Hey everyone!

I'm back from my ultra short vacation, slightly recharged (lol)
For those who wants to know, I was at Club Med Bintan, sloughing away at a secret project that I've been working on for years.

The room was decorated in bright orange, a visual treat nonetheless, and got my creative juices going. Hmm... anyone wants to volunteer to paint my room? (  ^ω^)

I spent the entire afternoon sitting on the fabulous day bed, trying to resist temptation by the beautiful weather outside. While being ushered to my room, I was mesmerized by the clear blue sky~ Ahh! This is paradise☆

Truth be told, I needed to get away from everyone, Milo included. I needed no distraction to concentrate and avoid my train of thoughts to be interrupted. But as much as I enjoyed the solitude, barely 12 hours later I miss Precious already...

  This morning I got home to a lukewarm response from my furry friend. He sat a few feet away from me, with his ass facing me the whole day! I would have called if you were able to talk. I have missed you too! 

Half a day is over and Milo is now back to his antics, following me all over the house. Dogs throw tantrums too _| ̄|○


好久没以中文跟大家打招呼了,真的很不好意思啦! 小女子我,最近的心情可跌到谷底...而且连续几个星都睡不好呢~ 说我我就临时决定出国,到印尼的民丹岛过一天. (  ^ω^)

我所住的房间很漂亮哦,我简直被橘色的墙壁给迷倒了! 而且天气超不错的,蓝蓝的天空,好像到了天堂斯的! 若永远待在那里有多好啊!!


今早回到家,他根本不理睬我,都不看我一眼~ 一整天就坐在一旁,屁股向着我呀!!! 若你能说话的话,我早就拨电给你了! 我也很想你的说~~

半天下来,小瓜已恢复到他原来的个性,我走到哪里他就跟到哪里. 咳~ 原来狗也会发脾气的... _| ̄|○

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Hello everyone!

Wow, it has been early a week since my last entry. Everything seems so bleak these days, I barely have anything to blog about. Also there is nothing I want to get, hence no hauls. (´・ω・`)

I seemed to have hit an awful dry spell this year. First, my brain refuses to read, thus I have not finished my novel. "Writer's Block" is something that I'm afraid of, and it's hitting me real hard.

Anyway, tomorrow I'll be off to Bintan for a short holiday to clear my head and do some serious writing. One day without Milo...
I'm having mixed feelings already! (つд⊂)

Here's Milo getting ready for a walk; he really loves being 'freed' from home (lol)

Precious finally learned the "sit" & "down" command. I always make him do that whenever I give him treats. So whenever I said "Biscuit!" he would wag his tail and get down on all fours!

Okay, I'm off to bed, early ferry ride tomorrow~

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Elizabeth Arden Ceramide Plump Perfect
Ultra Lift And Firm Moisture Lotion Spf 30

Experience next level ceramide plumping benefits with CPT technology (cellular plumping technology) and SNAP-8, a new peptide, and collagen-supporting naturally-derived extract which acts as a double dimension skin plumper. With continued use, you’ll notice your skin will appear smoother, firmer, visibly relaxed and revitalised. With broad spectrum UVA/UVB SPF 30 it also helps protect from the ageing effects of the sun.

Before I begin to rave how much I love this moisturizer, let me explain why many popular anti-aging products contains Ceramides.

Like the mortar that holds bricks together, Ceramides are essential lipids that strengthen skin's resistance to the influences of the environment and natural aging that causes loss of moisture, roughness, fine lines and wrinkles.

This product caters for mature skin. Although I'm still relatively young, prevention is key! Initially I meant to pass this to my mother but she declined so it's up to me try out this firming lotion.

After a disappointing trial with the Pore Refining Gel from the brand's White Glove Extreme Skincare, I was worried this lotion will not go well with my skin, but surprisingly, it fitted my skin type perfectly!

It takes a while to adjust to the slight greasy feel of the product as it takes around 8-10 minutes to completely sink into my skin. Once fully absorbed, it leaves my face very well-hydrated and feels like baby skin - very smooth and supple. I absolutely didn't feel like I had used any moisturizer at all! Despite the hot weather lately, my face didn't show any sign of oiliness until the 7th hour. 

I could walk my dog in the afternoon doesn't scare me one bit as the broad spectrum of SPF 30 helps protect from the aging effects of the scorching sun.

On the days when I opt to use powder foundations, I noticed the area between my cheeks and mouth would crack(!!) when I smile. So I tend to emphasize on the particular area, sure enough I notice the surface lines diminishing after 2 weeks of usage!!

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Brightening Eye Moisture Cream

This eye cream targets the look of dark circles and gives the eyes a brighter look. The gentle formula smoothes the delicate eye area to minimize the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. It also calms and hydrates while giving the skin around the eyes a firmer, brighter look.

Having used this eye cream for 2 weeks diligently, I couldn't see any improvement in my dark circles. However in my 3rd week, insomnia struck and I was awake for almost 48 hours! My eye bags were so obvious, I must have looked like a panda!! 3 days later after a double dosage of the eye cream, my dark circles were back to their original state. No brightening effect, unfortunately but the formula really does help to calm my eye area in under a short time.

Rating: 3/5

Skin Brightening Day Essence

This silky, intensive product effectively targets and minimizes the appearance of existing dark spots and discolorations. As a special daytime treatment, it penetrates deeply within skin's surface to visibly to improve the look of skin's texture, tone and clarity.

The essence absorbs into my skin almost immediately, without leaving a sticky feeling on my face nor on my hands. Unlike the other serum I've been using(different brand for another review), this not only brightens up my skintone, but helps maintain its glow. I also noticed that pimple scars have been lightened to a great extent!

Rating: 4/5

For night time treatment, I highly recommend the Skin Brightening Overnight Capsules!!

So that concludes my reviews of the Elizabeth Arden White Glove Extreme skincare range. The products will be available from 18th March 2010.

* White Glove Extreme Introduction
* Review Part 1
* Review Part 2
* Review Part 3

Disclosure:The products mentioned in this entry were sponsored by Elizabeth Arden Singapore. In no way was this review influenced by the company, nor accepting any form of payment.

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Brightening Pore Refining Gel

This light gel emulsion helps to minimize the appearance of existing dark spots and discoloration. Containing powerful ingredients such as the Emblica C Complex that have strong collagen supporting benefits, they simultaneously firm the skin, leaving it looking brighter and truly radiant.

This oil-free moisturizer provides the skin with the daily vital moisture it needs, and refines visible pores. Effective and gentle, this is suitable for those with sensitive skin.

I tend to opt for gel moisturizers because it is more suitable for my combination skin. However I'm abit disappointed with this product because it leaves my skin feeling greasy almost immediately after application! It just refused to absorb into my skin. Furthermore, I've been using powder foundations and this moisturizer causes my makeup to cake up.

My pores aren't too visible to begin with, unless you stare right at my face. However when I use liquid foundations, I like to mix in a tiny amount of the product and apply over my cheeks and it leaves my skin looking really smooth.

Rating: 3/5

Daily Moisture Brightening Cream

This luxurious, hydrating cream softens and brightens skin's appearance. With continued use, it helps to control future pigmentation irregularities while nourishing skin so it appears radiant, luminous and firmer.

In contrast with the refining gel, this brightening cream has a slightly thicker but watery texture. It sinks right into my skin upon application, making me a happy woman especially when I'm living in a humid climate. There's hardly any need to blot my skin either, even after 4 hours until the hot sun.

Unfortunately, it doesn't contain SPF properties otherwise it will be perfect!

Rating: 4/5

Stay tuned for Part 4 of the EA White Glove Extreme Reviews

Disclosure:The products mentioned in this entry were sponsored by Elizabeth Arden Singapore. In no way was this review influenced by the company, nor accepting any form of payment.

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