I received an email from Gracie asking what blush and lipstick I'd worn in yesterday's post. For the lips, I had on the CLARINS Rouge Hydra Nude in Nude Coral. This has been my go-to in the last 2 weeks. The texture is really creamy that compensates my dry lips, and the build-able Coral shade can be worn with virtually any look. 

What I wore on my cheeks last night - the layering of Apricot Sorbet and Rose Gold. Lovely combination, huh?

MAKE UP STORE Blush in Apricot Sorbet
I had gotten this last month but put it off until I recover from a bad breakout. My complexion has clear up but there are still existing blemishes if you look closely...

Smooth with a good payoff, but the powder settles on the skin quickly which makes blending a bit difficult. Apricot Sorbet looked immensely intimidating from the pan and swatched to a stark orange. Thus I opted to use a fan brush to intensify the color with a light hand.

SLEEK Blush in Rose Gold
I have tried wearing this on its own, but somehow my cheeks felt kinda empty. Sure the peachy-pink with heavy gold undertones blush looks gorgeous but I just don't feel complete. Like wearing a "tinted highlighter." So I reckon its function as a layering tool would serve its purpose better. I'm weird like that.

I met up with the lovely Iris last night. She had offered to pick this gem up for me while in London the previous week. My first foray into Illamasqua, and hopefully my only purchase for now. I have gotten 6 blushes this year, and it's only February!

ILLAMASQUA Powder Blusher in Lover
The texture is similar with the blush from MAKE UP STORE but more refined and blending is a breeze. I likened this to a tamer version of Apricot Sorbet since the color looks uber friendly and less intense from the pan. Both blushes are matte, and neither chalky nor powdery.

Here is a layering with Rose Gold; a combination I preferred if a choice have to be made between this and with Apricot Sorbet. Now that I think about it, most of my newly-acquired blushes lean more on the peachy-apricot family shades, pure coincidental of course. I am a sucker for these colors, as opposed to pinks and plums. I shall do a comparison when my other purchase arrive in my hands. If you must know, I finally got me some NARS!!!

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I have been playing around with the SLEEK Original Palette and this is what I could come up with, and am wearing it out later this evening.

I used the darkest lilac(3rd shade) from the REVLON Illuminace as a base, followed by the Blue(1st row; 3rd shade) on inner half of my lids with Purple(1st frow; 5th shade occupied the other half. I made use of the Gold from L'OREAL HiP Duo in Flamboyant to blend any harsh edges. For the outer corner, I use the Dark Navy Blue(1st row; 4th shade) which is black-blue with bluish shimmers. I find this really chalky and had to be careful when building up the pigment. In the end I decided not to go for that intensive finish and blend it out for that soft smoky effect. Yeah, the Navy Blue look yucky in the photos. (lol) I use my fingers to apply on the eyeshadows, but blend with a brush.

Black(1st row; last shade) is highly-pigmented; I used it to line my upper eye but it kept "slipping" down to my inner waterline. I finished the look with LANCOME Le Stylo on my waterline; stopped halfway, and ELIZABETH ARDEN Ceramide Lash Extending Treatment Mascara.

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Last December, a friend made a trip to the United States and offered to help me purchase whatever stuff I may need. We met up last month and I have been using some of the products ever since.

Coincidentally, most are BOOTS products and falls under the corrective category. Purely unintentional; I have read up nothing but raves over their skincare products have couldn't remember which they were when I'd forward my shopping list. Therefore, whatever I ordered were based on reviews from the customers' reviews on TARGET's website.

BOOTS No.7 Purifying Sauna Mask
A thermal deep-cleansing product that contains pumice particles to exfoliate impurities. Ideal for those with blemish-prone skin, it heats on contact with water to open pores and polish away dirt, and reconditions the skin with the inclusion of RoseHip Oil.

BOOTS No.7 Total Renewal Micro-dermabrasion Exfoliator
The micro-crystals help to refine the skin and sweeps away dead skin for incredible radiance and allows cell renewal. This is to be used twice a week and follow up with an SPF moisturizer. Claims the appearance of fine lines will be reduced and evens out skin tone in 4 treatments, but I have yet to see visible results.

BOOTS No.7 Intensive Line Filler
Contains hyaluronic acid spheres that absorb water in the upper layers of the skin and inflate to many times their original size, appearing to wrinkles up and away from within. A quick-fix with light-diffusing particles to blur away fine lines and wrinkles. I love the velvety soft texture and absorbs into my lines properly, but I have yet to see any results.

BOOTS Botanics Eye and Lip Correction Serum
The intensive formula is designed to reduce wrinkles around the eyes and lips in 4 weeks. Active Plant Extract including Horsechestnut that protects and Japanese Pagoda to strengthen the skin. I have started using this only recently - loves the refreshing, firming feeling that is absent in the No.7 Liner Filler.

ROC Retinnol Correxion Deep Wrinkle Night Cream
I'd first used a sample 2 years ago and like how the product sinks into my skin without leaving any oily residue. Unfortunately the price is ridiculously marked up, retailing for S$80 at local stores while it's available in America at a mere US$20! I have not seen this at Guardians nor Watsons anymore. Instead of using it as a moisturizer, I prefer to apply the product by concentrating on areas such as lines underneath my eyes, nasal folds and forehead.

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There is this misconception that toners are meant to remove any residue where your cleansers fail. If this sounds familiar, fret not for it's not too late to utilise your products properly. I, too, fell victim when I started taking care of my skin.

Also known as lotions and softeners, there is a wide variety available in the market, with properties that target your various concerns - whitening, hydrating, anti-aging etc. While some prefer to skip this step and dive straight into serums and moisturizers, the Japanese women firmly believe that toners are essential to their daily regimen. They function by softening the skin to allow forthcoming products to be absorbed more efficiently.

During my recent visit to the SK-ll Boutique Spa, I had raise concerns over clusters of bumps on my chin, thinking they were congested and in need of professional help for deep extraction. Through a skin analysis, they turned out to be "ancient" whiteheads that have hardened overtime due to lack of immediate treatment.

I was advised to use more softeners during this toning step and exert more of the product and pressure on the area of concern. Not only does this stimulate and rejuvenate your skin, the whiteheads will soften in time and you'll be able to treat them accordingly. Although pouring the Facial Treatment Essence on a cotton pad is extravagant, I do that sometimes and concentrate on my chin to aid recovery.

It's been 2 weeks since my facial - most of the whiteheads are too stubborn to budge, but there are a few that have emerged and taken care of. YAY!

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Skin79 is looking for 2 new faces to front their new Whitening range of skincare products.

Like Taiwanese Jolin Tsai, 2 new beauty ambassadors will grace their merchandising displays, ad campaigns all across Singapore. That's not all, they will receive a 16GB APPLE iPad with personalisation.

To enter the contest, you must:
1. Your skintone must be fair.
3. Submit your photo, age and contact to skin79@starasia.com.sg
4. Selected candidates will be profiled on Skin79 Fanpage from 28th Feb onwards

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