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A while ago, my buddy, Dee, asked me tips on how to keep her skin hydrated despite the cold, dry weather. Hey girlfriend, get Hazeline Snow if this is available at your area. This product has been around for many, many years and Mum swears by it.

Because I have combination skin, my face will get oily in the afternoon after using it. But since the weather is pretty cool right now with the rain and all, my skin is lovin' it! It softens your skin and has whitening effects, okay I'm kinda fair so I can't see the difference (lol)

Hazeline Snow is also great for soothing pimples! Dab some snow onto the affected area and the next day, the pimple dries up! Oh, please keep the product in the fridge☆

I'm a huge fan of hair products by Charles Worthington. The shampoo & conditioner from the moisture-seal range is good! I also love the Hair Healer leave-in conditioner, a treatment product great for those with dry, damaged hair.

Couple of months ago, I'd bought the Flawless Finish Straightening Balm enriched with pearl & silk extracts from the Dream Hair range. It smelled funky & left my hair & hands really greasy, so I chuck it aside.

I had absolutely nothing to do on Boxing Day and decided to try it once more - L(‘▽‘)/ Raise your hands if you think using more conditioner is good for your hair. Think again!

The trick is to use a TINY amount and run your fingers through DAMP hair. Now my hair is silky smooth and the smell doesn't linger.

Lastly, SILKYGIRL Duo Eye Shadow in Smokey Spark. I was desperate for grey eyeshadows and this seems to answer my prayer, slightly.
It's not very pigmented but a slow buildup will do the trick. Matches the hoodie I wore today too~.

Let's find out what Milo's been up to as my baby is turning 4 months this coming Friday!

1)Found a perfect windy spot to sleep, and comes with a stool
2)Acting cute while under lockdown this morning, I shall not waver!!
3)Perfecting his splits, complete with a "See, I'm awesome" look~.
4)See that smirk? (。- -。)

I know many of you are busy deciding what to wear for your New Year parties, not to mention hair & makeup. Hopefully you'll find the Smokey Mink & Sultry Bedroom Eyes tutorials are of help.

As for me, those who know me long enough are aware of my annual New Year plans. Every year on 31st Dec, 15mins before the clock strikes 12, I would jump into bed and wait... for anything to happen.

You see, I sort-of believe that the End of the World will happen on this day, but not sure when. Blame the millennium bug, OK? At that time there were many speculations that something horrible will happen when we cross over to 2000, and WHAT IS IT?

I'm no longer spooked, instead it becomes more like a habit (lol)

But hey, if it really happens *touchwood* at least I will die in bed, better than being squashed & stomped on thousands of people on the streets, right? (^-^)v

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Despite using a better camera, it still failed to capture the results I desired. The look was much more smokey as I grinned at myself in the mirror. Alas! I have nobody to seduce, nor do I want to attract the wrong 'crowd.'

I was really bored on Christmas night and as I was about to turn in after the clock struck twelve on Boxing Day, the music score played on my music player, which is from Fright Night's seduction scene.

Eureka! I had the sudden urge to do a sultry look, to seduce a hottie like Chris Sarandon. ┐(´ー`)┌

What I use:
Laneige Snow Crystal Dual Base SPF22 PA+
-used brightener balm onto upper & lower eyes for maximized glow
SilkyGirl Funky Eyelights Pencil in Pure Purple (base & water line)
 Coastal Scents 88 Shimmer Palette
-dark purple over base, blend upward & harsh edge
-nice shade of brown over crease to create a more intensive look
-white/champagne over brown color & highlight brow bone
-glittery white to highlight inner corners

Pair up the look either with a nude/peach lipgloss or red matte lipstick.

Honestly, I'm pretty anal about wearing makeup to bed though it may seem cool just like in the movies. But of course when PASSION takes over, well, remember to remove your makeup after that, and before going to bed (lol)

Alternatively, you can wear this look for a dinner event, clubbing or to an upcoming New Year party.

I've received many emails, asking for updates on Milo.
He seems to get more sensible as he gets older, hence all the more harder to 'trick' him back into his crate. At times it can take me up to 30mins to lock him up.

It really hurts me to hear him whine but he needs to be punished when he does something wrong. And I don't like to raise my voice either, but discipline is necessary... (/。\)

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  • Dec 21 Mon 2009 18:45
  • IRIS

So the drama IRIS finally concluded last week in Korea. Many fans were complaining about the finale but seriously, if all shows finished with a happy ending, then where's the fun?

This is the only Korean drama I've seen this year, BOY THIS IS GOOD! I've been a fan of Lee Byung Hun since 1997 and this was part of the reason why I watch this (^-^)v

Other stars include Kim Tae Hee, Kim Seung Woo, Kim So Yeon & T.O.P. Now, I'm not too familiar with Korean celebrities other than Rain(bleh), Song Hye Gyo(my role model for flawless skin), Jung Woo Sung(other hunk from Dream Racers) etc

Kim Tae Hee is a beauty she can't display feelings on her face during emotional scenes. Many girls drool over T.O.P. but besides Shinhwa and selected soundtracks, I don't listen much to Korean music. He plays an assassin but doesn't require much acting; all he does is act cool & sneer(that made my hunk mad! (σ^0^)σ)

Kim Seung Woo(guy at the end of the poster) is known for his comedic roles but his portrayal as a level-headed Chief of North Korea got me smitten. His presence is so commanding that I find him absolutely charismatic. Yes, I have a thing for older men, especially those cool ones who don't talk very much. (o^_^o)

This is the last couple of scenes from the finale, which ended appropriately since Lee Byung Hun isn't going to return for the 2nd season. Instead, he will be filming the G.I. Joe sequel! I need to watch that movie again (Yup, he's the reason why I watch that crappy movie)

I conveniently included English subtitles, now bring on the tissues☆

- Are you really going to keep sleeping?
- Just a little while more
- I’m hungry
- Then order some food for yourself
- Are you really not getting up?
- Get up now! Go wash your face
- Are you always like this?
- Like what?
- Nagging non stop
- This? You haven’t seen my true nagging powers yet
- Oh god
- What? Get up already!
- Get up! Faster! Now! Get up!
- Ok ok ok
- Freshen up

- Hey, Protozoa. You must be a Protozoa.
When hungry, you moan. When u fill up your stomach, you smile
- Aren’t you the same?!
- What did I do?
- You won’t let me sleep last night
- Hey I…  What? What? When?
- Tsk Anyway, I like it

- Too cute isn’t it?
- Yea
- Hey, let’s…have 5 okay?
- What?
- 5 kids
- That’s a big dream
- Don’t tell me you are proposing
- Well, it can be interpreted that way too Alright. Just one ok?
- What? Proposing without a ring? And u expect to get through it?
Hmm, I can’t accept it. No
- Hey come on. Please?

RIP Britanny Murphy

IRIS》终于在上周播映完毕. 很多人都抱怨这部韩剧的大结局,但是若每一部戏的完结篇都是高高兴兴、嘻嘻哈哈的话,那多闷呀!

这是今年我看的唯一一部韩剧哦,真的够刺激的说! 97年起就已经是李秉宪的影迷了,这就是我主要收看的原因啦~(^-^)v

我觉得虽然他饰演的角色最后的下场是如此,但部分原因是明年他会拍摄《G.I. Joe》的续集,所以不会会参与演出第2季的演出 .

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1) I apologized if you got spooked by my giant eye (lol)
2) This was done in haste so I didn't apply concealor beforehand, but thank God for the eye mask I'd done last night☆
3) Thanks to my Mom's cellphone camera, I was able to capture this look way clearer than mine!

This was the reason why I got fed up yesterday. But my friends seem to think otherwise, saying my angst didn't quite show on my face.

The look was inspired by YSL 2009 Fall Collection but I slightly modified the colors with the options made available to me. So instead of using green which may seem appropriate for Christmas, I opted for colors that can be used for any occasions.

- draw black eyeliner(1) on lash line and smudge on the lids
- do a wash all over the lids and eyeliner with a silver color(2)
- apply black eyeshadow or a shimmery pigment(3) on the lids, avoiding the crease area. Since the NYX Black Pearl is highly pigmented, I opted to use it as a eyeliner instead
- for that extra kick, apply white shimmers(4) on your brow bone and at the inner corners. This gives your eyes the POP effect.

I didn't apply NXY White Pearl on my crease & brow bone, thus not reflected in the picture. No mascara too.

Note: Try to cut down the amount of shimmers if you're going to take loads of photos, because the glitters will reflect light and you'll probably show up with white flash instead of your pretty face.

Hope this tutorial helps in your upcoming Christmas/New Year parties

Oh, Santa please give me a camera for Christmas! I really have been a good girl this year~. (*^ー^*)

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As I was walking around my home trying to get things done, naturally Milo would follow me from room to room. When he finally decided that enough is enough, he simply settled at my doorway. He probably figured it's better to stay there since he'll know when I leave the room.

The first shot reminded me too much of the delicious Suckling Pig dish that you would often find in Chinese restaurants. To be honest, it's been many years since I last ate it... 。・゚(´□`)゚・。 But I'll never forget the crispness, especially the skin! *drools*

Well, guess I'll have to settle for Suckling Milo!! L(‘▽‘)/
RELAX, TAKE IT EASY I ain't gonna pluck his fur and grill him (lol)

在家中从一个房间到另一间做事情,Milo很自然地也会跟进跟出. 跟够了,他就决定躺在我房门中央.

第一张照令人想到 -- 乳猪!!
哇呀呀!我已经有很多年没吃了耶~ 但我无法忘怀那香脆的味道! *流口水*

现在...只好盯住乳狗咯!! L(‘▽‘)/
RELAX, TAKE IT EASY 我不会碰他一根汗毛的啦 (笑)

Snapped this an hour ago - Baby on his back, ready for a tummy rub!

I've ran out of spaces to hide in my home, ever since we started playing Hide N Seek. Gotta love the smile he displays when he managed to 'find' me...(  ^ω^)

一个小时前拍的 - 宝贝躺在背上,要我搓揉他的肚子!

但当他找到我时所漏出的笑容...好可爱哟!! (  ^ω^)

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St.Ives Hydroxy Masque (Peel Off)
Gentle Alpha Hydroxy. Removes impurities and gently exfoliates for smooth visibly healthy skin.

First of all, this is one messy masque! The texture is of a gooey gel that glides out of the pack the moment you open the lid. 
Here's the fun part: Just like playing with glue, spread a thin layer and wait for it to dry completely, gently peel away and rinse off any residue.

My skin feels soft & rejuvenated but other than that, I don't see any dead surface cells & impurities being lifted when I looked at the peeled masque. It has a sweet scent of green apples but alas, this product has been discontinued. Thankfully, it takes a long time to finish, and I still have 85% left.

Rating: 2.5/5

St. Ives Apricot Scrub - Blemish & Blackhead Control
An oil-free gentle exfoliant that cleans pores and contains 2% Salicylic Acid that treats acne and stop breakouts before they occur.

I simply love walnut shell powder in my exfoliants because they are not harsh on my skin, yet remove surface dead skin cells effectively. Another plus point is that it doesn't strip off natural oil & moisture while scrubbing my face. I know some users feel that the beads are too rough, but the trick is to add sufficient amount of water or mix in together with your cleanser.

The apricot scent is absolute divine and I'm already on my second pack, using it twice a week. 

Rating: 4/5

St. Ives Mineral Clay Firming Mask
Deep cleaning oil-free mask with kaolin clay that visibly firms and tightens, improving skin's elasticity for smooth & healthy skin.

The mineral clay effectively soaks up the excess oil, hence but this might not be suitable for those with dry skin. The mask acts like an alarm, my face starts to itch when it is time to wash off. But it leaves my skin firmer and cleaner.

However I scare my mom everytime I uses this mask because it's green which slightly reminds you of Jim Carrey in "The Mask" (lol)

Rating: 3.5/5

St. Ives Cucumber & Elastin Eye Stress Gel
Soothes instantly to minimize the efects of stress like lines, puffiness, and shadows.

This is my least favorite product from this brand. I've been using it for more than a year and it does nothing as described on the pack.
I see absolutely no difference on my eye bags at all!

So why continue using it? Well, it is very hydrating and prevents my concealor to cake up when I apply it under my eyes.

Rating: 2/5

The other day I noticed Milo's natural eyeliners. It's so unfair, right? Why would dogs need that catdog-eye effect for? (lol)

Unless I'm about to wash my face, I never let him lick me except my feet. It's his way of showing his affection but I can't risk having breakouts. Here's the bad news: Milo's started to shed and now I have to be extra careful, leading me to wash my hands every now and then.

So I leave you now with a shot of Milo sleeping peacefully on my lap. Enjoy your weekend!

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Hey everyone! Christmas is less than a month away and I'm in the mood to give out presents! My humble blog was first set up to be a personal diary and now is a medium comprising of movies, music, novels and most recently expanded to beauty & makeup.

Recently I managed to get hold of Julie Hewett's camellia balm tube. As I'd reviewed earlier, it glides over my lips very smoothly and immediately could tell a difference from the other lip treatments I've tried. It feels amazingly luxurious and makes your lips glow with a healthy shine. I also notice that my lips aren't as dry or peeling ever since I started using this.

The organic formula is made with a blend of essential oils like rose camellia and orange, with other ingredients such as beeswax and shea butter. It is both petrolum and paraben free. Most importantly, it's free from animal testing.

It also works as an excellent primer, allowing your lip color to stay on better and longer. Especially if you're fond of applying dark colors, you might want to get this to protect your lips.

Prizes & Eligibility
There are 3 tubes to be won, and this Giveaway is Open to anyone, Worldwide. Last day to submit your entry is December 31st 2009, and prizes are not redeemable for cash.

How To Enter - all 3 conditions must be fulfilled for eligibility 
1)Twitter - tweet about this Giveaway and provide the link.
2)Blog about it - post about this Giveaway and provide the address.
3)Click on ads - click on the Nuffnang Ads on my blog and provide the urls. Note: http://www.nuffnang.com.sg does not count! If there are no ads, please try again later.

Postage is terribly expensive these days. The amount earned from ad clicks will be put forward to a postage fund where it will be used for sending out future giveaways☆

1 Per Entry - 1 entry per person.

One place - all entries are to be posted under this post.

Email - please provide a valid email address so that I can contact you in the event that you've won.

Private - all entries will be privatized, so don't 'spam' if your comment doesn't show up.

The prizes & postage will be paid by me, AtelierGal, unless otherwise stated. This giveaway is not affiliated with Julie Hewett, her company and management.

Thank You all for your participation and may Luck be with you! Okay, the last line is lame (lol)

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I bought this Mio Piccolo flower palette couple of years ago. The shop where I bought it from has since been closed. SaSa used to carry these range of makeup but now they no longer have it. I tried to search online but couldn't find anything on this Japanese brand. (´ω`)

All the colors are usable though I don't use it often, for fear I'll use it up quickly. The brown colors are used frequently for a less intense smokey Day look.

- Use the light shade(1) to highlight your brow bone & inner corners 
- Then apply a medium color(2) over 2/3 of your eyelids
- Lastly, shade on a metallic blue(3) on the outer corners/crease and bring the color down to lash line
- I used brown(4) to line my eyes as black might be too harsh for this Day look

Note: The metallic blue looked purplish on the finished product TwT

Here's a sneak peek of the Giveaway, which I will be announcing a Giveaway tomorrow!
Okay, it's pretty obvious if you read my blog regularly but sorry, no prizes for correct answers (lol)

不过,猜对也没奖品咯 (笑)

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The postman came by yesterday, and got Milo extremely excited.
You see, all Milo thinks of if FOOD. He eats anything, not because it's tasty but to satisfy his greed...

Oh, did I mention he's getting FAT? Soon he will be looking like Garfield minus the color (lol)

Before you go shaking your head, Milo does his fair share of exercise, with me. I chase him around the house everyday. Yes, it's exhausting but it keeps both of us in shape so I'm not complaining. (^-^)v

Anyway, he fought with me over my Amazon package. He must be thinking "That must be yummy!"

I hate to disappoint him, but it's a not suitable for consumption novel☆

Hooray! I finally owned a Stephen King novel. My first one. I have read his books & seen the movie adaptations, but just never got set to buy any. The other time I had intended to get "Carrie" but got sidetracked by another title, which happens pretty often (lol)

I've read mix reviews about his latest novel "Under The Dome," released last month. The book is so damn thick and heavy, guess bringing to Starbucks is a big no-no... (´・ω・`)


对了,他近来越来越肥呀! 他迟早会像加菲猫,除了颜色外 (笑)
不过小瓜也有做运动啦. 我每天必定在家追着他跑~
这样的运动对我也有益,所以不会抱怨 (^-^)v

他一定是以为里头有吃的东西吧~ 呵呵!
看着他失望的表情...嗯嗯...是小说啦! 当然不能吃咯~

Yay~ 终于拥有Stephen King的小说了.小女子的第一本哦!
之前本来要买《Carrie》的,不过被另外一本书给'引诱.' 哇哈哈!!

《Under The Dome》上个月才刚发行,我在网上看过的评价有好有坏,很难决定买或不该买. 重点是,这本书超重的说,要带出去还真有难度呢~ (´・ω・`)

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What is a sleeping mask?
A facial mask that you can use throughout the night while sleeping with it. Specially formulated for overnight use, one needn't worry that the product will absorb moisture from your skin.

How to use?
After your nightly skincare routine - cleansing, toning, serum, moisturizer, the sleeping mask is the last step of your regime. You can also skip your night cream and see the mask instead since sleeping masks have hydration properties too.

Apply a thin and even layer all over your face and neck, and go to bed. When you wake up the next morning, simply rinse the mask off.

It is recommended to be used twice or three times a week.

The Face Shop Raspberry Roots Sleeping Mask
This advanced lifting line formulated with Wild Himalayan Raspberry Roots instantly lifts tightens pores and re-contours the skin that lacks resilience.

It has a gel-like texture and gives you that slight cooling effect. The smell of the Raspberry Roots extract is so refreshing too! I like that the product is easily absorbed as you massage it into your skin, so I don't have to worry staining my pillow.

The best part - Normally I would wake up to a matte skin, but upon applying the sleeping mask, my face feels exceptionally smooth & hydrated, and there's a slight brightening & uplifting effect!

Rating: 4.5/5

Etude House Moistfull Massage Mask
A moisturizing facial massage + hydrating treatment + overnight pack which contains Baobab Tree extract to supply skin refining moisture.

3-in-1 massage applications:
1) Facial massage -
    massage gel for 2-3mins & rinse off with warm water.
2) Hydrating treatment -
    apply a thick layer, rinse off with warm water after 10-15mins.
3) Overnight pack -
    spread a thin layer before bed time, rinse off in the morning.

This jelly-like texture has a warm floral scent but might seem too strong for others. I like to keep it in the fridge for that chilling effect when I apply it on my face. I resent the stickiness feel that I couldn't wait to wash it off. The worst part is, it's tricky to wash it off since I had to apply a thicker layer to better enjoy the hydyrating properties.

As a sleeping mask, the absorption rate is so much slower in comparison with TFS. I had to apply it 30-45mins before I go to bed, compared to the immediate absorption with the Raspberry Roots mask. However, it does provide a decent hydrating effect the next morning.

Rating: 3/5

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We had 3 unexpected guests today, they spooked the hell out of Milo.

While preparing his food in the kitchen, I heard a "Woof" from the living room. Milo looked towards the direction of the main door but I saw nothing out there. Moments later as I fed him, he ran out to the living room and woof again!

This time, I saw 3 kittens -1 brown, 1 grey & 1 black - among my dad's plants, apparently looking for food. Normally my 3 month-old baby would stand by the gate but this time, he merely stood at a distance, refusing to be anywhere near the 'enemies.'

The black one especially, seems to be taunting Milo to come close. He would climb by the gate and stared at us with his unusually yellow eyes. The 3 of them are smaller than Milo in size, but their guts are much bigger & wild! (゚ロ゚)

But being typically Milo, when there's food in sight, my baby could care less about anything other than satisfying his greediness (lol) 

As you can see, I've added a MILO of the Day section. Every day or whenever I'm free, a new picture will be posted featuring His Truly. It's a great way to monitor his cuteness, don't you think? (^ロ^)

3 hours later, the cats are still there.
One of them almost ran in when I opened the door. Phew!



这一次我看到了3只小猫 - 褐色、灰色和黑色的猫.

那3只小猫虽然体型比Milo小很多,但担子险胜许多呢! (゚ロ゚)

一说起我家的宝贝... 真的是无言以对.
食物在眼前,什么事情都不当一回事,一心只想吃吃吃 (笑) 

对了,在部落各加了《MILO of the Day》的部分.
这样观察他每一天可爱的表情点子不错吧? (^ロ^)

3个小时已过,猫还没走耶~ 刚才开门的时候,一只差点跑进来.好险噢!

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