If you have a weak heart, do not watch "Passion of the Christ."

Lasting more than 2 hours, the film began with the High Priest's accusation of Jesus being a liar.
Fearing a rebellion, Pontius Pilate was pressured to make a decision on Jesus' fate.

The movie got more gorier from then on, and it was really painful to watch.

The chastising scene was especially humiliating and cruel.
Roman soldiers involved, took great pleasure in flogging the poor guy.

The gloating look on their faces was extremely obnoxious! o(>_<)o

I was thinking how these people were doing in Hell.
The sins that they have committed to, just these tortures alone to Jesus or to just any ordinary man.

Instead of hating them, Jesus was praying to God for their forgiveness.

Jesus once said to the High Priest that he could destroy his temple and rebuild it in 3 days.
No one believed him, and called him an impostor.
At the end of the film, the temple was destroyed. KARMA~.

Gary Oldman got married on New Year's Eve!! o(^o^)o + (つд⊂)

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