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At times, I used to listen to Kenny G at night before I retire for the night. Everytime I listen to the instrumental saxophone, I would cry until the tears run dry and go to bed. I would wake up with sore & puffy eyes the next morning. (ノ_・、)

When I suffer from insomnia, I would play the CD and still cry to sleep. I feel peaceful after a good cry even when I'm not depressed. 
It's like watching a very tragic movie, ya know. (o*。_。)o
And if you know me well, I cry all the time whenever I watch a sad show.

Kenny G's music has been my salvation for many years, until my stereo broke down some years ago. (TωT)

2 days ago, I played my CD after a long hiatus☆

Ahh~ I feel so relaxed - I didn't cry - listening to my fave tunes all over again
My all-time favorites are "Songbird & "Going Home."

Yesterday on the subway, I was listening to my iPod while reading a novel. Then "Going Home" started playing and I started to cry. 。・゚(´□`)゚・。

There's no particular reason and I wasn't thinking of anything to cry over. Okay, maybe I'm starting to feel lonely...

Anyway, it just came naturally, and I wanted to cry freely.
But... I didn't want to ruin my makeup, especially my mascara which can turn me into a panda anytime! (TДT)
Also, I don't want to be mistaken as a nutcase in public.

In the end, I just skipped to another song...

有时候,我在临睡前会听听Kenny G.
第二天早上,眼睛就会红肿... (ノ_・、)

大哭之后,心情就会平静许多. (o*。_。)o

这么多年来,Kenny G的音乐是帮我解除压力的好工具
直到... 我的音响系统坏了. (TωT)

前2天,事隔那么久.... 我播了CD☆

啊~ 心灵松懈了下来(我没哭哦).
我最喜欢的乐曲是《Songbird》和《Going Home

Going Home》开始播映... 我又哭了! 。・゚(´□`)゚・。


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Before Sirius Black's first appearance  in "Prisoner of Azkaban", there was Severus Snape.

When I first saw him in "Sorcerer's Stone" (movie), I was impressed with Alan Rickman's portrayal.
He is the most complex character whose true intentions are not revealed until the "Deathly Hallows."

For years, especially after reading "Half-Blood Prince," I have always stand by my belief that Snape was always loyal to Albus Dumbledore.

Always, and I'm right☆

In the final installment, Voldemort murders Snape in an attempt to gain control over Dumbledore's wand.. o(´□`o)

Due to his guilt and love for Lily, Dumbledore convinced Snape to protect Harry out of his love for Lily, and even though he hated Harry for what bits of James he saw in the child, Snape stayed true to his promise.

Remember the emphasis that Harry has his mother's green eyes? Snape's the key to this question.
In his last moments, he whispers to Harry: "Look... at... me." He died looking into Harry's eyes, thinking of Lily Potter.

At the end of the series, Harry named his second son, Albus Severus Potter "for two headmasters of Hogwarts. One of them was a Slytherin and he was probably the bravest man [Harry] ever knew."

His undying love for Lily Potter... 。・゚(´□`)゚・。
I will probably cry even worse compared to Sirius's death in "Order of the Phoenix"

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The news channel seems to have a soothing effect on me.
I have no idea why.

Whenever I'm overseas, the first thing I do is switch on the TV and tune it to the news channel at the hotel.
Even before I go to bed, I would keep the TV(tuned to the news) on.

While I'm immersed in my reading, I would automatically switched to the News and keep it at the very lowest volume.
That way, I can keep my concentration as I can still hear some noise-like things while reading.
I just can't stay comfortable with total silence, it makes me feel lonely.

I always feel that News Anchors bring a calming effect on me.
No matter how chaotic the situation might be, they always report it as if they are telling a bedtime story.

Well, maybe it's just my imagination, though☆

The news were reporting about the Harry Potter parties at various bookstores when I took the picture. (*^ー^*)

I'm taking my time to read "Deathly Hallows."
The thought of finishing the book at one go would bring the magic away. But I can't seem to stop reading (lol)

As I started on my book, I felt goosebumps and started to weep.
Not only because it's the final book, but as the story continues and finding out which characters die along the way... (´・ω・`)
(Not gonna provide any spoilers☆)





嗯... 可能我想太多吧☆

昨天新闻正在报道《哈利波特・终极篇 》风靡全球的同时,我把画面拍了下来 (*^ー^*)

不仅是因为这是最后一集,当故事从上一集连续下去时... (´・ω・`)

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Mr Postman arrived with my copy of "Deathly Hallows" at exactly 10am!! \(^∇^)/

My copy comes with a limited edition book collector's box. o(^-^)o

I'm gonna go into Harry Potter reading mode now☆

Have a good weekend, everyone!!

It's raining now, a perfect cool weather to read. σ(^。^;

邮差叔叔刚刚在10点正把我的书送到我家门口!! \(^∇^)/

而且,还有很典雅的盒子呢~ o(^-^)o



真是个看书的好天气哟! σ(^。^;

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I was at a bookstore today and guess what I saw?!
The shipment for the Deathly Hallows have finally reached our shores!
I can't wait till Mr Postman come knocking my door this coming Saturday~!! q(^-^q)

Last night, I dreamed of Lord Voldemort Σ(゚□゚)!!
I was kinda afraid of him that I didn't dare risk offending the Dark Lord.
The weird thing was, not only were we on good terms, we even went to the movies together! (x_x;)  What am I? A Death Eater? (TωT)

好期待看到邮差叔叔在本周六把书本送到我家哇呀呀~!! q(^-^q)

昨晚,我梦见了书中的大反派 - Lord Voldemort Σ(゚□゚)!!
奇怪的是 --- 我们不但没打起架来,我们竟还一起去看电影! (x_x;)
我可不是站在他那一边的呀!!! (TωT)

Yesterday, I watched Batman Begins for the first time.
Surprisingly, I totally enjoyed it, especially the scenes Gary Oldman appeared in (  ^ω^)

When the movie was first released, I didn't wanna watch it even though Gary was in it.
I was never a fan of superheroes-based movies. (Yes, I watched all 3 Spiderman movies☆)
I never really like Batman anyway since I don't like that tacky costume. (^¬^)

But I was still in full Harry Potter-mode, so I watch the movie anyway.
Different from other Batman movies, Batman Begins was more of an exploration of the origins of Batman.

Since the main focus was on how Bruce Wayne became Batman, naturally there's not much scenes of Gary Oldman. But, his appearances were much frequent compared to his portrayal of Sirius Black. (T.T)

The music composed by Hans Zimmer, James Newton Howard really took my breath away. ъ( ゚ー^)

I can't wait to watch the sequel The Dark Knight

昨天看了《 Batman Begins
我还蛮中意看的呢~ 好神奇哦!!
嗯... 我是因为Gary Oldman有份演出才看的啦...(  ^ω^)

我对这种漫画式的英雄电影没什么兴趣 (嘻嘻,我确实有看那3部蜘蛛侠的电影☆)
我就是不喜欢蝙蝠侠,而且我对他的戏服无动于衷. (^¬^)

不过,我还在《哈利波特》的喜悦中,所以不管三七二十一 -- 看就看咯!
跟上几部蝙蝠侠的电影不同的是,《Batman Begins》探讨的是蝙蝠侠的起源.

不过跟他在《哈利波特》电影来比较,他在《Batman Begins》出现次数比较多呢~ (T.T)

另外,有知名的音乐家Hans ZimmerJames Newton Howard来做配乐
原声带真的超级棒哟!! ъ( ゚ー^)

好期待想看2008年续集《The Dark Knight》☆

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Order of the Phoenix was awesome!
Despite the poor reviews I've read, I myself enjoyed the film. I woke up at 5am yesterday because I was too excited!! σ(^。^;
I've been wanting to watch the film since last year and I wasn't disappointed.

Everytime I get excited about a movie, I can't hep but control my tears when the movie starts.
Either I'm overexcited or too emotional... (/。\)

Anyway, I controlled myself well when the movie started.
But the emotions I've been compressing burst out when Sirius Black died! 。・゚(´□`)゚・。
When he got hit with the Avada Kedavra spell by Bellatrix, I invited stares when I gave a loud sob!
Although I know that he will die, but I just couldn't control myself!! ヽ(´o`;)
I also cried badly when I first read the book, if only you could see the piles of used tissue beside me. (´・ω・`)

I enjoyed the scene when Umbridge quizzed Snape about his rejected applications to be the DADA(Defence Against The Dark Arts) teacher for 4 years. Ron kept smiling that Snape hit him on the head. σ(^。^;  A somewhat similar scene also took place in Goblet of Fire.

Dolores Umbridge aka Pink Panther is enjoyable to watch on screen compared to the witch I had imagined while reading the book. Snape & McGonagall's screen time are too short!! I'm sure we'll see more of Snape in Half-Blood Prince.

A pity the Howler sent by Dumbledore to Aunt Petunia was cut.
Nothing was mentioned about Ron & Hermione becoming Prefects, and so is the estrangement between Percy & the Weasleys.
I was looking forward to the cleaning of the House of Black, Buckbeak & especially the portrait of Sirius' mother.
Kreacher had few seconds of screen time but we will see more of him in the last 2 films. Dobby is cut from the film entirely, instead it was Neville who discovered the Room of Requirement.

I was disappointed with the lack of Lupin's screen time. He was absent as part of the Advance Guard to take Harry to Headquarters. The St. Mungo's part was entirely cut and the Battle at the Department of Mysteries was shortened. (I was looking forward to the part where Ron became delirious ヽ(´o`;)) The Wizarding Battle with the Death Eaters was breathtaking. ^-^b

The Occlumency scenes were disappointedly short. Harry sees a quick glimpse of Snape's childhood when he uses the shield charm on Snape's Legilimens charm but in the book he viewed glimpses through the Pensieve.

Although many parts of the book which I enjoyed have been cut for length, the film is pretty consistent while I ignore some of the mistakes as I mentioned above.

I was kinda disappointed about the lack of explanation about The Prophecy. For those who don't read the book, they will be left clueless about the importance of a Harry Potter-named crystal ball to Lord Voldemort.

I'm gonna miss Sirius Black...(ーДー;)ヾ

Lastly, Dumbledore's exit with his precious phoenix really got style!

My rating: ●●●●o

I'm tempted to watch it again in the theaters.
For now, I'm gonna patiently wait for the DVD release☆

我过于兴奋,连觉都没睡好呢~ σ(^。^;

是不是我兴奋太over,还是很情绪化呢? (/。\)

只不过,那一场Sirius Black被杀的一景把弄哭了 。・゚(´□`)゚・。

看电影时也知道他会死,但是我就是控制不了自己呀! ヽ(´o`;)
Sirius Black是我想当喜欢的人物 .
饰演的Gary Oldman也是我很欣赏的演员. (*^ー^*)



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