bone Zen Mind (38A Seah St) is situated a stone throw from Raffles Hotel. This iconic establishment reminded me of the late Michael Jackson who insisted on staying there everytime he visits Singapore. I was exhausted that day, having misread a train bound for Pasir Ris as "Paris;" and Raffles Creamery as "Cemetery." (TωT)

Anyway, I met up with Sarah, and made our way to the venue. After walking up the Exorcist stairways and into the cafe, we felt as if we're transported into another place. The cafe had an European feel to it, but serves an Asian fusion of snacks and drinks. I ordered Pear Tea which wasn't as impressive as the one I tasted at Arteastique 2 months ago. The cakes were delicious, but I kept going for the sausages(lol)

It was a cozy, intimate affair with a total of 10 ladies in attendance, tucked in a corner of the cafe talking excitedly and going gaga over the range of goodies that were launched in celebration of its 100th Anniversary. Come to think of it, no one thought of putting candles and sing "Happy Birthday."

Turning the BIG 1-0-0 is a big deal, so head on down to the Elizabeth Arden Takshimaya counter for some great deals:

a) Spend $250 in a single receipt and receive a complimentary 9-pc gift.

b) Top up purchase to $350 and receive a 100th anniversary candle.
A limited edition candle encased in a porcelain canister as a collectable and commemorative piece; scented in the Floral Essence of Red Door and inspired design by the landmark building on the prestigious 5th Avenue in New York City.

On top of that, check out these value-for-money Special Buys:

a) Purchase the limited edition 100th Anniversary lipstick for just $19.90!
A universal shade of sheer red lipstick in the Color Intrigue Effects Lipstick formula. Moisturizing color with last effects. Triple Emollient Technology and Vitamins A, C and E and Aloe instantly moisturize and cushion lips for total comfort.

b) Enjoy this exclusive 100th Anniversary gift set at only $107!
- Prevage Advanced High Performance Serum
- Ceramide PP Ultra Lift and Firm Moisture Cream SPF 30
- Eight Hour Cream Skin Protectant
- Vintage-inspired makeup compact
- Pretty Elizabeth Arden EDP Spray
- Ceramide Gold Ultra Restorative Capsules

c) Purchase classic cult favourite - Eight Hour set at only $42!
- Cream Skin Protectant
- 2 Lip Protectant pots

These pots will not be sold at Singapore counters, but are available at the Airport Beauty stores at $10 each!

We were also shown a preview of the larger-than-life goldbar 5th Avenue Gold, which will be available from August.

The nose behind this fragrance is perfumer Olivier Gillotin; the fragrances include include bergamot, mandarin, muguet, linden blossom, magnolia, pink guava, jasmine, rose, iris and musk.

Each blogger walked home with these exclusive premiums, plus a surprise gift!

Everyone got something different, I received the Pretty Eau de Parfum Spray!!

You can be sure that I'll be wearing this MORE OFTEN than the Green Tea Lavender (lol) I'm not really a fragrance person but I really like this spirited floral scent that gives off this refreshing feeling.

I love the slogan that comes with it: Every day, everywhere. Every woman wants to feel pretty.  Having wore it 2 days straight, it makes me feel P-R-E-T-T-Y! So if you happen to spot me, come and take a sniff! σ(^。^;

Elizabeth Arden Singapore is generous enough to offer this lip protectant to my readers (Yes, that's you!). So look out for another exciting giveaway!!

I am dying to get another sniff of the Red Door scent, it smells so heavenly~.

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Along with some selected bloggers, I attended a private tea party, organized by Elizabeth Arden Singapore. I shall elaborate on that in a later post, and also look out for another exciting giveaway which will be announced next month~. (^-^)v

I headed off to enjoy what's left of a beautiful Saturday with Sharon, a fellow blogger whom I had met at the event. Hey gal, it was fun yesterday although we didn't get the chance to have ice cream. (つд⊂)

We first headed to the Elizabeth Arden counter where I got myself a sampe of the Prevage Face Serum, which is the re-formulated version of the Anti-Aging Treatment.

I've long heard of Kiehl's Rare Earth Deep Pore Cleansing Masque, and read of many rave reviews which prompted me to pick up a sample. Has anyone tried the Acne Blemish Control Daily Skin-Clearing Treatment?

This was what I've been sporting on my nails these past week. These 2 colors compliment each other so well, don't you think?

By now, my recent obsession with TEAL seems apparent as I pick up 2 different products sporting the same color! It was completely a coincidence, I swear (lol)

I fell in love at first sight with the almost metallic shimmer Ocean Breeze. Plus, it was the last bottle left on the shelf. This is my 2nd enamel purchase from Revlon, which was Tropical Temptation. The Scents of Summer range is marketed to be smelled when dry. PLEASE DO NOT sniff in the bottle, as polish fumes are TOXIC!

The scent reminded me of the Oceanus perfume from The Body Shop

I finally caved in and got the L'OREAL Open Eyes Chrome Intensity palette in Aquadisiac. The teal shade is absolutely to-die-for, and I especially love the indigo color, which reminded me of Lancome's Declaring Indigo collection~. Would it be too much to match my new eyeshadow colors with my nail polish? σ(^。^;

Not forgetting Milo, I got him a giant "Hotdog Bun."

Ongoing Giveaway & Promotion:

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Due to meet a friend for dinner, I left home hours earlier in a bid to run some errands. After getting things done, I dropped by Etude House's new outlet. Just like its Korean counterparts, Missha & TheFaceShop, the brand has been sprouting new stores here, there, everywhere! The Koreans know when to "strike while the kettle is hot." Ehh.

I'm hoping Nature Republic doesn't follow suit, speaking of which, I'm keen to try their skincare products. Any suggestions?

Anyway, I walked into the store, knowing what I want to get. But after some coaxing from the SA, I picked up an extra item in order to gain a lifetime membership. But after making my payment, she went to serve another customer. I waited by the counter and even prompted her & her superior but no one bothered to serve me. You can be sure that I will never purchase anything from there again!

Originally I had intended to get the Magic Enzyme Pack Peeling, but with its milky consistency as shown by the shitty SA, it takes patience to exfoliate. Whereas the Magic Bubble Peeling comes in a form of a creamy mousse that takes little effort to exfoliate dead skin. Unbiasedly, I like it.

Other purchases: Dual Fibre Cheek Brush & Oblique Shading Brush

Free gifts:
Over-the-top pink angelic pen. Humph, angelic my foot!
O2 White Toner/Lotion samples
Mineral BB Cream sample

I also picked up a superduber kawaii Japanese memopad & a scheduler☆

On a side note. I will no longer be doing swaps. Okay, that's up to individual assessments. The ones I have done thus far have been kind of a mess. I sent specially-picked skincare & makeup products and these people just -mysteriously- disappeared! I'm not running a charity drive here, people! F!@#$%^&*

I'll be attending the Elizabeth Arden's 100 Anniversary tea party this afternoon. There is a preview of the brand's upcoming products, so more on that later!

Have a nice weekend, everyone!


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Benefit's Firmology - Toning & Smoothing Serum
A toning & smoothing serum for face & neck, it leaves skin radiant and silky to the touch. Rated "S" for sexy, firmology is clinically proven to firm, tone, smooth and revitalize your complexion for a more youthful glow. Lightweight & oil-free, with a luminous light-reflecting pigment...this serum is so sexy you'll be tempted to call it "complexion lingerie."

Firmlogy contains hydrolyzed soy flour to "boost" collagen fibers & tone tired skin, Vitamins A & E to improve skin's elasticity & protect against free radicals.

A sample of the product was in the goodie bag, which was given to me at the Benefit bloggers' party I'd attended earlier this month. It was really obvious that there had been some skin tightening on my neck upon my first trial. However, it proved to be a tad oily for my combination skin. Subsequently, I used it as a "mixing medium" as it also has brightening properties, and I could feel my skin tightened as I include the serum into my liquid foundation.

I really like the instant tightening effect, like Botox - not that I ever had the procedure but you get the idea. The serum also helps create a smooth surface, to allow a better makeup application.

Rating: 4/5

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From 21st - 27th June, head on down to Tampines Atrium for the Skin79 Promotion!!

Look for 2 very attractive deals:

1) FREE Skin79 BB Miniature Set (worth $21.90) with purchase above $75 of Skin79 Products (800 sets only)

2) WIN Plantronics Bluetooth Headset Discovery 975-Hot Pink Limited Edition (worth $259) with purchase of any Skin79 product, only at this atrium (5 Lucky Winners)

For this special promotion, Skin79 collaborated with Plantronics, to produce this limited edition Hot Pink Bluetooth Headset! World leaders in personal audio communications, Platronics produce the Discovery 975 which is a lightweight bluetooth mobile phone headset featuring superior audio quality, innovative design, advance noise-canceling technologies and delivers natural sounding voice in harsh noise environments. The rechargable carrying case triples talk time from 5 hours to up to 15 hours while protecting and storing the earpiece.

Embellished with authentic, top grade, rose cut Swarovski crystals, and guaranteed with a one-year warranty, the exclusive Plantronics Discovery 975 "Hot Pink" Edition (pink crystals) will be launched islandwide at Skin79 events in Singapore.

A limited quantity is also available for purchase from Plantronics' distributor Ban Leong for S$259 (inclusive of GST; free local delivery) from 20th June, 2010 onwards. All purchases will receive a complimentary miniature Skin79 BB cream.

I strongly recommend to get the Oriental Gold BB cream, which is really lightweight, has SPF properties and comes with a cheek-lip tint☆

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Whenever I walked into a store, beauty masks are the first thing that pops into my mind. They provide instant hydration, and can boost your skin right before an important date or occasion. I depend on them to look radiant at functions, although I'm embarrassed to say that I've slackened over the months... But, it's not too late to be rigid in my beauty regimen (^-^)v

Oxygen is the foundation of beauty; and Taiwan-based 美人语 Beauty Talk starts with Oxygen. Adopting the 3 major elements (Sunlight, Air, Water) that preserve life, oxygen is essential for skin cells to carry out healing process, metabolism, detoxification, growth and to promote circulatory period, resulting in a brighter, elastic and youthful complexion.

Idebenone Q10 Mask
The Idebonone Q10 Facial Mask contains concentrated Antioxidants, such as Idebonone and Coenzyme Q10, for optimizing the absorption of the essences, postpone the aging effect, smoothen fine lines, and activating skin cells. This formula works against aging skin as it whitens and cares for your face from the inside. Restores Firm, Elastic, and Young Skin.

Collagen Facial Mask
The Collagen Facial Mask contains a rich selection of Collagen, High Concentrations of Hyaluromic Acid, Gingko, and Aloe Essence, to immediately hydrate dry, and darker skin with Anti-Aging effect. It whitens, softens, yields elasticity, enhances sheen and exudes more firmness to your face. Have a young, hydrated skin!

SkinLite is a Korean brand that offers very decent facial treatment masks. What keeps me coming back for more - they never fail to leave my face soft and supple.

The Brightening Essence Mask is a constant purchase. It contains natural moisturizing ingredients such as Licorice Root and Portulaca extract, Vitamin B and Phyto Collagen. Whereas the Seaweed Essence Mask contains Vitamin E & Collagen that increases skin elasticity & brightens up the skin. Also, the ingredient Dipotassium Glycyrrhizate prevents skin trouble and keeps your skin healthy.

Stage Cosmentics @ Ion Singapore is having a moving-out sale. After some misses, I finally headed down over the weekend. Unfortunately, the teal eyeliner was sold-out, and I ended up with just a Pewter Performance eyeliner... (TДT)

I used a kohl black eyeliner as a base, and appled Nature Republic's Prism Star e/s in Metalic Blue over over my lids. It has a deep greyish undertone instead of the stated blue, though. Then I blend the color over the crease to create a subtle smokey effect, followed by white highlighter over the brow bone with Shiseido's White Beam highlighter and also on my undereye area. To bring in more light to my eyes, I applied NP's Prism Star e/s in Pastel Pink. Lastly, I used Pewter Performance on my lower lashes.

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Picked up a bottle of the Advanced Night Repair at the Estée Lauder counter yesterday. Erm... I can't give any comments yet because too caught up with my own beauty regime, I remembered about the honey-colored serum after I'm done for the night (lol)

This comprehensive, high-performance anti-aging serum helps to continously repair the appearance of past damage, prevent future damage and deliver high levels of hydration. Soothes daily irritation and builds a rich anti-oxidant reserve to help replenish skin's natural protectants.Think of it as "insurance" for younger, healthier-looking skin, today and tomorrow.

I have been looking for nude-colored lipsticks for a while now. My purchase of Urban Decay's Midnight Cowboy lipstick only managed to provide a sheer beige color. So I popped by Watson, swatched on my hand, picked up 1 and dived straight to the counter - a Revlon ColorBurst lippy in Soft Nude!

It is a very pale shade, and is lightweight with excellent pigmentation. However it settles into the creases and accentuates chapped lips so make it a point to wear lip balm prior!

Courtesy of Elizabeth Arden Singapore, I was given a truckload of goodies after a photoshoot, and the Sunlit Bronze Beauty Kit is my top favourite♥

The palette comes in 4 limited edition eyeshadow shadows, which provides very sheer but buildable coverage. Let me tell you this, the bronze colors are GORGEOUS!! I did an FOTD yesterday but silly me didn't realize that the camera didn't save the pictures! 。・゚(´□`)゚・。

I had dolled myself up with the Tinted Moisturizer(which gave me this dewy, bronzy finish). Alas, all efforts gone down the drain!

  In contrast with the eyeshadows, the tear rose blush needs to be used with caution, otherwise you'll look like a baboon's backside (lol) Last but not least, I ♥ the highlighter! What an appropriate name~.


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Couple of days ago, I'd asked for input on whether I should get MAC Fix+ Spray. The response weren't satisfactory because I had partially decided on getting it, but I was just trying to get affirmation (lol) But thank you ladies, for your suggestions. I appreciate them very much~.

So... *inserts Transformers EPIC score* I GOT IT!!! My first MAC purchase!!!
I'm no longer a MAC virgin!! HAHAHA! (σ^0^)σ

Previously I was warned by other bloggers that the product is sold-out all the time, hence I was prepared to walk into the store and march straight to the tester. But when I got to the store yesterday, the BA asked what I want and I burted out "I want the Fix+," without blinking my eyes. She dived straight into the drawer and took a box out. and walked straight to the counter.  I wanted to ask questions but she had this annoyed "I'm PMSing" look on her face so I kept mum. I didn't even dare to reach out for the tester, which was just behind me. The 2 other BAs clearly had their menstruation cycle synchronized, why else would they have that same "Ah, just buy and go" look on their faces?

How disappointing! I have should gone to the TANGS outlet, the pregnant BA I'd met was so friendly... maybe because she's not having her period, so she was in a good mood then...

Prior to making my purchase, I had done "extensive" research online before coming to a decision. The conclusion was that FIX+ makes a great moisturizer.

An aqua-spritz of vitamin and minerals, infused with a calm-the-skin blend of Green Tea, Camomile, Cucumber, topped off with the fresh, natural, energising scent of Sugi.

On top of that, it is good for applying before & after makeup application; adds radiance and gives your makeup a dewier finish. Additionally, many ladies are using it as a mixing medium.

Stay tuned for a review☆

Here's an EOTD from yesterday. When I'm not in the mood to venture out to the outside world with loud colors, NEUTRAL RULES!! I know my New Year resolution was to be more daring with colors, but when your mood is in the dumps, best to stick with S-A-F-E.

I'm still trying to fnd nice angles for future EOTDs & FOTDs, so bear with me~.

Even though I stick with neutral colors, I added a tinge of shimmery pinkish-lavender on the inner corners to give it that "POP" effect. I'm sorry that the colors looked washed-out, but it looks really pretty in the mirror =)

My gadgets:

- Mio Piccolo Flower Palette in 03
- Guerlain Le 2 de Guerlain Mascara
- L'OREAL gel-liner
- ZA concealer
- Nature Republic Prism Star Dot Shadow in Pastel Pink

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This is my latest obsession♥ It all started around 2 weeks ago when my friend & I stopped by a Japanese ice cream parlour, Marvelous Cream, and then I got hooked on it ever since. So far, I've already had 7 within 14 days, and I always ordered the same - Mango Snow Tiramisu (o^_^o)

Although I keep saying that I need a SCRAM bracelet or to check myself into rehab, the sweet beast in me CAN'T BE TAMED, y'all! I even converted 3 friends into ice cream monsters! Almost had my 8th yesterday but it was raining heavily so I stayed home instead...

On my way to the workshop on Thursday, I stopped by Nature Republic... again (lol) Unlike my first 2 visits, my 3rd purchase earned me a box of cotton pads. I picked an Apple-scented polish remover, there's a faint smell of the fruit but too overwhelmed by the alcohol.

Color Deco Nail BK002
I often use Pewter colors on my hands, so I was excited when I chanced upon it at the store. It flatters fingers of all skin tones and won't interfere with any jewelry choice, without worrying that my rings will clash with the metallic shade.

I've been wearing this metallic brown for more than a week, and absolutely L-O-V-E it!! It is my favorite out of the 3 I've owned from the Korean brand. The color is soft and subtle, but when you lean in for a closer look, there's the prism of glitter that looks almost like 3D! =)

A huge range of Hadalabo products was recently launched on our sunny island and this caught my attention. I'm starting to adore the Hyaluronic Lotion, opting to tone my face with a cotton pad instead of patting on the product. Also, I have been using it to hydrate my eyes, which made them look less puffy.

You know, everytime I tend to say Hadabola, it's easier on the tongue =P

Hada Labo AHA/BHA Exfoliating Face Wash
This product foams really well and is unscented, it doesn't contain unnecessary additives, colorant, fragrance and mineral oil. But it manages to clean pores thoroughly and polishes the skin from dead skin cells with its AHA & BHA ingredients.

One thing I don't like is the smell, even though it's unscented. You know after eating oily chicken at fastfood restaurants and proceeded to the sink for soap to wash your hands? I never like the afterwash since young, and this cleanser smells exactly like it! =(

I have been contemplating whether to get the MAC Fix+ Spray. After googling around for reviews, 90% of the users were raving over how moisturizing it is, how dewy it gives and sets your makeup etc. 10% of the unhappy population were lamenting how greasy it was, perhaps they sprayed the product too close onto their faces.

All along I've used Evian to set my makeup(if I ever remember to)
Now, I'm still torn over whether to get it or not. $25 is a reasonable price, considering that it takes a long time to finish a bottle. I'd intended to get it yesterday but thanks to the rain, now I get to ask for your opinions. What do you ladies think?

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On Thursday I attended yet another bloggers' workshop, this time for Skin79. The popularity of this top Korean BB Cream brand has been on the rise in recent years - in its native country, Hong Kong, Taiwan and has recently made its way to Singapore.

The event was held at Pink Parlour, where we got a pedicure treat while listening to the introduction of the brand's Oriental range of products, which caters to mature skin.

I did not show my pedicured feet; I do not like my feet :X
But I'd chosen a Bordeaux color with glittery french tips☆

The Oriental range is suitable for mature and dry/combination skin in dire need of moisture and nourishment, the prowess of The Oriental range lies in repairing damaged skin and improving the appearance of wrinkles. Every product contains caviar, which intensely nourishes skin.

This is the only Skin79 line that is fortified with white tea, green tea and black tea. These 3 ingredients contains powerful anti-oxidant properties which are highly effective at repairing skin, improving its natural defenses, and reducing damage caused by too much sun exposure. Together, they are a powerful yet safe concoction to restore youth to the skin.

The Oriental Gold BB Cream (S$49.90)
Ideal for dry/combination skin that needs whitening and wrinkle improvement, this product replenishes skin's much needed moisture and nutrients to keep it baby-smooth and flawless. A multitasker that packs 10 beauty benefits in a jar, this also comes with a lip and cheek cream in dusty rose.

Product Benefits
- GOLD extracts not only restore skin's healthy glow, thanks to their inherent illuminating properties, but also improve blood circulation, as well as skin elasticity and firmness.
- CAVIAR contains proteins, minerals and key vitamins to intensely nourish, hydrate and prompt cellular regerneration.
- ADENOSINE & ARBUTIN penetrate deeply to whiten, brighten, iron out wrinkles and improve skin elasticity.
- SPF 25 PA++ protects the skin against UVA and UVB rays, which burn the skin, cause premature aging and contribute to cancer.

If you do not know already, BB Cream is also known as Blemish Balm that is known to have been formulated as an after-treatment to help patients who have gone through laser skin surgery to soothe and regenerate the skin.

The texture is light-weight and gives an even & natural-looking coverage that evens out my skin tone. It has excellent serum control that doesn't requires me to blot my face under the hot weather! I don't like the dispenser, it's hard to control the amount of product and I often pump out more than I need...

I was sold the moment I found out that it comes with a lip & cheek tint. The dusty rose shade gives you that natural, rosy cheeks and it is a breeze to blend it onto your skin.

The Oriental Lifting Eye Controller (S$26.90)
Intensely nourishing and moisturizing, this eye cream keeps the skin around your eyes firm and wrinkle-free - a vital sign of youth in any culture. It also has a handy applicator top that delivers the formula right onto the delicate eye area. Suitable for all skin types.

Product Benefits
- CAVIAR contains proteins, minerals and key vitamins to intensely nourish, hydrate and prompt cellular regerneration.
- JOJOBA OIL retains water loss, and enhances skin suppleness, making it useful for treating crow's feet, wrinkles and dry skin.
- ADENOSINE boosts skin's natural production of both collagen and elastin, proteins that reduce the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines.

I have droopy eyes, so this product comes in handy with is lifting properties. The cream is moisturizing, and leaves my eyes with a feeling of softness by offering hydrating effect.

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Last weekend I was in attendance at L'OREAL's first-ever bloggers' gathering, at Fika which is a Swedish bistro. As you can tell, the food was delicious, although I hated that the potatoes were too hard for my liking. I was too infatuated with the desserts that I completely forgot to snap shots (lol) The Apple Crumble was delicious, but my favourite was the brownies!!!

It was fun to see familiar faces at the lunch party, and also meet new ones. If you ever want to go back there, ring me up! o(^-^)o

The event was held to introduce the Open Eyes Chrome Intensity eyeshadow palettes, inspired by the shimmering hues of the butterfly. These four-colour eyeshadow palettes will start you off on a journey of metamorphosis. Each comes in breathtaking shades of either Blue (Aquadisiac), Green (Timeless Green), Pink (Pink Mania) or Yellow (Magic Amber).

Yesterday I had briefly introduced the Green palette, which is absolutely lovely, and the colors are very pigmented.

Inside the goodie bag:

- Open Eyes Chrome Intensity eyeshadow palettes in Timeless Green and Magic Amber
- Super Liner 24H Waterproof Gel Eyeliner in Black
- Color Riche Made for Me Lipstick in Intense Fushia and Burning Rose
- Ultra - Volume Collagene mascara

Ultra - Volume Collagene
This mascara is designed to boost volume in Asian lashes with a Hydra-Collagen complex with collagen and hyalyronic acid to boost volume and retain water for plumper lashes. Collagen in your lashes, are you intrigued already?

The mascara comes in a huge brush that fattens up your lashes, keeping them looking plump and visible. Also, the long bristles enhances my lower lashes without too much effort. The formula is smudge-free, which is a must-buy considering I had it on for 6 hours earlier this week, and I didn't even look like a panda! Plus, it didn't take much effort to remove it too.

Color Riche Made for Me Lipstick
These range of lipstick is enriched with a combination of Omega-3 oils, and Vitamin E that helps to protect your lips from drying. It has a soft and creamy texture which leaves lips feeling moisturized, smooth with a stunning finish. Each lip shade has been expertly designed to suit every woman's natural coloring from blondes to brunettes and fair to dark skin tones, each has their choice of shades for the perfect match.

I've got Intense Fushia which is designed for ladies with Rose skin tone(if you have dark hair, blue eyes and very pale skin) and Burning Rose caters for those with Golden Fair skin tone. 

Open Eyes Chrome Intensity
The collection is formulated with Pure Refined Micro-Pigments that delivers a highly pearlised finish. According to the description, one application is all it takes for iridescent color to stay on throughout the day. Unfortunately, the eyeshadows creased on me 6 hours later.

Super Liner 24H Waterproof Gel Eyeliner
This gel eyeliner promises a smooth, creamy texture which makes it easy to swipe across your lids, with the brush that comes along with it. It comes in the form of a waterproof formula that claims to provide up to 24 hours of wear.

I haven't give this a test-drive yet so will post up a review later. A swatch of the product is enough to impress me; when compared with the Maybelline gel-liner which I've been using for close to a year now, the L'OREAL one has a smoother application and not as drying as the liner by Maybelline.

And I managed to remove the cover from the Elizabeth Arden brush (lol) The synthetic brush is firm that gives me perfect control to apply on the gel-liner. However is not recommended for those with bulky hands because it is so petite - shortest handle out of the trio!

 The GIVEAWAY is still ongoing until July 11th, 2010!! 

Also, there will be an Elizabeth Arden warehouse sale tomorrow! WHO IS GOING?!?!

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Monday, I attended the movie premiere of "The A-Team" wearing this look, unfortunately the eyeshadows creased on me 3 hours later. If you haven't noticed, I rarely wear green, but the color compliments brown very well! Since I'm on my way to another workshop, why not do an exact same look and capture the moment? (lol)

This marks my first FOTD =)

I did not photoshop anything on my face; the damn zits are healing properly~ (^-^)v

- Elizabeth Arden Pure Finish Tinted Moisturizer
Use a wet sponge and apply on the tinted moisturizer, what you get is a natural rosy glow. The product is supposed to be slightly bronzy, but I looked like I've been flushing, and I haven't even applied on my blusher (lol)
- Bourjois Healthy Mix Correcting Concealer
This is why I look so flawless in my photo. Great coverage and has a fruity smell too! I swear this product has legs, I have to search for it high and low everytime (lol) Has anyone tried the foundation yet?
- Urban Decay lipstick - Midnight Cowboy
A shimmery, light peachy color that gives a natural glow on your lips
- L'OREAL Ultra-Volume Collagene mascara
Imagine collagen on your lashes! Smudge-free, even after 6 hours
- L'OREAL Open Eyes Chrome Intensity - Timeless Green
- Elizabeth Arden Pure Finish Cheekcolor - Rosy Glow

I will introduce the new range of L'OREAL Chrome Intensity eyeshadow palettes in another entry.

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Last month I'd attended the opening of TOUCHE™ Elite, and was invited back last week for a facial. After the Clinical Derma-Scopic Skin Diagnosis, I was told that I had good skin though areas around my nose & chin areas are fairly dry. Also, I had a slight uneven pigmentation problem but was assured that it wasn't serious. (^▽^;)

Before we go any further, I was greeted warmly by the staff, particularly the manager
Melissa Han
, who doubled-duty as the photographer that day. And I would like to convey my gratitude to therapist , for making this facial experience very soothing & relaxing for me. Both ladies made a point to explain every minute details throughout the 2hr++ session☆

ELITE 24k NanoGold & Pearl Skin Regenerating Treatment from Japan
The meticulous treatment starts with an aroma press massage, followed by deep cleansing procedures.

Thereafter, I had my virgin go at Skin MicroDermabrasion Therapy (lol) It exfoliates your skin by using multi-degree diamond tipped wand through continuous scrubbing and vaccuming the top-most layer of the skin. It helps to improve uneven skin coloring and aging spots, superficial acne scars, sun-damaged sking and aging fine lines, dry rough skin and large pores.

Next came the dreadful Extraction process, which to my surprise, doesn't really hurt that much at all! My therapist tackleed every spot of congested zits, including those unseen ones but her super eyes can spot them and she expertly pops them gently.

While she applied a solution to treat the bane of my life aka pimples, at the same time, I had my brows trimmed! So random right? After which, I had a too-vigorated-for-me massage, I thought my fragile chest would concave from all the pressure (lol)

My therapist then placed 24K nano-gold leaves on my skin. Dubbed as the ultimate path to anti-aging from Japan, this Nano Techonology uses luxurious 99.99% 24K esthetic gold to allow skin cells to regenerate and naturally heal for a younger, healthier and fairer skin with a TOUCHE of blush.

This 24K Yellow Gold Leaf of 99.99% purity is made possible by unique research and development over the years. Silver, copper, and other fungi-containing impurities are removed to the greatest extent to produce pure gold leaves that are kind and highly effective for the skin.

Pure gold has the magical power of identifying and rejuvenating weakened parts of the skin.

Instead of using hot steam which could result in broken capillaries, cool air was ultilised instead which was the most enjoyable part of this facial experience. I had mentioned earlier that I have a minor sinus problem and Huiting was considerate enough to place a cotton pad to cover my nose. Maybe I could paste one on my nose from now on, that way I can sleep with the Air Conditioner on without getting my nose runny in the morning.

See how the cool air breaks down the gold particles? My therapist then proceeded to massage the gold leaves into my skin and they miraculously dissolved and disappeared into my skin. I have GOLD IN MY SKIN!! σ(^。^;

I was further treated to a supreme Nano-Gold Mask Therapy and was told this is one of the most expensive around~ Σ(゚ー^*)

It contains Pearl(that blocks out UV Rays), Placenta Extract(eliminates oxygen radicals), Ginseng, Vitamins A, C & E,  and extracts of Green Tea, Algae & Gingko.

This treatment activates the skin metabolism, repairs damnage cells, reduces fine lines and wrinkles, and improve blood circulation. It also stimulates collagen and brightens the skin, resulting in enhanced radiance and suppleness.

At the end of the session, I felt rejuvenated and slightly light-headed due to the massage(my fault, too vigorated for my own good). The entire session was revitalizing, but I would like it more with better played music. The background was too soft and I actually relax better with my favourite songs in my ears. Overall, I was in excellent hands, and there was no any hardselling tactics that I have seen with many other salons.

Exclusive to my readers, you are welcome to try this ELITE 24K NanoGold & PearL Skin Regenerating Treatment from Japan @ S$68 (UP S$588) which includes:
- Clinical Derma-Scopic Skin Diagnosis
- 24K Esthetic Gold NanoPLUS Skin Treatment
- Anti-Fatigue Brightening Eye Therapy
- Precious Pearl Optimizing Skin Therapy

Available exclusively at TOUCHE Elite 6221 6612
402 Orchard Rd #01-13 Orchard Hotel Shopping Centre Singapore (opposite Hilton Hotel)

Terms and Conditions
- Valid for first-time customers aged 21 years and above only.
- Strictly for residents of Singapore only.
- Quote - "JoyceSeptember" upon appointment
- Advance booking is required
- Please present I/C for verification purposes.
- Not valid with other offers, services and promotions.
- Treatment(s) to be done on a single visit
- The management reserves the right to change the above conditions without prior notice.
- This offer is valid till 31st August 2010.

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Listen up everybody!

Elizabeth Arden Singapore will have a warehouse sale!!! o(^o^)o

Date: Saturday June 12th, 2010
Venue: Suntec City International Convention & Exhibition Centre, Room 201 (Level 2)
Time: 10AM - 8PM

If you are scratching your heads on what products to buy, here are my suggestion:

- White Glove Extreme Skin Brightening Capsules
If you are really cash-strapped, INVEST in this product! I do not receive any form of commission, by the way, this treatment serum can really make a difference in your beauty regime.

- Ceramide Plump Perfect Moisturizer

- Pure Finish Mineral Powder Foundation

Pure Finish Tinted Moisturizer

PREVAGE Day Ultra Protection Anti-aging Moisturizer

- Eight Hour Cream Intensive Moisturizing Hand Treatment

- Good Night's Sleep Restoring Cream
This is my current favourite night cream. Infused with a soothing lavender scent, wake up the next day to soft, baby skin. I will review this in an upcoming post.

So, WHO'S GOING?! L(‘▽‘)/

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I am a fan of Donald Trump, and love watching The Apprentice, and the Celebrity Apprentice.

In a similar concept of competing in an elimination-style competition, here comes the Singapore version reality show, The Rookie! Out of 12 short-listed contestants, the final 4 will each secure a prestigious internship placement with 4 companies - Nokia, Microsoft, Standard Chartered Bank and Zouk. The ultimate champion will win the coveted title and bag a cash prize of S$5000!

The contestants formed two teams based on their individual strength and ability. The teams will then be given tasks to perform in order for them to proceed to the next rounds. They will be completing challenges and tasks armed with a Nokia E72 - maneurvering via suite of applications available, including Nokia Messaging, Instant Messaging (IM) and OviMail - to succeed as a team.

New episodes are webcast weekly. Follow the show and predict the winner! You could be one of the lucky 2 winners to walk away with a Nokia E72!

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Earlier this week I was sent some Lip Smackers, check out the pretty♥package!!
It's so personalized that it really put a smile on my face, even though it's just a simple sticker with your name on it. Little things like this really brightens up my day =)

Rolly Lip Smacker - Coca-Cola Vanilla (S$7.90)
I'm loving the metal rollerball silhouette, which dispenses just the right amount of the product on my lips. Plus I love the nice cooling effect too. The formula is non-sticky nor too oily; leaves this soft subtle shine on my lips. This Smacker smells exactly like the drink although it doesn't lingers on your lips for too long. The taste is moderately sweet so I tend to lick my lips more often than usual. You know, the more you lick your lips, it tends to get dry? This doesn't dry out your lips; its moisturizing but I can't help but feel its slightly oily at the same time.

Lip Smacker in Coca-Cola (S$4.90)
The Classic CoCa-Cola flavor that smells and tastes just like the beverage. But the taste isn't overpowering; think of it as Coca-Cola but without the fizz. It is just as moisturizing as the Rolly Smacker, but I don't like the oily feel on my lips. The Cola shade doesn't show on your lips, but when you wipe it off with tissue, you can see a slight tinge of brown.

I tend to finish my can of Coca-Cola fresh, with the drink still fizzy with those soda bubbles popping. Why, because I can't stand the stale smell, which happens when it runs out of fizz. The same thing happens with the lip balm, when I finally resist the urge to lick my lips. When I scrunch up my lips to smell it 20 minutes later, it reminds me of that stale, leftover Coke. =(

Liquid Lip Smacker in Coca-Cola (S$6.90)
I call this the Coca-Cola lipgloss, which is my favourite out of the trio. It is such a small tube, like half the amount of liquid, when compared with the Rolly Smacker. It has the same moisturizing properties, but somehow it has the right consistency for me. When the taste eventually evaporates, it leaves my lips soft and smooth.

I've been using these Lip Smackers for a few days and now my lips smell like Coca-Cola that I don't even need to drink the beverage anymore. This is good news if you are trying to cut down on sugar. Also, they do a wonderful job at hydrating your lips so that they look good even after the product is long gone.

The Coca Cola range will be launched exclusively at all Guardian stores from 10th June 2010. I can't wait to pick up the Orange flavor☆

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I attended the Benefit Bloggers' Party on Thursday, and had a blast with the invited ladies. So much laughter and gossip about Takuya Kimura(Sesame's favourite Japanese hunk)

We were treated to some sweet foodies but this one... I'm not too sure what it was. I think it's raw salmon... not daring to throw it away, I swallowed it down... *GAG*

I was grabbed to be the model of the makeup demonstration, hence all my makeup were stripped off. I stood 'naked' at the counter for almost 30mins, waiting for other bloggers to arrive. Seriously, be punctual next time! If you can't make it, please inform beforehand.

(The pictures above were taken by Sesame.)

Pardon my horrible naked face! I went for a facial the day before, and those nasty pimples are taking their own sweet time to heal F!@#$%^&

Dissecting the goodie bag: (clockwise)
- Firmology toning & smoothing serum for face & neck
- Do It daily! oil-free moisturizing lotion SPF 10
- Posietint
- Benetint
- Creaseless Cream Shadow/Liner in R.S.V.P.
- Laugh with me Lee Lee
- Erase Paste brightening camouflage for eyes & face
- High Beam
- That Gal brightening face primer

R.S.V.P. is of a sparkling champagne shade, this flattering color works  perfect as a neutral eyeshadow base and it's so creamy in texture.

After the demonstration, the bloggers had fun decorating cupcakes, while I stayed back to complete my makeover.  It was a pity that I wasn't able to dress up as a Benefit Sugarbomb babe though~ No pictures of the makeover. It was night time by the time I got home, so couldn't get a clear shot :(

Look at Milo using the cutesy headband as its collar. Everytime I put it on, he stood still as a statue, like he's been petrified! 

I remember someone had a dilemma deciding what to get - Moon Beam or High Beam. The makeup artist said that the Moon Beam highlighter is more suitable for those with darker skintone, while the latter caters more to ladies with fairer skin.

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My dear Milo is 9 months old today!!! I love the number 9.
Both of us are September babies~♥♥♥

Precious has grown up to be a poser. The other day we found him standing against a large mirror, staring at himself! 很爱美!!

He's also willing to sit still for us to get as many Picture-Perfect shots as we want (lol)

He likes to channel Puss ALOT - should get him boots to complete the look!

Look at those eyes - makes you wanna swim in them (lol)

I love you, Baby! ┐(´3`)┌


This just happened minutes ago! I spotted a Mama lizard with a baby on her back, on the floor. Next thing I know, Milo chased them and they hid under the couch. After checking them out, Milo bit the mother and all I could do was going "AHHHHAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHH!"

OMG! I have raised a MONSTER!! He attacked the mother, her tail came off and it was still wagging away!!! 5 minutes, she is officially dead and I have no idea where the baby is.  The Mama is covered in Milo's saliva... he almost followed me into my room. People, I'm in peril!!! (つд⊂) 

He was 'nice' enough to 'reunite' the tail with the carcass (lol)
Poor thing died with its tongue stuck out X.X 

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