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I woke up this morning, the first thing on the news was the death of Michael Jackson! (つд⊂)

Just yesterday I watched the 2007 Transformers movie for the first time.
I fell in love with the score that I kept skipping over Michael's songs...
I'm so sorry!!! _| ̄|○

Couple of months ago I had blogged about the King of Pop.
Having listened to his songs for years, "Dirty Diana" remains my favorite.

Michael, thank you for sharing joy & inspiration unselfishly through your music around the world.
R.I.P. ♪♪♪

After insisting on walking despite the rain, I'm now slightly under the weather.
All this just to saw a few dollars...(ーДー;)ヾ
I won't be able to attend the party tonight~ (つд⊂)

The Neon Pink nail polish is slightly darker than what I had initially wanted.
I still like it, but will be on the search for my ideal color~.

I've never wanted to watch Transformers but was due to watch the sequel Revenge of the Fallen tomorrow. So I decided to catch up on the first movie to have an idea of what its about.
And I don't even like the cartoon series, they are made for boys after all (lol)

20mins into the film, I was hooked, thanks to the brilliance of director Michael Bay.
Half of the credits should go to the composer, Steve Jablonsky as well.

Autobot Bumblebee is so cute☆

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A simple pink look, using pale pink as base and shimmery peach for the lids. I'm gonna go romantic pink for this Friday's party~♪

I went to my fave stylist for a haircut this afternoon. Wanting to save a few dollars on travel, I chose to walk the short distance. My hair... went flat because I insisted on walking despite the rain. (ノ_・、)

I'm gonna try Missha's Super Aqua Oxygen Mask tonight!
Etude House's 02 whitening mask was a disappointment.

And the star of the day *drum roll* - Neon Pink nail polish!
This is the latest color and said to be trendy this season.
Can't wait to try it out~~ (^-^)v

I've finished Half-Blood Prince, will start on Deathly Hallows
Lost count how many times I've read it...


而我美美的头发...因为下雨而坚持走路的我...扁掉了啦! (ノ_・、)

今晚我要试试MisshaSuper Aqua Oxygen Mask!
Etude House的02 whitening mask,令我很失望呢~

主角来咯 - 银光粉红色的指甲油!!!
好迫不及待要试~~ (^-^)v

已经把《Half-Blood Prince》看完咯,待会儿就读《Deathly Hallows

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Placed an order on Wednesday evening, and received today!
The 78-Color Eyeshadow & Blush palette♥♥♥
Aren't the colors beautiful?

Look at the pretty eye shadows, gel liners & blushes! o(^-^)o

I, hereby solemnly swear that I will not buy anymore cosmetics & skincare products for the rest of the month.

就是含有78颜色的眼影-腮红调色板 ♥♥♥

瞧瞧这些美丽的眼影 和腮红! o(^-^)o


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I was in town earlier and saw 2 huge Half-Blood Prince billboards!!
But the area was too crowded for me to take snap-shots of them...

Less than a month till it finally screens in the cinemas worldwide!
Are you ready?! L(‘▽‘)/

I finally finished reading The Dark Sacrament.
Earlier today I'd spent almost 30mins at a bookstore but didn't see any books that interest me.

Hmm... this must be a sign.
I'm gonna re-read my copy of Half-Blood Prince, though I'm tempted to read from the first book♥♥♥

Finally settled on Revlon's New Complexion Loose Powder.

Recently I've been wanting to buy a particular brand, but realized that it's just not worth it.
All along I've been using Revlon's liquid foundation, why didn't I stop to try their loose powder earlier?
So I tested it few days ago, and bought it today with discount!

Oh, I just purchased a 78-Color Eyeshadow & Blush palette yesterday!
And I finally found that ideal nail polish color I've been searching for.
Can't wait to show them off☆

刚才在市区看到2个《Half-Blood Prince》很大的看板呢! 哇呀呀!!

距离在戏院上档不到一个月咯,大家准备好了吗?! L(‘▽‘)/

我终于把《The Dark Sacrament》给看完了.

嗯嗯... 这一定是天意吧.
我现在就从看《Half-Blood Prince》小说,而且也想从第一本看齐k♥♥♥

哈哈! 不过前几天试了一下,真的很不过呢!

还有! 我找寻万苦的理想指甲油的颜色,买到了!!

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