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Ever since experiencing my first Blood Rush, I felt more conscious of my body.
When I wake up in the morning, I had to make sure that my heart is still beating.
My lungs are taking in oxygen...that I'm still alive.

It sounds silly, I know...(´・ω・`)

I listen to Beyond's 海阔天空 everyday in the last 2 months.
And it will continue to stay that way

This was the unplugged version, performed a month before Wong Ka Kui died.

I'd dreamed of him last night, doing something which I can't remember.
Then he appeared, singing a remix version of the song (lol)

I felt like he was reaching out for me...how surreal~ (。- -。)





他出现,竟然唱起这首歌的混音版 (笑)

我总觉得他好像要对我说些什么的...好怪哦~ (。- -。)


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Just experienced my first blood rush.

I got so angry that my head felt giddy.

Must calm myself down...(´・ω・`)

I don't want to suffer a hemorrhagic stroke so young...





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Saturday - 2 hours before closing time, only a couple of breathing souls in the Post Office.
Do you know how annoying it is to queue for 30 minutes, just to mail out 3 gifts which only takes me 5 minutes tops? And I'm peeved that I have to pay 10 cents extra for each [Air Mail] stickers, which I never need to pay for before.

I still have yet the courage to get those cards which allows you to voice-record, though.
Maybe next time☆

Next on my agenda was to head straight to my bookstore, the one I buy most of my books (lol)
I went straight to the Young Adult section, grab my book and made my way gleefully to the cashier. ヽ( ゜ー゜)ノ

It doesn't disappoint!! σ(^。^;

I spent the night reading till my eyes turned moist from too much yawning.
And when I start rubbing my eyes, it's an obvious sign that I should go to bed whether I like it or not.

Sunday - Starting from Chapter 16 at 10am, I read it all the way till 1pm.
I ended up with a bad flu, my nose looking like Rudolph the red-nosed Reindeer.
After 3 whole hours of sobbing (it's not exaggeration!), my chest felt extremely heavy that it's hard to breathe. I'd kept all the weeping sounds inside me that they cluster & form into a huge rock, sitting on my chest. (ノ_・、)

It's not the first time that I'd cried while reading, but I have never done so for 3 hours straight!
The last few times I've cried so hard when when Marley the dog had died & the ending of "My Sister's Keeper." Also when Dumbledore died and the Hogwarts gang talked about it in the hospital wing, and when Dobby died! (つд⊂)

Thank God I found this novel, another gem that I've read this year!

星期六 - 在邮局关门之前的2个钟头,幸好没有很多人.
现在每一张[空邮]贴纸要加付一毛钱,以前都不用的! 气不气人呢?!


接下来我就直奔到书局,直接拿了小说就兴奋地到柜台付钱. ヽ( ゜ー゜)ノ

真的没令我失望耶!! σ(^。^;


星期天 - 早上10点从第16章继续阅读,一直到下午1点.
看完后,伤风就来了. 鼻子搓得红肿肿的.
泣不成声,把声音都埋在心里,貌似结成一块大石头压坐在胸口上. (ノ_・、)

边看小说边哭,不是我的第一次. 可是我从来没有哭了整3个钟头呢!
之前苦的原因是当那只狗Marley死的时候,以及《My Sister's Keeper》的结局.
还有,当我读到Dumbledore和Dobby死的那一刻... (つд⊂)


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You might already know that I'm a crazy Supernatural fanatic☆
But I do watch other shows too, in case you think otherwise (lol)

CriminalMinds, Ghost Whisperer, CSI:NY, Medium, Burn Notice, Brothers &Sisters, Prison Break etc (Just to name a few of my favorites)

Another one of my must-watch is Grey's Anatomy.

Mum thought I was going crazy as I watched the latest episode in my room yesterday (lol)

Georgegot stuck with "Stan," a robotic patient controlled by Chief Weber. Allday long, poor O'Malley fought to save Stan's life as 'it' started tobleed here, there, everywhere!

So Mark "McSteamy" Sloan trying his best to "distract" Cristina Yang.
Derek "McDreamy" Shepherd couldn't get a good sleep, thanks to Cristina for her late-night chats with Meredith.

"Ineed you to have sex with Cristina Yang," he greeted Mark in themorning. Mark declares her unfun & not his type but relents withDerek reminded him that he had slept with his ex-wife, Addison.

Sothroughout the episode, we see McSteamy tryin' his best to flirt withan oblivious Cristina, who herself is distracted with other matters.

I can't wait to see how the Cristina-Owen relationship develops.
Cristina has been single for too long, ever since the heartless Preston Burke left in Season 3.

I love Cristina. Never mind that she's annoying and untactful at most times.
But as a friend, she's honest and never afraid to speak her mind.

I want someone like her as my "person."

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I had to make an urgent trip to the hospital yesterday afternoon.
The last time I've set foot into hospital grounds was a few years ago.

Going to the hospital couldn't be good news, right?

But I was fine & healthy (note the 'was')
I was there as a company, hence the blue strip on my wrist.

The personnel had to take every visitor's temperature before they are allowed in. (Me included!)
I felt like a baby sitting there, letting the nurse insert the -what's that call?- ear thermometer (lol)

As I made my official entrance into the emergency unit, I was disappointed.
The area was crowded & disorganized, and loads of groaning sounds.
There was no Doctor McDreamy nor McSteamy; also no signs of eager interns either.

I stayed there for 4.LONG.HOURS, in the freezing hospital.
At one time, I sat for an hour straight, watching mute Obama on mute TV.

Imagine today's headlines:
"Young Lady Frozen To Death in Hospital"

I didn't sleep well last night, waking up every few hours.
Thanks to the hospital's AC, my body's temperature is rising.

I'm gonna hold in there for another 2 hours.
2 hours until a new episode of Supernatural~. o(^o^)o
Hope Castiel appears in this episode *blush*



不过我昨天没病没痛啦 (注意:是昨天)

坐在椅子上让护士射进那个-叫什么呢?-的体温计在我的耳朵里,我感觉好像个小孩子耶 (笑)



想象一下今天的新闻头条: "年轻女子冻死在医院"


还有2个小时就能看新一集的《Supernatural》咯~. o(^o^)o
希望能看到Castiel *脸红*

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Turned on my TV & tuned to the News like I always do every morning.
I started to get busy with the latest gossip entertainment news when I heard it on the news...

"Michael Crichton is dead"

Huh?! w(゚o゚)w

Did I hear it wrongly? I just got up and my brain might still be fuzzy.

I googled his name, and news of his passing were everywhere! (つд⊂)

So, Goodbye Mr Dinosaur Man~. (← That's what I always call him, in short)

Michael Crichton
(1942 – 2008)

There's gonna be a giant teddy bear on Supernatural!
Can't wait for tomorrow!! o(^-^)o


"Michael Crichton死了"

什么?! w(゚o゚)w

我没听错吧? 可能我刚起身,头脑还没清新.

我就在网上搜查... 他逝世的新闻已经在各新闻台报道了! (つд⊂)

再见了,恐龙先生~. (← 我每次这样地叫他)

Michael Crichton
(1942 – 2008)

好期待明天哦!! o(^-^)o

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I have a fixed routine when I wake up in the morning.
Totally flexible in case you might ask (lol)

Wash my face, brush my teeth, brew a cup of coffee.
Moisturize my face while waiting for the computer to startup.

Saturday morning as I walked back to my room with my mug of coffee...
...I saw my black pen on my bed. (☆o☆)

The very pen I'd used the night before as I worked on my writing!

Oh dear, I'd slept the night through without feeling a thing! w(゚o゚)w

Guess I was distracted by the chili crabs that I couldn't reach to_| ̄|○
The chili crabs I saw on TV in the afternoon (lol)

在你发问之前,我可是很灵通的哦 (笑)


...我看到床上躺着我的黑色的原子笔. (☆o☆)


我的天啊! 我竟然睡了一夜,一点感觉都没有! w(゚o゚)w

梦到了辣椒螃蟹但又吃不到_| ̄|○
就是下午看电视时的辣椒螃蟹呢 (笑)

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