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When I'm depressed, I listen to music, especially to Journey.
Just listen to Neal Schon's awesome guitar solo in "Who's Cryin' Now?" This live version from the 1981 Houston, Texas concert is my favorite.  

You need to watch 3 times to enjoy the performance!
1) Steve Perry - still my favorite vocalist from the band's history.  
2) Neal Schon - Just listen to that fantastic guitar solo☆ 
3) Jonathan Cain - the keyboard genius.

Listen to the live versions many times to separate the guitar & keyboards. There's a high level of noise interference compared to the studio version.  That's what I always do, trust me! oi(^-^)

I wish I was born earlier to witness that concert with my own eyes!
Well, I'll have to contend myself with the DVD~ ъ( ゚ー^)

每当我失落的时候,我会听 Journey 的音乐.
一定要注意听"Who's Cryin' Now?" 里Neal Schon超棒的guitar solo.
这个1981年的 Houston, Texas演唱会是我的最爱.

1) Steve Perry - 在Journey的历史当中,我最中意的歌手.
2) Neal Schon - 还用多说吗? 听听他的吉他演奏吧☆
3) Jonathan Cain - keyboard之神

跟CD版比起来, 现场表演有许多噪音.
相信我啦,我一直都是这样听现场演唱的歌曲! oi(^-^)

不过,还好有出DVD,我也满足了~ ъ( ゚ー^)


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One thing that I really hate & scared at the same thing, is BETRAYAL.
You trust someone wholehearted and what did they do?
They stabbed you right in the back! (T^T)

That's what happened in the movie "Awake."
Despite his mother's insistence, Clay chose to be operated on by his surgeon friend.
He encounters anesthetic awareness and he, or should I say, his brain was wide awake throughout the entire surgery. Imagine being able to feel yourself cut open by a blunt scalpel and have your upper torso sawn apart.

He could still hear the surgeons talking and this is where the protagonist found out what he got himself into. Except the anesthesiologist, the personnels involved in the surgery are in cahoots for his money! The friend that you trust to see the insides of your body, the true colors of your new wife...

I have never gone through any kinda of surgery, never been married.
But I have been backstabbed, betrayed, being treated like a doormat.
Only thing I can say is: It doesn't pay to be nice!

Ever since I first saw Hayden Christensen as Anakin Skywalker,
I thought he resembled Chris Sarandon alot in his younger days☆

This year's Oscars is so boring...
I like Jon Stewart but he's not really that funny.
I want Billy Crystal back~!! TwT

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If you wanna take pictures of yourself & others in compromising positions,
be mentally-prepared that they will be exposed one way or another.

What's the point of taking such pictures in the first place?
Keep a memory of what? Your sexual conquests?

I guess I won't be able to understand their mentality.

Well, photoshopping is another story... (´ω`)

I don't pity the parties involved.
Especially him!




嗯... 至于移花接木就另当别论... (´ω`)


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I went to 3 stores near my house looking for Hershey's KISSES.
Not one carries those delicious chocolates!! o(´□`o)
1 store had the ones with almond but I prefer plain white chocolate...

I had my first KISS 8 years ago, and immediately got hooked!
They were so pricy then, so I buy them every once in a while.
Counting back, I haven't had a KISS for 5 years. (゚ロ゚)

I think I'll go downtown tomorrow and try my luck there☆

一间都没有哇呀呀!!  o(´□`o)

算起来,我已经5年没有KISS了!  (゚ロ゚)


Happy Valentine's Day!! (。◕‿‿◕。)ノ
What is everyone gonna do today, hmm?
Do enjoy the day with your loved ones~.
Everyday is Valentine's Day, so don't say "I♥U" only on 14th Feb. (lol)

As for me, it will be like last year, I suppose...
Not gonna rant on about being single(as usual (つд⊂)).
Will just let the song above do the talkingsinging...

I am gonna stay home and sulkread my novel.
Oh, I had a bottle of bird's nest this morning to pamper myself.

情人节快乐!! (。◕‿‿◕。)ノ
每天应该都是情人节,所以别只在2月4日对爱人说"我爱你." (笑)

不想因为自己单身而唠叨(嗯嗯... (つд⊂)).


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I saw this movie once many years ago and fell in love with it
Hmm... I remembered it was aired on a late Saturday night. (lol)

I bought the DVD months ago; was excited when I saw it in stores!
Why did it take me so long to watch it? (゚ロ゚)

Certainly a movie of my favorites☆
Starring Richard Dreyfuss; directed by Steven Spielberg.

嗯嗯... 我记得是在某星期六午夜播映的. (笑)

但我为何等到现在才看呢? (゚ロ゚)

Richard Dreyfuss 主演;Steven Spielberg 执导.

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