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Don't you just love this movie? (●´∀`)v
I bought the book & DVD some years ago.
The story only occupied one-third in the the book, unlike other movies tie-in. ( ;´・_・`)ぅ・・

Sean Penn produced a heart-wrenching performance!
How can you not be touched when his character started to show remorse over his past actions? (´;ω;)

Today - no, it's already 'yesterday' - I cleaned my room! σ(^。^;
While tackling dirt & dust, I listened to the audiobook of "Harry Potter & the Half-Blood Prince."
Phew~!! I'm so tired! o(_ _ )o

The filming for the 6th movie is already underway...
On-Set pictures are starting to pop up at fan sites.
The scene of Dumbledore & Harry persuading Horace Slughorn to return to teach at Hogwarts was filmed a few days ago.

We will have to wait an entire year to the movie release... o(´□`o)

这部电影太好看了! (●´∀`)v
但是,电影的情节只占了小说的的三分之一呢~  ( ;´・_・`)ぅ・・

Sean Penn的演技真得太棒了!
当他所饰演的角色开始后悔以前犯过的过错时,你怎能不感动呢? (´;ω;)

今天 - 不, 已经是'昨天' - 我打扫了自己的房间哦! σ(^。^;
我一边消灭灰尘、污垢,一边听着《Harry Potter & the Half-Blood Prince》的有声书.
呼~!!!! 弄得我好累呀! o(_ _ )o

不过我们还得等上一整年才能看到这部电影... o(´□`o)

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Johnny Hates Jazz is one of the bands that I grew up listening to.
Save for fans like me, most people don't really know they exist. (lol)

Dad used to play their CD when I was younger.
The one on the left is more than 10 years old now.
That explains why the cover sleeve is so crumpled~ (^v^;)

My all-time favorite tracks are:
  • Shattered Dreams
  • Turn Back The Clock
  • Don't Say It's Love
Few years ago, I bought another of their compilation CD solely for the 12" Extended Mix of "Shattered Dreams."

And now you've given me, given me,
Nothing but shattered dreams, shattered dreams

These few days, I can't stop singing this verse from "Turn Back The Clock:" (´0`)~♪
If I could have it over, live my life again

Johnny Hates Jazz 是我从小听到现在的乐团之一.
我想, 除了粉丝之外, 应该不会有很多人知道他们的存在吧(笑)

小的时候, 爸爸常播放他们的CD.
左边的CD是10年前买的, 所以CD的袖子才会那么皱~ (^v^;)

  • Shattered Dreams
  • Turn Back The Clock
  • Don't Say It's Love
几年前,我买了他们的精选集 -- 纯粹是为了《Shattered Dreams》的12" Extended Mix.

And now you've given me, given me,
Nothing but shattered dreams, shattered dreams

这几天, 我一直不停地在唱《Turn Back The Clock》的这句: (´0`)~♪
If I could have it over, live my life again

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I took this picture from my window a few evenings ago.
Around 6:30pm, I would stand at my window, looking out at the beautiful sky.
Admiring the 'many colors infused as one' sky as the sun sets... ゚+。:.゚ヽ(*´∀`)ノ゚.:。+゚

I'm eating M&M chocolates at the moment.
They always remind me of the movie "E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial."
In this case, Mum (who bought the M&Ms) plays the role of Elliott, and I'm E.T. (laughs).
Do take note that Mum didn't leave trails of the round chocolates all over the floor.
Although I do like saying "E.T. phone home~" when I offered them to Mum. σ(^。^;

欣赏着'五颜六色'的天空... ゚+。:.゚ヽ(*´∀`)ノ゚.:。+゚
... 让我想到周传雄的《黄昏

令我想起电影《E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial
妈妈扮成小男孩,Elliott... 而我就是E.T. (笑)

请注意: 妈妈并没有把圆圆的小巧克力放在地上哦!!
我蛮喜欢讲E.T.的名词 - "E.T. phone home~" σ(^。^;

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This Korean movie is about Hwang Jin-i, the legendary Kisaeng from the 16th Century.
A Kisaeng is similar to the Japanese Geisha.
She's known for her exceptional beauty and intellect.
But it's her personal life that have captivated & inspired movies, novels & operas.
She also had an extraordinary ability of composing great poetry which are still being used in Korean textbooks.

The film focused on her romance with her childhood lover.
He was once her temporary pimp before becoming a full-fledged Robin Hood.
The 2hr++ movie ended with her scattering ashes of her beloved lover in the mountains.

That's it?! !!!!(゜Д゜)!!!!
Did she made it home? How did she die?

There's also a drama series based on her life and love stories.
You bet I am gonna watch it! (*^ー^*)

There's limited resources on the Internet about her which left me pretty much clueless when I watched the movie. But it just increased my curiosity. σ(^。^;



最后怎么样了呢? 她有没有回到家乡呢?

对了! 也有部诉说黄真伊传奇一生的韩剧.
我一定得看呀! (*^ー^*)

不过同时也增加了我对她的兴趣、好奇心. σ(^。^;

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I still didn't managed to get my Mango Mousse cake! 。・゚(´□`)゚・。

But I got my novel - "The Virgin Suicides" by Jeffery Eugenides☆
On my way home while reading the book, I thought to myself:
"I'm already depressed and reading this will probably make me feel worse..."

I have also seen the movie adaptation.
In my opinion, it was a little draggy and a lack of adrenaline to keep you focused on the film.
Plus, I can't stand seeing Josh Hartnett in that shaggy 'do.

Also, I am gonna stay away from romance novels for a little while. (。・-・)

我还是买不到我最爱的芒果蛋糕! 。・゚(´□`)゚・。

不过我买了新的小说 - Jeffery Eugenides的《The Virgin Suicides》☆
回家的路上,我心里想 "现在已经心情低落了还看这么消沉的书..."


还有,我会暂时远离爱情小说. (。・-・)

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