I spent 3 whole hours at True Beauty today.
2 & a half hours were spent lying on the bed.
Facials are meant to be relaxing, but definitely not for me...(´・ω・)ノ

Don't get me wrong, the customer service was excellent☆
The beautician took me through the entire facial with patient explanation.
Even the director of the salon, Susan Foo took time to chat with me~.

I paid for the Revitalizing Facial & Acu-lymphatic Drainage package.
Additionally, I was given a Rosehip Detox free-of-charge.
The massage was tortuous, it felt like my jaws were being jumbled up!
Then I was left alone to relax for 45mins. Guess what I did?

Being unable to relax, hence I couldn't take a nap.
Instead I listened to my MP3 player and kept my eye on the clock.
19 songs(yes, I counted!) and 55mins later, I nearly regretted my decision.

I'd laid on the stiff bed for 2 & a half hours straight, my neck & body were utterly uncomfortable. Plus, my bladder was starting to protest!

Again I must emphasize: the service at True Beauty was good.
Not enjoying the experience, I can only blame on myself (lol)
Maybe I'm not meant to pamper myself...(´・ω・`)

Done away with steaming & extraction, True Beauty uses only organic, natural products. After the 3-hour session, I see an instant improvement on my skin.

I've lost weight over the past few weeks, but my boobs seem bigger♪

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