It's only September, and another great entertainer has left us...

I woke up this morning with the headlines "Patrick Swayze R.I.P."
Seriously, I really need to change my homepage! As much as I love CNN, it really depresses me ALOT! (つд⊂)

When I was younger, Mum used to play "The Little Mermaid" to keep me entertained while she goes to cook in the kitchen. Many a time, I would change it to "Clash of the Titans" or "Ghost."

That movie never fails to make me cry, yet it remains a staple in my life.
I listen to the love theme couple times a day (no kidding!), yet I never get sick of it! In fact, I just found out that it's the Number 1 song on my playlist♥

Mum loves Sam Wheat too. I've informed her about the news but haven't hear back from her. She will certainly be devastated over his death...

We'll probably spend the weekend watching his movies, including "Dirty Dancing" & "Point Break."


今早一起身就看到"Patrick Swayze逝世了"的头条新闻. 我看...是时候更换主页了啦! 我虽然喜欢CNN,不过每次看到类似的报道真的令人很悲哀呢! (つд⊂)

记得小的时候,妈妈因为要煮饭所以会播放《The Little Mermaid》给我看,好让我有事请做. 不过有时我会常常把带子换成《Clash of the Titans》或者《Ghost》.

每次看这部电影都会哭,但仍然看不腻. 每天都会听该主题歌很多次(是真的哦!),可是我也听不腻啊! 我刚刚才发现这首是我听最多次的歌曲呢♥

妈妈也很喜欢Sam Wheat too. 我已经把消息告诉她,不过没回应.想必听了死讯后也会很难过...

这个周末我们应该会看他的作品,包括《Dirty Dancing》和《Point Break》.

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