Did I ever mention that I like Gordon Ramsay? (^∀^)

I'm a fan of Hell's Kitchen and have been playing the official game.

Obviously, it isn't as stressful as being in an actual kitchen.
Sometimes when I messed up, he calls me a donkey! (lol)

In an episode of the reality show, he dressed up as a sumo wrestler.
How cute was that?

Jean-Philippe was equally kawaii too~ (lol)

If you're wondering who won the match, it's the one with the blue belt.

我曾说过我欣赏Gordon Ramsay吗? (^∀^)

我超爱看《Hell's Kitchen》,最近也开始玩它的官方游戏哟!

有时候玩得不好,他还会叫我驴子呢! (笑)


Jean-Philippe也很卡哇伊~ (笑)


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