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Yippee!! I got the book!!! b(⌒o⌒)d
There was only 1 copy on the shelf and I snapped it up!
Right now it's sitting right next to me, waiting to be read. (lol)

There's far less pages than "The Historian" yet it cost a whole $10 more!

Over the weekend, I got a new brand of concealer & makeup base.
My skin looked so flawless when I applied it on yesterday!! σ(^。^;

Moments like this highly boost my self-confidence, you know? (´・ω・`)

I am gonna be a good girl and continue reading my current novel.
I'm right at the middle of the story and it's getting exciting!

I promise I will finish the entire book before I go on the next one☆

太好了!! 我买到书咯!!! b(⌒o⌒)d
现在它就在我旁边,等着我. (笑)

跟"The Historian"比起来, 书页太少了还贵了整10块钱!

昨天搽上去的时候,我的皮肤显得很PERFECT!! σ(^。^;

在这种情形下,我的自信心会大增,你能了解吗? (´・ω・`)



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I have been looking for this book for years but have been out of print.
This book was published in 1983, the year I was born.
A friend just informed me that this book have been republished.
Hope the local bookstores will have it in stock☆

I don't get why a group of inhumane people would picket at one's funeral.
He is just an actor who played a gay cowboy in a movie.
These are the same group who picket at funerals of soldiers who had died in the wars of Iraq, who said they are turkeys instead of heroes.

The head of the cult so-called church is the splitting image of Henry Kane.
No wonder...

Many people will cheer at his funeral when he dies.
Expect a huge media coverage when that day finally arrives.

I don't hate homosexuals, nor am I one.
If any member is reading this, feel free to drop by my funeral.

Seriously, why do such ridiculous people exist in this world?!



邪教 所谓的教会的首领跟长的一模一样.




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I'm up at 6am and logged onto a entertainment website as I always do.

Then I saw the headlines:

Heath Ledger Dead

I blinked my eyes several times, thinking that my still-in-sleep-mode brain is playing tricks on me.

The headlines still read "Heath Ledger Dead." ( ̄д ̄;)

Apparently, he died of an overdose just over 3 hours ago! ヾ(´д`)/

Damn! I was so looking forward to his role as The Joker in The Dark Knight, in theatres July 2008.

Another great actor gone... R.I.P. 。・゚(´□`)゚・。



Heath Ledger 死了


头条读着"Heath Ledger死了"还在. ( ̄д ̄;)

而且他是在3个多钟头前逝世的! ヾ(´д`)/

哎呀呀! 我还蛮期待看8月上当的 《The Dark Knight》,他饰演的是 The Joker.

又一位好演员离我们而去... R.I.P. 。・゚(´□`)゚・。

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Looking at the title, you would think that "Gone Baby Gone" is just a simple movie of a high-profile case of a kid gone missing.
I thought so too, but it turned out to be a merry-go-round.

The film did start out that way, then as the story develops, it might make you think twice about the people that you seek help from...

The kidnappers turned out to be the detectives attached to the case.
Although they did it with good intentions, but it's still a felony.

Towards the end, Casey Affleck's character faced a dilemma:
Should the kid stay with her drug-addict mother or stay with one of the kidnapper who can go to school and live a normal, happy life?

What really happened in the end? Watch the movie to find out☆

Considering this is Ben Affleck's directorial debut, it's not that bad.

I saw the novel at the bookstore earlier... am tempted to buy a copy.
But when I think of the mountains of unfinished books at home... (=_ = )




想知道结局如何? 看看这部电影吧☆

这是 Ben Affleck首次当导演,还算不错.

刚才在书局看到了原著小说... 心痒痒想买下来.
但一想到家里未看完的书堆积如山... (=_ = )

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Seems like a long time since I've been to a Starbucks (lol)

Wait a minute!!! Ooh~ ┐(´3`)┌
This Caucasian guy sitting right in front of me ( ゚д゚)━━━
He looks like Jason Statham, only with a body of Chris Daughtry. (lol)

Hang on!! A lady is approaching and they are leaving together...
No wonder he ordered 2 beverages! (´ω`)

On the way here, I almost killed a bird! (lol)
Well, I was crossing the road when a bird decided to fly low-range right in front of me!
I was holding my laptop so I couldn't really see my feet.

Phew~ Birdie, never, ever do that again!! ・゜・(ノД`)・゜・。

似乎好想很久没到Starbucks来了 (笑)

等等!!! 哇呀呀!  ┐(´3`)┌
坐在前方的洋人 ( ゚д゚)━━━
他长得很像Jason Statham,下半身很像Chris Daughtry. (笑)

哎哟!! 又名女子向他的方向走去,而且还以其离开...
难怪他点了2杯饮料!  (´ω`)

在途中,我差点踩死一只鸟! (笑)

呼~ 小鸟啊,以后千万不要再这么做哦!!
真的吓死我了!! ・゜・(ノД`)・゜・。

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The Writers' Strike which started last November is starting to irritate me, and I'm sure many others feel the same way too!
I completely understand when they chose to picket during the Golden Globes, but the upcoming Grammys too?! o(T0T )o  Guess Oscar isn't going to be in a celebratory mood this year either.

Season 2 of "Brothers & Sisters" ended last Sunday with only 10 episodes, no thanks to the strike! Luckily, the show didn't end with a cliffhanger of a huge family crisis.
The only mystery left unsolved is about Holly's ex-boyfriend, David who showed up at her office out of the blue. What happened between them many years ago, and what did he want from Holly?

The 2nd season was cut short to just 10 episodes, no thanks to the strike!
But there were many tearjerking moments: 。・゚(´□`)゚・。
- Joe having primary custody of the childen, which was reverted to joint custody later when it's starting to affect the kids.
- Kitty who got knocked up during Robert's presidential run only to suffer a 'missed' miscarriage an episode later. I bawled when she said "it's nature's way of ending a potential threat."

Okay, I know this happened in the 1st season but who can forget the food fight between Nora & Holly? That was hilarious, wasn't it☆

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I am addicted to Caffeine. _| ̄|○
3 days ago, I decided to stop my intake of coffee.
As a result, I felt tired all day and even had to take naps! (= _=;)

This morning, I had a cup of nice, warm coffee.
It's already noon and I'm still perky without a sigh of lethargy☆

I'm still reading my novel at a slow, steady pace
I should tell you that it's a modern re-telling of the Dracula story.
But did you know that Bram Stoker's Dracula is largely based on Vlad III the Impaler?

His preferred method of torture & execution was impalement. (゚ロ゚)
Death by impalement was slow and painful and can go on for hours or days!

You should also know that the Dracula story is purely fictional; Vlad Ţepeş was never a vampire.

我对咖啡喝上瘾了. _| ̄|○
结果弄到我整天喊累,还想睡午觉! (=_=;)


你知不知道Bram Stoker的 Dracula 根据Vlad III the Impaler 这个人物呢?


你也应该知道,Dracula的故事是虚造的,Vlad Ţepeş并不是个吸血僵尸.

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.::Reference 参考::.

That's my favorite vampire guy who plays a cop in "Child's Play."
Brings back memories whenever I watch this movie☆

I have been watching re-runs of "Chicago Hope" in the afternoons...
( ゚д゚)‥‥ Chris Sarandon happened to appear in the last 2 episodes!!

Woo~hoo!! ┐(´3`)┌

Doesn't he look so dreamily handsome~ (●´∀`)v

All these years I didn't harbour a crush on him for nothing! (lol)

这是在《Child's Play》里扮演警察,也是我很欣赏的僵尸演员.

下午的时候我有在追看《Chicago Hope》的重播...
( ゚д゚)‥‥ Chris Sarandon 竟然出现在最后两集里!!

Woo~hoo!! ┐(´3`)┌

他是不是超梦幻、超帅~ (●´∀`)v

这么多年我可没白白迷恋着他! (笑)

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Bought this nail color 3 years ago...
I was surprised that it hadn't dried up...yet.

Back then, I loved pink so much that I have different shades of the color.
I laughed at myself slowly turning into Pink Panther (lol)
So I went looking for a mature color☆

This shade of beige looks sophisticated, isn't it?
I've fallen in love with this color all over again~ ┐(´ー`)┌


我还自嘲快变成分红豹了! (笑)

我又重新地爱上了它哟!  ┐(´ー`)┌

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